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20 Of The Most Unique Shower Curtains

Shower curtains, as well as window curtains, are décor details that complete a home, that gives it character and that can change the atmosphere in a room. There are lots of styles that you can explore and choose from. For example, you may want to add a fun touch to your home by choosing a…
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For the windows, here’s a design that is both interesting and functional. The curtain features a black background with small perforated holes that creates the image of the city seen at night. It’s a nice way of gaining some shade in a stylish and unique way. Found on site.
World Destination Shower Curtains

Fun Shower Curtains to Transform Your Bathroom

1. Spooky Shower Curtains

Not everyone gets to visit all the places they would want to see but you can still dream about them and let your imagination get you there. These curtains are a nice way of complementing a themed décor or of adding an exotic touch to your bathroom. They represent famous cities and destinations around the world. The collection includes several unique models, each charming in its own way. Each curtain measures 72″x72’’. Use the curtain as a reminder of a beautiful destination you’ve already visited or as something to inspire you for your next trip. Can be purchased online here at a price of .
Give yourself something to look at and analyze while you’re taking a shower or a bath. This reproduction of the London underground system is unusual but it’s also unique. It would look nice in a themed décor, preferably in a modern or contemporary bathroom. Available for .00.

2. Fun Green Shower Curtains

Do you struggle to get up every morning? If you are someone who can’t find the motivation in the morning to get going, this motivational inspirational shower curtain will give you the kick you need to get started for the day. With so many different quotes to read, you’ll find one that resonates with your mood each day to set you up for the day ahead.
All of these unique shower curtains will brighten up even the dullest bathroom. Every morning or night when you head to the shower, your new curtains will make you smile each day. If you have a guest bathroom in your house, consider adding a funny shower curtain that will make your guests laugh during their next stay in your home. A simple accessory like a shower curtain can completely transform your room without spending a fortune redecorating this year.

3. A Scary Movie Scene

London Underground Curtain
Il 430xN 120140184

4. A London Underground Map

If you want to add a green touch to your bathroom, this curtain can surely help. The colors sued are refreshing and simple and the curtain also an eco-friendly touch. It would look nice a bathroom with a décor that’s also simple, maybe featuring the same colors. 

5. A Unique Shower Curtain Combining Various Design Elements

For those that like chemistry we have a special design. This is a curtain measuring the periodic table of elements printed on it. It’s something you might want to buy for yourself if you’re passionate about this domain but it’s also something that would make a nice gift for someone.
If you don’t fancy the elephant design above, how about adding a lion to your bathroom? This lion shower curtain will give any guest to your home a surprise when they head to the shower, and it makes a bold and dramatic addition to any bathroom. If you have a reasonably plain bathroom right now, this is a great way to redecorate without having to paint or spend a fortune.
Ascii code curtains

6. A Fun Cityscape for Your Windows

For anyone that wants to feel like they are in a fairy-tale every time they set foot into their bathroom, you’ll love this vinyl floral shower curtain. While it’s certainly not as bold as some of the other designs on our list today, we think it would make a classy addition to any bathroom. We love the subtle design and the shimmering flowers that will make showering each morning a true pleasure.
While this shower curtain is designed for Father’s Day, it would be the perfect gift for your day at any time of the year. The bold I Love My Papa design will make your dad smile every day when he steps into the shower. This would be a great surprise for your dad if you set it up one day without him knowing, ready for him to see in the morning.

7. Surround Yourself With a Curtain Made From Rye Straws

Combine elements from different domains and opt for a shower curtain that is more than it lets you see at first sight. The ASCII shower curtain features a beautiful design inspired by nature but, on a closer look, it’s also visible that it has been inspired by more than that.
For anyone who is trying to keep with a beachy theme in their bathroom, consider mixing things up a little with this abstract shower curtain. You’ll enjoy the bold black and white octopus design, which will fit in well with any bathroom design. It has a simple color scheme that will work with any black and white bathroom to add a little bit of fun to your room.

