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100 Beautiful Bedrooms And Their Dreamy Interior Decors

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Beauty is indefinable. It depends on too many aspects to be able to establish a set of specific rules or features which could be applied in particular cases. For instance, there are beautiful bedrooms all over the planet but no two are exactly the same. Each time the beauty of the space comes from a…




Attic bedroom with concrete headboard wall
Which of these ideas do you like the most? Take inspiration from one or a few of these beautiful bedrooms for your next bedroom makeover. You can add elements from various bedrooms around the world and create a comfortable and stylish space you love spending time in each day.
Cocoon Suites by KLab Architects - contemporary bedroom with led lights

Table of Contents

Stunning Bedroom Makeover Ideas for Your Home

Choose a Color Scheme

Jewel of Maui Residence in Hawaii Interior design Bedroom

Make the Most of Your Environment

The bedroom of this duplex penthouse designed by  Beyer Blinder Belle and Costas Kondylis also has a gorgeous view of Manhattan. The room has numerous windows on adjacent walls so basically, it welcomes the Central Park and the skyline in, making them a part of the decor.

1. Enjoy The View

The Vale by Blu Water Studio - small bedroom with carbet and shelf for TV
Checked patterns add character to a wooden bedroom and can offer a splash of texture or color to any space. You don’t need to add too much to make an impact, and just a few cushions or a throw will do the trick.

2. A Beautiful White Bedroom

Finding the right balance is difficult especially when you want to give the bedroom a comfortable level of privacy as well as panoramic views of the surroundings. The solution found by Pitsou Kedem Architects for the S House in Israel is actually very inspiring.
Angle ceiling for bedroom - Montee Karp by Patrick Tighe Architecture

3. Dark-Stained Wooden Floor

As you’ll see in many of these beautiful bedrooms below, if you have an incredible view or large windows, you’ll want to make the most of these in your space. Views of the ocean and forest can help to improve your mood every day when you wake up and admire the view from your bed.
High ceiling bedroom - wall headboard made from wood - The Elysium Penthouse

4. Use Natural Materials For A Cozy Atmosphere

Given that the house designed by Luigi Rosselli is surrounded by tropical vegetation, the design strategy chosen for the interior was based on simplicity, neutral colors, and pure materials and forms. This beautiful explains it perfectly.
The bay windows really open up this bedroom, bringing lots of natural light inside and allowing stunning views to be enjoyed. The interior is rather traditional as far as style goes. This is the work of  DeForest Architects in collaboration with NB Design Group.

5. A Minimalist Wooden Bedroom

When designing this residence in Hawaii, Steven Cordrey wanted to complement the views of the Pacific with a decor that’s rich and tropical and you can see that in this bedroom. The most notable source of color for the space is the artwork.
Wooden ceiling for a warm bedroom interior design

6. Use Various Textures in Your Bedroom

Mountain chalet bedroom interior design Chalet Les Sorbiers
The use of natural materials and the presence of a large panorama window contribute to a very cozy atmosphere and an open and fresh decor. This is the description of a bedroom designed by Elías Rizo Arquitectos for a project called Casa VR.

7. Wooden Walls, Floor, and Ceiling

Maison du Boisé by Gestion René Desjardins - master bedroom with sofa
Add fun and bold accents such as this yellow chair in the bedroom here. Even the darkest room can benefit from a few hints of color, so choose something that really stands out from the rest of the space.

8. A Luxury Penthouse Bedroom

Using wood tones to make the bedroom feel inviting and comfortable is a common strategy with lots of positive results. It can be adapted to suit any style, as you can see in this contemporary bedroom and in various others.
Old Apartment Gets A Fresh Look painted bricks

9. Cover an Entire Wall with Long Curtains

The French Alps have a ton of charming cabins and we’ll add Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 to that list. This is how its master bedroom looks like. It’s a lovely blend of modern and rustic and the fluffy rug is one of its best features.
The minimalism of this bedroom’s interior designed by Paul de Ruiter Architects is intriguing. On one hand, the colors are neutral and everything is linear and simple, but on the other hand, there are a few elements that complement this minimalism in a really clever and refined way.

