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22 Gorgeous Coastal Bar Stool Ideas to Get Your Inspired!

The post 22 Gorgeous Coastal Bar Stool Ideas to Get Your Inspired! appeared first on Homedit.
Being able to decorate your home with a coastal theme is a dream come true because it literally makes you feel like you’re on a vacation at the beach every single day. However, pulling off this style isn’t always easy, and you might sometimes feel the need for some inspiration. We totally get that and,…




Suitable for coastal and farmhouse designs, this set of two stools combines handwoven seating with a rustic appeal with white wooden frame and legs for that perfect beach-themed look. In fact, wicker and wood stool will always provide a combination that’s suitable for a coastal home style, so it’s definitely something you can’t go wrong with.
This has to be one of our favorite setups, not only for the gorgeous coastal bar stool, but also due to the muted colors that perfectly match the style in question. Everything about this setup is full of ocean vibes: from the compass tile to the ship lap.
Juelz Bar Counter Swivel Stool

Coastal Bar Stool Ideas for Any Beach Style House

Wooden Kitchen

Transitional Kitchen in DC Metro
Image from Moore Architects, PC

By now, I think it’s pretty clear that bar stools suitable for the coastal theme include natural wooden looks, rattan seating, white wooden frames, blue upholstery, or any combination of these. The Zyaire bar stool seems to have a little bit of everything, and that upholstery certainly makes it fit for an ocean-inspired theme.

Rattan Bar Stools

Farmhouse Kitchen in Jacksonville
Project from Lauren Leonard Interiors

Dark Colored Rattan Stool

Beach Patio

Beach Style Patio in San Diego
Project from Hill Construction Company

One of the best things about choosing a coastal theme for your home is the fact that you can combine elements from other styles to create a totally unique and unexpected setup. Here, we see a kitchen decorated with white cabinets, marble countertops, and bar stools with upholstery colors that stay true to the coastal style.

Florida Beach Cottage

Decorated in true coastal colors and reminiscent of the Greek Island of Santorini (where white and blue are the predominant colors), this kitchen is just a dream place! It comes with blue backsplash, white cabinets, and a kitchen island plus bar stool with matching tones of white and blue.
Raegan Solid Wood Stools

Muted Coastal Colors

Beach Style Kitchen in Boston
Image from Sea Squared Design

Those of you that have the luxury of building your own outdoor bar in a beach-themed vibe are going to love this particular setup. The wall-mounted sconces create a cozy and inviting ambiance, while the white stools with black legs create a gorgeous contrast with the natural color of the wood chosen for the bar.

Modern Coastal Beach Home

Modern Coastal Beach Home kitchen
Project from BW Saba

The combination between light blue and white make this kitchen perfectly aligned with our theme for today. The dark brown bar stools are compatible with the kitchen island countertop of a matching color, creating unity and tranquility across the entire setup. If properly coated, these chairs would be perfect for outdoor use as well.

Modern Coastal Outdoor Setup

Contemporary Patio in San Diego
Image from Valletta Design Group

The post 22 Gorgeous Coastal Bar Stool Ideas to Get Your Inspired! appeared first on Homedit.

Coastal Chic

Beach Style Kitchen in Providence
Image from Kate Jackson Design

This has to be one of our most favorite setups, as every detail was carefully thought-of and chosen to match the coastal theme. The dark wooden floors create a beautiful contrast with the ship-themed glass tile backsplash, while the coastal stools with white and blue striped upholstery are just perfect.

Beach-Style Vibes

Beach Style Kitchen with white stools
Image from Creative Group Interiors

With white being the predominant (non)color of choice, here we see just how dreamy a beach-style setup can be. The kitchen brings forth stainless steel appliances that come in contrast with the marble countertops and white kitchen cabinets, with everything being brought together by the rattan bar stools.

Shiplap Ceiling

Beach Style Kitchen in Miami 1
Image from Freestyle Interiors

Coastal Boho Style Bar Stool

Seaside Indoor Bar

Beach Style Home Bar in Boston
Image from Cristina Johnson AIA, NCIDQ – TMS Architects

With a cohesive look and a solid and manufactured wood design that seems so light and airy, this stool is the perfect addition to a coastal theme and can easily match any existing bar that could pertain to such a setup. The X-shaped backrest and the distressed appearance of the wood are certainly a sight for sore eyes.

