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18 Tips to Help You Master Layering Rugs

Rugs are tricky things. You want to be sure that you buy the correct size and the best color, all in a pattern that won’t go out of style next year. Plus, there’s this thing about rug layering. If you’re feeling a little dazed, let me tell you a secret. Layering rugs can be your…
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Are you really strapped for decorating cash? Gather up all the small rugs on sale and fit them together across your floor like a puzzle. The best part, if one gets ruined, it’s easily replaced! (via Refinery 29)
Layering rugs can be your best friend! Take a look at these 15 tips that will help you see how layering your rugs will give your space a whole new look.
Mixing the textures

How To Layer Rugs in Any Room in Your Home This Year

1. The Grid rug

The great thing about adding rugs to your space is that they don’t have to be nailed down or attached to the floor. You can keep playing around with your new designs and rugs until you find a style that suits your home this year. In just a few minutes, you’ll completely redecorate the floor of any room and create a more cozy and vibrant space to spend time in.
Jaymee Srp shares this bold and colorful rug, which is the ideal solution for layering on top of a neutral carpet or rug. We love the large size of this patterned rug, which adds a bold statement to any room in your home. You’ll find these rugs are readily available today and don’t have to cost a fortune to purchase. When it comes to buying rugs, you’ll find they are available for every budget, which is why they make such an easy way to decorate and upgrade any home.

2. Petroleum cotton rug

When layering rugs, you don’t always have to stick with using completely different rugs and patterns. Instead, opt for two rugs with the same pattern and just slightly adjust their shade. The Rug Seller gives us an excellent example of this in the living room, with two neutral striped rugs that add plenty of character to the room. The black and brown rugs complement each other perfectly as they share the same pattern and shape.
Layer Rugs at the Entryway To Your Home

3. Stripe rug by Arthur Arbesser

Grid modern rug
Using sizes to define space

4. Layer Rugs to Save Money on an Expensive Larger Rug

The lovely Petroleum rug can look great on its own or layered on top of a larger neutral rug. It has a vivid and rich color. Also, this rug is made from cotton leftovers from the fashion industry. It’s a stylish way to help our planet.
Layered rugs aren’t just suitable for inside your home, and they will look great in the entryway to your property. Life On Summerhill offers us this beautiful doorway, which layers doormats to create a welcoming first impression of the home. You’ll start with one large mat that will lead up to the doorway and then a personalized mat with a welcome message or your family name right in front of the door. This design adds more texture to the entryway, enhancing its appearance with this very simple tweak.

5. Cover The Whole Room With Layered Rugs

Put pattern on plain
Place Different Rugs Underneath Various Pieces of Furniture scaled

6. Choose Colors That Work Well Together When Layering Rugs

Bold and Colorful Patterns
Many of these looks today feature rugs on wooden floors, but rugs also work well on top of carpeted floors. You may just want to add one rug to the room when you are placing it on top of the carpet, but careful layering will also look great. Follow the suggestion we discussed earlier about using a neutral base by only adding rugs to plain colored carpets.

7. Add Additional Texture to Your Room with Multiple Rugs

Perpendicular striped rugs
Matching colorful rugs

8. Make Your Room Look Bigger By Layering Rugs

Layering your rugs is a great way to mix up the texture of your space. This sheepskin on jute not only looks pretty, but it also makes it interesting for your feet when you get out of bed each morning. Of course, you don’t have to use these types of material in your room, and you could mix and match literally any rugs out there. This will help to create more warmth in your bedroom or living room, especially when you add a particularly fluffy rug to the floor. (via Apartment Therapy)
Sometimes the space you need to fill is just too big. Instead of plopping a small rug on top of a big one, slide it across one corner to extend your rug-covered space to a different area of the room. If you’ve been thinking about adding carpet in a room but aren’t ready to completely renovate the space, this is a great way to add a soft texture to the floor. Your room will feel like it has carpet all over it for just a fraction of the cost you would spend redecorating. (via Refinery 29)