10. Use Raw Materials in Your Beautiful Bedroom

The blend of modern and traditional chosen by wohgelmuth & pafumi for this bedroom is not only elegant but also very well-suited for the space given its intended function. We like the strong presence of the wooden wall and the oversized wall art.
Black and white is a simple and yet glamorous combination, as proven by Studio Tate. To soften the contrast between these two non colors, various tones of gray were also introduced in the bedroom and several textures were layered and put together in a harmonious manner.

11. Use Simple and Neutral Colors

Penthouse with a Backyard in Tribeca - Bedroom decor
Villa V by Paul de Ruiter Architects - bedroom with a bed that store things - multiple storage ideas

12. A Simple Yet Sophisticated Bedroom

Beautiful bedroom with platform bed - Retreat in the South-Indian Countryside by Mancini
The relationship between the indoor spaces and the outdoors is expressed and materialized in lots of different ways. In fact, each project is unique in that sense. Take this pavilion designed by Branch Studio Architects. It has this vast bedroom which opens up to let the views of the garden in without compromising its privacy and that’s really cool.

13. Enjoy Extraordinary Views From Your Master Bedroom

Using gray as an accent color, Buchanan Architecture gave this bedroom a chic and classy look while avoid making it feel cold and austere. Of course, the more interesting part of the design would be the direct connection to what seems to be a walk-in closet.
Ground floor bedroom directly connected to the garden

14. Blend Formal and Casual

Wood chalet bedroom design - The Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 in Courchevel
Bedroom offer exquisite and panoramic views on two sides

15. Design Your Room to Admire the View

Cozy bedroom with platform wooden bed and freestanding tub
A spacious and open layout can suit certain bedrooms, especially those that are closely connected to the outdoors and the views. A less confined space lacks a certain amount of privacy but gains other advantages.

16. Add Vibrant Accents to Your Bedroom

The clean geometry and in particular the straight lines and angles which define this bedroom come in contrast with the residence’s exterior appearance which is dominated by curves and wavy lines. This was a project by Mario Romano.
Sometimes a white backdrop (white walls and ceiling) can turn out to be the ideal choice for a bedroom intended to look calm and soothing. Some warm wood on the floor matched with a few furniture elements and the occasional burst of color can fill the room with style without overwhelming it. This space by Joshua Rice Design is an inspiring example.

17. Work to Find the Right Balance

Spectacular Penthouse in Chelsea
Yodezeen Designs a Modern Residence in Tbilisi - masculine design

18. Dark Wooden Floor with Crisp White Curtains

Bridal suite by M Architecture White Attic Bedroom
Classic mountain chalet bedroom design

19. Sliding Glass Panels Instead Of Solid Walls

This whole bedroom is white except for a few elements. The striped area rug adds a subtle hint of color but the real focal points are the small throw pillows on the beds and the matching seat cushion on the armchair. This is one of the spaces designed by A-cero.
Modern Beds by Roche Bobois - brown leather bedroom furniture

20. A Linear Minimalist Bedroom

House with an amazing bedroom featuring panoramic views
Small attic apartment with hanging bed for bedroom

21. Accent Lighting

 Beautiful Bedrooms
White bedroom interior design - how to create a beautiful bedroom

22. A Majestic And Glamorous Bedroom

Dune house with a simple beautiful bedroom interior design - angle windows
This is the bedroom of an apartment designed by  Alexandra Fedorova where the main color used in the decor is white. In this room, solid wood planks cover the wall behind the bed as well as the floor section directly adjacent to it. The beauty comes from the contrast.

23. Blending Modern Minimalism With Traditional Elegance

Modern chalet bedroom design - Chalet Karakorama
Apartment in Zelenograd by Alexandra Fedorova - unique bed design - black floor

24. Rich Wood with Golden Accents

Converted Barn in the Cotswolds Bedroom
Small bedroom featuring Manhattan views

25. Include a Cozy Sitting Area

Master bedroom with freestanding bathtub and panoramic views
Modern Beds by Roche Bobois - mid century bedroom furniture

26. A Checked Throw

Amchit Residence by BLANKPAGE Architects - ocean view
The design plan for this residence was to blend formal and casual in a way that allows spaces to adapt to various types of settings and activities. The interior design was done by John Maniscalco Architecture and the team managed to make all the spaces look elegant, including this amazing master bedroom that has a marble fireplace.

