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18 Useful Ideas for Acrylic Ghost Chairs

Ghost chairs are made by injecting polycarbonate into a mold. The incredible design has no junctions or seams; just a continuous shape. The most popular chairs are the Louis ghost chair which was first manufactured having no color, hence the name “ghost chair”. The style is easily recognizable thanks to their oval back and straight…
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Transitional bedroom idea in San Francisco Transitional Dining Room DC Metro 150x150
Office chair 150x150
GreenForest Acrylic Ghost Chairs 150x150
Stackable Mid Century Modern Clear Ghost Side 150x150 Office chair
Entryway ghost
Ghost chair living room
Bathroom ghost
Here’s a rather different type of ghost chair, with a more elegant look and feel. It has a high back and curved legs which gives a more refined and retro appearance. These Flash chairs are nice for elegant or more formal dining rooms as well for various types of events which can be both indoor and outdoor. They’re stackable which is super practical if you plan on using them only occasionally.
Kitchen ghost
To completely catch your attention and to prove that the ghost chair is suitable for any kind of environment let’s take a look at this foyer/open living top setting. The magnificent spot features a combination of modern and elegant.{pictures found on 1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7}.
As a general idea, acrylic ghost chairs are excellent for small or transitional spaces. Here you can see a few placed round a small round table, creating this casual dining area in front of the window. It’s beautifully highlighted by the lightweight pendant lamp and it keeps this transitional area airy yet still practical. This beautiful design was done by studio Elliott + Elliott Architecture.
The post 18 Useful Ideas for Acrylic Ghost Chairs appeared first on Homedit.
The style is easily recognizable thanks to their oval back and straight seat and legs. The ghost chair composition makes them extra durable and scratch-resistant. These wonderful items can add a modern touch everywhere. To prove my point let’s take a look at some different settings for the ghost chairs.
In the case of the Flash chair only the seat is clear. The base has a sleek and stylish geometry and complements the seat really well. The design as a whole is elegant and modern. The curved arms and the overall silhouette of the seat give this chair a delicate and lightweight appearance. It would look great as an accent chair but it can also be part of a set for a space like a dining room or a sitting area for example.
Flash Elegance Crystal Ice Stacking Chair
In this design the ghost chair plays a key role and probably not any other chair would work. The perfect clean design focuses on the smoothness and very little color variations. The soft tone of beige surrounds the entire room, taking over the carpet choice as well as for the furniture. Even the transparent plastic ghost chair has a small beige detail consisting in a small square pillow. This bedroom wants to be undisturbed so you why the ghost chair is necessary.
Look at this traditional kitchen and how well the ghost chair is integrated. Among wooden cabinets, there is also glass and shiny metal finishes, things that can be perfectly paired with the transparent chair. The color palette was chosen for this kitchen also helps; the gray shades are neutral and nothing leans towards a particular dominant element, which is a good thing if we look from the colorless perspective of the chair.
Let’s start with the most commonplace for a chair; the living room. As we can see in this picture the living room is rather traditional with traditional elements. Wonderful wooden floors and vintage pieces stand side by side with the traditional fireplace setting the main tone in this design. Along with some traditional sitting pieces the ghost chair brings a fresh, modern air into the décor. The soulless piece fits perfectly among furniture and decorative full of history.
Bedroom ghost chairs
Stackable Mid Century Modern Clear Ghost Side
These ghost chairs from the 2xhome Store come in sets of four which is excellent if you want to set up a casual or small dining area. You can pair them with a beautiful table and they’ll be very practical but also super inconspicuous. The chairs are made from polycarbonate and have a glossy finish. They’re super simple and don’t have any armrests and they can be stacked in order to save space or for easy storage.
The Chafin bar stools come in sets of two and are super versatile thanks to their clear acrylic seats and simple overall design. The frame is made out of steel which makes it very durable and strong. It has a beautiful gold finish for a modern and glamorous aesthetic. The seat is super simple and made of molded acrylic and the metal legs have plastic caps on the bottom to protect the floor from scratches.
Kitchen nooks like this one created by studio Haus Interior Design are super comfortable and cozy but typically we don’t really want them to take up more space than they need to or to stand out and overpower the kitchen. Once again, this is a great opportunity to use acrylic ghost chairs. Their super versatile aesthetic allows them to fit in pretty much any kitchen.
If you prefer fully-transparent bar stools, check out this stylish set. The Tatul bar stools have a minimalist and contemporary design without any unnecessary parts or details. They have a transparent acrylic finish and a polycarbonate molded seat with backrest and no arms. They’re very versatile and can be safely used both in indoor areas as well as outdoors and in lots of different environments and settings.
1INCHOME Ghost Chair
Transitional Dining Room

Ghost chair designs

In a modern bathroom with a minimalist style, look-through chairs are a novelty element. Ghost chairs in this setting function as a decorative item. The nonconformist bathroom calls for nonconformist decorative ideas, therefore ghost chairs were used because they don’t interrupt the main theme by standing out. Their sublime presence adds some original detail to the design, standing up but not showing off.
Clear acrylic bar stools would also be amazing for a kitchen that has an island. They can be pretty big in size but the fact that they’re fully transparent means they stand out less compared to any other type of bar stool. Also, it means you’d be able to have a clean view of the kitchen island, unobstructed by furniture. A nice example is this modern kitchen designed by Tara Baker.
Having a desk or a work area in a space like the bedroom or the living room may not be ideal from an aesthetic point of view and a transparent acrylic chair can actually help to this combo less contrasting. The chair would sort of blend in and draw less attention to it which would by extension make the desk fell less out of place as well.
Transitional Dining Room DC Metro
Probably where I would see these chairs the most, would be a nice dining area. This wonderful dinning setting focuses on quality and simplicity, a setting where Philippe Stark’s Ghost chairs would look marvelous. The clean tulip table looks marvelous side by side with the transparent ghost chairs. The clean overall feel is complemented by the dark walls with the light bouncing from the mirrors into the entire setting. The room has already powerful elements so the chairs balance the ambiance with their transparent look.
GreenForest Acrylic Ghost Chairs
Dining table ghost chairs
The term ghost chair has been generalized over the years and doesn’t refer to a specific designer piece but rather to a type of chair. There’s lots of different models to choose from like this one. The 1Inchome ghost chair has clean and simple lines and an oval back. It’s very versatile and great as a dining chair but it can also fit nicely in lots of other contexts, including in some outdoor areas like patios and courtyards or in bars and commercial spaces.
Tatul Bar Counter Stool
Another cool idea and a perfect place for a transparent ghost chair is a modern office. Filled with artificial light and modern white walls and computers, office spaces don’t need “ heavy” elements because they would look tight and clustered. The ghost chairs are not regarded as an obstacle or a thing that takes precious space, and let me tell you something, in tight spaces this aspect matters a lot. Office spaces also lack style or personal touches, so the ghost chair is meant to be fashionable and add a little bit of dynamism.
Mid sized modern galley light wood floor eat in kitchen remodel in San Francisco
The GreenForest chair has a really beautiful midcentury-inspired look. The first impression is that of a clear acrylic seat place on top of a classic base with four wooden legs. However, that’s actually a false impression. The legs have durable metal tubes going through them for added stability but they’re actually covered in plastic and painted to look like wood. If you’d like to you can choose a different type of paint for a completely new look.
Ghost chairs are made by injecting polycarbonate into a mold. The incredible design has no junctions or seams; just a continuous shape. The most popular chairs are the Louis ghost chair which was first manufactured having no color, hence the name “ghost chair”.
Chafin Bar Counter Stool
Transparent Side Chair with Gold Base

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