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20 Best Wall Candle Sconces for Your Home

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I know what you’re thinking. Wall candle sconces are those tarnished brass things that have hung in your grandma’s living room for centuries. Why would you want those in your home? Because believe it or not, there are some really gorgeous options for wall candle sconces! Whether you hang them above your fireplace or include…




Hanging Wall Sconce
Minimal lovers rejoice. There is indeed a simple minimal option for wall candle lighting. Whatever empty wall space you’re wanting to fill, these sconces promise to fill it beautifully, yet without a fuss. (via Fort Standard)
Antoinette Candle Sconce

How to Choose Wall Candle Sconces for Your Home

Ornate Iron Wall Sconce Hammered Gold Sconce 150x150
Hanging Wall Sconce 150x150
Contemporary Tall Metal Wall Sconce 150x150
Rustic Candle Holder Set 150x150 Wall candle sconces don’t need to be small. Go bold with something big and metallic and intricate like the sconces above. It will definitely be the eye-catching piece in your living room! (via Pottery Barn)
antique sconce
mix and match Sunburst sconce 150x150
Votive tree sconce 150x150
Boardwalk wall sconce 150x150
Stone sconce 150x150 As with any type of home decoration, the wall candle sconces you choose for your home will be a very personal decision. This will likely be based on the décor of the room you are hoping to place it in and the overall aesthetic you are looking to create.

Place Wall Candle Sconces in Your Home to Add More Character to Your Space

1. A Sunburst Candle Sconce

Contemporary Tall Metal Wall Sconce
These iron wall sconces from Wayfair are perfect for the outside or entryway to your home. You’ll find they have a sturdy and strong design but will need a fair bit of securing to the wall to make sure they remain safely in place. The glass design on these sconces will ensure your flame remains safe even when left unattended, and you won’t have to worry about wax dripping down onto the floor below. This design would look great in a modern or more traditional home and is a timeless piece you’ll enjoy using for years to come.

2. Pretty Pastel Blue Sconce

boardwalk wall sconce
Yes, you’re right. Metallic in itself is enough. That’s exactly what this candle sconce says. And it will continue to remind you when you hang it in your dining room and light the candles at each meal. (via CB2)

3. A Minimalistic Black or White Candle Sconce

This hanging wall sconce from Wayfair looks very similar to a lantern in its style. This would be the ideal wall candle sconce to add to your home’s entryway, and we love the sturdy design of this decoration. Thanks to its combination of modern and industrial elements, it would look great in both contemporary and more traditional homes. The mix of materials creates an interesting look for any home, and you just need a single tealight to enjoy using this wall candle sconce in your home.
Just imagine for a moment everything this tree votive holder can provide. It will give your living room some lovely mood lighting, it will act as an art piece, and in the winter, you can decorate it for Christmas. That sounds like a win win to me. (via Wayfair)

4. A Large Metallic Candle Sconce

Wall candle sconces can bring warmth to almost any room in a way that’s different from the lighting effect you will create with electric lights. When choosing your wall candle sconces, the first thing you need to consider is the shape and size of the candle you’d like to place inside it. These holders are usually made with just one type of candle in mind, and so if you have a specific pillar candle you always use at home, just make sure it fits in your new holder.
For anyone who loves floral designs in their home, you’ll love these pretty candle sconces from Anthropologie. This handcrafted item will always look slightly different, adding a unique piece to any room in your home. The hand-painted earthenware will provide a sturdy candle holder to support any candle. You can add a pretty large pillar candle to this holder, but the versatile nature of the sconce means it can fit almost any size of candle.

5. Vintage Wall Candle Sconces

stone sconce
Rustic Candle Holder Set

6. A Romantic Wall Candle Sconce for Your Bedroom

Wall candle sconces can be used to create a warm and homely feel in any room in your home. This rustic candle holder set from Etsy would look perfect in a log cabin and will allow you to create that cozy feel at home. They are made from reclaimed wood, so you can be reassured you wouldn’t be damaging the environment further by adding a decoration to your home. There are a few different options for the jar tint shade as well, so you can choose from a clear design or something else that would suit your home décor better.
Wayfair has this set of two contemporary tall metal wall sconces, which would look great in a modern home. The wooden design on the back of each one looks very rustic and boho-chic, so it will add a lovely touch to your dining room or living room. The tall glass protective coverings on the sconces ensure your home will be safe while the flame is lit, and you won’t get wax dripping down onto the floor.