27. A Mountain Cabin Bedroom

This luxurious and beautiful bedroom is a part of the Elysium Penthouse in Vancouver. Its design is majestic and glamorous without being opulent and there’s a sense of grandeur which is emphasized by the high ceiling and arched window.
Picking an accent color isn’t easy and bedrooms tend to be particularly tricky in that sense. We find the combination of blue and gray to be exquisite in this case, giving the space a royal allure and a very bold and stylish appearance.

28. Unique Patterns

Bedroom with small interior design details
Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas - narrow bedroom design

29. Use Paler Wood

Dark color tones are better suited for mountain lodges and cabins. You can appreciate the beauty of this concept in the interior design of this residence developed by LC2 Design Services. The alpine view and color palette are in tone with the interior decor, as you can see here.
Heavy Metal Residence by Hufft Projects - river rocks around bed

30. Blend Modern and Rustic in a Charming Cabin

When it comes to designing a bedroom, your first decision should be the color scheme. For a simple bedroom, stick with white or gray, but if you fancy something a little more dramatic, add in brighter colors. For a more rustic look, we love using wood throughout a bedroom to create a cozy atmosphere.
Modern Beds by Roche Bobois - leather furniture

31. Keep Things Simple to Create a Beautiful Bedroom

We love bedrooms that have access to their own balcony or terrace but we also enjoy those with en-suite bathrooms. This apartment from Tel Aviv was designed by Dori Redlich studio and showcases an unusually close connection between the bedroom and the bathroom. They’re basically one and the same and not in a bad or unpractical way.
Polished concrete floor for bedroom and built in nighstands

32. Let In Natural Light with a Window Wall

It may not look very cozy on the outside but this home designed by mode:lina architekci tells a different story once you step inside. Every space has its own way of being charming. This bedroom, for instance, welcomes the outdoors in and makes the most of its orientation.
Mountain cabins and chalets are expected to be cozy and welcoming and some offer that in a very stylish package, like Chalet Les Serbies from Courchevel, France. This is how its sleeping areas look like.

33. Yellow Accents

Artsy Duplex Pale pink bedroom interior design
In the big picture, certain design elements and accessories can have a surprising impact when paired with the right pieces. For instance, the area rug although neutral in color is able to give this bedroom designed by Blu Water Studio a really sophisticated and chic look while the rest of the decor maintains a simple and neutral palette.

34. Add Black for a Stylish Bedroom

A beautiful view can be a great source of beauty for a bedroom and for any other type of space in general. This house by Design Raum is set on a lot surrounded by nature and this bedroom has a wonderful view towards a valley.
Pre-War House with backyard views

35. Add a Pop of Color to a White Bedroom

Residence in San Francisco by John Maniscalco Architecture - bedroom with marble fireplace
When they redesigned this apartment, Cadaval & Sola-Morales chose to blend past and present and to let some of the existing design features which they unveiled during the process become a part of the new look. As a result, this bedroom features brick walls that have been painted white and paired with sleek and stylish furniture.

36. Attic Bedrooms

Attic Modern chalet bedroom design - Chalet Karakorama
Sotogrande House by A-cero Architects - white bedroom with iconic lounge eames chairs

37. Connecting the Bedroom and Bathroom

Contemporary bedroom Iniala Beach House by A-cero
The design concept employed by Elias Rizo for a project which they completed in Jalisco, Mexico is extremely interesting and inspiring. The idea was to let the house gradually become one with the land by using materials that weather in time and become more similar to the surrounding topography.

38. A Hanging Bed

Carpinteria Foothills Residence - bedroom with rock fireplace and amazing views
The hotel in question has suites with interiors that are equally cozy and stylish. Each is unique but there are elements that are common to several or all rooms. Generally, the decors are a balanced combination of warm wood, dark and light nuances, and one or more contrasting accent colors.

