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15+ Laundry Room Organization Tips To Help You Reduce Stress

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Laundry room organization will help you save time and money. An organized laundry room reduces stress. As much time as you spend washing clothes, you should make your laundry room a comfortable space. It’s not uncommon for a laundry room to be messy. To avoid this, check out the following laundry room organization tips and…




Vintage-style laundry rooms are popular. By design, vintage accessories can enliven a room that has a drab reputation. A laundry room is functional. Most people might not think about adding vintage flair to it.
Stacking washers and dryers is a space-saving option. It also looks modern. You won’t be able to use the “counter” space abut you can add a counter later by stacking the appliances. 
Laundry room electrical outlets should have GFCI protection and AFCI protection. GFCI means Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. AFCI means Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter. They are important for protection against fire and electrical shock.

The History Of The Laundry Room

This doesn’t work for one-story houses well and doesn’t work for downstairs bedrooms. If your bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs and the laundry room is downstairs, it can be useful.  
It’s not uncommon for a laundry room to be messy. To avoid this, check out the following laundry room organization tips and utility rooms that can help. Before we begin, let’s look at the evolution of the laundry room.
laundry room organization
For laundry rooms with a standard washer and dryer, you will have extra space for shelves. Laundry room shelving and cabinets help keep your laundry room organized.
When it comes to utility rooms or mudrooms, things can get hectic. There are supplies everywhere, and if it’s a mudroom, well, that name is given to this room for a reason.

How Do I Organize My Laundry Room?

1937 saw the advent of the automatic washing machine. By the 50s, the home washing machine became a standard household appliance. George Sampson invented the first modern automatic clothes dryer.
Laundry carts come in two versions. There are small carts that slide between or beside your washer and dryer. And there are also larger laundry carts with a countertop for folding clothes.

Laundry Room Code Requirements

If you’re working with a small space,  consider storing laundry in a different room. With towels, for example, you would store them in a bathroom. Kitchen towels can go in the kitchen or the bathroom, depending on where you have the most space.
Laundry rooms must follow codes that help prevent accidents and reduce fire risk. If you want to build a utility room, follow the requirements and specifications. If you don’t, you will have problems when you want to sell your home.

Laundry Room Space

The pull-down ironing board is a great space-saver. If you iron clothes, this is necessary. You can also fold clothes on an ironing board.  
How Can I Make My Laundry Room More Efficient

Washing Machine And Dryer Installation

When venting your laundry room appliances, make sure you use the correct materials according to code specifications. The best venting material to use is the rigid pipe of nonflammable materials. It has a smooth interior finishing. They help reduce interior buildups.
The bench is available in a utility room for you and your guests to remove their shoes. It can also be useful if you are working on something and need to sit down. If not in use, it can be used as a shelf.
Stained wood, wicker, and preowned mid-century furniture would add sizzle to your laundry room. You can add décor on the walls like old movie posters or black and white photos.

What Is The Difference Between GFCI And AFCI Protection?

Ladder racks are a smart method to store anything. Because farmhouse decor is trending, ladder racks are trending. You can make your small laundry closet look its best while saving space.

Laundry Room Air Vents

The over-the-door shelves also look great. You can use them to store clothing, towels, or laundry supplies. They come in shelving, or pouches that are waterproof. 
The entryway to your home must be wide enough for you to move your washer and dryer in and out of your home. If your laundry room is on the second floor, your stairwell must be wide enough to carry the washing machine and dryer upstairs.

How Do I Organize My Laundry Room?

You can build a countertop by adding a wood slab on top of your washer and dryer. What you might end up doing is building at least one leg on the side to support the table. You can work on it without it disturbing the appliances. It’s also is great for folding laundry.
You can take up the shelf space of one towel with a dozen towels this way.

Laundry Room Door Shelves

How Do I Organize My Laundry Room?
When you customize your laundry room, you can take advantage of the entire space. You can find a purpose for every nook and cranny, using 100 percent of the space. Organizing your laundry could be the best household DIY project waiting for you. Once you turn the space around, you’ll notice that your life will be easier.

High Shelves With Closet Rod

How Do I Organize My Laundry Room
How this works is that there is a chute attached to the upstairs hallways or even the bedrooms that lead to the laundry room.

Build A Countertop

laundry room Build A Countertop

While rolling up towels were trending for years, folding them is back. It is primarily trending to fold towels again because it saves so much space. Rolling looks good but folding towels save much more space.

Stacking Washer/Dryer

High shelves will disappear and can make a room look larger. Use this trick to have extra storage and keep things out of sight. You can either have open shelves or cabinets with doors, depending on your preference. It’s about whether you want the easy convenience of open shelves or easy access cabinets.
In 1934, the first laundromat in the US opened to the public in Fort Worth, Texas. Before that, people washed their clothes at home with a hand crank.

Laundry Room Cart Organizer

Laundry room organization includes sorting your laundry into whites and colors is a good idea. Don’t forget to separate denim. It’s not just sorting important laundry, but it’s also closing the hamper lids because this can take care of the unsightliness and the smell. You can add charcoal bags to purify the room. 
All you need is a marker board with a calendar and space to write notes your family can read. For laundry rooms, it can be helpful to add instructions on how to do the laundry. For utility rooms, leave notes for one another and cross-check calendars and schedules for family events. 

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas 

The larger of the two is great if you have the space but the smaller is perfect for storing your detergent and fabric softener when not in use.
You may not have realized it, but the space behind your laundry room door is a vital storage space. You can build some DIY shallow shelves and mount them to the wall.

