How to Give a Front Porch Makeover on a Budget



If you’re looking to give your front porch a makeover on a budget, consider repurposing items from your own home. First, throw out any outdated or damaged furniture and accessories. Second, shop around for items you can repurpose. Yard sales and discount retailers are great places to find inexpensive pieces that will give your porch a new look.

Furniture for a front porch

If you have a small front porch, consider adding elegant, practical furniture to the space. Mirrors and artwork can conceal unsightly walls, and a small table will add personality to the space. It can also serve as an ideal place to store dinnerware. In addition to furniture, soft window treatments will help keep the porch looking intimate and block unattractive views.

Wooden porch furniture can be dressed up with geometric designs to add character and style. Black and white colors are a great choice for this look. Adding plants can also liven up the space. You can even hang macrame plant hangers to make your porch even more attractive. You can also incorporate nautical themes to your porch to give it a summer and spring feel.

A front porch can be a great place to socialize with neighbors. A few chairs and tables can create a comfortable and relaxing setting. If you have a small porch, consider purchasing compact porch furniture. This furniture will not only save on space but will look great, too.

In addition to buying new outdoor furniture, you can also paint the existing furniture. New paint colors can give a porch a new look while complementing the house’s exterior. Use a color that complements the color of the front door, or contrast it with it. You can also add splashes of color by adding colorful chair cushions and re-covering old cushions.


Plants are an easy way to update your porch without spending a fortune. They add color and comfort to your porch. And, they’re a good way to add instant curb appeal. You can buy inexpensive plants and change them out seasonally. Consider adding a plant/herb wall to your front porch to add personality and color to your home.

One great way to save money on a porch makeover is to buy cheap self-watering planters that will take care of the watering for you even when you’re on vacation. You can also buy cheap annuals that you can grow in pots. Plus, you won’t have to change the potting soil every time you change the plants.

Another inexpensive plant option is hanging ferns. These beauties can attract guests, which makes your porch look more attractive. Using different materials and a mix of metals in your hanging planters will create visual interest. A hanging plant stand can also be an excellent addition.

Choosing an outdoor rug for your front porch can also elevate the look. Neutral outdoor rugs like the nuLOOM Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug are weather-resistant and coordinate with the materials of your porch. Hanging planters and over-railing planting boxes are also good additions to your front porch makeover.


One of the best ways to add curb appeal to your home without breaking the bank is to paint your front porch. It is a great way to make a lasting first impression on visitors. A front porch is a great place to do this because it doesn’t require the same level of commitment that painting the outside of your house does. It also sets the scene for the other elements of your home.

After you paint your front porch, you can start making other changes. You may want to replace the door hardware or put in a new door mat, which will improve the curb appeal of your house. You may also want to check the vegetation near the porch and eliminate any weeds that are growing there. You can also plant some flowers or add planters to your porch.

Changing the front door is another inexpensive way to give your front porch an update. The front door is the focal point of your porch, and changing the color of the door is a great way to change the appearance of your home. You can choose a color that’s bright and cheerful, or a darker, moody shade.

If you have an older home, you may want to choose a color that will complement the rest of the house. The classic neutrals like beige, gray, and white work well on porches. You can also use a bolder color, such as black. However, if you’re on a budget, you can opt for a color that complements the rest of your home.

Tabletop water fountains

Whether you want to spruce up the front porch for a front porch makeover on a budget or create a lush oasis, you can find a fountain that fits your budget and your taste. Tabletop water fountains are a great option because they require little maintenance and blend well with their surroundings. These decorative fountains come in two different sizes, with one model measuring 19 x 40 inches and the other 15 x 21 inches.

Tiered fountains are great for hot summer days because they make a soothing sound. You can buy tiered fountains made from terra cotta colored pots, and then cover the bottom rim with bright green ferns. You can also buy chain fountains, which can be placed under eaves over a Zen garden. They’re just as soothing in winter because the water flowing through the chain freezes and forms a solid.

You can choose a solar-powered water fountain or a traditional power supply. If you choose the latter, make sure you have the necessary length of wires to connect the fountain to the power source. Also, you should consider the size of the fountain, because a small fountain can overwhelm a smaller space.

A simple fountain can be very soothing and relaxing. You can also choose to use two textured pots. The smaller one is placed inside the larger one. You can also use gravel or tubing to make your own fountain. Once you’ve got a fountain up and running, you’ll have the ultimate piece of outdoor decor.


Adding colorful pillows to a front porch is a simple way to update the look and feel of your outdoor living space. You can use bright colors or neutral shades, and you can change the pillow covers frequently. You can use different pillows in different patterns, too, and you can even add a coffee table or end table to the porch for a more formal look.

For a budget-friendly makeover, you can get throw-away pillows from stores like Target and Pier 1. If you want washable pillows, head to stores such as Ballard Designs and World Market. You can purchase washable pillows for about $50-70. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, consider custom cushions.

Adding holiday decorations is another great way to update a front porch on a budget. You can reuse items from inside your house, like crocks or mini trees. You can also buy fresh garland from stores like Trader Joes or Home Depot. Fresh garland has a longer life and is easier to manage when you’re using it outside.

A beautiful front porch tells a story. In the silence, it introduces you and your home to passersby. It shows your personality, and it also adds to the value of your house. You can add a small table on your front porch to accommodate your kids and let them study, read, or play.

Outdoor curtains

If you’re on a budget, you can make your own outdoor curtains to add a touch of style to your front porch. These curtains can be patterned, sheer, or colored and can be hung on tension rods. And they’re easy to maintain and wash!

Outdoor curtains will also help reduce the harsh evening sun. Sunbrella fabric will block most of the ultraviolet rays from the sun, which prevents fading and mold. Outdoor curtains made from this type of fabric are easy to maintain, and many of them are waterproof. They also offer privacy and will keep out prying eyes.

Outdoor curtains can be a great way to add privacy to your front porch. You can buy a variety of colorful curtains that are mildew resistant and fade-resistant. These can often be found for very cheap at Walmart. You can also use bed sheets to create a more stylish look for your porch. Some even have fancy fabric shower curtains on their porches!

Aside from providing privacy, outdoor curtains can help block wind and mosquitoes while adding an aesthetic touch to your porch. You can hang them from an old window frame or over lattice. Jeanie uses her curtains as a decorative display on her porch. Peg, another homeowner, uses sheers on her porch for privacy and a nice flow of air.


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