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10 of the Most Stylish—and Functional—Desk With Bookshelf Ideas

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Desks are a very useful piece of furniture, and that’s something we can’t deny. Whether we’re talking about a small home office or a regular office building, desks are a wonderful means to organize your work space and help you focus on the tasks at hand. Today, we’re going to look at some amazing desks…




The last suggestion we have in store for you today comes from Inbox Zero, a manufacturer that, once again, proves they have a wide range of quality desks to offer. This particular option measures 43.7” H x 53.5” W x 23.6”D, and is constructed with a steel frame and manufactured wood shelves. There is one large shelf that runs across the entire length of the main working area and is placed right underneath it. The three side shelves are there to make sure your books find a place to stay.
Reversible L Shape Desk with Hutch
A bookshelf can usually hold anything between 25 to 300 pounds in weight. This, of course, depends on the construction of the desk and the specific types of wood used. For instance, a pine shelf can hold up to 200 pounds in weight, while oak shelves can hold more than 300 pounds in weight.

What to Look For

European Renaissance II Computer Desk


There are many different types of desks available on the market, and one way to categorize them is to consider their primary use. If you want a desk for writing, you need to choose models with simple and clean legs but note that they offer limited storage options. Executive desks are heavy and usually adorned with a bunch of decorations. They likely have solid front panels to conceal the legs of the person standing behind them. Shell desks consist of flat panels and hollow alcoves that provide additional leg and chair storage room. Drafting tables have adjustable angles and are often the go-to choice of visual artists. Floating desks are usually wall-mounted units and can be folded to save up space. Secretary desks have traditional designs and usually come with additional storage units.


Con: They can be more expensive. If you compare a desk with bookshelves to a regular desk, it’s going to cost more. That means that you sometimes might be better off purchasing a simple desk and adding your own shelves, if you’re on a really limited budget or you’re at all passionate about these kinds of DIY projects.

Office Desk


Regardless of whether you want to buy a desk with bookshelves or some other type of desk, keep in mind that there are a few things that will help you tell good products apart from the bad ones. Keep in mind that you want a desk that’s made from quality wood/metal, that fits exactly in the free spot you want it to fit it, and that offers sufficient leg room, as well as all the storage space you need.

How to Style Your Desk

This desk is our way of saying we’re taking things up a notch and presenting you with one of the most elegant desk choices available on the market. Measuring 30.5” H x 32” W x 22” D, this is the type of desk that could easily be a part of a larger furniture ensemble, but it’s not the kind of desk that fits into just any decor. It’s made from solid and manufactured wood, and while the total weight capacity is not specified, you can tell from the very first moment of unboxing that you’re dealing with a rugged and durable piece of furniture.

  • For desks designed for everyday use, the rule is to place 5 items or less on its surface.
  • Every good working desk should have a desk lamp or a sconce, depending on what you use the desk for and how much available space you have to work with. Regardless of whether you’re using a desk for work or you’re using it for arts, crafts, or other creative purposes, you want to have an additional source of light, especially if you have a desk that’s facing the wall and ceiling-mounted lights won’t light up your working area. Desk lamps are functional and fashionable. You can opt for tall lamps to create a sense of styling height and to make the light cast overhead.
  • Don’t be afraid to add an art piece, as this can really step up the desk styling game. You can add something framed right above the desk, as this gives your working area a personal touch. Note that “art” doesn’t always mean fancy paintings: it can be something you made yourself (like a piece of wall hanging made from fabric) or even a family photo.
  • Plants can also go a long way in terms of desk styling. It isn’t the most practical thing to add to the ensemble and probably not a good idea if you have very limited desk space, but keep in mind that plants don’t always have to be huge. You can always opt for something along the lines of a small succulent. However, plants tend to give you that extra sense of joy and make you feel more relaxed while you’re working. They add life and character to your desk, so try not to rule them out.
  • Finding a way to organize the small items on your desk is really important if you want to avoid making a mess and creating a workspace that you eventually start dreading. Whether we’re talking paper clips or writing tools, choosing a desk organizer is really important and nothing to sneeze at.
  • Don’t be afraid to mount some extra storage shelves above your desk for additional space to store some items or simply to add some decorative items that make the workspace look more pleasant.

Combining an iron frame and a manufactured wood surface, this office desk comes with a spacious tabletop and plenty of additional storage shelves for those interested in having books or other items at hand the entire time whilst working. The entire structure can support up to 200 pounds in weight, measuring 57.1” H x 63” W x 35.4” D overall and offering 29” H x 32” W x 23.6” D knee space.

Pros & Cons of Desks with Bookshelves

Some of the best desks with bookshelves are made either entirely out of wood or made with metal frames/legs and shelves made from wood. The best types of wood that are used to make proper desks include oak wood, ash, cherry, maple, and black walnut.
Desks are a very useful piece of furniture, and that’s something we can’t deny. Whether we’re talking about a small home office or a regular office building, desks are a wonderful means to organize your work space and help you focus on the tasks at hand.
Needless to say, the dimensions of the desk are super-important if you’re interested in properly organizing room space or if you have limited space to work with. Desks are available in a bunch of different sizes, with the smallest ones being less than 40 inches wide and the larger ones offering more than 60 inches in desktop width.
Consider the other features that a desk is equipped with but always keep in mind what it is that you need from a desk, as some features might be of no use to you. For instance, if you don’t plan on placing a laptop or a computer or your desk, then a cable management system isn’t very appealing, just like a keyboard tray won’t serve you much. Desks with hutches are great for people who want more storage space, just like desks that come equipped with drawers and shelves. A desk with a bookshelf isn’t chosen just by people with a passion for reading, as they can be a great choice for students who want to organize their study books and always have them nearby, or for people that want to take advantage of those shelves to place some decorative items.
Reversible H Shape Gaming Desk and Chair Set

