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20 Stylish and Unique Tray Ceilings For Any Room

Tray ceilings add depth and style to a room in a surprising and freeing way. We’re so used to ceilings that are simply functional rather than adding style that we forget this area of a room can have detail and design-worth just as much as the colors or furniture inside. We’re sharing 20 stylish and…
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You might want your tray ceiling to match or be painted in a neutral color, at least if you’re trying to help blend it into your interior design. However, there are some cases where you want to go above and beyond to make the tray ceiling itself the main focal point of the room. Adding an accent tray ceiling with either rich color shades or a stunning pattern can help you set the tone for the rest of the room. (via Designing Idea)

Tray Ceiling Ideas Perfect for Any Home

1. Black & White Texture

tray ceiling Tray Ceiling with Recessed Lighting
If you want to doll up your tray ceiling but you don’t want to add a bunch of paint or molding, an easy way to brighten the room and showcase the tray ceiling is to install some kind of chandelier. Chandeliers come in a staggering range of designs from deer antler based chandeliers to Great Gatsby style deco crystal tiers, and the light coming from a good chandelier can help make the architectural features of your tray ceiling much more noticeable. Be sure to invest in the help of a good electrician or handyman if you’re not comfortable installing the chandelier yourself. (via Elle Decor)

2. Stenciled Designs

tray ceiling Wooden Recessed Ceiling
Another way to add a more modern essence to a room is to adorn it with a geometric style. This space is beautiful but the extra surprise on the ceiling takes it over the top.

3. Metal Details

Chic modern clean lines bedroom ceiling
tray ceiling Tiered Molding Tray Ceiling

4. Blue Paneling

Create a new shine in your home with a tray ceiling in the kitchen, with added metal details. These “tiles” are the perfect fit and give a very eclectic and cozy charm to one of the favorite rooms of the house!
Blue paneling kitchen ceiling

5. Modern Lines

Geometric ceiling design tray look
tray ceiling Accent Tray Ceiling

6. Colorful Stripes

Tray ceilings may intimidate some homeowners if they’ve never had a home that incorporated them into the design. They can look a little odd to people who are used to seeing flat bare ceilings. However, tray ceilings can bring your home interior to another level, and they don’t have to be difficult to decorate around. You don’t have to be restricted to contemporary or formal tray ceiling designs either. With the right accents, some detailed molding, or an elaborate paint job designed to draw the eye up, you can turn out a tray ceiling that’s the star of the room’s entire layout.
One of the easiest ways of drawing attention to a tray ceiling is to paint it in a different color than the walls. This color change can be subtle or it can be dramatic, depending on how the rest of the room is decorated. Painting the tray ceiling in a color that is a slightly lighter or darker shade than the rest of the room can pull the eye towards it. Adding a different color to your tray ceiling can give the room a crisp, modern vibe. Different shades of neutrals can add visual interest without overwhelming the space. (via House Tipster)

7. Geometric Dressings

tray ceiling
Tray ceilings that are in rooms with lower ceilings can be a challenge since adding dark colors to them or intricate molding can make the room feel short or oppressive. To open up the room and give the optical illusion that the ceilings are higher, paint your tray ceiling white and your walls to match. This will make the room look large and airy. Adding large windows for increased natural light can help accentuate the look. (via Modernize)

8. Art Above

tray ceiling Tray Ceiling with Stars
tray ceiling Tray Ceiling in Different Color Than the Walls

9. Oval View

Why not add some colorful stripes to you ceiling? If you’ve got the right kind of room, then be bold enough to make it happen. This accent enhances and becomes a beautiful focal point to this bedroom.
The post 20 Stylish and Unique Tray Ceilings For Any Room appeared first on Homedit.

10. Wooden Recessed Ceiling

If colorful stripes are too wild but a monochromatic tray ceiling is too drab, a good compromise is to decorate your tray ceiling with a two-toned paint job. Adding additional colors aside from the wall color can help set the tray ceiling out and make it distinct, but keeping the colors relatively neutral can help the ceiling from looking gaudy. Using a dark neutral tone on the tray ceiling itself and a stripe of the same color further down can help make large vaulted rooms feel more cozy. 
We’re head-over-heels in love with this contemporary yet feminine design. It brightens the foyer and adds a gorgeous, romantic tone to the ambiance of the entire home.{found on evolutionofstyleblog}.

