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12 Amazing Ideas for Outdoor End Tables To Spruce Backyard Setup

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As you’re decorating your outdoor space, it’s important to choose the furniture that compliments your yard, but also one that’s resistant and easy to care for. Outdoor end tables, while available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and constructions, can be very puzzling when you get lost in the marketing promises that manufacturers try to…




The general rule that applies to the height of indoor end tables also works for outdoor ones as well. The rule says that the height should be within two inches of the sofa’s arm height. That means that if the arm of your sofa is 20 inches tall, the height of the table should be between 18 and 22 inches.
Thick Top Side Table
Long Island Side Table

Top Picks

“Fantastic if you are looking for something durable that can stand harsh weather.” (customer review)
If you’ve wanted that one outdoor end table with an adorable design, the floral pattern and the light blue paint on the Perera make this a side table worth the money.
As you’re going to see in the second part of this article, concrete outdoor end tables are a thing, but you might be wondering if they truly are an option worth considering. Concrete tables are stable and durable, but also very heavy to move around. There are a few downsides to choosing concrete tables, such as the naturally porous surface of the material and the fact that, once stained, it’s very difficult to clean it properly. If you want a concrete end table with more stain protection, consider choosing tables made with a combination of concrete and fiberglass.
Editor’s Choice: Mercury Row® Outdoor Side Table
Mebane Iron Side Table
Needless to say, metal is often used to make outdoor end tables, but also a variety of other furniture pieces that can withstand the elements if they are properly treated. Wrought iron outdoor end tables used to be a common option, but also a heavy and a pretentious one. Aluminum and steel are more commonly found in today’s outdoor furniture construction. Aluminum can easily be molded into just about any shape, making it an attractive material option for outdoor furniture. It is easy to care for, doesn’t rust as easily as iron does, and can withstand sun exposure for a long period of time. Steel is the other common and recommended metal option but it is also considerably more expensive than aluminum. Granted, steel furniture is heavy-weight but that makes it more stable in areas with strong wind. Galvanized and stainless steel are really good options because they are more rust and corrosion-resistant.
modern outdoor end tables
Outdoor Side Table
When you’re shopping for an outdoor end table, the rules are a bit different compared to what it takes to purchase a good indoor end table. Not only do you have to take some aesthetic rules into account, but you have to consider what features a piece of outdoor furniture needs to have, considering the fact that it will be overexposed to the elements. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the suggestions we can give you when it comes to opting for some really cool and durable outdoor end tables:
The adjustable screw located on the leg of the Ahkeelah outdoor end table allows you to modify the height and stabilize the table when placed on uneven terrain.
Best Table Set: Brayden Studio® Metal Side Table
There is also the matter of how heavy an outdoor end table should be. Things can be a little tricky because you don’t want anything that’s too light (and, therefore, likely to be blown over by stronger winds) or too heavy (especially if you plan to move this end table around too often or store it in the garage when not in use).
Best Concrete Table: Northrup Concrete Side Table
Ifrane Metal Side Table
You might be wondering just how tall this end table has to be. Well, there are no exact rules to this and you can always choose the height you’re most comfortable with, but we can tell you what decorators suggest. If you opt for a low chaise lounge seating area, you can also choose a lower end table, while upright sofas work really well with higher tables. The general consensus is that an outdoor end table should be within 2 inches of the height of the seating furniture next to it.
Durable, lightweight, and cost-oriented, the Long Island side table is a breeze to put together, and often praised by its buyers because of that.
Listed as one of the less expensive outdoor end tables, the Ifrane has a lot to offer in terms of pleasant design and ease of movement.
“Super easy to put together and recommend to someone who is looking for a cost effective table!” (customer review)
As you can see, when you’re on the market looking for an outdoor end table, you pretty much have to apply the same rules that refer to what it is that you need to look out for when buying just about any type of outdoor furniture. Durability is key and, unlike other features, this is objective and not negotiable. Always look for end tables that are weather-resistant and can withstand prolonged sun and rain exposure without suffering any damage.
With 18” H x 12.25” L x 12.25” W in measurements and 6 pounds in weight, this lightweight end table can support up to 50 pounds in weight, and comes with a very attractive design. Made from iron, this is the kind of table that doesn’t require any assembly, and offers you a surface that’s easy to clean and quite pleasant to look at. It’s available in 5 color options and, much like the example before, is pretty easy to move around, making it suitable for people interested in lightweight outdoor tables that allows them to switch the table’s position whenever and however they please.
As you’re decorating your outdoor space, it’s important to choose the furniture that compliments your yard, but also one that’s resistant and easy to care for.
If you’re looking for an outdoor table with vivid colors, look no further. If you’re looking to get great value for your money, look no further. If you want not one, not two, but three adorable outdoor end tables, look no further. This set is just what you need. It includes a small table that measures 15” H x 12” L x 12” W and weighs 20 pounds, a medium-sized one that measures 18” H x 14” L x 14” W and weighs 30 pounds, and a large one that measures 22” H x 16” L x 16” W and weighs 40 pounds. All these three tables are made from iron and are colored in playful shades of blue, orange, and green.
Rattan lovers gather round, as we have an outdoor end table with a simple, elegant, and very beautiful outdoor end table that we’d like to show you. Measuring 18” H x 20” L x 14” W and weighing 12 pounds, this little gem can support up to 100 pounds in weight, which is impressive considering how low the average weight capacity for other outdoor end tables is. So, if you;re primarily interested in a table that can hold a bunch of weight, you might want to check out the Belton.
First and foremost, don’t assume that just because you’re dealing with outdoor furniture, you can afford to buy the cheapest table there is. In fact, it’s important to understand that you will always get what you pay for, even with outdoor end tables. Don’t sacrifice quality to save a few dollars and, while we do agree with the idea of stitching to a pre-planned budget, know that an outdoor end table could easily be ruined after being left one week in the sun if you intend to buy the cheapest one there is.

