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25 Amazing Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas You Have to See

Bedrooms are clearly designed to be an escape room, regardless of what you’re trying to escape from. They are meant to be converted into rooms for relaxation, helping you disconnect from the day-to-day problems. That makes them useful for more than just sleeping and, with the right ideas, you can create a bedroom sitting area…
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Master bedroom decor
Having a bubble chair in your bedroom is like making the ultimate statement that this is your space to relax. With this beautiful rattan construction, this chair is supported by a ceiling-mounted rope, but there are plenty of freestanding chairs you can opt for if you don’t want to drill holes in the ceiling.
This statement is true even when it comes to bedroom furnishings. If you have a lot of floor space available and want to create a master bedroom sitting area, you don’t have to go all out and fill up the entire space. Sometimes, having more room available can make the bedroom look bigger and gives you more room to breathe. Cramped-up bedrooms are never the solution.

Master Bedroom with Sitting Area Ideas

Ocean View Bedroom with white bed
Amazing Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Cozy Couch

Contemporary Bedroom in Philadelphia
Image from Rasmussen / Su Architects

When you want to make your own master bedroom sitting area, the good news is that every little bit of extra space can help. You don’t need to go all out and choose large or expensive furniture if you don’t have the room or the budget for it. You can literally create an amazing relaxation spot with a simple lounge chair and a floor lamp. Place a large plant next to you and you’re good to go. You can go as simple or as over-the-top as you want when you’re planning out your master bedroom with a sitting area, and the following list of ideas is here to show you just how many different options you have at your disposal.

Two-Person Sitting Area

Two-Person Sitting Area
Design from Vital Habitats

Bedrooms are clearly designed to be an escape room, regardless of what you’re trying to escape from. They are meant to be converted into rooms for relaxation, helping you disconnect from the day-to-day problems.

Fireplace Sitting Area

Rustic Bedroom in Salt Lake City
Image from Magleby Construction


Bedroom Bench

Transitional Bedroom in San Francisco
Bedroom interior design from Kerstin Dieterich Designs

To create a sitting area in your children’s bedroom, you can always opt for a bean bag. They are available in a lot of different color options, so matching the chroma scheme of their bedrooms should be fairly easy. Kids will love sitting on bean bags and watching TV, but they are also used for reading and, when paired with a low profile table, they can actually draw, work on crafts, or even do their homework.

Bedroom Bench with Storage

Beach Style Bedroom in Charleston
Picture from Wayne Windham Architect, P.A.

When you share a bedroom with a significant other and have some room to spare, consider adding a couple of accent chairs and a matching table. This can be a spot where you enjoy coffee together, talk about random stuff, or even play a game of chess. The accent chairs of choice here were a couple of barrel chairs, but club chairs or regular armchairs work just as well.

Storage Sitting Benches

Farmhouse Bedroom in San Francisco
Image from totalconcepts

When you get to have a gorgeous bedroom view such as the one in the picture, it would be a shame not to put that bedroom space to good use and place one or a couple of chairs next to that huge glass wall. You can opt for an accent chair paired with an ottoman to adopt a more comfortable position as you gaze out the window and dream of whatever it is you like to dream about.

Lounge Sitting Area

For an inviting bedroom, you can always use the space at the foot of the bed to add a loveseat, two accent chairs, and a glass-top coffee table. This can be a nice spot for having a coffee or enjoy a breakfast snack with the kids and your significant other.
That makes them useful for more than just sleeping and, with the right ideas, you can create a bedroom sitting area that allows you to perform other activities in the most comfortable and cozy room in the house. For those of you looking for sitting area ideas, we’ve put together a gallery that will show you just how you can turn a plain bedroom into a heavenly escape from the outside world.

Enjoying the View

Modern Bedroom in Los Angeles
Project from Griffin Enright Architects

This L.A. carpeted bedroom is dreamy, to say the least. It takes advantage of all that open space to place lounge chairs that’s perfect for relaxation whilst enjoying a view of the porch. Lounge chairs are extremely comfortable accent chairs that can be used for reading, meditation, and even for quick afternoon naps.

Bedroom Loveseat

Farmhouse Bedroom in Phoenix
AFT Construction

Transitional Bedroom in New York Working Area

Luxury Alcove

Mediterranean Bedroom in Austin
Image from Jenkins Custom Homes

Vibrance Bedroom with orange color accents

Accent Chairs

Transitional Bedroom in Los Angeles
Design from Vesta Luxury Home Staging

Whenever you have some free space just at the foot of the bed, you can install a couch on the opposite wall and enjoy a corner where you can relax. With a floor lamp, you can make this a reading spot, and quite a cozy one at that, especially if you opt for a few decorations as well (a large plant on the other end of the sofa or a painting right above it).

Four-People Sitting Area

Transitional Bedroom in Orlando
Tina Marie Interior Design

We loved this idea of having a loveseat placed at the foot of the bed, oriented in the same direction as the bed itself. This can be super effective when both of the furniture pieces are facing a TV or maybe a large window with a nice view. 

Bedroom Working Table

Traditional Bedroom in Houston
Image from Kevin Spearman Design Group, Inc.

Don’t you just love a bedroom with a view? I’m not sure how one could even get any remote work done here, as all I feel like doing is gazing out that window while seated in a comfortable chair. I’d like to talk about this image a little bit more, but all I feel like doing right now is daydreaming whilst looking at the ocean. Sorry!