39. Use Reclaimed Wood

Conversions are fun and interesting and usually it’s structures like barns or old sheds that get transformed. Every once in a while a more uncommon project appears. One of them was the conversion of a windmill into a home. This is how the interior looks like after the transformation was completed.
This bedroom designed by Una Arquitetos intrigues us. Notice how the space opens onto a small balcony with an overhang for shade and how the wall on the left side of the bed has windows only at the bottom. This lets in some light and opens the space to the surroundings without making the room feel exposed.

40. Make the Most of Your Natural Surroundings

A few rustic accents are often welcomed into the interior design of the bedroom. They help to create the warm and inviting feeling that we expect this space to transmit. To that extent, designers and architects usually rely on wood as a main material.
Pavilion bedroom into the forest design

41. Mix Light and Texture

Modern Residence in Malibu bedroom views
Waterfront properties like this one get to welcome the outdoors in a unique way. In this case, the bedroom almost appears to be floating, featuring open views of the water and the distant shoreline.

42. Beautiful Bay Windows

Architect Jean Nouvel designed a luxury penthouse in Chelsea, New York which has a truly stunning interior. This bedroom alone is enough to give you an idea of how impressive the apartment is. Although small, the bedroom is very bright and open thanks to all the windows and the exquisite views complemented by a minimalist decor with Nordic influences.
Hotel Topazz by BWM Architekten und Partner - room design with round curved windows

43. A Glazed Wall to the Side of the Bedroom

City apartments are not really known for their views but there are some which are pretty impressive in this sense. One was designed by Suzanne Lovell and has a wonderful panorama of Manhattan from its bedroom.
We can’t decide what we like most about this bedroom. It has a lot of cool features, like that hanging bed or those skylights and the minimalist desk placed in front of the large windows. The room is placed on the upper floor of a remote house built by LTD Architectural Design Studio.

44. Use Gray as an Accent Color

Canopy bed and luxury views over the city
This design by Metropole Architects is about more than just the view. It’s about the calm and very comfortable and welcoming ambiance created inside the room despite the fact that it opens up to the ocean.

45. A Minimalist Desk

Master bedroom with bight and airy color palette
Platform bed The Royal Penthouse

46. A Tranquil Garden View

The master bedroom of this house from the Netherlands recognizes the important role of accent lighting. The ceiling’s architectural design is highlighted in a really cool way and the subtle and dim light of the lamps gives the room a most welcoming allure. This was a project by Centric Design Group.
Alpin views from bedroom Lower Foxtail Residence

47. A Futuristic And Geometric Design

The use of mirrors maximizes the airy and open decor of this bedroom as well as the views. The space was designed by Sarah Waller who kept the color palette simple and neutral and made the bedroom feel cozy and glamorous with the help of well-chosen textures and finishes.
By embracing the rugged terrain and facing the challenges, BLANKPAGE Architect managed to build this amazing house with extraordinary views from its master bedroom. The house is located in Lebano.

48. A Modern Treehouse Bedroom

Unique House With A Special Geometry - bedroom with view
If you enjoyed the stylish choice of furniture in the last few examples, check out the collections offered by Roche Bobois for even more inspiration. Simplicity and beauty go hand in hand and the designs stand out for all the right reasons.

49. Sweeping Views From Your Bed

Bedroom on the center of the room
The windows seem to almost replace the walls entirely in this bedroom from Lower Manhattan in New York. There’s an abundance of natural light which makes the space look very airy and open.

50. A Modern and Chic Bedroom

A gorgeous view is of no use if the room’s layout and decor are not set of making the most of it. This bedroom designed by Studio Arthur Casas is the perfect positive example. The bed is facing the huge windows and the low unit doubles as a bench.
A Sophisticated Home in Texas Wooden bedroom walll

51. A Small Balcony

Exclusive Penthouse in The Carlyle Residences - luxury bedroom with big chandelier
The same designer also remodeled the interior of an apartment in Zelenograd which has this beautiful bedroom with a dark-stained wooden floor, a warm neutral accent wall, and cheerful green and yellow accents. The bed is the focal point of the space, featuring this flexible shell that can be manipulated in various different ways.

