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20 Wall Art Ideas in Neutral Colors

Neutral decorating is usually one of two things for the homeowner. Either it’s a safe place of tranquility or a coping tactic for the inexperienced. No matter where you fall, you don’t want your home looking bland and impersonal at the end of the day, which is why you put things up on the walls….
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A wall mural is a dramatic way to add rich color and depth to your interior space, and the subject of the mural can be as personalized and intimate as any other piece of art in your home. A mural is a way to make a serious statement in your home without having to add a bunch of garish colors to the room. Depending on the subject of the mural, it can also make a room feel much bigger. Wall murals can be either created from an illustration or from a piece of magnified photography. (via Murals your Way)
Neutral wall art with metallic squares
Neutral decorating is usually one of two things for the homeowner. Either it’s a safe place of tranquility or a coping tactic for the inexperienced. No matter where you fall, you don’t want your home looking bland and impersonal at the end of the day, which is why you put things up on the walls.

20 Neutral Wall Art Projects to Dress Up Your Space

1. Statement Wall

Neutral art patterned wood display

neutral wall art Indoor Plant Wall

2. DIY Neutral Painting

Wall Art Ideas in Neutral Colors
neutral wall art Neutral Wall Tapestry

3. Linear Wall Art

neutral wall art Silhouette Portraits
Neutral art DIY Woven Hanging

4. Wooden Medallion Wall Art

neutral wall art DIY Plate Wall
Like a tapestry, a hand-sewn quilt can be framed or mounted and hung across a wall to create a cozy look. Most quilts are known for their bright colorful patterns, but neutral-colored quilts can add comfort to your home while contributing a large distracting pattern to your design. In a quilt, the different types of fabrics used can help make the entire piece look more interesting. Using textured fabrics makes up for the use of a more muted and neutral color palette. (Source: Diary of a Quilter)

5. Neutral Metal Wall Art

The post 20 Wall Art Ideas in Neutral Colors appeared first on Homedit.
While woven wall art pieces aren’t the total rage they were a few years ago, they’re still good wall art options. Buy or make yours in a neutral creamy color that will compliment any wall in your home.

6. Cream-Colored Woven Wall Art

When you’re choosing to stay in the neutral shades realm of decor, you’ll want to vary your fabrics and surfaces to create interest in spaces that lack color. A metal art piece in shades of brown and gray will give your space an industrial vibe.
neutral wall art Broken Mirror Mosaic

7. Focal Branch Wall Art

But when you’re drawn toward the neutral colors, how do you use wall art to express yourself and create interest in your space? Actually, there are a few great options for neutral wall art. You just have to look a little harder. Check out these 20 wall art ideas in neutral colors and get planning.
Large statement pieces are majorly trending at the moment. Give your living room’s statement wall a feast for the eyes with a neutral patterned sculpture made with wood or metal. It will end up complimenting the colors you do have in the room while maintaining its neutrality.

8. Neutral Art Print Gallery Wall

Did you know that metallics qualify as a neutral color in interior design? Well, now you do! You can use an electronic cutting machine to cut out a message in gold foil for DIY wall art personalized to your space. Use your favorite inspirational quote or even a treasured quote from a friend or family member to bring some intimacy to your bedroom or foyer. For a different look, the same project can be created in silver or copper foil, too. (via Mountain Modern Life)
Dining room with wood edge table and wall art

9. Paper Wall Art Display

With a tight budget, it’s easy to make do with cheap colorful prints on your wall. But you can easily craft a beautiful neutral piece with stuff from around your home. Collect all the neutral crafting elements you can find and go to town with your glue gun.
A basket wall is a great way to add a natural wood element and neutral colors into your design. There are many different kinds of baskets available to make the colors and patterns of the wall unique to the space. Add dark and light colored baskets for a contrasting look or varying textures in the same tone for a more subtle aesthetic. Basket walls are great for farmhouse interior motifs and other rustic designs. (via Lolly Jane)

10. Dangling Crafted Wall Art

If you want to put up a bunch of wall art but you don’t want to overwhelm your interior design, sticking to a neutral color palette for your wall art can help keep the look cohesive and prevent the space from appearing cluttered to the eye. Mix and match different neutral wall art pieces to work as the perfect backdrop for an accent wall or to help complement a minimalist monochromatic design. Neutral colors in wall art can be used to connect a bunch of different textures, patterns, and shapes into a look that is eclectic but still pulled together.
neutral wall art DIY Gold Foil Wall Art

