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12 Gorgeous Oval Glass Top Coffee Table Ideas

There is something about oval glass top coffee tables that I can’t quite put my finger one. They are the kind of furniture pieces that will either completely stand out or perfectly blend into your existing decor, and that’s just one of the things that makes them amazing. Even if they tend to be more…
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The Addaly coffee table is another abstract piece that we wanted to show you, one that shares a lot of design similarities with the Eluan, only this one comes with a base covered in faux leather, which makes it look even more elegant than the Eluan. It also delivers two extra stools for more seating options, and the table measures 17.5” H x 50.5” L x 27.5” W overall.
Laymoune Abstract Coffee Table
One of the best things about abstract furniture pieces is they leave so much open for interpretation, who’s to say they don’t fit into a particular decor? Such is the case of the Eluan, a 17.5” H x 47” L x 27.5” W coffee table that combines metal, manufactured wood, and a glass top, creating an excellent and elegant piece of furniture that can hold up to 150 pounds in weight. It comes with an S-shaped base and two additional stools for extra seating.

Top 3 Picks

Customer’s choice: Laymoune Abstract Coffee Table
Best glam design: Emina Coffee Table with Storage
Part of the aristocrat collection, this coffee table comes with intricate designs and an antique-style finish that make it worthy of any elegant sitting space.
Even if they tend to be more expensive compared to other options, glass coffee tables will create the illusion of light and space in your sitting area, two qualities that we can’t overlook. Today, we’ve dedicated an article to inspire you with some oval glass top coffee table ideas, but not until we talk a little bit about glass coffee tables in general.
Eluan Abstract Coffee Table
Fouts Abstract Oval Coffee Table

How to Choose a Glass Top Coffee Table

There is something about oval glass top coffee tables that I can’t quite put my finger one. They are the kind of furniture pieces that will either completely stand out or perfectly blend into your existing decor, and that’s just one of the things that makes them amazing.
A glass-top coffee table can create the illusion of more space in the room and makes it look airy and lit. While stunning, glass coffee tables can also be difficult to clean because streaks are very visible if you don’t use the right solution and method for cleaning. If you’re not a fan of using chemical cleaners, you can look for options with naturally-derived ingredients. Aside from that, you are also going to need a couple of clean microfiber cloths, a kitchen towel, filtered or distilled water, and white vinegar:

  • There are multiple designs when it comes to such a product, so let’s have an overview of your options. There are oval glass coffee tables with or without storage underneath, rectangular coffee tables that can even include display cabinets, tear-drop-style glass tops with glam-chic finishes, tables made entirely out of glass, and a variety of other designs. Choose one that best fits your room style.
  • Glass top coffee tables aren’t made with glass alone, so consider the other materials that are used to make the base, legs, or frame of the table. The most common options are wood, metal, and ceramic, each of these with its own unique appeal.
  • Always look at how much weight the glass coffee table can support and make sure that whatever you place on it doesn’t exceed that recommended threshold. Some glass tables can be quite expensive and it would be a shame if the frame collapsed because the recommended weight limit was exceeded.
  • Consider tables with storage options if you want to place some books and plants underneath it (in which case you might want to opt for tables with open storage underneath) or somewhere to hide the remote controls, phone chargers, and magazines (choosing closed storage tables is a better choice in this case).

Oval Glass Top Coffee Table Ideas

Decastro Coffee Table

Prior to looking at any type of features, it’s important to determine why you want a glass top table in the first place. For instance, if you entertain guests, you’re going to need a larger glass top coffee table, otherwise a small one will suffice. Do you tend to place a lot of stuff on your coffee table? If so, you might want some storage. If you plan on moving the table around a lot, then you’re going to need one that doesn’t weigh too much, or perhaps a model with wheels that facilitates movement.
Even if the description of this table contains words like “casual”, nothing about its design is truly casual here. In fact, this 18th century-inspired table has an aristocratic vibe that makes it the perfect addition to a formal setup. The table apron is adorned with a rope twist design, offering a metal base made from wrought iron. It measures 19” H x 50” L x 32” W and can support up to 50 pounds in weight.

Mcgrew Coffee Table

Well, we’re just going to go out and say it: the Cantu coffee table looks more like a sculpture that belongs in a museum rather than a coffee table. It is certainly not the type of product that would fit in a rustic, vintage, Boho, or French cottage room, but it can easily find its way into a home with modern and contemporary details. Combining wood, thermoplastic polymer, and a glass top, this 16” H x 43.5” L x 25.5” W table redefines boldness with its fierce red appearance.
Burcott Coffee Table

Emina Coffee Table with Storage

Bringing forth a combination between a table that’s suitable for a Boho-style sitting area and the practicality of having a stable glass top to hold your drinks without the need for a tray, the Decastro coffee table is a rattan-based table with a special appeal to it. It measures 19” H x 44” L x 24” W, has legs built out of solid wood, and features an open storage shelf located at the bottom of the table.
For those of you that are fans of the contemporary style, this natural-grain table is a dream come true. It’s O-shape base has a stylish appearance, offering an interesting combination of solid and manufactured wood that support the oval-shape glass tabletop. The table measures 17.5” H x 23.63” L x 47.25” W and has a beautiful dark gray base suitable with a lot of chroma room options.

Mcgary Coffee Table

Emina Oval Glass Coffee Table with Storage
Incorporating an O shape base, the table boasts a stylish design.

