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20 Bedrooms to Inspire You to Go Lavender

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There is a particular color popping up in our interior design these days. Amidst all the millennial pink, there is a fair amount of lavender out there. It’s a sweet shade that adds a touch of personality and surprise to a space without the neon punch. It’s fresh too so you can use it everywhere…




You won’t believe this bedroom makeover cost only 5 to achieve as the room is completely transformed in these before and after photos from Peach Tree Drive. Mint is an unusual color to pair with lavender, but we are impressed with how well the two colors go together on the bedspread and accents throughout this room. While this makeover was completed for a teen’s bedroom, you’ll find these colors would look great together in a nursery or guest bedroom.
Old home bedrooms are fraught with little nooks and crannies that can seem rather dingy depending on what color you paint the room. But with lavender, you’re safe because it always looks soft and beautiful, no matter how much light it gets.
Purple and gray are the most popular combination for bedroom makeovers, and as the two colors have similar undertones, they are so easy to pair together. We love this bedroom makeover from Sarah Akwisombe, which offers a classy makeover for any master or guest bedroom. We like the varying shades of purple used throughout the room, especially the darker purple chair which adds a splash of color to that corner of the room.

How to Add Lavender to Your Bedroom This Year

1. Paint Your Bedroom Walls Lavender

If it’s your first time using lavender in your bedroom, start out small by adding just accents of lavender, to begin with. This white bedroom from Ideal Home adds lavender curtains and a pop of color with the bed’s headboard. It’s a great way to give your bedroom a makeover without committing to a color if you aren’t sure you’ll like it. Lavender is a great curtain color and is light enough that your room won’t become dark and dingy if you have long curtains like this bedroom.
Lavender bedroom collected pieces

2. Purple Accents and Patterns Around the Room

Did you know that you can find lavender wallpaper? There might not be anything more chic than a lovely soft bedroom that’s covered in textured lavender walls. No matter what else goes on in terms of colors and styles, your walls will always be a source of comfort at the end of a long day.
Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to transform a bedroom, and we love this guest bedroom makeover from Blue Gray Gal. The Calico wallpaper comes in a combination of gray, lavender, white, and ivory and has such a beautiful and calming design. The floral design of this wallpaper really stands out and creates a signature look for this room that your guests will remember long after their stay. You can add as much or as little lavender as you like to a room with this type of wallpaper, and a lavender bedspread would match perfectly for a little more color.

3. Use Lavender Against Cream or Gray Walls

Lavender bedroom painted walls
Purple and Gray Bedroom Makeover 683x1024

4. Pair Pink and Purple Together

Lavender bedroom paired green wallpaper
Navy blue is the perfect color to pair with lavender for a bedroom makeover, as shown in this project from upholstered bed, which you’ll love getting into every night. While it’s a little darker than other lavender rooms, we still think it creates a calming and romantic atmosphere for a master bedroom.

5. Give White Furniture a Coat of Lavender Paint

Ideal Home shows us how to achieve this beautiful lavender and lilac bedroom that adds a splash of extra color with the addition of the patterned wallpaper. The ornate wallpaper and old-fashioned furniture give the room a homely feel. The slight shimmer to the wallpaper and the addition of an old antique mirror makes this an elegant room that would be ideal for either a master bedroom or a guest room.
Lavender and Lilac Bedroom with Patterned Wallpaper

6. A Lavender Nursery

Lavender bedroom modern statement wall
When your toddler grows out of their nursery, it’s time to start thinking about more grown-up bedroom décor ideas. You’ll want to find something that will last for a good few years, just like this DIY pink and purple floral bedroom makeover from floral wallpaper used in this design is adhesive, making it such a quick and easy way to completely transform a bedroom. We also love the painted lavender globe, which is a stylish and fun addition to any young girl’s bedroom.

7. Lavender in a Modern Home

Lavender and Navy Blue Bedroom
Lavender bedroom painted pitched ceiling

8. Lavender for an Older Home

White Bedroom with Lavender Curtains
Floral Bedroom Wallpaper

9. Lavender Wallpaper

One great aspect of lavender is that it’s a lighter shade of purple. So if you genuinely love purple, a lavender bedroom gives you all the opportunity for purple accents and patterns around the room.
Since lavender is a cool color, you’ll discover that it pairs very well with other cool colors like green and blue. So it makes it the perfect shade to infuse into a nursery that’s swathed in pastels already.

