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10 Small Powder Room Vanity Ideas You and Your Guests Will Both Love

Let’s face it – the look of your guest bathroom is crucial because that’s one of the places most used when you’re entertaining. You want to give the best impression based on your style and taste, and this is one of the best places to show off how well you can put together a room….
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The Rosalinda Single Bathroom Vanity Set offers you the opportunity to bring old world charm into even the smallest room in your home, with beautiful detailed work and solid construction that’s reminiscent of both farmhouse simplicity and mid-century modern elegance. The solid wood construction of the base, using elm, creates the perfectly reliable and sturdy unit you’re looking for to last a lifetime, and it gives you that unique wood grain appearance that is singular to every constructed vanity.
If you like the minimalist vibe and want to assure you have what you need without intricate details, the Wrought Studio Glassman Wall Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set is ideal for your application. It’s a small setup to start with and a space saver that can also bring a clean look to the space with basic straight lines and no frills, which can actually make the small powder room look larger. This small cabinet is perfect for hiding plumbing fixtures, and it’s wall mounted in case you need to store something beneath it.
The sink is square for modern charm and is simple to clean and maintain for longevity. The entire vanity arrives fully assembled, complete with soft close doors and hardware, and you don’t need to mount this freestanding vanity, so you only have to worry about placement and plumbing. The one-year warranty is valid for residential use only. Even with solid wood, the unit weighs only 116 pounds, and it measures 31 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 34.5 inches high, making it a perfect fit in the average sized small powder room.
Placing the vanity in the corner is a nice way to save some space and be efficient with the layout of the bathroom. This is particularly useful in the case of a powder room. In this case the vanity is right by the door which is actually really convenient and practical. This is a design by studio Gemma Parker Designs.

What to Look for in a Small Powder Room Vanity

The Gracie Oaks Blanken Single Bathroom Vanity is unique in style and appearance, with a little contemporary design and a lot of farmhouse charm, all in a compact unit that’s perfect for a small powder room. The unique design of the vanity includes a sliding barn door style cabinet, which has elegant frosted glass, that you can move along the metallic track to leave one side of the vanity open. This allows guests to find towels, washcloths, or other items you’re storing for use inside the vanity.
Sometimes, the idea of remodeling a space is daunting simply due to the sheer volume of options you have. This is especially true in the bathroom. Rather than having to measure out multiple parts and pieces and shop for them separately, consider ordering a small powder room vanity that has your vanity base, counter, and sink already pieced together, and sometimes may include additional parts to easy your job.
Another consideration is how much storage you’d like to get out of that vanity. Obviously, you’re going to be limited as to how much you can store in a small powder room vanity, but since your area is already small, having some storage space could be essential.
Rodarte Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

Top 10 Best Small Powder Room Vanity To Take In Consideration for Guest Bathroom

1. Glassman 18″ Wall-Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

The under-mount sink has three holes for faucet hardware, giving you the opportunity to find the right match for your taste rather than assuming you would prefer one included in the package. On top of the sink is an exquisite Italian Carrara marble, elevating the entire appearance of the small powder room vanity with its elegance. Cabinet handles are included in the vanity set, and you’ll love the fact that the vanity comes fully assembled for easy installation.
You do have options for minimal storage within the cabinet, so you can keep cleaners or essentials handy. The sink that’s included with the vanity is made of durable fire clay, which is both aesthetically pleasing and reliable, lasting for dozens of years without issues. This vanity includes a matching mirror for convenience and continuity of style, as well as the sink, a mounting bracket, and the cabinet handle. It does not include a faucet, drain assembly, P-trap, backsplash, or overflow protection.
Natural materials like wood and stone are wonderful choices if you want to make your bathroom and powder look and feel more zen, relaxing and inviting. There’s lots of interesting ways in which you can integrate them into your design. Check out this beautiful powder room interior by Werschay Homes to get a few ideas in that sense.
The base is constructed from solid poplar wood, making it sturdy and long lasting, and you get plenty of storage for a small space, with two cabinet doors and a drawer beneath. Choose your finish to blend into your space from antique coffee, medium gray, white, and a striking dark blue that will really catch the attention of your guests. The vanity comes fully assembled to easy the pain of construction for you, allowing you to simply connect plumbing fixtures for instant use. You’ll find comfort in the fact that the doors are equipped for soft close, and you also don’t have to mount the vanity, since it’s a freestanding unit.