Best Desks with Bookshelves

Athey Reversible L-Shape Desk

Designed with a metal frame and shelves made from manufactured wood, this L-shaped desk is the perfect addition for a home office, offering plenty of storage space and a beautiful and modern appeal. It comes with seven exterior shelves that can be used for books, a computer unit, or several other items that you might want to showcase or have next to you. The L-shaped design of the desk is ideal for corner placement, while the reversible design gives you the possibility to place the shelves on the right or left side of the desk.
It’s really important for you to have a workspace that you like and that you’re comfortable with because that will make work or any potential creative process a lot more pleasant. If you want to take a look at some tips on how to style your desk, we’ve put together this list that might give you a few neat ideas:

Reversible H-Shape Gaming Desk and Chair Set

Sturm Reversible L Shape Desk
Today, we’re going to look at some amazing desks with integrated bookshelves, but not before we learn more about this specific type of product, so let’s get started!

Sturm Reversible L-Shape Desk

For a more modern and industrial-style approach, we present the Currin desk. It measures 59.4” H x 63” W x 19.9” D and comes with a variety of shelves distributed on the left and right side of the desk, but also one additional shelf on the top and bottom side of the working area. Made from manufactured wood, this desk can support up to 220 pounds in weight and offers 10 storage shelves so you may conveniently place a variety of different items next to your working space.
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Office Desk

Eutiquio Ayotunde L Shape Computer desk with Hutch
Athey Reversible L Shape Desk

Reversible L-Shape Desk with Hutch

Desks are not created alike, and regardless of whether you want a desk with a bookshelf or some other type of desk, it’s important that you know more about this specific item category before spending money on a new product:

L-Shape Desk with Hutch

desk with bookshelf
Gaming desks are amongst the most comfortable ones on the market. They are designed to offer proper support and durability for heavy gaming units, and are conceived for people who spend countless hours behind the desk. The Inbox Zero gaming desk and chair combo offers everything you need if you plan to sit down for hours on end. This rectangular desk comes with four exterior shelves for additional storage space, with a built-in bookcase configuration, computer storage, and an ergonomic office chair included with your purchase.

Eutiquio Ayotunde L-Shape Computer desk with Hutch

Currin Desk with Hutch
L Shape Desk with Hutch

European Renaissance II Computer Desk

Pro: They help organize space better. You are not limited to using the extra bookshelves just for books. You can place storage boxes, desk organizers, souvenirs, decoration items, craft boxes, and a variety of other things.
Our next suggestion is another L-shaped desk that measures 67” H x 60.2” W x 59” D, offering you all the storage and workspace you’ll ever need in your home. It’s made from a combination of stainless steel and manufactured wood capable of supporting up to 600 pounds in weight. It features a three-tier bookshelf, a two-tier cabinet and two drawers, which is more than enough for storing documents, books, souvenirs, paperwork, desk accessories, and whatever else you need to have nearby while working. It can hold your computer, a laptop, your crating supplies, and a bunch of other items.

Currin Desk with Hutch

The post 10 of the Most Stylish—and Functional—Desk With Bookshelf Ideas appeared first on Homedit.
Made from manufactured wood, the Athey L-shaped desk is a true masterpiece regardless of whether you’ll be placing it in the corner or would rather use it as a room-facing desk in an office. It measures 29.1” H x 59.4” W x 59.4488” D overall and offers 29” H x 59.4” W x 23.6” D of knee space. It comes with detachable storage stand shelves so that you can customize the space and layout of the desk as you please. It’s made from wood but has a solid metal frame and can support up to 100 pounds in weight.


Pro: They are available in all shapes and sizes. That means that you are not limited to choosing a single desk style and can select from a variety of different options at your disposal.
There are plenty of good stores that sell desks with bookshelves. Some of the most common options are brick-and-mortar stores, directly from furniture sellers (such as Ikea, which allows you to browse and purchase desks online), third-party retailers (Amazon, Wayfair, etc.), or you can even have your desks with bookshelves custom-made to fit a certain space and match a very specific set of personal requirements.


Where is the best place to get a desk with a bookshelf?

Con: They can limit your knee room. That, of course, depends on where the bookshelves are placed. Some models have shelves located underneath the working surface, while others are extended upwards and have bookshelves placed above.

What is the best material for a desk with shelves?

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What kind of weight can I put on a single bookshelf?

Our next suggestion is this 59.44” H x 66.92” W x 39.37” D desk that’s equipped with a hutch for additional storage space. The overall design of this ensemble is gorgeous and very practical, offering you the possibility to store up 550 pounds in weight. Combining metal for the base and MDF for the shelves and the desk surface itself, this is a sturdy option that’s suitable for home use. It comes with all tools and instructions needed for assembly.

Bottom Line

It’s true that most of the pros and cons of desks with bookshelves are circumstantial, but let’s review some of the main benefits and drawbacks that one might experience when investing in such a product:
Measuring 58.7” H x 55.1” W x 19.7” D and offering 29.7” H x 55.1” W x 19.7” D of knee space, this is yet another sturdy and beautiful Inbox Zero desk with an integrated hutch that offers additional storage shelves for whatever you might want to place here. The desk is designed with a steel metal frame and shelves made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood. It can support a total weight of 200 pounds (except for the vintage walnut finish option, which can support up to 220 pounds) and comes with an L-shaped design that’s perfect for tucking in corners.

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