10. Add Lavender Throughout Your Bedroom

When you are curating an eclectic home, decorating choices can be made more on whim and preference than by the rulebook. Lavender is the perfect shade to paint your bedroom because it will easily set off all of your knick-knacks and patterns.
Pink and purple are a natural combination for a girly girl’s bedroom. When you’ve got enough blush pink to last you a lifetime, switch to accents of lavender to break it up. They’ll match because they are both in the pastel family.

11. Lavender and Lilac Bedroom with Patterned Wallpaper

Lavender is one of our favorite colors for a baby’s nursery. Project Nursery shares this fun DIY nursery makeover, which adds a pop of color through the lavender accents in the room. For anyone who doesn’t want to go with the typical pink color for baby girls, lavender is a good alternative and can be used in traditional and contemporary decoration. The rug and curtains add some fun textures to the room, and you’ll love spending time in this nursery with your little one.
Lavender bedroom matching furniture

12. Lavender and Navy Blue Bedroom

At the end of the day, you need to be true to yourself and your style in your bedroom. So go all out! Lavender paint, matching curtains, lavender furniture, and textiles will all work, as long as it makes you happy then who cares how matchy-matchy it is.
A Lavender and Floral Bedroom

13. White Bedroom with Lavender Curtains

Mint and Lavender Teen Bedroom 768x1024
There is a particular color popping up in our interior design these days. Amidst all the millennial pink, there is a fair amount of lavender out there. It’s a sweet shade that adds a touch of personality and surprise to a space without the neon punch.

14. Lavender and Gray Nursery

Of course, if you’d rather go lighter than darker in your bedroom, make lavender your stand-out pop of color. It will look soft and comforting against any shade of cream or gray you choose.
It’s well known that white furniture against white walls feels rather sterile instead of clean. Give your white furniture a lift with a coat of lavender paint to really show it off.

15. A Lavender and Floral Bedroom

Bedrooms to Inspire You to Go Lavender
Lavender bedroom with contemporary wallpaper

16. Pair Lavender with Yellow

Lavender bedroom shades of purple
Not only is lavender a great color for those homes with wide trim and old squeaky doors, but it’s also perfect for the new sleek modern homes too. Use it in your contemporary white bedroom to make a soft statement, without straying from modern sensibilities.

17. Purple and Gray Bedroom Makeover

It’s fresh too so you can use it everywhere from traditional homes to contemporary pads. Lavender works especially well in bedrooms due to the soft color with cool undertones. You’ll go to bed each night feeling relaxed and wake up refreshed. Here are 20 bedrooms to inspire you to go lavender. You won’t regret it.
Bedrooms to Inspire You to Go Lavender

18. Mint and Lavender Teen Bedroom

Lavender bedroom gray mirror neutral
For a fun bedroom that would be ideal for anyone who lives near the beach or somewhere which experiences sun all year round, check out this yellow and lavender bedroom from Digs Digs. We never expected lavender to go so well with yellow, but the two colors work perfectly together. The colors play off each other perfectly, and you can add as much or as little of either of them as you want with your accessories.

19. A Lavender Guest Bedroom

Pair Lavender with Yellow
The post 20 Bedrooms to Inspire You to Go Lavender appeared first on Homedit.

20. Floral Bedroom Wallpaper

Lavender is used in a subtle manner in this guest bedroom from The Lettered Cottage. The lavender walls act as a backdrop for the unique furniture used in this room, including an antique Jenny Lind bed and the lovely armoire and bedside tables. This just goes to show you don’t need to use a dark shade of lavender to enjoy the calming effects of this color. Sometimes a very pale lavender shade is the best choice, especially for a guest bedroom.
Lavender bedroom leather white headboard
Lavender is such a versatile color that works in nurseries through to guest bedrooms. With a wide range of shades available nowadays, you can add a subtle hint of lavender on your walls or go for vibrant accessories to completely transform your room. However you choose to use lavender in your bedroom makeover, you’ll find it creates a relaxing atmosphere for anyone sleeping in the room.
Lavender and Gray Nursery

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