2. Rodarte Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

The mirror is framed to match the vanity, so you get a complete set that works well without worrying about a lot of construction and hassle. The vanity comes fully assembled, and all of the doors and drawers have a soft close so there’s no slamming. The vanity weighs 123 pounds and measures 30 inches wide, 18.5 inches deep, and 31.1 inches high, while the mirror is 27.5 inches square. The vanity comes with a 1-year limited warranty for residential use only.
If you want to go with a design that isn’t necessarily linked to a trend, try a more classic and timeless approach. You can find some inspiration in this beautiful design created by AFT Construction. This small powder room features a mosaic tile floor and wallpapered walls with a floral pattern but it’s the rather simple vanity that stands out the most in this situation.
It also comes with two baskets, where you can place them on the shelves inside to store more unsightly items, such as toilet paper and extra sundry items out of sight. Made of manufactured wood, the base of the vanity is sturdy without being incredibly heavy. You also have a choice of gray or white finish to make your small powder room aesthetically pleasant. The countertop and sink are crafted from white porcelain, which makes them both durable and easy to clean.
The bathroom vanity is almost always paired with a mirror so the combo is not exactly unexpected but there’s so many different combinations that can actually look interesting. Here for instance stadio Romanza Interior Design paired a large vanity that has a rectangular countertop with a round mirror which complements it and softens its lines and overall appearance.

3. Seadrift 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

With two cabinet doors and two drawers, there is a variety of storage options in this single freestanding vanity unit to meet your needs. The base is formed from solid oak with a choice of gray or espresso veneer finish so you can assure you have the option to make the unit blend into the rest of your space. The white quartz countertop is both aesthetically pleasing and high end in appearance, with a perfect contrast to the darker base. The white rectangular vessel sink, crafted out of ceramic, sits atop the counter, making a bold design statement all on its own.
The vanity comes with a one-year limited warranty against defective parts. Because of the solid wood construction, the vanity weighs 184 pounds. However, it’s preassembled and freestanding, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of building or mounting the vanity. It measures 36 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 35 inches tall, making it a great addition to a small powder room that isn’t overly cramped.
Stylish corner vanity setup
Let’s face it – the look of your guest bathroom is crucial because that’s one of the places most used when you’re entertaining.

4. Darry 19″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

As always, it’s the little details that bring a design to life. Take this powder room by studio Dyphor New York for instance. The white vanity, the gray countertop, the rectangular vessel sink or the oval mirror don’t stand out that much by themselves but when put together and complemented by this lovely sconce and the eye-catching wallpaper they suddenly fit together like pieces of a puzzle.
The Greyleigh Seadrift Single Bathroom Vanity Set is an ideal transitional piece for your small powder room, allowing you to easily work around it to create either a traditional or contemporary feel as you desire. Crafted from solid birch wood, this vanity is hefty as well as gorgeous, and it’s a freestanding option so you don’t have to worry about installation and mounting. You can simply move the vanity, which is fully assembled, into your space for use. The sink is rectangular for a modern flair that is juxtaposed to the more traditional details of the base of the vanity.
Modena Single Bathroom Vanity Set
Glassman Wall Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror 1

5. Karson 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

Its all in the details
A stylish marble countertop
There’s something very satisfying about having a big vanity in the bathroom. It gives you plenty of storage so you can keep the rest of the space looking clean and tidy and it also makes a statement even if it has a simple design. Check out this beautiful shade of blue paired with a white countertop. It’s a classic look created by the designers at studio Panageries.
The ceramic countertop is solid and sturdy, as well as easy to clean, so you can keep this vanity in top condition for years to come while you entertain. The sink is equipped with a single hole for a faucet, so you can seek out your own fixture to match your taste. The cabinet doors below offer you both a means of hiding the plumbing in the bathroom as well as some additional storage for things like extra toilet paper or cleaning supplies.

6. Blanken 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity

A perfect fit for a small powder room
Rosalinda Single Bathroom Vanity Set
You get not just the base and the sink with the mirror but also the faucet, P-trap, and backsplash. The vanity comes with handles for the cabinet doors and drawers as well. The product is a little heavier, coming in at 131 pounds of solid mass. The vanity measures just 24 inches wide for a great fit in a tight space. The mirror is 21.7 inches wide and 29.5 inches tall.
Whether you use it in the kitchen, the bathroom or anywhere else, marble is a beautiful and timeless material that always adds elegance and charm to the space around it. Here it’s been used by studio Paige Pierce Design to complement a white vanity and to spruce up this lovely powder room and its cheerful wallpapered walls.