8. Escape to an Exotic Destination

Those that have pets know how messy it can be to give them a shower. Even cute pets that don’t mind taking a shower can be messy when they start to shake and to splash you with water and shampoo, turning your bathroom into a disaster. Well, this curtain was designed especially for pet owners and it’s meant to allow you to take care of your pet’s hygiene while also protecting you from unwanted accidents. Available for 6.9$.
For example, you may want to add a fun touch to your home by choosing a more playful design or you can focus on the functionality of the curtain. Either way, don’t forget to be creative. Here are some unique shower curtain designs that you can use as inspiration.
The post 20 Of The Most Unique Shower Curtains appeared first on Homedit.
Taking inspiration from the popular book series, this Alice in Wonderland shower curtain will take you back to your childhood. It contains a fun quote that will make you smile each morning and comes in a classic black and white color scheme. You’ll find this to be a great option for your children’s bathroom, and they’ll love this traditional design.
Marimekko kaiku shower curtain

9. Study the Periodic Table

shower curtain A Funky Elephant Shower Curtain
Transport yourself to the jungle each morning with this bold elephant shower curtain. While the elephant is the center of attention in this unique design, we love the colorful flowers that are in the background, which will add a splash of color to any bedroom. If you’ve been dreaming of going on a safari for your next vacation, you’ll love waking up each morning to this fun design.

10. A Curtain Designed for Washing Your Pet

Here’s another fun shower curtain. It’s something you and your guests will get a kick out of and it has a simple and very explicit design that can fit in any bathroom décor without any problem. It can also be a fun gift for a friend but make sure they appreciate the joke.
shower curtain Leave a Message for Your Dad

11. A Funny Joke Shower Curtain

shower curtain An Abstract Octopus Shower Curtain
Designed after a famous movie scene, this shower curtain will probably give you chills the first few times you see it. Give your guests a scare. If they know how to appreciate a good joke they’ll laugh about it and admit it’s a cool idea. 

12. A Personalized Shower Curtain

Those that want to personalize their bathrooms can also opt for shower curtains that can feature a picture of their choice. Choose the picture and it will be printed on the curtain. It’s simple and it allows you to choose the design you want for your bathroom. Available on site.
The bloody shower curtain will surely add a unique touch to your bathroom’s design. It’s fun and surprising at the same time and it’s definitely something your guests will remember. The simplicity of the design and the symbolism is enough to make this curtain stand out and become unique. 

13. A Bright and Floral Shower Curtain
shower curtain A Bright and Floral Shower Curtain

Better View Curtain

14. A Shimmering Floral Curtain

World Destination Shower Curtains3
Psycho Mad Mother Curtain

15. Leave a Message for Your Dad

Most Unique Shower Curtains
A Bold Lion Shower Curtain

16. A Motivational and Inspirational Shower Curtain

Printed shower curtain
Ascii codecurtains nienke s

17. An Abstract Octopus Shower Curtain

Showercurtain 1
If you are looking for a bold yet classic design to add to your bathroom, we love this bright fabric blossom shower curtain. The vibrant arrangement of flowers and colors would look fantastic in almost any home, and it can easily be set against any neutral-colored walls or bath.

18. A Funky Elephant Shower Curtain

World Destination Shower Curtains1
World Destination Shower Curtains2

19. A Bold Lion Shower Curtain

Shower curtains, as well as window curtains, are décor details that complete a home, that gives it character and that can change the atmosphere in a room. There are lots of styles that you can explore and choose from.
shower curtain A Shimmering Floral Curtain

20. Alice in Wonderland Shower Curtain

shower curtain A Motivational and Inspirational Shower Curtain
shower curtain Alice in Wonderland Shower Curtain
Per shower curtain
Surround yourself in a curtain of rye straws, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of nature. this curtain is actually a tri-part screen made of resin and acrylic with which you can explore all sorts of forms and shapes. Found on site.

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