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20 Tips for Modern Lavender Decor

The interior decor gods have spoken. Lately, everyone seems to be eschewing their millennial pink decor for lavender. Obviously, we aren’t tired of pastels yet but things might be looking a little too rosy for some people. Lavender is a very unexpected color for decor, making any additions in your home a surprise and ultimately,…
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Lavender is the ideal color to add to a bathroom, and if you are someone who enjoys a long soak in the bathtub, it will create a soothing atmosphere. The great thing about adding lavender to your bathroom is that you can opt for a lighter shade for the walls and then add darker accents to add a splash of color. As our bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in our home, you won’t want to choose shades that are too dark, as this can become a little overwhelming. Take inspiration from Thrift Diving, who created a beautiful two-toned wall with lavender on the top. Lavender works well with white in the bathroom, so if you already have a white bathroom, you could just consider adding lavender accents to brighten the room up a little.
A Lavender Mermaid Home Office
Looking for lavender that will make a bit bigger impact in your space on a budget? Take your lavender textiles to the next level with lavender curtains. These soft additions will set the tone for your room, no matter what other colors you might show off. {found on ad}.
Lavender Loft Room

20 Easy Ways to Add Lavender to Your Home to Create a Contemporary Look

1. Add Lavender Artwork to a Black and White Room

Another great option for color pop without the commitment comes with your textiles. Pillows and blankets are simple to change out depending on the seasons, style changes, or even just your moods. Also, pillows can grace your living room sofa and when you need a quick refresh, throw them on your bed instead. Since your modern home is probably drawing on black, white, and brown, lavender will work in there too.
Shade of levender dining room chair

2. Lavender Textiles in Your Living Room and Bedroom

And just like any other shade, you don’t have to have the shabby chic style to make it work for you. In fact, lavender can be a lovely shade paired with your modern neutral decor! Being a cool color, it’s very soft and relaxing, no matter what space it occupies.
Yes, technically wallpaper is a decorating medium, even if it is a permanent wall fixture. Just think how relaxing and elegant you would feel, soaking in a bubbly tub in a bathroom swathed with lavender wallpaper. Modern style suggests patternless but you can definitely find some lovely texture instead.

3. Make an Impact with Lavender Curtains

A Pretty Lavender Bathroom
Pair Pink and Lavender Together

4. Add Lavender Accent Furniture to Your Dining Room

Colorful cabinetry is not so uncommon in kitchens these days. Even the most modern cooking spaces can boast bright blue or red for permanent storage. But who goes for lavender cabinets? With smooth fronts and sleek linear styles, you’ll create a kitchen that will be remembered all across the Instagram sphere.
Never underestimate the power of a good accent chair. When you find the perfect lavender chair for your living room, you’ll instantly create a favorite spot for book reading, movie watching, and pet cuddling. Because who could resist the beckoning of a soft lavender accent chair at the end of the day?

5. A Simple Accent Chair in Your Living Room

Add Lavender to Your Dining Room Table
Modern bedroom with velvet levender pillows

6. Opt for a Lavender Sofa

Kids room with shade of levender touch
 Modern Lavender Decor

7. Colorful Cabinets in Your Kitchen

A Statement Lavender Chair
Levender couch design

8. Lavender Wallpaper for Your Bathroom

When you think about adding lavender to your home, you usually think about painting the walls or adding a new piece of furniture. The color of lavender is, of course, inspired by the plant, so if you are looking to add this color to your home, why not add a vase of lavender instead? This is a lovely way to add more nature, texture, and scent to your home and would look great on the counter in your bedroom or as a centerpiece on your dining room table. Check out these decoration ideas from One Happy Housewife for more inspiration.
Accent furniture is such a fun way to add some color into a modern home and there are so many options for colorful modern furniture. A set of lavender chairs in your dining room will create a fun and welcoming scene for any dinner party or family meal you put on the table.

9. Lavender Walls and Bedding for Your Bedroom

As you can see, lavender decor can be used in almost any room in your home to create a modern and sophisticated look. As lavender can be added in various shades, you can experiment until you find the perfect match for the look and feel of your home. Lavender is known for being such a relaxing color, so you’ll experience the benefits of adding this color to your home in no time at all.
A Young Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

10. A Neutral Lavender Bedroom

Modern living room in dark color with levender artwork
Large living room with retractable levender curtains

11. Pair Pink and Lavender Together

A Lavender Kitchen Island
When heading to college, you want to think about creating a dorm room that you enjoy heading back to each day after classes. With so much studying to be done, lavender is a calming color to keep you feeling balanced even when you have the pressure of deadlines looming over you. Dormify shows how gray and purple can be paired together to create a lovely dorm room that girls will enjoy hanging out in. You can add wall hangings with a splash of lavender and then plenty of storage to the room to create a chic and stylish dorm room.

12. A Pretty Lavender Bathroom

If you aren’t sure how you can add lavender into your kitchen, you’ll find that a lavender island is a modern and stylish way of adding this color to your room. Stonebridge showcases this beautiful kitchen which uses lavender underneath the surface of the kitchen island. Of course, you could take this makeover one step further by adding matching cabinets or a dark purple surface, but this is a fun way to add a pop of color to a more traditional kitchen design. Lavender and white is one of our favorite duos of colors to use in any room of the home, and they help to create a light and airy feeling in any space. You could apply this similar color scheme to your bedroom, living room, or bathroom to enjoy the same results.
Maybe lavender is too much for your neutral loving eyes. In that case, try it out in your child’s bedroom. Even if the space is mostly neutral tones, a little bit of soft lavender in the textiles can create a beautiful restful space for your little one to hang out.