Coastal Kitchen

Traditional Kitchen in Newark with white stools and blue pilow
Picture from Showcase Kitchen & Bath

For those of you that favor rattan chairs because of their natural look, we have another product that you might really enjoy. With a natural appearance that stays true to the style, this chair will anchor down the light colors that are normally found in coastal setups, bringing everything together and drawing the attention of anyone who spots them.

Counter & Bar Stool Set

While not much in this photo is coastal-themed, the chairs would 100 percent match a beach vibe. Here, they are paired with dark wood floor boards in a kitchen that’s mostly decorated in traditional farmhouse style. However, the combination between rattan seating and wooden legs make these perfect for a beach-themed home.
When thinking about the coast, a lot of people picture simplicity, but it doesn’t always have to be that way (and this picture is proof of that). Combining coastal colors with glam accents (such as the gold finish of the chair’s frame and legs), this inviting setup is perfect for serving drinks in this large sitting area.

Juelz Bar & Counter Swivel Stool

X Style Backrest Coastal Stool
X Style Backrest Coastal Stool
We’ve talked so much about rattan chairs today that we almost omitted to underline just how beautifully a full wooden chair would fit into a beach-themed setup. While some would argue that this has a Bohemian design, you can’t tell me this wouldn’t go along perfectly with a white kitchen countertop and some navy blue pillows for the solid wood seating.

Coastal & Boho-Style Bar Stool

The concept behind decorating in coastal style is pretty simple. You have to create a mixture between casual and comfortable furniture pieces, create a breezy vibe by using light colors and plenty of white and blue, and add plenty of props that are beach-themed. As far as coastal chairs are concerned, we’ve got you covered!
Kaleo Solid Wood Counter Bar Stool

Zyaire Bar & Counter Stool

Woven Plastic Bar Stool
Beach Style Kitchen in Miami

Dark-Colored Rattan Stool

These chairs are basically a larger version of the ones we showed you areas, with higher back seats and a stunning combination between a distressed-looking type of wood and rattan seating. Here, they are paired with a marble countertop but could easily work behind a bar made from wood veneer.
Coastal Bar Stool

X-Style Backrest Coastal Stool

Now that we got some inspo, let’s take a look at some actual coastal chairs, starting with a set composed of a solid wood counter with a wall-hugging design and four distressed blue chairs that have the perfect beach-themed color. The removable backing offers more possibilities in terms of coastal setup, and the price is just right.
As we mentioned before, the beauty of coastal decor is that it can combine elements from other styles and you could still manage to pull it off with grace. For instance, this Boho-style bar stool would go perfectly inside a coastal-themed home simply because of its full rattan construction and natural wood look.

Woven Plastic Bar Stool

With a backless design and a seat that’s made from woven plastic that fully imitates the appearance of rattan, this exquisite piece is another item worth considering if you’re setting up a coastal-themed indoor or outdoor bar. The rattan pole legs are just beautiful and have a natural look that makes me want to head down to the beach and enjoy some coconut water just by looking at it.
With so many different options to choose from, the only thing left to think about is how you’re going to combine the elements that could easily find their way into a coastal theme. Less complicated than other styles, with a more relaxed and dreamy vibe, and certainly meant to bring more light into your home, the coastal-inspired theme has a few basic rules to keep in mind. The rest is just finding the proper elements that you most like and making them blend in with the decor.

Solid Wood Bar Stool

When you live by the coast, one of the best things is that you can pair coastal outdoor furniture with the actual view. Here, we see a large flipped kitchen window that connects to the patio where a few coastal-themed white wooden chairs compliments the improvised bar. The view to the left is certainly a bonus that puts you further in that dreamy beach sunset mood.
When you want to stay true to the coastal style and decorate using mostly white furniture, the Juelz stool will fit right in with your plans. Its gentle hues and durable hardwood and wood composite construction offers generous and comfortable seating. The seating area is upholstered, while the back has an X-shaped design. The fact that this stool has a swivel feature is a mere bonus.

Raegan Solid Wood Stools

Being able to decorate your home with a coastal theme is a dream come true because it literally makes you feel like you’re on a vacation at the beach every single day. However, pulling off this style isn’t always easy, and you might sometimes feel the need for some inspiration. We totally get that and, if you’re opting for a tall kitchen island or a bar, then we have some stunning coastal bar stool ideas in store for you.
Backless Coastal Stools


Zyaire Bar Counter Stool

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