11. Indoor Plant Wall

Of course, when you are focused on simple and neutral decorating, it can be a good idea to opt for more intricate wall art. If you’re lucky enough to find a giant wooden medallion for your wall, you’ll be the luckiest wall art hunter in the world.
neutral wall art Neutral Hanging Quilt

12. DIY Shadow Box

If you want to add the look of cool white porcelain to your design, a plate wall is an unusual neutral art display where you can use different shapes and reflections for visual interest while keeping all the plates in the same neutral tone. Plain white plates are a good choice for a minimalist look, but you can use plates with patterns in neutral colors to add some patterns to the room. (via My Sweet Savannah)
Both greenery and wooden interior design elements are considered neutrals in a design palette. If you want to break away from the same beige, taupe, gray, and ivory wall decorations, try installing an indoor plant wall with neutral-colored woods. A plant wall can help improve the air quality in your home while adding some visual interest to your neutral design palette. (via Planted Well)  

13. Broken Mirror Mosaic

Mirrors are a great way to amplify the neutral colors that are already prevalent throughout an interior space. Along with acting as a one-of-a-kind art display, broken mirror mosaics create a visual illusion that makes any room they’re placed in look larger. Mirror mosaics are also a great way to reflect more natural light from a window into the rest of the room. If you’re superstitious about breaking a mirror in your home, you can buy mirrored tiles for a mosaic instead. (via Holeh Pocket)
neutral wall art DIY Neutral Wall Mural

14. Silhouette Portraits

Statement art doesn’t have to be expensive. Using your own two hands and a paintbrush, go wild with blacks, grays, and browns on a big canvas. Your modern masterpiece will be the star of whatever room you hang it in.
Neutral art oversize painting

15. Neutral Wall Tapestry

neutral wall art DIY Boho Basket Wall
Neutral art gallery wall prints

16. DIY Neutral Wall Mural

Are you on the lookout for simple artwork to complement your simple decor? A linear wooden design will seem so simple, modern, and satisfying to almost any styling. Just the piece you needed for that blank spot.
Neutral art doily ribbon hanging

17. Neutral Hanging Quilt

Neutral art paper flowers
Silhouette portraits are a type of wall art in neutral black-and-white that goes back centuries. Back in the day, these portraits would be created by an artist, but these days they’re easy enough to make at home using a photograph as a guide for the shape of the silhouette. A silhouette portrait consists of any dark outlined form of a person that is set against a light neutral background. In interior design, silhouette portraits are a great way to add a touch of classic vintage style to any space, especially Victorian designs. (via Julie Blanner)

18. DIY Gold Foil Wall Art

Need a neutral wall decor idea for your child’s room? Large paper flowers can be bought or made out of white paper in all different sizes. Then no matter what colors they choose in their space as they grow, they can always keep their flower wall.
Whether your decor leans into beiges and creams or you’re into a darker monochromatic look, putting up a neutral wall tapestry is a great way to interject some pattern into your neutral color palette and also some softer textures. Neutral-colored wall tapestries can be framed, mounted across from a bed, or even used as window dressing. (via Pottery Barn Teen)

19. DIY Plate Wall

Neutral art linear wooden sculpture
Maybe you’re on a serious budget while decorating your neutral home. Look to readily available resources for wall art, possibly even in your own backyard. A large branch can be an interesting focal point in your living room while steering clear of color.

20. DIY Boho Basket Wall

neutral wall art DIY Shadow Box
Everyone should have a gallery wall in their home someplace. Since you’re going for neutral wall art, you just have to be more choosy with your choices. Look into simplistic art prints and black and white photos for a lovely neutral look.
Dried Brand on the wall
A shadow box designed in neutral colors is a great way to add decor and storage to your wall space. Shadow boxes can be themed around any number of different interests, and painting them in a neutral color helps them blend into the background of your design to let the objects inside the shadow box shine through. Shadow boxes are a great way to display your art collection without making the room’s horizontal spaces look cluttered. (via Bob Vila)

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