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How to Create Your Own DIY Outdoor Fall Decor




Whether you have a garden full of gloomy, brown trees or prefer a bright and colorful fall arrangement, you can create your own DIY outdoor fall decor. For example, you can make an abstract pumpkin from Finding Home Farms to accentuate the scene. Then, use a dried floral arrangement and an iron lantern to add charm to your scene.

Pumpkin topiaries

Pumpkin topiaries are a great way to add fall color to your outdoor space. They’re easy to make and can make a wonderful focal point in your front yard. They can also be placed inside your home to add a unique touch. These topiaries look beautiful with other fall elements and can add a charming touch to your porch or patio.

Pumpkin topiaries can be made using a wide variety of materials. These include wood, plastic, and a variety of artificial foliage. You can also use dried and silk flowers to add a soft touch to the display.

Corn husk garland

If you’re looking for a natural way to decorate your outdoor space for fall, consider using corn husks. This rustic material can make a beautiful garland and can be tied together with a large bow to make a unique decoration. If you’re not able to find corn husks, you can also substitute large jute rope or heavy-duty wire. To hang your garland, place the corn stalks on the grapevine with the silks facing away from the tree. Use zip ties or other fasteners to secure the stalks to the grapevine.

This rustic decor can be made with a few inexpensive materials. First, you can purchase dried corn husks and tie them with twine or yarn. Another option is to use dried Indian corn. For best results, choose colorful varieties.

Grapevine garland

Grapevine garland adds a natural touch to your outdoor fall decor. Use it on doors, window trims, porch columns, and railings. To make it more flexible, soak it overnight in water. After that, wrap it around the items you wish to decorate. Because it is handmade, the length and shape will vary.

You can also use it to dress up a wreath. Grapevine is versatile enough to be used year-round. It goes well with modern farmhouse and rustic home decor styles. Its natural colors make it a great canvas for other fall decorations. If you want to jazz up your grapevine garland, you can add colorful leaves and seedpods.

If you’re looking for a simple and classic look, you can use grapevine garland to dress up a wreath. This fall decoration is a great option for a country porch. You can dress it up with nuts and apples for extra flair. Another great option is to add bushel baskets to corral your outdoor decorations. These can also be used as rustic planters.


If you’re looking for a unique and easy way to decorate your outdoor fall decor, why not make your own DIY scarecrows? These scarecrows can be as cute or as creepy as you’d like them to be. Using old pillowcases and straw to fill them with can make for easy scarecrow heads. Once the scarecrow is stuffed and tied with twine, you can give it a face, hair, and hat.

To create a scarecrow, start by constructing the scarecrow form. You can use old wooden planks or a few old tree branches to support the scarecrow’s head. Make sure to cut a hole in the bottom of the form to allow the water to drain out.

Oversized tin planter

For a unique outdoor fall decor option, choose an oversized tin planter. This vintage-looking garden accent is the perfect way to display flower arrangements in full bloom during fall. The stenciled design on this piece is sure to make your outdoor decor stand out. Use it to hold a selection of mums, gourds, and other fall flowers. In addition, you can also fill it with fall foliage to add to the beauty of your garden.

To make your outdoor fall decor truly unique, choose a vintage-style planter with an antique-look. Choose a planter with sculptural details, insignias, and patterns that are both unique and historical. Some classic fall motifs include cherubs, coats of arms, Greek keys, and sun symbols.

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