Pylant Sled Coffee Table

Measuring 20.5” H x 36.75” L x 24.75” W, the Mcgrew coffee table combines a solid wood construction with a glass table top and storage shelf, perfectly combining these two materials to create a unique piece that stands out in just about any room you place it in. The wood veneers have a distinctive appeal with each table we look at, so you can rest assured that you’re adding something authentic to your sitting area.
Oval Glass Top Coffee Table

Eluan Abstract Coffee Table

Addaly Abstract Coffee Table
The Mcgary glass top coffee table is a chic product that brings a certain amount of glamour to your living room. It comes with an oval top that rests upon a metal base, with acrylic legs that definitely stand out the moment you walk into the room. It measures 19” H x 52” L x 30” W and can support a generous weight of 300 pounds, making this a great addition to a room that’s ready to receive a lot of guests.

Addaly Abstract Coffee Table

For contemporary-style rooms, we have another marvelous suggestion: the Fouts coffee table. It has a curved metal base that’s sexy and elegant, adopting a V-shape that almost makes it seem like the tempered glass table top is held by two fingers. It offers a sophisticated touch to your living room, measuring 20” H x 48” L x 28” W. it can support up to 50 pounds in weight, so it’s not the sturdiest option on the market, but still one that’s totally worth considering.
Once you get that out of the way, it’s time to look at the shopping considerations for choosing the best glass top coffee table for you:

Fouts Abstract Coffee Table

With its white tempered glass surface and sexy black curves, plus the silver-finish legs that stand out, the Emina is one of the best glass top coffee tables for glamour rooms.
Cantu Abstract Coffee Table with Storage

Oval Burcott Coffee Table

Mcgrew Oval Glass Coffee Table
Most elegant design: Weisman Coffee Table

Oval Weisman Coffee Table

How does one not fall in love with the mesmerizing design of the Emina coffee table? It is different from what you’d expect to see from such a product, offering an eye-catching piece of furniture that’s imposing due to its design, and not because of its size. This limited-design table that measures and is created using a stainless-steel base with a chrome finish, plus a tempered white glass top and shelf with slim and curved black lines for a hypnotizing effect.
OPTIONAL: Some people like fully remove any remaining streaks by using some crumpled newspaper. This gives the glass a lustrous shine.

Laymoune Abstract Coffee Table

Redefining glamour through simplicity, the Burcott glass top coffee table is certainly a sight for sore eyes. The tempered glass top lies above four legs made from hand-forged iron and covered in a gold-tone finish. Measuring 20” H x 40” L x 28” W, this is one of the most purely decorative tables we’ve seen, as it can only hold 24 pounds. It is still a coffee table we would buy, though.
Oval Weisman Coffee Table

Cantu Abstract Coffee Table with Storage

Decastro Glass Oval Coffee Table
The post 12 Gorgeous Oval Glass Top Coffee Table Ideas appeared first on Homedit.

How to Clean a Glass Top Coffee Table

Mcgary Oval Glass Coffee Table

  • Make sure that you remove everything from the surface of the table. If the table is made entirely out of glass, you’re going to want to clean all the glass surfaces, and that includes any potential storage that might be underneath the table.
  • If the table has any wood or metal components, you want to protect them during the cleaning process. Each material has its own requirements when it comes to cleaning, so avoid using a solution designed for a specific surface on a surface made from another material. You can use masking tape to protect parts of the table that aren’t made from glass.
  • Before you apply any liquids to the glass surface, use a clean cloth to wipe dirt and dust off it. This includes any potential pieces of debris or stuff that, once in contact with cleaners, could end up damaging the glass table top.
  • Make sure you get rid of heavy marks, which can be either sticky spots caused by spilled drinks or even water rings that weren’t cleaned in due time and can pose as stubborn stains. Spray a little bit of class cleaner (you can use diluted vinegar as an alternative) on the stain and leave it to soak for about half a minute. Grab a clean kitchen towel and wipe away the solution. If the dirt isn’t properly soaked and removed when first wiping, do this again. You can also add neat vinegar until the marks disappear.
  • The underside of the table needs cleaning too, especially if you notice any marks. You can skip this step if you don’t notice any significant soiling.
  • Once those stubborn marks have been removed, you can proceed to applying glass cleaners on the top of your table. You need to make sure there is an even coat of solution so that every square inch of the table will be properly cleaned. Some people like to use hot water alone for this step if their glass isn’t that dirty.
  • Grab a microfiber cloth and start wiping the glass top using circular motion. Continue to do so until the cleaning solution is completely gone. You can use the same cloth to wipe the underside of the table clean (provided that the underside isn’t that dirty).
  • Using a dry microfiber cloth, remove any excess moisture that might still be visible on the surface of the glass. You might have to unfold and fold the cloth a few times to make sure you’re always wiping the glass with a dry surface.

Pylant Sled Oval Glass Coffee Table

In Conclusion

There is something about glass top coffee tables that adds a drop of elegance to a seating room. In combination with all kinds of materials and base finishes, an oval glass top coffee table is perfect for home with children, where furniture corners are a risk of injury, and they make it easier to move around them, especially when you don’t have that much floor space to work it.
For modern and minimalist rooms, we have the perfect suggestion: the Pylant coffee table. It has a manufactured wood base that takes the shape of a high curved arch, being very imposing and looking rather heavy (which it really isn’t, considering how the table weighs 58 pounds in total). The table measures 18” H x 47.25” L x 23.63” W and has a total weight capacity of 50 pounds, so it’s really mostly just for placing a few cups and glasses, and perhaps a snack platter.

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