How to Choose an Outdoor End Table

We wanted to end this review list with a plastic table available in two size/weight options: 14” H x 19” L x 19” W and 10 pounds weight and 19.5” H x 19” L x 19” W and 12 pounds weight. This adorable plastic table is designed to create the illusion of a concrete table, but with the lightweight that doesn’t compromise the durability of the product. If you’re looking for a table that’s easy to clean and easy to assemble, this one deserves your full attention.


Cutest Design: Perera Metal Side Table


One very important thing to consider when you’re looking to buy outdoor end tables is how easy it is to care for them. You want to choose materials that are easy to clean with something like a damp cloth and a combination of water and mild detergent. The best outdoor end tables are the ones that you can hose down to remove dust and debris. If you often find yourself scrubbing the end table, it’s probably going to end up being a regretted purchase.


 Outdoor End Tables


Naturally, the material that’s used to make the table plays an important part in determining the durability of the product. For instance, iron and wood look amazing, but they tend to weather over time. Other materials, like powder-coated metals or composites, tend to be more durable in the long term.


The post 12 Amazing Ideas for Outdoor End Tables To Spruce Backyard Setup appeared first on Homedit.
The Mebane outdoor end table is made entirely out of iron, with a neat design and a base that resembles rattan when seen from a distance. It is available in 5 color options and has a distressed look for each model that you buy. The table measures 21” H x 16.25” L x 16.25” W overall, has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, and a total weight of 8.82 pounds. It is a product that people have praised over and over again, and one that we truly recommend for people looking for a no-assembly table.

Materials to Choose From

Synthetic resin is basically the man-made version of rattan, but with the added benefits of better weather resistance. You will find outdoor end tables made from synthetic resin that are woven in wicker style and mimic the appearance of natural rattan. Synthetic resin wicker is usually made with a variety of different plastics, such as PVC, polyethylene, and nylon.


Ahkeelah Metal Side Table

Plastics & synthetic resin

If you love rattan furniture and find that wicker weaves are an enchantment, you’re bound to appreciate what the Belton table has to offer.


If you’re looking for a square outdoor end table that’s weather-resistant and easy to clean, this product might be just what you’re looking for. Made from synthetic resin, cleaning this table is a breeze, so you won’t have to worry about spilling your drinks anymore. It has a weather-resistant construction and can withstand prolonged sun exposure. It measures 15” H x 15” L x 15” W and has a total weight of 8 pounds.


Made from a combination of steel, synthetic rattan, and tempered glass, this side table is perfect for elegant outdoor setups.

Best Outdoor End Tables

Long Island Side Table

Budget Pick Option 2: Mebane Iron Side Table
Best Plastic Table: Thick Top Side Table

Ifrane Metal Side Table

Measuring 15” H x 15” L x 15” W, this is a table perfect for people who want a weather-resistant and easy to maintain piece of outdoor furniture.
The Perera side table is definitely giving us something to talk about. It’s an iron table designed for people who love cute designs, as the floral pattern is definitely an eye-catcher, as several buyers have suggested themselves. It measures 22” H x 14” L x 12.5” W and has a lightweight construction that allows you to freely move this around without putting too much strain on your back.

