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Polaris 1 Retrofit Rain Shower System | 3-Setting Handheld Shower Combo with Slide Bar | 8″ Low Profile Shower Head | Ideal for Low-ceiling Bathroom DIY Remodel | (Chrome)



Price: $279.00
(as of Nov 18, 2022 16:22:27 UTC – Details)

Polaris 1 DIY Remodel Rain Shower System
Polaris 1 is a retrofit shower system designed especially for bathrooms with low ceilings. It requires only 1.5 inch of clearance above the overhead shower!

The unit features a rain head shower and a hand shower. Easy to install and effortless to use, it’s the perfect improvement for your bathroom.
Easy Installation
The shower kit converts your traditional single-outlet shower into a double-outlet with rain and hand showers. Detach your regular shower head and pipe and install Polaris in 20 minutes without screws or special tools (optional screw mounting included). Installation is quick and effortless as you don’t need to alter the in-wall plumbing or replace your existing mixer valve. Upgrade your bathroom to a whole new level without extensive renovation!

Spa-like Showering Experience
Rain head shower is a step towards luxury without a hefty price tag. It provides an enjoyable soft rainfall feeling. Polaris is designed especially for bathrooms with low ceilings but will naturally fit others as well.

Usability & Reliability
Double-outlet shower means flexibility. Shower handle has 3 settings including a massaging function. The bracket allows height and angle adjustments. Shower hose is 5′ long. The diverter is conveniently located and easy to reach even for children. It allows showering with the rain head, handheld shower, or both simultaneously. When used simultaneously, the water flow is divided between the outlets. The shower column is made of brass and the shower plate of stainless steel so it’s sturdy & durable.

Overhead Shower
The 8″ (20 cm) shower plate provides a pleasant rain shower experience. It works even with low water pressure. The low profile shower head is just 1/12″ thick which minimizes the volume of water in the plate. Thin plate drains quickly after use, which prevents water drips after use and problems with limestone.

Easy Upgrade | Turn your ordinary bathroom shower head into a rain shower set with a hand shower. Fennocasa Polaris 1 Retrofit is available in 3 finishes
Low Profile Design | Our Chrome shower head only requires 1.5 inches above the shower outlet. For additional headroom, see the Polaris 3 with 9″ extension included (sold separately)
Versatile | Ultra-thin 8″ – rain shower head with 3-functions hand shower and adjustable slide-bar. Enjoy the luxury rain shower head, handheld shower head on 5″ hose, or both simultaneously.
Easy Installation | Easily DIY upgrade your ordinary bathroom shower head into a shower head with handheld rainfall shower set – no drilling required, installs in 20-30 minutes using your existing mixer valve
High-Quality Metal Construction For Shower Head Set | Brass shower column, arm and diverter, stainless steel rain shower head, hand shower and holder of ABS composite.


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