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22 Beautiful And Fresh Summer Centerpiece Ideas

Summer is such a cheerful season and gives us a ton of colorful and beautiful resources that we can use to decorate our homes. Making summer centerpieces is fun and rewarding a great way to use your creativity. We’d like to share with you some of our favorite summer centerpiece ideas so they can inspire…
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Friendly Summer Table Decorations
We’d like to share with you some of our favorite summer centerpiece ideas so they can inspire you too. 
summer centerpiece ideas

Table Decoration Ideas for Summer Time

Coral accents

Here’s one more beautiful summer centerpiece that you can make with faux succulents. You only need a few this time since the box they sit in is quite small. It’s actually a wooden wine box but any rectangular one would do. You also only need a few small pebbles because you can fill the rest of the box with a few large rocks and some spray paint caps. The caps are good because they create a flat surface for the candle votives to sit on. Check out ohsolovelyblog for additional details. 
Summer is also the perfect season for spending time on the beach so it could be cool to use this as a source of inspiration. You could make some wonderful summer centerpieces using things like faux coral and starfish as shown on settingforfour and you could also include some of the mementos from your trips to the beach like a few shells or some sand. 

Simple and cute

Summer Dining Room
Watermelons are such a perfect summer treat but they’re a bit too big to be used as decorations on a centerpiece. But there’s actually something else that you can use them for and it’s even better. You can turn a watermelon into a really cool vase. Find out all about it on abluenestand give it a try. 

A coastal design

‘Yellow is perhaps the most symbolic color associated with summer. It’s very cheerful and fresh and it’s also the color of lemons which brings us to this challenge: using lemons to make an amazing summer centerpiece. There’s a ton of ways in which you can do this. You can incorporate full lemons, either real or faux ones, and you can also use lemon slices. There’s a couple of cool ideas on virginiasweetpea that you might like. 
Simple Summer Centerpieces

A basket of assorted goodies

Table setting ideas
How to Make a Tropical Pineapple Floral Arrangement

A watermelon vase

Pink Mason Jar Centerpieces
When life gives you lemons, just make an awesome centerpiece out of them. You can find a nice design idea on cottonstem where the lemons are the main protagonist. The bright yellow color gives the table a very sunny and summery vibe and stands out against the dark wood of the table. 

Delicate flowers in a wood box

You could definitely get away with just covering some mason jar with a coat of acrylic paint and they would look beautiful, you can also take this a step further. Puffy paint can be used to create a 3D design on the jar. Apply it before your main coat if you only want the shapes without color differentiation. Check out happydealhappyday for more detailed instructions. 
When repurposing a glass jar into a flower vase you have the possibility of making them look special. One particularly interesting and also simple idea is to paint them and to create a pattern. You can do that by placing painter’s tape on the jars before painting them. That way when you remove the tape the pattern is revealed. Check out sustainmycrafthabit for more details regarding this. 

A trio of mason jar vases

Summer is such a cheerful season and gives us a ton of colorful and beautiful resources that we can use to decorate our homes. Making summer centerpieces is fun and rewarding a great way to use your creativity.
It’s not just the usual flowers like roses that look good on a centerpiece but also succulents. In fact, a succulent centerpiece can end up looking super fresh and vibrant. This project from simplicityinthesouth is the perfect example. This summer centerpiece was made using two terracotta pots, a bunch of river pebbles, a candle in a glass votive and a variety of faux succulents. 

The lemon challenge

Dollar Tree Succulent Candle Centerpiece
Mason Jar Vase With Puffy Paint Flourishes

Farmhouse vibes

Home is where the boat is lemon vase
Summer Home Tour

Tropical pineapple vase

Similar to how you’d turn a watermelon or a pumpkin into a vase, you can also do the same thing with a pineapple. A pineapple vase would make a perfect summer centerpiece. Fill it with brightly-colored seasonal flowers and some greens and turn it into a focal point. It’s a great summer centerpiece idea and a perfect one for parties. Check out freshmommyblog for more details. 
A very simple centerpiece that’s merely a small bouquet of seasonal flowers in a glass jar can look just right in the right setting. Pair it with a beautiful tablecloth, a nice runner or a few other decorations. You can find plenty of ideas on ourhammockhouse if you want more inspiration for summer centerpieces. 