Mebane Iron Side Table

Let’s assume that you want to pump up your patio look and you choose to buy both an end table and a coffee table, so you might be wondering if these two need to match. There is no rule staying that these two pieces of furniture need to be identical, so you’re free to mix and match different styles if you choose to.
Dalessio Standard Aluminum Side Table

Ahkeelah Metal Side Table

Another product, another metal table but this time, with a few extra features that you’re going to love. This outdoor end table measures 18” H x 19” L x 19” W and weighs a total of a little under 15 pounds, so it’s not the lightest product that you could hope for. It has a heavy-duty construction and comes with powder-coated finish for added rust-resistance. There are screws located on the bottom end of the legs to stabilize the table in case of uneven ground, so it’s definitely a product for people who were often frustrated about uneven terrain and inclined tables.
Easiest Assembly: Long Island Side Table

POLYWOOD® Traditional Plastic Side Table

Metal Side Table
Belton Wicker Side Table

Metal Side Table

Budget Pick Option 1: Ifrane Metal Side Table
Best Square-Shaped Table: POLYWOOD® Traditional Plastic Side Table

Northrup Concrete Side Table

Best for Uneven Ground: Ahkeelah Metal Side Table
Perera Metal Side Table

Belton Wicker Side Table

Best Rattan Table: Belton Wicker Side Table
If you’re looking to get more value for your money but also to add diversity and color to your outdoor decor, this set comes with three different-sized end tables available in three playful colors.

Perera Metal Side Table

If you’re wondering what materials are available (and which are best-suited) as far as outdoor end tables are concerned, the rules are pretty much similar for all types of outdoor furniture. You want the material of choice to be weather-resistant and easy to clean, so let’s take a quick look at all the available options and see which might be the best choice for you:
Northrup Concrete Side Table

Dalessio Standard Aluminum Side Table

Measuring 21.06” H x 22.44” L x 22.44” W and weighing 15.4 pounds, the Dalessio side table is made from quality aluminum and designed for people who would love a water, rust, and UV resistant table made entirely out of metal. It pairs really well with outdoor rattan furniture and can support a total weight of 50 pounds. You have a variety of finish options to choose from, making the Dalessio end table more versatile that you’d think.
POLYWOOD Traditional Plastic Side Table

Mercury Outdoor Side Table

Measuring 18” H x 15.25” L x 15.25” W and weighing 22.05 pounds, this lightweight concrete table can support a total weight of 22.05 pounds. It has a very basic design in a modern hourglass shape, perfect for those of you that love how stone-like elements fit into your outdoor decor. It has a water-resistant design and it’s definitely an outdoor end table that makes a statement.
Outdoor end tables, while available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and constructions, can be very puzzling when you get lost in the marketing promises that manufacturers try to catch your attention with. What makes a good outdoor end table and what are some of the best and most preferred options in 2021? Stick around and find out!

Thick Top Side Table

Best Aluminum Table: Dalessio Standard Aluminum Side Table
Made from lightweight concrete and designed to be water-resistant, this is a concrete table perfect for those of you looking for outdoor furniture with a rugged appeal.


What size should my end tables be?

When it comes to wood furniture that’s suitable for outdoor use, some of the best and most common choices are teak, eucalyptus, and cedar. Teak furniture is considered to be the best and most expensive option on the market because it can withstand the weather elements like it’s nobody’s business. It is very rich in natural oils and resin, which makes it more durable in the face of insect attacks. The natural oils inside the teak protect it from dry rot.

Should your coffee table and end tables match?

“These end tables, along with the matching coffee table made the perfect touch needed to complete my deck wicker furniture ensemble. Sturdy but attractive.” (customer review)

What is the best color for outdoor furniture?

The first option we wanted to show you today is an end table made from synthetic resin and high-density polyethylene, with amazing weather-resistance and available in 13 different color options. It measures 18” H x 15” L x 15” W and has a total weight of 8 pounds, making it a suitable choice for people that like to move their outdoor tables around a lot and require lightweight furniture pieces to work with. It is a product that’s easy to clean, as all it requires is a clean cloth and a combination of mild soap and water.

Bottom Line

If you’re ready to add a touch of uniqueness to your outdoor decor, you have to check out this side table. It is constructed with a steel frame, uses polyethylene rattan for added weather-resistance, and tops everything off with a tempered glass tabletop for more durability, elegance, and a beautiful contrast. It measures 18.25” H x 18.25” L x 18.25” W overall and weighs almost 11 pounds. It is the kind of table designed for people striving to maintain an elegant decor even outdoors.
There are usually two options when it comes to picking colors for your outdoor end tables: you either go with neutral tones that usually never fail or take the bold approach and opt for vivid colors. If you’re into the latter idea, you can choose shades of red and bright orange, especially if you pair them with some outdoor lanterns for an added touch of romance. For more dramatic looks, you can opt for jewel-tone violets and pair them with outdoor throw pillows that are orange or bright yellow.

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