52. An Indoor-Outdoor Bedroom

The connection to the private garden brings a sense of openness and fresh dynamic to this bedroom. Its interior decor is simple and reduced to only basic furniture pieces and a selection of neutral colors.
With panorama windows and sliding glass doors that wrap around the room, this bedroom designed by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis has a very strong connection to its immediate surroundings. The roof and the fireplace offer a sense of security and comfort.

53. A Panoramic Beach View

Small City Break Apartment Bedroom with Ombre Wall
This is simplicity at its best. This bedroom is designed by f + f architectes, being part of a newly converted attic loft in Strasbourg. As you can see, the color palette is kept neutral, the emphasis being on white and a few gray and black accents as well as the occasional touch of wood.

54. A Cozy Barn Bedroom

White is a very versatile color that can look boring and austere but which can also look lavish and sophisticated, much like in this exquisite bedroom designed by A-cero. The room is spacious and airy and it’s not all due to the choice of colors. The full-height windows have a big impact on the decor.
Modern Beds by Roche Bobois - chromed bed base and spectacular views

55. A Contemporary Gray Bedroom

The masculine vibe in this bedroom designed by Yodezeen is quite charming. The decor is beautiful through the fact that it harmonizes a series of materials, colors, and forms that look better together than separate.
This bedroom has its very own interior garden. It’s something that DOMO Design Studio integrated into a residence from Miami. Nature obviously plays a very important role in the design, hence the presence of not only large windows which let in light and beautiful views but also internal gardens and courtyards like this one.

56. A Tropical Hawaiian Bedroom

Beverly Grove Residence by Avi Osadon- black accents bedroom - small glass coffee table
Isn’t this bedroom simply charming? The pastels mixed with the warm gray, the breezy curtains, the cozy rug, the wooden floor, and the mirrored divider work together to create a tranquil ambiance and a glamorous and chic decor. This apartment was designed by Gluckman Tang Architects and Nina Seirafi Interior Design.

57. Windows Instead of Walls

Rich wood mixed with glamorous golden accents give this bedroom a sophisticated look while the overall linearity of the decor and all the matching and symmetrical elements add a familiar touch to the interior, creating an inviting and comfortable ambiance. This is a residence designed by NG Studio in St. Petersburg.
Exposed wood beams bedroom interior design

58. An Ombre Wall

A while ago Hufft Projects designed a home dubbed the Heavy Metal Residence. The design integrates raw and rugged materials, metal brings one of the most important ones. We didn’t expect this bedroom to be this warm and welcoming in these conditions and yet here it is. The wooden accent wall is the perfect focal point here.
The team from ARRCC excels at creating amazing spaces with detailed interiors and a perfect relationship with their surroundings. The bedroom of this apartment from South Africa is just one of the many examples.

59. A Charming Pastel Bedroom

Hotel Topazz by BWM Architekten und Partner - black bedroom design
You can’t really tell from this image alone but this is a house structured into four cylindrical towers which rise amongst the trees. It’s a modern and reinvented treehouse. This bedroom takes advantage of the curvature of the walls to encompass a panoramic view of the surroundings. The house was designed by Malan Vorster.

60. Mix the Past and the Present

Vivienda en Arnedo by n232 - blackout curtains
Large bedroom with modern wallpaper and hanging pendant lamps

61. Use Mirrors to Create a Spacious Room

Simple and at the same time sophisticated, the Y House designed by Ofist in Turkey features a mixture of modern, classic, and industrial design elements which complement each other beautifully. You can see that in the design of this bedroom which opens onto a large wooden deck.
A great view is a precious feature for any space and this bedroom definitely knows how to take advantage of that. The way in which the forest unfolds and envelops the house is wonderful and very comforting.