7. A Large Votive Holder for Your Living Room

Wall candle sconces are ideal for almost any space in your home and can add some additional mood lighting to any room. As you can see, they come in a wide variety of designs and sizes, so you’ll find something suitable for modern or traditional homes. When adding any candle to your home, we always recommend keeping a close eye on the flame, which is why sconces with glass are always a good option. Keep an eye on candles around kids and pets, and you’ll find candle sconces will be a fun addition to any home this year.
indian design

8. Mirrored Wall Candle Sconce

circles sconce
This hammered gold sconce from Anthropologie is one of the prettiest options on our list today. It would look great by a fireplace or in your living room and adds a regal touch to any room in your home. We love that this candle sconce uses a tall candle, which makes a sophisticated change from some of the thicker pillar candles. You’ll find this material is really easy to wipe clean after use to help it remain in perfect condition for years to come.

9. A Tree Votive Holder

Doesn’t this sconce just remind you of some Shakespearean play? I feel like Juliet should be peeking through the lattice, calling for her Romeo. Such a romantic touch would be a perfect decorative addition for your bedroom. (via World Market)
Don’t think that you have to stick with the same kind of sconce. If you find several designs of the same color or metal, arrange them in an entire candle sconce gallery wall. It will be the most unique gallery wall in your neighborhood. (via Pottery Barn)

10. Metallic Wall Candle Sconces for Your Dining Room or Living Room

If this pretty pastel blue sconce doesn’t give you ideas, I don’t know what will. You can buy this beautiful blue piece… or DIY that baby by giving a thrift store sconce a painted makeover. Either way, it will make a statement in your entryway. (via Anthropologie)
Hammered Gold Sconce

11. Wall Candle Sconces With Wood Frames

Everybody loves a good sunburst mirror filling a wall. So you will equally fall in love with this sunburst candle sconce. The mirror will help make the most of your candlelight and the “rays” will look simply stunning hanging above your couch. (via World Market)
If your home is boasting a boho style with patterns and knick knacks and houseplants, you might want to go vintage in your wall candle sconce selection. Go thrifting or search Etsy for sconces like these that will add a vintage flair but not look like your grandma’s living room. (via Etsy)

12. Create A Candle Sconce Gallery Wall

Best Wall Candle Sconces for Your Home
painted sconce

13. Hanging Wall Sconce

votive tree sconce
On Etsy, you’ll find these rustic reclaimed wood wall sconces, which are made from pallet wood. They are 32 cm tall and 9 cm wide, so they are a good size for adding to any room. Wall sconces made from wood will always look slightly different due to the wood grain, so you’ll never find two pieces that are exactly the same. These would look wonderful on either side of your roaring fireplace to add a cozy touch to your home in the winter months.

14. Rustic Candle Holder Set

Those intricate patterns are good for such a myriad of styles! If your home is styled country, the wood frames will pull your gallery wall together. If your home is boho, the designs are sure to appeal to the eyes. If your home is family friendly, these sconces won’t break or bend if they get knocked off the wall. (via World Market)
The post 20 Best Wall Candle Sconces for Your Home appeared first on Homedit.

15. Ornate Iron Wall Sconce

sunburst sconce
I know what you’re thinking. Wall candle sconces are those tarnished brass things that have hung in your grandma’s living room for centuries. Why would you want those in your home? Because believe it or not, there are some really gorgeous options for wall candle sconces!

16. Tealight Lily Candle Wall Sconce

While some candle wall sconces offer a more functional design, others create an ornate and stunning decoration to add to your living room or bedroom. This lily candle wall sconce from Amazon offers a more dainty candle holder that will add a romantic touch to any room. You only need to add very small tealight candles to this holder, so you don’t have to worry about them toppling over once they are in place.
carved wood

17. Hammered Gold Sconce

On top of that, you have the decision of wall sconces with or without glass for your home. A glass cover makes for a safer decoration, however, it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing for your walls. It is the best option if you have kids or pets in your home and will stop wax from dripping further down.

18. Contemporary Tall Metal Wall Sconce

The weight and design of wall candle sconces should also be considered, as you’ll want to find one that’s suitable for your home. A heavier one will need to be securely fixed to the wall, or you put yourself at a huge risk of causing a fire. Ensure you add anchors as needed to reduce the chance of them becoming loose. When you consider all of these things together, you’ll be able to find the best wall candle sconces for your home.
antique mirror

19. Rustic Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Sconce

Rustic Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Sconce

Tealight Lily Candle Wall Sconce

20. Antoinette Candle Sconce

If you can’t decide between an art piece and some candle sconces, then don’t. This large votive holder is just what your living room is looking for. It will fill that empty wall space as well as provide some beautiful lighting. (via Pottery Barn)
metal lattice
Whether you hang them above your fireplace or include them in your gallery wall, candle sconces give you a piece of wall art that is completely different from a print or plate. Take a look at these 20 wall candle sconces that will convince you to include them in your decorating.
This mirrored wall candle sconce is so unexpectedly beautiful. Its simple yet elegant lines are just a bit nostalgic but its lack of frills is definitely modern. You won’t find a better sconce to combine the two styles. (via World Market)

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