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20 Ingenious Stair Railing Ideas To Spruce Up Your House Design

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A beautiful staircase can be the star of a home. Here we’ll show you 20 ingenious stair railing ideas to spruce up your home. Remember, don’t hesitate to think outside the box if you have a unique stair case railing idea. For example, if you focus on stair railing, you can use alternative material or…




Design handrail modern
Godden Cres House by Dorrington Architects
This depends on the project. If it’s indoor or outdoor is the most important thing to consider. Wrought iron railings are heavy-duty and handle physical heavy usage, so it would be good for indoor stair railings. 

Stair Railing Parts

Hidden handrail with led light

  • Bannister – otherwise known as a handrail, offers support when walking up and downstairs. 
  • Balusters – vertical posts, otherwise known as spindles, that connect the handrail to the base. 
  • Bottom Rail – supports the balusters and keeps them in place.
  • Railing – offers safety and protection along the sides of a staircase.

Replace Stair Railing

Pipes handrail
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a US government agency that sets the standards in the construction and building industries. When building a stairwell or handrail, whether in a public building or home, the specifications must be OSHA compliant. Here are the OSHA standards for stair railing:

  • DIY banister – you can create a handrail out of anything, which you’ll discover in the photos below. If it’s old, there’s a chance your handrail might not be up to building code regulations. 
  • Stair rail brackets – the ornate designs underneath the bottom rail are brackets. You can add or replace existing brackets ones add flair to your staircase.  your staircase needs is a splash of ornate design.
  • Balustrade makeover – if you have wood balustrades, you can replace them with steel or aluminum spindles. 

Most Popular Stair Railing Designs

Aluminum Stair Rail

Aluminum Stair Rail
Elizabeth Herrmann architecture + design

Other materials can create unique and cool designs. Take this modern staircase by Monoloko Design for instance. In addition to a super clean and flat base, it also has a railing design with steel supports at random angles.

Metal Stair Railing

Modern metal stair railing
BuiltIN studio

A rope handrail is charming. It’s a nice feature for a beach house or home with a nautical-themed interior design. It has rustic charm and a nice texture you can customize with different knots.
Old stair railing to an industrial design

Wood Stair Railing

Wood Stair Railing
Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

Nothing beats metal stair railing in strength and durability. It might be more expensive up front, but you’ll save more in the long run. With metal, steel stair railing is the strongest. If you want an industrial look, this should be your first choice. Iron stair railing is another industrial-look option. 

Modern Farmhouse Stair Railing

Modern Farmhouse Stair Railing
CarsonSpeer Builders

This handrail was created from a birch branch. It’s one way to recycle and repurpose natural elements. The railing looks great against the crisp white walls and white stairs.
Cable stair railing is emerging as the new building standard. As a design style, it’s modern, offers long-lasting durability, provides extra safety that other stair railings don’t have. With stainless-steel cable wires, an open view is provided on the stairwell which makes the space bigger. 

Wrought Iron Stair Railing

Wrought Iron Stair Railing
Richard Drummond Davis Architects

When shopping online for stair railing materials, whatever you buy, make sure it says “OSHA Complaint” on the label. 

Cable Stair Railing

Cable Stair Railing
Ellen Cassilly Architect

Built-in handrails offer less maintenance as they sit tucked inside the stairwell. A key feature is how the handrails provide more stairwell width space. The design does not have a protruding handrail stretching along the staircase. This feature provides an open passage, making it easier to carry large objects up and down the stairs
Stair railing artisan branch

Stair Railing Height Code

This staircase, designed by studio FARM, is part of an interior courtyard with trees growing through cutouts in the floor and ceiling. The concrete stairs are concealed behind a decorative railing extending from top to bottom forming a wall. It has a geometric design that allows light through while hiding the staircase.
For example, if you focus on stair railing, you can use alternative material or replace your existing design and repurpose your staircase.

  • Stair rail height is between 34 and 38 inches.
  • Handrails can extend a maximum of 4.5 inches from the wall.
  • Hand clearance, the space between the wall and the rail, should not be over 1.5 inches. 
  • Guard rails can be a maximum height of 3.5 feet (42 inches). Guard rails below 39 inches are not OSHA compliant. 

Stair Railing Height Code

20 Modern Stair Railing Ideas To Dress Up An Entryway

Boat Paddle Stair Railing

Other tools include needle nose pliers, sandpaper, a caulking gun, and a drill. 
Before you begin your DIY stair rail project, you’ll need to select the stair rail parts. Stair terminology is more complex than you might think. Here are the stair parts names you should be familiar with for your DIY stair rail project.  

Custom Branch Railing

Cottage staircase with rope and shelves
Including a storage space into the staircase design is smart for a small space. The writer’s cottage, designed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter, is one example. The staircase is a series of cubbies and the railing is made of rope that runs through the stairs and metal loops attached to the ceiling. It’s simple but interesting.

Wooden Organic Shape

Wood stair railing is the best choice if you want to achieve a rustic look. A few wood options well-known wood options include oak, pine, mesquite, and maple. The harder the wood the more expensive it is. The money you spend upfront will pay off over the long term. 
Farm interior design firm staircase

Birch Branch Stair Handrail

Natural branch handrail
Mina Brinkey.

A paddle can make a great DIY staircase railing. It has the shape and size most staircases need so you can repurpose it. It would be a great idea, especially for a beach house or a lake retreat.

Vine Handrail

Vine handrail
Paces Construction

An eye-catching staircase handrail doesn’t have to feature odd shapes or materials. You can try a simple design or combine shapes to create something unique.  