62. A Circular Bedroom

Attics are cozy and attic bedrooms are usually super cute, as demonstrated in this particular apartment from Stockholm. The wooden floor complements the white walls in a typical Nordic fashion while the accent lighting and the accessories complete the decor.
Sotogrande House by A-cero Architects - Twin bedroom design in whiteSotogrande House by A-cero Architects - Twin bedroom design in white

63. Transform an Unusual Space into a Bedroom

Master bedroom Imposing Stone and Wood Home in Australia
Woodn floor Tiered Residence In Harmony - Bedroom

64. A Single Small Skylight

Open floor plan master bedroom design
Bedroom with balcony and lush vegetation view

65. A Sophisticated White Bedroom

Master bedroom with en suite bathroom
Modern Beds by Roche Bobois - Polished concrete floor

66. Incredible City Views

After the renovation done by  Dos G Arquitectos, the focus was redirected on the views, hence the wonderful panorama from this bedroom. The apartment welcomes the outdoors into every room and it does so in the most pleasing manners.
This is the bedroom of a vacation home designed by Robert Bailey Interiors in British Columbia, Canada. The faux ceiling trim and built-in accent lights establish a simple and open decor with no dramatic design elements. The window wall lets in lots of natural light and that completes the design in a very chic manner.

67. A Duplex Penthouse Bedroom

In the case of this project by Archispektras it’s all about the geometry, not just that of this bedroom in particular but the entire house. The roof practically overwhelms the whole structure.
Attic bedroom with suspended bed and working space

68. Make Sure You Have Adequate Lighting

The view definitely plays a crucial role here yet that doesn’t diminish the impact of all the other elements such as the casual area rugs, the tub placed at an angle in the corner of the furniture pieces carefully selected by Loyn and Co Architects.
Modern Beds by Roche Bobois - angle bed

69. A Large Rug for the Floor

We also love the harmonious design of this bedroom which is part of a project developed by Mancini  in South India. The cool thing about it is the contrast between the dark wooden floor and the crisp white curtains which slide across the open walls, revealing the vibrant green surroundings.
Every once in a while a hotel can be inspiring as a private residence in terms of interior design and furnishings. One such example is La Plage Casadelmar Hotel designed by architect Jean-François Bodin.

70. A Calm and Soothing Bedroom

Master susite bedroom with serene and tranquil space
Reclaimed wood bedroom interior design

71. A White Attic Bedroom

A very simple detail like the use of an unexpected color can be the difference between a beautiful bedroom and one that’s monotonous and boring. Black is one of the least popular colors in bedrooms and there’s no real basis for that. In fact, black can look exquisite and very elegant and sophisticated, as proven by this bedroom suite designed by BWM Architekten und Partner for Hotel Topaz in Vienna.
Find fun and unique patterns to brighten up even the most neutral bedrooms. We love the brown patterned throw and cushions which make this bed stand out from the rest of the wooden décor.

72. Panorama Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

The ombre wall complements the decor of this room is a really pleasant way. The use of grey and white and the subtle shades of light pink, gold, and wood results in a well-balanced palette and a harmonious decor and ambiance. This interior design is the work of Interjero Architektura.
Treehouse bedroom design - beautiful views

73. A Forest Bedroom

This is unlike the other bedrooms we’ve seen so far. The futuristic and geometric design is done by ad2 architekten and although the configuration and the decor are very simple, the room is nevertheless bold and eye-catching.  The fact that the bedroom is enveloped in full-height windows with beautiful views is not to be overlooked either.
Exclusive Duplex Penthouse in Manhattan - bedroom windows

74. An Open Layout Bedroom

Platform beds have become very popular very quickly. There are a lot of beautiful varieties, each stylish in its own way. Coco Republic Interior Design introduced the concept in one of the bedrooms they designed for a penthouse in New South Wales.
A bedroom’s decor doesn’t have to be very complex in order to be charming and to look gorgeous. For example, check out this stylish blend on crisp white surfaces and solid wood portions.  They highlight the room’s architecture and keep the decor simple without allowing it to become monotonous. This was a project by Daniel Cassettai Design.

75. A Waterfront Property

The interplay of light and texture gives this bedroom a lot of character. The color palette was intentionally kept simple by Wall & Deco, allowing the focus to be on form and on the way in which every element impacts the whole.
This is one of the six bedrooms designed by See Construction for a contemporary house in Beverly Hills, LA. Its decor is a blend of modern minimalism and traditional elegance. We really like the textures and finishes used here.

