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20 Ideas For The Most Organized Kids Closet

The post 20 Ideas For The Most Organized Kids Closet appeared first on Homedit.
When your family contains children, organizing your home could be a full-time job. They don’t tell you how many things come along with the addition of kids to your home but you soon find out. You start with all the baby paraphernalia like diapers and blankets and pacifiers. This morphs into board books and light-up…




Kids closet neutral storage
The post 20 Ideas For The Most Organized Kids Closet appeared first on Homedit.
Part of being organizing is having a designated place for everything, one that’s intuitive and practical. For example, in a child’s closet you could have some built-in drawers where you can store some clothing items, diapers and various other things that you don’t want out in the open. You can also have clothing rods for their pretty little outdoor clothes organized by season or however else you want. A small laundry basket can sit in the corner and a set of smaller baskets and boxes can hold some of the accessories and whatever else you want to store here. Check out nickandalicia for more ideas.
Want to double the storage space in your closet? Put storage on the inside of the closet door. Baskets and bins can hold shoes, toys and other essentials which leaves the closet free for clothes. You’ll find this especially helpful for the closet if your children share a room!

Tips for the Most Organized Kids Closet

A double bar system

Kids closet installed drawers
Kids closet with dual bar

Dividers with labels

Diy chalkboard organizing labels tutorial
Kids Closet makeover Before and after kids closet organization

Clear stackable boxes

Organized Kids Closet
You don’t have to be crafty to make this happen but it would certainly be a cheap DIY! Get some patterned paper and make little labels that hang on the clothes bar. This will divide clothes by size which is especially helpful for babies with their abundance of clothes. And if you aren’t into DIY, you can easily find printable options on Pinterest.

A dresser inside the closet

Kids closet transparent shoe boxes
Some kids bedrooms are seriously small so storage has to be creative and work hard for your space. Consider stashing your child’s dresser in the closet. It’s an easy solution that will give you all the storage you need in a cheap and easy way. Just push that piece of furniture through the door and build the rest of your storage around it.{found on sincerelysarad}.

Repurposed shelving unit

If you’re storing toys in your child’s closet, no doubt you need some heavier storage that will be able to handle the rough and tumble of everyday use. Find some small plastic totes that will be easy for little ones to pull out of the closet and put back at the end of the day.

A dedicated organizing system

Adults aren’t the only ones with too many shoes. In fact, babies might give us a run for our money there! Rather than dumping all those little soles in a big basket or worse… on the closet floor, treat yourself to clear stackable boxes that will store your little’s shoes in a tidy stack. Then when you need that adorable pair of Mary Janes, you won’t make a mess looking for them.
Instead of a dresser, put a Kallax shelving unit from IKEA in your kid’s closet. Whether you use it to store clothes and shoes or books and toys, it’s a great way to make things accessible to little ones, allowing them more responsibility. It also gives you a flat shelf without having to screw one into the wall.

Baskets and boxes

Kids closet toy storage
DIY Kids Closet Organization

Plastic totes for toys

Kids closet kallax storage
If there is room in your child’s closet, you might consider buying an organizing system for the space instead of building your own. You can opt for true shoe storage, built in drawers and any variations of shelves and rods that suit your needs. This works especially well for older children that have the ability to keep things organized themselves. Just give them the opportunity.

Use the inside of the closet door

To make it easier to find items in the closet and to make cleaning easier as well, you can label everything. This applies to all the drawers, boxes, baskets, even the clothing rods where you can have dividers. As the kids learn to read, this would also be a nice exercise for them. This can be one of the steps in your closet makeover project if you ever decide to take on such a challenge. For more clever and useful ideas, head over to housefulofhandmade.
While it is very important for a closet to be storage-efficient and well-organized, it’s also important for it to look like in order to inspire one to keep it looking that way. Take this lovely nursery closet featured on juliachristine for instance. It’s beautifully accessorized with matching storage baskets on the side shelves, cubbies for books, double rods for hanging clothes but also cute little details like the little organizer that holds all the hair bows or the framed picture sitting on the shelf.