Copper Handrail

For outdoor deck projects, 304-grade stainless steel offers long-lasting strength and protection against all weather conditions. You could go with a black steel and stained white oak stairs for a modern industrial vibe. 
This cool-looking stair railing makes use of leather. You wouldn’t expect to see the material in a stair rail, but looks great. The steel and leather offer a simple and trendy design. From studios CLB Architect and Brandner Design.

Solid Rustic Decor

When switching from a stair rail to a handrail, follow local building codes. The biggest mistake people will make is the top of the horizontal landing handrail, and the top height of the stairway handrail might be different after you’ve switched them. You want to make sure that doesn’t happen. 
A beautiful staircase can be the star of a home. Here we’ll show you 20 ingenious stair railing ideas to spruce up your home. Remember, don’t hesitate to think outside the box if you have a unique stair case railing idea.

Built-in Concrete Handrail

Concrete built in handrail
Christ & Gantenbein

If you don’t know the name cable stair railing, you’ve at least seen the style. You’ll find cable stair railing in high-class and modern homes. For a swank or sleek design, cable stair railing offers a soft industrial touch for big-city lifestyles. 


Another garden staircase featuring a vine as a handrail. The spiral shape is uniform and blends into this wooded landscape.
Solid Rustic Decor

Nautical Sisal Rope

Traditional rope handrail
Nat Rea Photography

Stair ralining modern design

Modern Design Stair Railing

For an outdoor staircase, a free-form vine can make a DIY handrail. You can find something like this in the woods and integrate it into your garden. The organic shape makes the wine perfect for the project.
Natural outdoor railing

Rope Hanging

stair railing ideas
This floating wood staircase and guardrail was designed by Ming Architects. The staircase features teak wood and stands out as a modern art sculpture piece more than a staircase.  

Clean Stair Railing Design

Bring nature inside and use a custom branch as a DIY stair railing. You have to find the right branch. You can also make a custom branch and use the shape as inspiration.
The handrail doesn’t have to be something you add or mount on a wall. For example, this modern staircase has a concrete handrail which is a niche carved into the wall. It’s  smart and a nice way to simplify the design.

Decorative Railing Panels

This rustic home has a fantastic staircase. It features a tree branch railing, perfect for this winter cabin. It gives the room a cozy feel while adding to its original décor.
If you wish to add some industrial charm to your home, try a metal pipe handrail for the staircase. The pipe is easy to install and charming. 

3D Printed Railing

Dorrington Architects created an elegant staircase with pattern metal railing. It extends from floor to ceiling, forming a dividing wall and looks like a cathedral. As light passes through, projecting a stylish pattern onto the opposite wall.
Sculptural Corian Handrail

Elegant Staircase

After you measure and cut the wood to your specifications, you would need lag screws, a metal flat bar, and sandpaper. 
Copper handrail

Wooden Staircase With Built-in Handrail

Designed by Square Feet Architects this contemporary home includes a wood staircase that’s more user-friendly than other designs. A single hand rail runs along the length of the staircase while balustrades line the other side. 
Wrought iron is great for indoor stairs. It can handle daily wear and tear and physical force much better than other materials. If you have children, this would be the style to choose. 

Floating Wood Stair Case 

Floating Wood Staircase
Ming Architects

Aluminum railings are good for all outdoor conditions. Unlike iron, aluminum doesn’t rust, so it’s great for outdoor projects. The metal also lasts longer than wrought iron. 

Handrail With Hidden Lighting

Handrail With Hidden Lighting
Photo by Paul Smoothy

The standout element here is how the handrail has hidden lighting, making it easier to use at night and during low-light situations.
A staircase railing is a home design feature that deserves attention. It may not seem like it, but your stair rail leaves plenty of room for creativity. With plenty of indoor and outdoor options, you shouldn’t have problems finding something that fits your home and personality. 

Built-In Stair Handrail 

Built-In Stair Handrail 
Photo by Pedro Pegenaute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Tools Do I Need To Replace Balusters

Ingenious staircase railing sea inspired
A modern farmhouse stair railing might be the easiest and cheapest DIY stair rail project you can do. It doesn’t require any heavy-duty tools and it’s also cheap. 

How To Measure A DIY Stair Rail Project?

One of the most interesting and eye-catching staircase railings on our list is from Marc Fornes / Theverymany, together with architect Ammar Eloueini and made from Corian. It has an abstract design, like a web or honeycomb. Its organic-looking structure, which changes shape and appears to become more stretched towards the bottom of the stairs.

Which is better iron or aluminum railings?

The post 20 Ingenious Stair Railing Ideas To Spruce Up Your House Design appeared first on Homedit.
Before you begin a DIY stair rail project, you’ll need to make the right measurements before you buy your materials. Measure the nosing from the top landing to the floor at the bottom of your stairs. Once get this measurement, add two feet to it. The number represents the length of the stair rail materials.  

How To Switch From Stair Rail To A Handrail?

If you want to install an aluminum stair rail, you can use an aluminum stair rail kit. Aluminum railing is popular due to its flexibility and durability. Apartment and office buildings use aluminum railing because it’s low maintenance. The railing makes it easier for contractors to follow safety and code compliance laws.
If your DIY stair rail project involves replacing an existing stair rail, you’ll need to determine what it is you want to do. Will you replace the entire stair rail or do you want to fix one part? There are many things you can use to fix a stair rail. Here are a few popular ideas:

Staircase Railing Conclusion

Another cool way to make a DIY staircase stand out is by including lighting in its design. That’s what Fraher Architects did. It’s wooded, which adds uniformity and makes the staircase look solid. LED lighting is hidden in the built-in handrails, adding a glow that makes it easier to find the handrail at night.
When home inspectors measure stairwells, they check three things: height, graspability, and baluster spacing. If you violate those you will be fined and it will be harder for you to sell y9our home. 

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