76. Pick an Accent Color

Master bedroom with freestanding bathtub
Beautiful canopy bed Simple Yet Sophisticated Home in Golkoy

77. Use Wood Tones to Create a Comfortable Bedroom

A single small skylight gives this bedroom designed by A61architects and YYdesign a unique character and a touch of uniqueness that helps it stand out from other more mainstream spaces.
Complete Home Renovation by Centric Design Group - bedroom design with LED light on the Ceiling

78. Choose Stylish Furniture Pieces

La Plage Casadelmar Hotel - makeup vanity for bedroom
Beauty is indefinable. It depends on too many aspects to be able to establish a set of specific rules or features which could be applied in particular cases. For instance, there are beautiful bedrooms all over the planet but no two are exactly the same.

79. A Platform Bed

Tudor-Style Dream House Bedroom with view
Light colors and neutrals are very good at making spaces seem larger and more open, like this cozy bedroom designed by TG-Studio for a house in London. Of course, the neutral backdrop wouldn’t be as charming if it weren’t for all the vibrant accent elements that contrast with it.

80. Take Inspiration from a Hotel

Circular bedroom design - circular house
There are lots of cases where the support beams on the ceiling become a part of the room’s interior decor. This design by David Nossiter Architects is one of the best examples in this sense. In addition to the beams, the placement of the tub is also an interesting detail.

81. Look at Hotel Suites for Ideas

A-cero is a studio known for its minimalist and sculptural approach to interior design and this is one of the bedrooms they designed for a beach house in Thailand. The wall divider molds into a headboard which gently curves and continues onto the ceiling, forming three sculptural modules that contrast with the wood-clad wall and the floor.
Casa VR by Elías Rizo Arquitectos - rustic bedroom design

82. A Spa-Inspired Bedroom

Scandinavian Style in a Seaside Tel Aviv Apartment - original headboard
Modern White Apartment Interior by Alexandra Fedorova - white and wood accents

83. Dark Color Tones for a Mountain Lodge

Industrial bedroom interior design with wood accents and platform bed
Somewhere in the French Alps, there’s a lovely chalet known as Le Petit Chateau. This is one of its bedrooms. It has wood on its walls, floor, and ceiling, access to a small terrace, and a very cozy and crisp decor that’s a mixture of modern and rustic elements.

84. Cozy Attic Bedrooms

The long curtains which cover an entire wall in this bedroom designed by n232 give the space a very warm and cozy look. The accent lighting is also perfectly integrated into the room’s decor.
Grey is a very versatile color that is quite commonly used in contemporary interior design. The color was used here by Patrick Tighe Architecture to create a calming and relaxing ambiance in the gray bedroom and the results are pretty cool.

85. Wood Furniture, Floors, and Ceilings

Pitsou Kedem Architects Design a Contemporary Home - bedroom with neutral framed art above and swivel tv
Scandinavian bedroom interior design on the attic

86. A Bedroom Connected to a Private Garden

It’s important for a bedroom to have adequate lighting, both natural and artificial so the light fixtures play a crucial role in the room’s interior decor. Interior designer Maxime Jacquet has this bedroom a detailed and glamorous chandelier and lamps with equally eye-catching designs.
This is one of the best uses of reclaimed wood and it was done by ARRCC. Various boards with different colors and finishes were combined like pieces of a puzzle to create a charming wall backdrop for the bed.

87. Matching Floors and Walls

By opting for sliding glass panels instead of solid walls, KCD Design Studio managed to give this apartment a very refined and sophisticated interior design. In addition, the internal spaces form a flexible and adaptable layout with a very airy and open feel. The bedroom is no exception, being framed by tinted glass panels which ensure a comfortable and intimate ambiance without actually blocking the view.
Spacious enough to include a cozy sitting area in the corner, this bedroom designed by Gestion René Desjardins welcoming the Canadian landscape inside and frames refreshing and relaxing views of the surrounding forest while maintaining a comfortable level of privacy.

88. Blend Modern and Traditional Bedroom Decor

The fact that the glazed wall is the one on the side and not directly in front of the bed is a bit surprising and unusual but is also a detail that makes this beautiful bedroom designed by FARQ Architects so charming in the first place.
Somewhere in Gloucestershire, England there’s a charming residence that once used to be a barn. It features this perfect combination of rustic warmth and modern simplicity which you can see here in this attic bedroom. The exposed beams stand out in a cozy way and the crisp white walls and the nightstands that light up give the room a sophisticated touch.