7. Walden 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Most of these are either preassembled or easy to put together, and while some may be wall-mounted to provide additional room, many are freestanding, so they don’t require installation beyond the plumbing fixtures. It makes the job simpler and, often, less expensive, and you still get an amazingly beautiful space that doesn’t feel cramped.
Because it’s a freestanding unit, you don’t even have to worry about mounting to the wall. Made of solid and manufactured wood, the piece weighs only 66 pounds and measures 19 inches wide, 19 inches deep, and 35 inches high, providing a perfect solution for a tight space. This small powder room vanity comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer.
You want to assure that any vanities you’re considering meet the parameters and dimensions of your location.

8. Rosalinda 36″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

If you’re looking for a classy, high-end appearance and you want a complete kit, you’ll enjoy the Brayden Studio Roderte Single Bathroom Vanity Set, which is perfect for small powder room applications where you want to bring in a very specific element of design. While remaining petite for your limited space, this vanity elevates the appearance of your powder room with its black finish that contrasts with the counter and sink of the vanity. The base is crafted from solid and manufactured wood, giving it the sturdiness you need, as well as a firm support for the countertop and top mounted sink, which are glass with a lighter green and white tint.
If you’re looking for a simple piece with clean lines and a little traditional charm that will become a great transitional piece you can work around with your design elements in your small powder room, the Andover Mills Modena Single Bathroom Vanity Set may be something that meets your requirements. The sharp angles and clean lines give you a more contemporary feel, while the chrome finished hardware and white porcelain sink keep this piece timeless so you can remodel and redecorate without having to change out this particular piece.
When you start your search, one of the most important things you’ll want to consider is your budget. Keep in mind that prices for small powder room vanities are widely varied, and you want to set an appropriate limit that allows you a broad range of options without breaking the bank. Even on a modest budget, you can find some beautiful vanities. You’ll also want to consider how much room you have in your powder room.
With the solid wood crafting, this small powder room vanity weighs just over 88 pounds, and it measures 23 inches wide, 18.13 inches deep, and 32 inches high, making it an ideal choice for even the smallest of bathrooms without making it feel cramped. There is a one-year limited warranty on the vanity that protects against defects and unusual wear and tear.

9. Modena 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

If you have just a little more room in your small powder room and want to get a bit more storage in an incredibly high end setting, consider the Wade Logan Karson Single Bathroom Vanity Set, complete with a mirror to match. With room behind the cabinet doors for a bit of extra storage, you can easily put towels, toilet paper, and other sundries inside so they aren’t crowding the room but are still easily accessible.
Large vanity paired with a round mirror
The base of the vanity is constructed of manufactured wood, while the top is ceramic. The overall weight is 23 pounds, so it’s easy to install without a lot of trouble. Recommended mounting height is 7.75 inches off the floor. Overall dimensions for the vanity measure 18 inches wide, 9.25 inches deep, and 25.75 inches tall. The mirror is 14.75 inches wide and 19.5 inches high. This small powder room vanity comes with a 5-year warranty.
The countertop and sink are crafted from white porcelain for a well-defined finish that is easy to clean and maintain, and the sink has overflow protection, which isn’t included in many of these vanity sets. The shaker style doors on the vanity have a soft close that avoids slamming and damage, and two internal shelves provide storage for many of your sundries and toiletry needs. All of the included hardware is finished in gold to give it extra pizzazz. While assembly is required, it’s a simple process, and this is a freestanding unit, so no mounting is required. Simply move it into the desired location and connect a faucet and drain to start enjoying this small powder room vanity. The vanity comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty to help you feel more at ease. It’s easy to move, weighing only 64 pounds, and it measures a compact 22.9 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep, and 34.1 inches high.

10. Pamila 31″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

There’s certain combinations of colors that we instantly associate with a particular style or a theme. The black and gold combo gives out a luxurious and glamorous vibe and that’s certainly true for this stylish powder room designed by studio Q Construction. The vanity was placed diagonally in the corner which makes this design even more interesting.
The square sink is a top mount and is gloriously modern for a contemporary feel. This particular vanity is free standing, so you don’t have to worry about mounting anything except for the matching framed mirror. You get two cabinets and two drawers, which offer a fairly large amount of storage for a small powder room vanity. Best of all, this particular vanity set includes several of the pieces not often found in a vanity set.
A coastal inspired powder room design
Isn’t this beautiful powder room simply charming? It has a really fresh and cozy-looking design and a coastal-inspired décor thanks to the materials, finishes and decorations sued throughout. The wooden vanity is the piece that grounds the entire space. We love the casual ladder towel holder and of course the mirror as well. This is a design by studio Mary Hannah Interiors.