11. Coffered Ceiling Tiles

One way to bring the outdoors inside using your tray ceiling is to install faux stars in the tray ceiling using optical fiber lights. While you might associate star ceilings with small children, this recessed lighting look is refined enough that it could work in any part of your home. To accentuate the starry sky design, be sure to paint your tray ceiling in a dark dramatic color. While the wiring for a star ceiling can be tedious, the end result is well worth the effort. (via Between Naps on the Porch)

12. Monochromatic Tray Ceiling

tray ceiling Tray Ceiling with Chandelier
This tray ceiling is filled with a blue-gray haze and beautiful paneling. It helps to transform an average kitchen into a more cottage-esque, cozy room.

13. Two-Toned Tray Ceiling

Black wood ceiling texture
Miami beach living room try ceiling light

14. Tiered Molding Tray Ceiling

As you know, black and white color pairings are classic and timeless. And this ceiling adds textures and a provide a sense of modern timeliness to the room.
Sometimes, if the space is right, your tray designs don’t have to be all square or rectangular. Instead, you can go with a more fluid and circular shape.{found on pepecalderindesign}.

15. White Tray Ceiling

Chic, clean lines are just what you need to embrace your modern vision. This ceiling enhances the room’s overall fashion-forward, sleek feel without being too overwhelming. {found on lifeonvirginiastreet}.
Wooden recessed tray ceilings are a good way to carry the wood grain of your shelving or flooring around the room and create a natural, rustic look. Many tray ceilings can look overly formal or fussy, but wooden recessed ceilings can be created in various finishes made to complement any interior design. The timber beams of your home can even be left exposed in the tray ceiling for a craftsman vibe. 

16. Tray Ceiling with Recessed Lighting

tray ceiling Coffered Ceiling Tiles
Coffered ceilings are one way of breaking up a tray ceiling by introducing a series of indentations or recessed tiles in the tray ceiling to create a 3D design. Coffered ceilings are a great way to add height and drama to formal rooms, and the cosmetic details of the tray ceiling can be as intricate or simple as you want. Most coffered tray ceilings are created using cross beams to make squares or rectangles in the space. (via Unika Vaev)
Recessed lighting is a perfect way to add a contemporary touch to a tray ceiling. This kind of soft ambient lighting is less harsh than other lighting sources and can help give the room a homey feel. Recessed lighting is a good idea for bedroom spaces, bathrooms, and other interior spaces where you want to relax, but don’t necessarily need strong lighting for task work.
(via Sroka Design)

17. Tray Ceiling in Different Color Than the Walls

Sometimes too many colors contrasting between the tray ceiling and the rest of the room can make the entire design look busy or cluttered. This is often the case where the bold accent colors in the tray ceiling overwhelm accents in the rest of the room. To prevent this, add tray ceilings in a monochromatic color palette that matches the rest of the room. This helps carry the interior design all the way from the floor to the ceiling. Adding a layer of crown molding in a neutral color to match the baseboards can help carry the look. (via The Decorologist)
Metal accents on ceiling

18. Tray Ceiling with Stars

With formal tray ceilings, it’s all about the detail work. Use a tiered molding design on your tray ceiling to add a sense of refinement to the room. Multiple layers of molding can also help soften a dark accent ceiling and make it less stark against the lighter elements of the interior. Adding accent pieces like pendant lighting or drapery can help draw the eye of visitors up to get the ceiling’s full effect. 
tray ceiling White Tray Ceiling

19. Patterned Accent Tray Ceiling

Tray ceilings add depth and style to a room in a surprising and freeing way. We’re so used to ceilings that are simply functional rather than adding style that we forget this area of a room can have detail and design-worth just as much as the colors or furniture inside. We’re sharing 20 stylish and unique tray ceilings that you can implement in your home and use in a plethora of different rooms of different styles. Have a peek and get inspired!
tray ceiling

20. Tray Ceiling with Chandelier

Colorful ceiling stripes living room
Stencil design for ceiling
Add art to your space by using the ceiling as a means to get really creative. The light, the shade of blue, and fixtures all come together to make quite the stunning view. {found on annsacks}.
Small u shaped kitchen tray ceiling

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