89. Support Beams in a Bedroom

Neutral bedroom Modest Lake House
Hampstead House by TG-Studio - attic bedroom with built in storage and window seating

90. An Interior Garden in a Bedroom

The Petit Chateau, a Luxury Ski Chalet in Courchevel - bedroom with rustic touch
M Architecture shows us here that a bedroom decorated almost entirely in white can look stylish too. White is a perfect color for this space mostly because of the reduced dimensions of the room and the fact that it’s an attic space with slanted walls. The bed frame is the central piece and the main source of contrasting colors.

91. Straight Lines and Angles

Barn bedroom interior design with geometric shaped tub
The style chosen by the architects at Olson Kundig for this residence in Ketchum is a combination of modern and industrial elements. Wood is extensively used throughout, on the floors, ceilings, and furniture. The spaces are open and that even applies to the sleeping areas.

92. Blend in with the Local Land

Attic bedroom in Amsterdam Apartment Into Quiet Retreat
Concerto by KCD Design Studio - glass walls for bedroom

93. A Charming Bedroom

A beach house isn’t complete without a panoramic view of the sea or the ocean. When designing this Malibu home, architect Doug Burdge and interior designer Tim Clarke made sure to bring the views into the most important spaces, the bedroom being one of them.
Luxury bedroom interior design Shape of Art Deco by NG Studio

94. A Simple Yet Beautiful Bedroom

The wood-paneled accent wall and the matching floor give this bedroom designed by MU Architecture a really cozy feeling while the large windows let in lots of natural light and a view of the tree canopies.
What used to be an abandoned house was turned into a modern and chic home by TSEH Architectural Group. The new interior is cozy and welcoming for humans and pets alike. In the bedroom, the robust bed takes up most of the floor space and yet that doesn’t make the room feel tiny or cluttered.

95. A Glamorous Black and White Bedroom

The exclusive residential development planned by SB Architects in Las Vegas was extraordinary from the start. Check out this amazing bedroom. The sweeping views are definitely the main attraction and we really like the choice of warm wood for the ceiling and the soft neutrals for the rest of the decor.
Wood bedroom design Daniel Cassettai Design Creates a Stylish and Spacious Interior

96. A Panoramic Bedroom

Chalet Karakorama is located in the same area but its interior design is a bit different. For one, it’s less rustic and although there’s a lot of wood involved its presence is not as strong and as obvious as in other cases.
Abandoned House Turned Into A Pet - polished bedroom floor

97. Casual Area Rugs

Most apartments are part of a residential building and follow a certain layout, like a template. That’s not the case here. This is an apartment that stands on the roof of an old building. It was turned into a living space by Ashari Architect and its bedroom has a really cool feature: a hanging bed.
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98. A Calm and Relaxing Space

Each time the beauty of the space comes from a source that’s unique to the room, to those who designed it, and to those who use it. This article contains 100 images of bedrooms, each beautiful in its own way.
Waking up in the morning and seeing this beautiful and tranquil garden must be wonderful. It’s just one of the things that make this newly extended house in Claremont so charming. The extension and remodel were done by M Construction.

99. Add a Few Rustic Accents

The futuristic spa-inspired decor of this bedroom was designed by KLab Architects. It’s one of the 13 suites of Hotel Andronikos. As you can see, the main color is white which is quite common for most resorts found in Greece.
Attic bedrooms are always cozy and inviting, especially those with slanted ceilings and soft and dim lighting. That’s actually pretty much how we’d describe this space designed by Willem Benoit Interieur.

100. Focus on the Roof and Structure

La Plage Casadelmar Hotel colorful bedroom
Naramata by Robert Bailey Interiors - modern foot bed bench
If it seems like this is a circular house that’s because it is. This is a beautiful retreat designed by 123DV Modern Villas and surrounded by a forest and lots of vegetation. The unusual shape allows it to engage the surroundings in a unique way.
House in Nature by Design Raum - Bedroom with beautiful view

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