Bubble Chair

Rustic Living Room in Denver
Image from Studio 80 Interior Design

You can easily take advantage of the space available and create a master bedroom sitting area if you have an alcove. In this example, we see tall windows with drapes that are complimented by a full-sized sitting area, with a couch, two armchairs, and a table, making this a stunning sitting corner.

Kids Bean Bag Sitting Area

Transitional Kids room in Miami
Image from Leighton Design Group

Having a bench at the foot of the bed is more about practicality and less about relaxation. This can serve as a spot for sitting and putting on your socks, folding the laundry, or whatever other bedroom-related activity you need to do that requires sitting down (especially if you have a mattress with poor edge support that compresses too much when you sit on the edge of the bed).

Adult’s Bean Bag Sitting Area

Transitional Kids room in New York
Image from Horrigan O’Malley Architects

Don’t be afraid to go bold when it comes to creating your seating area in your master bedroom. You can choose accent chairs with lively-colored cushioning and find matching bedding items of the same color to create an even more vibrant vibe. When you feel like switching it up, just buy new cushions and matching bedding in other colors.
Contemporary bedroom with a touch of Glam

Concealed Working Area

Traditional Bedroom in Los Angeles
Extra Alcove Space Bedroom with black bed

Elegant Bedroom Sitting Area

There are so many things that you can do when you have a little bit of imagination but even those of you that are out of ideas can benefit from browsing lists like this one we’ve put together. Creating a master bedroom sitting area isn’t about spending as much money as possible and buying all the seating furniture pieces that can fit. It’s about creating your own corner of relaxation so that you can convert most of your bedroom in a spot where you feel comfortable. Which one of today’s suggestions was your favorite?
Don’t let the title fool you: bean bags aren’t just for children. You can opt for adult-sized bean bags, such as these one covered in faux fur, and create your own relaxation oasis in your master bedroom. Imagine curling up with a good book on one of these comfortable babies!

Black & White Seating Area

Chic Black and White Contemporary Bedroom
Design from Weisshouse

We fell in love with the idea of placing this timeless wooden desk at the foot of the bed and using this as an additional workspace. It has plenty of room for a laptop, a table lamp, and even a few desk accessories or some plants. You can now send emails without the laptop heating up on your legs while you’re lying in bed.

Bohemian Sitting Area

Eclectic Bedroom in Portland
Ellie Lillstrom Photography

I can’t get over how this particular sitting area seems to have a little bit of everything. It is a spot filled with romantic vibes, a touch of glam given by the different gold accents surrounding the place, and the contemporary choice of furniture that just invites you to wear your favorite robe and sip on a cup of coffee as you gaze out the window.

Rustic Bedroom Setup

Rustic Bedroom in Richmond
Image from Jennings + Santa-Rita Architects, PLLC

If you liked the idea of having a bench at the foot of the bed, but you’re always looking for ways to save up space, how about a bench that comes with integrated storage? These products have seating areas that are attached to the base with hinges, allowing you to lift the seat and store bedding-related items, clothes, toys, or whatever it is that you want to get out of the way.

Ocean View

For those of you who are fans of decorating their homes with the Bohemian style, we have this amazing suggestion that uses the most comfortable accent chair decorated with a faux fur throw blanket, an ottoman that could serve as a small table, plus some other elements that you’d expect to see in such as setup.
We just love this idea of having a sitting area that doubles as a workspace and that can be concealed by a neutral-tone curtain dropping all the way down to the floor. As you can see, there is also a special spot to shove the stool underneath the work table, so you’re basically hiding this in plain sight whenever you don’t want to feel like the bedroom has turned into an office.

Extra Alcove Space

Modern Bedroom with ocean view
It would be a shame not to make a sitting area in a rustic-style master bedroom. Here you can see how a couple of armchairs are sitting by the large window, inviting you to enjoy the view. We just love this open plant that grants access to the view from both the bed and the sitting area. 

Color Pop

The choice to combine white furniture with black decorative pieces is the perfect way to show that elegance and simplicity tend to go hand-in-hand more often than we think. Here we have an example of how the seating area is separate from the sleeping one and it’s decorated with white chairs and an ottoman, contrasting with the black throw pillows and floor lamp. 
Here we can see that you don’t always need to place a bench at the foot of the bed if you feel it doesn’t fit the space. You can always opt for a couple of matching accent chairs and a side table between them, especially when they’re facing a window with a view. It definitely seems like the right place to enjoy a coffee on a Sunday morning.

Less Is More

The post 25 Amazing Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas You Have to See appeared first on Homedit.
When you have a more generous alcove space that basically makes it feel like you have an entire new room, you can always use this space for sitting. Add some accent chairs, go wild with the sofa of your choice, pop in some plants, some side tables, a floor lamp, or just keep it as simple as possible, depending on what sets the mood for you.

In Conclusion

Nothing says “cozy” and “inviting” more than a fireplace in the bedroom, and when you manage to set up a gorgeous rustic-style bedroom such as the one in the photo, you’re pretty much set in terms of how relaxing your bedroom can become. Pair that with a Chesterfield sofa with a dark upholstery color and you’re good to go.
Taking the previous two ideas to a whole new level, having an expanded master bedroom sitting area that runs along the length of the wall and uses the space below the seating for storage purposes is another excellent way to benefit from more of the available room space. As you can see, this concept is all about large storage drawers with tops used for seating.

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