Vintage pitcher vase

Another lovely idea is to make a summer centerpiece and a whole tablescape for that matter that has a subdued, farmhouse-inspired vibe. Of course, mason jars as vases make perfect sense and the suggestion from serrettastyle to use blue tinted jar makes such a big difference. Complement the blue tones with some subtle pink accents. 
Modern Farmhouse Blue and Pink Tablescape

Puffy paint mason jar centerpiece

Summer Dining Tips
The contrast between the rustic-looking wood box and the gentle and delicate flowers inside of it is absolutely perfect in this case. We love everything about this summer centerpiece. It’s elegant and glamorous but it also has a casual and bohemian vibe. Check out sanctuaryhomedecor to find out how it was made. 

Citrus centerpiece

DIY Centerpiece with Step by Step Instructions
The post 22 Beautiful And Fresh Summer Centerpiece Ideas appeared first on Homedit.

A basket full of flowers 

Coastal and beach-inspired centerpieces always give out a breezy summery vibe. A few of the supplies that you can use to make such centerpieces include rope, shells and sand. These can be combined in all sorts of cool ways. Pair them with clear glass containers like vases, jars and bowls. You can find some really nice ideas on sandandsisal. 
Although it is quite simple, a basket filled with fresh seasonal flowers can make an amazing centerpiece or a beautiful decoration that you can put on a shelf, a table, a counter or even casually place on the floor. Isn’t this one absolutely charming? It has such a nice farmhouse vibe. You can find more details about it on worthingcourtblog.

Striped jar vases

rustic open shelves decorated for summer

Succulent candle centerpiece

DIY Succulent Centerpiece
Play With Color

Paint-dipped vases

Overcomplicating things is rarely a good course of action and this is something to keep in mind when trying to come up with a design for your summer centerpieces. On that note, we find the idea shared on dreamingofhomemaking to be incredibly charming. The fresh flowers with short stems sitting in glass jars give the table a very welcoming vibe.
There’s lots of things that you can potentially repurpose into a vase, including an enamel pitcher. A large one filled with beautiful fresh flowers could make an amazing summer centerpiece and this setup from styledwithlace proves it. The pitcher vase definitely makes a statement and although it’s large it doesn’t overwhelm the table. 

Tiny succulents in a box

Simple Summer Centerpiece
Repurposing a mason jar into a vase comes naturally and is one of the easiest things you can do. It’s also a really great idea if you want to make some lovely summer centerpieces. A cool tip is to paint the jars and to decorate them with some twine. It’s super easy really and you can find all the details on masonjarbreakfast if you’d like to give this a try. 

Beach-inspired centerpieces

When it comes to DIY projects and decorations in general there’s really no good or bad combination of materials and supplies that you can use. sometimes an unexpected combination can make perfect sense in the end. Take this summer centerpiece featured on thistlewoodfarms for instance. it’s made from a galvanized metal container, some embroidery hoops, faux flowers and eucalyptus bundles.
summer family room

Casual everyday centerpieces

DIY pink dip dyed dollar store vases
Can’t decide what to include in your summer centerpiece design? How about a mix of things? You could put some fresh flowers in a glass jar and the jar ina  basket, a tray or some other sort of container. Fill the rest of the space inside with various summer-inspired items or a few colorful things. Check out alittleloveliness for more ideas. 

A simple approach

Another idea is to keep an eye out for vases or containers that have an interesting or beautiful shape. Don’t worry about the color or finish because that can be changed later on. For example, these vases featured on housemixblog were clear and super simple in the beginning and they were also super cheap. They were dipped in paint which created this beautiful and unique design on each of them. 
Favorite Floral Gifts for Teachers

An unusual combo

It’s fun and exciting to make centerpieces for special occasions but it can also be just as rewarding if not even more to come up with lovely design ideas for casual summer centerpeices, decorations that can cheer you up and brighten your every day. Things like candle votives, cute napkin rings, interesting-looking branches, succulents and so on can be great options. You can ideas on how to use them on hellocentralavenue. 
Nature is full of all sorts of magnificent colors and some of them are quite unusual, like coral for example. You might be surprised to realize this is not really such a rare color and this beautiful centerpiece arrangement we found on crispcollective proves it. It features a beautiful blend of greens, flowers and citrus fruits, namely grapefruit which has an amazing color. 
DIY Watermelon Centerpiece

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