Fold Don’t Roll

The shoe rack is for storing dirty shoes. One of the best places for storing these shoes is under the bench. You can build a separate shoe rack. But try to avoid using a basket for shoes as is often done. This is messy and allows boots to be placed on top of more delicate shoes.  
Your laundry room’s location will determine if it’s safe during a tornado. If the room has windows or is connected to a garage it won’t be safe during a tornado.

Classic Pull-Down Ironing Board

The IPC code does not mandate a floor drain to be installed in a laundry room. However, floor drains help avoid water damage both in your utility room and the rest of your house.
Laundry rooms can be difficult to do laundry in if they aren’t organized.  

Small Laundry Room Clothes Storage

store clothes away from laundry room

You’ll need 18 inches above the washer if it is a top-loading model so you can open its door.  Also, don’t use an extension cord as a power source as it would be a code violation.

Ladder Racks

A typical laundry room has a standard washer and dryer. The room has space for shelves. Although it isn’t tiny, it’s helpful if you keep it organized. 

Behind-the-Door Shelves

How Do I Organize My Utility Room

DIY Sponge Holder

Washing Machine And Dryer Installation

How Can I Make My Laundry Room More Efficient?

The first thing you may want to do is hang or mount shelves on the back of the door. This saves space and makes the area look neat.
The recent changes in how laundry rooms are designed have been influenced by smaller appliances. Washers and dryers also do not make as much noise. Today, because automatic washers and dryers are quiet, laundry rooms are moving closer to master bedrooms. One popular prediction has suggested that laundry rooms will become obsolete. And another trend merges the laundry room with a different space, like the entryway.

Laundry Chute

Ensure that everything you need to wash in the laundry is at arm’s length. This will save time and make doing the laundry easier. If your laundry room is large, it will be worth it. Use the rest of the space for storage.
GFCI offers protection from ground faults, like electrical shortages. A surge protector protects against lightning strikes or power outages. Surge protectors with built-in GFCI protection are available at hardware stores.

Laundry Center

Classic Pull-Down Ironing Board

Laundry Room Closed-Lid Hampers 

Closed Lid Hampers

A sponge can be a mold magnet and a source of odor. After using a sponge, most people will throw it in the sink, but that’s a bad idea. If you have a sieve, attach it to your sink and make it your sponge holder. This will allow the sponge to dry without attracting mold. Plus, they’ll last longer.

Everything At Arm’s Length 

A width of 45 inches is necessary to make a 90-degree turn when carrying the appliances upstairs. Also, laundry room doors need to be a minimum of 32 inches wide.

How Do I Organize My Utility Room?

Before laundry rooms, washing machines and dryers were kept in kitchen spaces. For homes that had basements, the spaces became makeshift laundry rooms. In 1970, 36 percent of all single-family households had a washing machine. Meanwhile, less than ten percent of US households had an automatic clothes dryer.
Stacking Washer/Dryer

The Everything Bin 

If your laundry room has a refrigerator, take advantage of the space above it by installing an over-refrigerator cabinet. You can match the cabinet’s color with the refrigerator. It would be a great place to store laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.

The Bench

The bench is available in a utility room

The post 15+ Laundry Room Organization Tips To Help You Reduce Stress appeared first on Homedit.
Sewer gasses that contain methane are toxic and flammable. If your laundry room smells like sewage, call a plumber. Fixing water pipes with a sewage problem is not a DIY household project. Inspect your water taps and AC vents to make sure they aren’t clogged.

The Shoe Rack

A laundry room, also known as a utility room, became a popular home feature in the 80s. US homes were bigger, so they had the space. 
How Do I Organize My Small Laundry Closet

The Board

A laundry center is a place that is like a kitchen island that has a counter and plenty of storage. This is where you will get your supplies and where you will do most of the folding of the laundry.

Over Refrigerator Cabinet

Galvanized aluminum or aluminum pipe are good as they won’t rust. Your laundry room needs air circulation to ensure your appliances remain healthy. The air will cool them after each use. Proper venting will also ensure fire safety.

The Future Of The Laundry Room

Utility room with shoe rack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are Some Vintage Laundry Room Accessories?

An everything bin is something for your family and not for guests. It can help reduce the stress of having a larger family. Every night before bed, everyone takes everything that is theirs and puts it away. This works out well and prevents things from getting lost or misplaced.
Mondays were the popular days for washing clothes. On Tuesdays, ironing clothes was common. Today, coin laundry equipment operators believe Saturday is the most popular day for the public to wash their clothes.

Will GFCI Protect Against Lightning?

Laundry room organization will help you save time and money. An organized laundry room reduces stress. As much time as you spend washing clothes, you should make your laundry room a comfortable space.

Do You Need A Floor Drain In A Laundry Room?

Laundry room organization will help you stay on top of washing and cleaning your clothes. If you have more of a laundry closet than a laundry room, you are looking for ways to save space and not simply make your laundry room more extravagant and organized.

Why Does My Laundry Room Smell Like Sewage?

If your washer and dryer are side by side, you’ll need a horizontal space of 60 inches or five feet.  Most machines are 33 inches, but add six inches for hoses and venting. Also, allow for one inch on each side of the appliances. This will lower noise and vibration.

Is The Laundry Room Safe During A Tornado?

Most of the time, you should use it for a bench and keep it open. It doesn’t have to be large or fancy. It needs to seat one person, and since they will be there for a few minutes, it doesn’t need a cushion.

Laundry Room Organization Tips Conclusion

High Shelves With Closet Rod
Laundry Room Code Requirements

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