13. A Lavender Mermaid Home Office

Teenagers sometimes find that they are indecisive about picking one color for their bedroom makeover. If that’s the case with your daughter or son, why not mix and match a variety of colors. Pink Peppermint Design shares a great example of this, where they used lavender to add splashes of purple t the room with cushions and other accessories. For the indecisive among up, this is a great way to add some more color to any space without committing to one color. You’ll also be able to take the time to decide which color you like before committing to a full bedroom makeover. If you are thinking about adding lavender anywhere in your home, start adding a few lavender accents to various rooms and see how you feel about the color after a few weeks or months.
As you can see by now, you don’t have to worry about painting your whole room to enjoy adding lavender to the space. One of our favorite color combinations is lavender and grey, and you can consider choosing very dark and moody shades of these colors for a more dramatic living room makeover. Fab Mood shares this stunning room which uses dark gray paint on the walls and then adds an elegant dark chair to finish off the room. It’s a great color combination for the fall and will add a sophisticated touch to any space in your home.

14. Lavender Accents in a Teenager’s Bedroom

Modern kitchen cabinets in levender color
When it comes to creating a new bedroom for your young child, you’ll want to make this transition as smooth as possible from their previous nursery or bedroom. We recommend sticking to a neutral and light color, such as lavender, and don’t make the design too overwhelming for them. This bedroom makeover from My Woodlands Life is a great example of how you can incorporate multiple shades of lavender into one room. Bedding is an easy way to add lavender into your daughter’s bedroom, especially if you aren’t ready to commit to painting the walls just yet. Kids quite often change their minds at a young age about their favorite colors, so stick to adding items that aren’t permanent in their current preferred color scheme.

15. A Lavender Kitchen Island

The interior decor gods have spoken. Lately, everyone seems to be eschewing their millennial pink decor for lavender. Obviously, we aren’t tired of pastels yet but things might be looking a little too rosy for some people. Lavender is a very unexpected color for decor, making any additions in your home a surprise and ultimately, a delight.
When people think of modern, those neutral shades usually win out in styling. However if a whole room is the same shade of color, doesn’t that end up looking modern as well? You don’t often find a bedroom that has lavender walls and lavender bedding and lavender furniture. Just to prove how modern lavender can be.

16. A Young Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

In a home that is mostly black and white in decor, what is the easiest, fastest way to bring color and personality to your space? Artwork. Adding some lavender artwork to your home is a wonderful opportunity to dip your toes into the trend in a way that is impermanent. If you decide that you and lavender don’t get along, just hang something different on the wall.
Compete bedroom in levender color

17. A Blue and Lavender Color Scheme

Lavender Accents in a Teenager’s Bedroom
The great thing about adding lavender to your home is that it’s so easy to match with other pastel colors. One Brick at a Time shares this stunning makeover, which would create a beautiful home office for anyone working from home or an arts and crafts room for kids and adults. Lavender is one of the most soothing colors out there, so it’s ideal for anyone who finds themselves working a stressful job in their home office still. This room was designed for a young girl and would be a fun spot to enjoy crafts and reading after a busy day at school. It’s a bright and airy room that will be lovely to sit in throughout the year and features many different lavender elements to fit the personality of the room’s owner.

18. Add Lavender to Your Dining Room Table

For those of you who are go big or go home decorators, why not swing for the lavender sofa? Since colorful sofas have been a trend of late, it will seem less odd that you have such a bold choice in your living room. It takes commitment and bravery, but a lavender sofa with clean lines could be that one final touch that brings everything together.
Accent living chairs in levender

19. Lavender Loft Room

A Blue and Lavender Color Scheme
Bathroom with levender bathroom wallpaper

20. A Statement Lavender Chair

While lavender is one of our favorite colors for a home office, you might not want your whole office to be decorated in this shade. If you are ready to completely transform your home office, take inspiration from The Mrs Inglink and her mermaid-inspired office makeover. We love the lavender chair, which looks so comfortable to work on each day. Lavender is one of our favorite colors for flowers, and you can see some pretty blooms in the backdrop which match the chair. You could even opt to add real lavender in a vase to your office or anywhere else in your home. Lavender is such a relaxing scent and is an easy way to add a little more atmosphere to your home.
Lavender and blue also make a great pair and would look amazing in a home office or bedroom. This bedroom makeover from Mr. Kate uses one of the darkest shades of lavender on our list today, which goes well with the blue and white color scheme. When you view the before and after images, you’ll be so impressed by the change this makes to the room. Lavender comes in a wide range of shades, so remember that you can always opt for a darker shade, which is similar to a royal purple color. Blue and purple would be a lovely color scheme for your young daughter’s bedroom and will create a bright and cheerful room for her to spend time in.
The post 20 Tips for Modern Lavender Decor appeared first on Homedit.
So when you put lavender in a sea of sleek and contemporary, it provides that simple touch of elegance and uniqueness. Here are 20 tips for modern lavender decor to help you embrace the beautiful unexpected color.

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