Attachments for the clothing rod

As you probably know, floating shelves are very versatile and useful in a lot of situations. You could take advantage of that when planning the design for the interior of you kid’s closet. By introducing floating shelves you give them more freedom to choose how they want to organize everything and what they want to put on display at any time. You can find out more about this idea and several others on cherishedbliss.
If the closet is meant to be shared between two kids let’s say then you should find a way to give them each the same opportunities when it comes to storage and organization. A symmetrical closet design would suit in this particular case. Check out this sensible makeover featured on isntthatcharming which builds on this very idea.

A custom organizer using versatile furniture

Are you looking for ways to help your child be more independent? Add a daily organizer to the clothing rod. This handy vertical unit will give you the ability to lay out their clothes for the week at one time, allowing your kids to dress themselves in approved attire for school and events.
Kids closet door storage

A diverse storage system

Then you move to dollhouses and dinosaurs and before you know it, you’re stepping on Legos in the dark. With all the kids toys cluttering up the house, it’s easy to prioritize the playroom when it comes to the organization because that’s what you see every day.
Let’s start with the seemingly obvious. You’ve probably seen it before. Since kid’s clothes are so small, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to install a double bar system in their closet. You’ll have more space to hang their things and more space to organize by size and season.

Room for everything

A kid’s closet, like any closet for that matter, contains all sorts of different things from clothes to shoes, toys and so on. For that matter, a storage and organizing system that’s diverse would be more useful than one that’s a one size fits all kind of system. Customize the interior of the closet to contain a variety of different storage options. You can find some really great ideas in that sense on theblushhome.
A Tiny Closets Redo That Makes the Most of Every Square Inch

Label everything

However, what about when you go to find that pair of sneakers in your child’s closet? You’ll probably find wrinkled clothing, forgotten toys and lost library books instead. Rather than arming yourself each time you venture through that closet door, take a look at these 10 ideas for the most organized kids’ closet to help you tame the mess.
Small Kids Closet Makeover with Organization

Floating shelves

It can very well be the case that some closets are not as big as you’d want them to be or don’t have a layout that’s easy to work with. Rather than letting these details bring you down and discourage you, think of them as opportunities to create something special and unique. For instance, don’t let that odd corner space go to waste. Fill it with shelves or give it a purpose that makes sense. Check out apartmenttherapy for some inspiring ideas in this sense.
No matter what kinds of shelving you have in your child’s closet, small storage is essential for a truly organized space. To keep things clean and tidy on the eyes, opt for neutral colored pieces like baskets and fabric boxes. These will help balance all the color you’ll get from your kid’s clothes.

No wasted space

It’s important to take full advantage of every bit of space available, especially when you only have a small closet to work with. Organize it in a way that makes most sense for the size and shape of the space. Open shelves are always practical because of their versatility and you can also use boxes and various containers of different types and sizes to differentiate between the type of contents they hold. Head over to addicted2diy for more insight into this strategy.
DIY Organized Kids Closet Makeover

A symmetrical approach

Rather than having a closet that looks spacious but is mostly empty because it makes storing things in it difficult, it would be much more efficient and practical to add more to this space but at the same time to make it easier to keep it all organized. Build your own closet organizing system using basic furniture and accessories from Ikea. There’s a really nice tutorial on makinghomebase that can help you along the way.
Kids closet organizer by days

There are no disadvantages. Only opportunities

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Kids Closet Organizer - stuffed toys


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When your family contains children, organizing your home could be a full-time job. They don’t tell you how many things come along with the addition of kids to your home but you soon find out. You start with all the baby paraphernalia like diapers and blankets and pacifiers. This morphs into board books and light-up toys.
Kids Closet Makeover with an IKEA Closet Organizer

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