9. Place a Plain Color on the Bottom of Your Layered Rugs

You can use the Grid rug as a base in combination with a smaller and more colorful accent piece. It looks simple yet intriguing thanks to its staggered grid pattern and neutral colors.
The rug is handmade out of New Zealand wool and comes in several sizes.
When layering rugs in a room, consider adding a different rug under each piece of furniture. Depending on the size of your room, they may overlap more or less with each other. On top of adding a stylish look to the space, it will also protect your floors from heavy furniture which may move around. Take inspiration from this beautiful bedroom from Amber Interiors for placing rugs under furniture.

10. Layer Stripes with Care to Create an Artistic Look
Some rugs we’ve had for a long time and are just loath to part with. If that’s your sob story, consider buying a smaller rug to cover up the worn bits in your favorite carpet without tossing it completely. (via Apartment Therapy)

11. Add an Animal Skin on Top of a Large Rectangle Rug

Layer Matching Rugs In Different Shades
Animal skin layered rug

12. Cover Up An Old Rug with a New One

Hide the bare spots
When putting rugs on top of or next to each other, you want to be sure that they complement in color and pattern. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a navy rug and then another rug that wasn’t quite turquoise. Keep a picture of the first rug when you go shopping so you can compare the two before you make the purchase. (via Desire to Inspire)

13. Fit Smaller Rugs Together Like a Puzzle When Decorating on a Budget

When you’re considering colors, there is one rule to follow. Make your bottom rug layer a basic color and it won’t matter what goes on top! Black and white, brown, gray, all these tones will match with whatever wild crazy pattern you decide to layer with. (via East Coast Creative)
Layering rugs is one of the easiest ways to transform any space in your home this year. You’ll find rugs available for every budget and size of the home, and you can add as few or as many rugs to fit your needs. By following these top tips, we hope you will begin to feel confident about layering rugs in your home.

14. Place Different Rugs Underneath Various Pieces of Furniture

Are you wanting a rug that is just too expensive in the size you need? That’s where layering rugs can step in to help! Find a neutral colored rug in the right size for your room and then layer a smaller size of the rug you adore on top. You’ll get the benefits without the cost. As you can see in the room above, you barely notice the bottom rug, and your focus is always on the pretty patterned rug on top. (via Camille Styles)
Layering on the corners

15. Put Rugs Over Your Carpet

The post 18 Tips to Help You Master Layering Rugs appeared first on Homedit.
Layering Rugs

16. Bold and Colorful Patterns

Layering numerous small rugs
Small apartment owners, rug layering can be your solution to creating the illusion of different rooms in your space! Cover the entire room in a large rug and place a small rug in the living room area and another fluffy rug by the bed. It will make a huge impact on your small space. (via Apartment Therapy)

17. Layer Rugs at the Entryway To Your Home

Animal skins can finish off a room, but be expensive when they’re so large. Put a smaller size on top of a large rectangle and suddenly you have all your guests looking to the floor for inspiration. If you don’t feel like putting a real animal skin on your floor, we completely understand. You’ll find there are many faux animal skins on the market today, which are usually cheaper than the real thing. (via The Home Depot)

18. Layer Matching Rugs In Different Shades

The Stripe rug designed by Arthur Arbesser has a bold and eye-catching look. It comes in 5 color combinations and 2 sizes. Use it as a base or as an accent piece to brighten up a modern interior.
Put Rugs Over Your Carpet scaled


Rugs are tricky things. You want to be sure that you buy the correct size and the best color, all in a pattern that won’t go out of style next year. Plus, there’s this thing about rug layering. If you’re feeling a little dazed, let me tell you a secret.
Basic and colorful layered rugs
Stripe lovers, you’re going to adore this. When you have multiple striped rugs up against each other, place them up and down so the stripes go vertically and horizontally. It will be like you bought a rug that is a feast for the eyes. (via Ark Pad)

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