Inspiring powder room design ideas:

Large vanity paired with a round mirror

The vanity comes preassembled and is freestanding, so you only have to move it where you want it and have a hassle-free installation process. A one-year limited warranty protects you against manufacturer defects and any damage they could cause. The entire assembled vanity weighs under 95 pounds and measures 29.9 inches wide, 18.1 inches deep, and 34 inches high for a perfect fit in even the smallest of powder rooms.
For storage purposes, you get two functional drawers with a shelf beneath, so you can tuck away any unsightly items that might need to be quickly accessed while displaying towels and washcloths for guests to use. The countertop is fashioned from stone with a black finish that calls attention to the piece all on its own and includes a backsplash. The white rectangular undermounted sink crafted from porcelain gives a stark contrast that is quite striking.

Stylish corner vanity setup

Luxurious gold accents
Small Powder Room Vanity Ideas

A perfect fit for a small powder room

To help you narrow down your search, consider the following list of some of the best small powder room vanities available online so you can get an idea of what works for you.
Karson Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror 1

Luxurious gold accents

Handles for the cabinets are included. This vanity doesn’t come with a mirror, nor does it include a faucet, drain assembly, backsplash, or P-trap. Despite being made of solid wood, this small powder room vanity only weighs 90 pounds so it’s easy to move into place. The vanity measures 24 inches wide, 18.25 inches deep, and 34.5 inches high, so it works well in most tight spaces without making the room feel crowded.
Seadrift Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Stone and wood accents

You can’t really go wrong with a solid wood vanity, especially if your goal if to make your powder room or bathroom look nice and inviting. That’s actually a great tip when decorating any space where you want to receive guests and make them feel welcomed. Check out this elegant farmhouse-inspired powder room by Lee Douglas Interiors for more inspiration.
The Darry Home Single Bathroom Vanity Set is a simple but elegant option that keeps a low profile in small spaces while still looking great. The recessed panel door gives it a classic traditional appearance, and you have options of light gray, white, and teak finishes so that the piece blends in perfectly with your choice of designs for your powder room. Inside the vanity unit is a shelf for placing the necessities you need to store out of sight for easy access.

A stylish marble countertop

The post 10 Small Powder Room Vanity Ideas You and Your Guests Will Both Love appeared first on Homedit.
You can find a lot of small powder room vanities online, requiring almost no installation, so your process for updating the bathroom is easy. But how do you navigate the hundreds of options to find the best small powder room vanity for your particular needs? Here are some tips to get you started.

Lots of storage with a classic vibe

If you’re looking for something simple and affordable that still achieves a nice aesthetic and provides some options for storage, the Longshore Tides Walden Single Bathroom Vanity Set is a great choice for you. To start with, this vanity is constructed from birch and is solid wood, so you can assure the strength and durability of the vanity for years to come. With options of gray, white, and a fashionable blue you won’t find elsewhere that really makes a statement, you have plenty of options for finishing out your powder room remodel with the perfect choice.
Blanken Single Bathroom Vanity

A coastal-inspired powder room design

An elegant approach
Farmhouse style and charm are essential to a comfort zone these days, and the Breakwater Bay Pamila Single Bathroom Vanity Set is the ideal solution to completing this design aesthetic in your small powder room. With a traditional look and feel to the piece, the slightly updated simplicity of the clean lines brings farmhouse chic forward to the 21st century and beyond, all while remaining super functional and meeting the needs of a small space.

It’s all in the details

To make an even bolder statement, you have choices of a white finish that’s very classic or a navy blue that will wow visitors every time. The solid wood based, crafted out of pine, offers plenty of storage even in such a small setting, with three drawers and a shelf beneath. Tuck away some smaller items that need to be easily accessed while displaying your best towels below. To further elevate the appearance, the countertop is high end polished Italian Carrara marble complete with a backsplash, which houses an under-mount porcelain sink.
Stone and wood accents

An elegant approach

Darry Single Bathroom Vanity Set
Pamila Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Small Bathroom Vanity: Conclusion

Lots of storage with a classic vibe
You want to give the best impression based on your style and taste, and this is one of the best places to show off how well you can put together a room. But you may not have a lot to work with. Your guest bathroom may be a very small space, even a half bathroom or powder room. That doesn’t mean you can’t make some changes that will spruce up the space. One of the simplest things to do is match up a vanity that isn’t antiquated or shabby.
Walden Single Bathroom Vanity Set

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