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25 Cozy Ways To Decorate With Wood Wall Planks

Have you considered using wood for things other than furniture or flooring? Wood wall planks are versatile and add value to your home. Tap into their beauty to create a theme for your kitchen or bedroom. Wood wall planks can be a unique focal point and make any room look and feel inviting. If you…
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Alabaster planks are engineered hardwood veneer panels. The material is made with high spec nature grade European oak and has some knots, color variations, and sap.
This Nest Is Blessed offers information on how to makeover a bathroom for less than 0. You won’t believe how it transforms a small bathroom into something modern and chic. The instructions suggest two cans of espresso and gray stain. You can add color variants if you want more character.
You can use reclaimed wood as it adds history to a room. Also, mix and match planks with colors or textures. If you prefer a uniform design, that’s easy to find. Look at this project on atcharlotteshouse for inspiration.

Use Wood Wall Planks to Create a Warm and Welcoming Home Environment

1. Accent With Shiplap

For a different addition to an RV bedroom, you’ll like this from Joyfully Growing. It can turn a small into something warmer while offering a modern rustic feel. Instead of classic horizontal planks, this geometric design can spice up any interior.
We love the look of distressed wood and we’re aware that the right boards are not easy to find. No worries because you can recreate this look with paint. The technique is simple and you can find the details on shanty-2-chic. The wood covers the bottom half, which is a pretty cool look.

2. DIY Reclaimed Wood Project

Wood wall planks can be a unique focal point and make any room look and feel inviting. If you want to know how, check out the following cool ideas. You can order the materials featured here and they can be delivered to your location.
Instructables offers us this design that’s ideal for large rooms. Stain the wood beforehand so you’ll need to find a pre-stain conditioner to reduce blotches. By testing stains, you can see what fits.

3. DIY Wood Plank Walls Tutorial

Floral Wood Plank
The weathered boards add texture, so you don’t have to worry about painting. Remember, it’s not hard to find promotions on the materials, so look around before buying.

4. DIY Entryway Plank

Accent an area with mixed wood for something fresh. In this example from uncookiecutter, the materials include stained wood paneling in different colors. You’ll need a saw and nails for this project, but it’s simple and easy.
DIY Wood Planked Accent Wall

5. Mixed Wood

Wood isn’t waterproof, so planks can gather mold if they’re exposed to water. For bathroom projects, cement board works best for shower tiles and bathtub floor surfaces.
This design from Dimples and Tangles creates a unique look and feel. If the wood isn’t level, you can work around it to achieve e a rustic look. If it’s difficult, consider flipping it over until it fits. The tan paint minimizes the gaps. You could try peel and stick wood panels.

6. DIY Real Wood Pallet

 Reading Nook
House of Rose provides information on this DIY white shiplap project. It would be a cheap way to decorate a bathroom or your ceiling, for example. Adding planks to your home doesn’t mean you have to use natural brown colors. White planks look great in any room and add brightness. This project uses real plywood as it’s cheaper but looks like shiplap.

7. DIY Distressed Planks

If you’re not ready to go the whole way and add real wood to your home, consider an accent around your television. Kenya Rae gives us information on how to make this project that adds a warm touch behind a TV and above a fireplace. It allows you to test your feelings on wood planking without committing to a full makeover.
White plank wall project

8. DIY Faux Wood Plank

Faux Shiplap Wall for Your Laundry Room
Diva of DIY offers this décor project which can transform the look and feel of your living room or stairway. They’ve taken one of their biggest walls and changed it. Plywood adds depth as it looks like it could spring to action.

9. Colorful Wood Planking

This one from Thrifty Decor Chick, gives us information on how you don’t need to spend a fortune to create a stylish living environment. We love the idea of using this on your stairway or landing, but it could fit on something plain. It offers a warm feel if you want to use empty spaces.
Stained Wood

10. Herringbone Planks

Have you considered using wood for things other than furniture or flooring? Wood wall planks are versatile and add value to your home. Tap into their beauty to create a theme for your kitchen or bedroom.
Peel and stick wood planks are good for surfaces that don’t allow nails. You can use them on tile and concrete surfaces. You’ll need to make sure the surface is smooth and clean so the adhesive will stick. You can order the materials online and have them delivered to your home.

11. Stained Wood

White Wood Shiplap
Reclaimed wood plank wall DIY

12. Thick Wood

Installing planks is a one-day, cheap DIY project and without special services. You can use shiplap to create an accent area. After you’ve installed the planks, paint them for a whitewashed look. You can check out frontporchmercantile for more details and insight.
For nursery decoration ideas, you’ll love this floral design from Tracey’s Fancy. It’s ideal for a baby girl’s room. The design creates floral patterns with tissue paper. You could also add flowers. A hand sander will distress the tissue paper board to give it a country look.

13. White Wood Shiplap

Joyfully Growing provides information on how to create this stained backdrop that adds warmth and texture to a bedroom. The real wood look can influence a room’s theme. The project requires shiplap, which is a sign that it’s cheap. After installation, apply stain to create a rustic appearance that suits your home’s décor.
DIY Reclaimed Wood Project

14. DIY Weathered Boards

Distresed wood plank wall
Modern Wood Accent
HDF stands for high-density fiberboard and is an engineered wood product. It’s made from wood fiber extracted from pulped wood waste and chips.

15. Floral Wood Plank

You can combine colors to achieve this look by painting them instead of using reclaimed pieces or different types of wood. Check out this color combo from lovelyetc. You can use three colors: grey, white, and blue.
Wood planks and shiplap are installed horizontally but they don’t have to be. You can install planks vertically if you’d rather put an emphasis on the height of a space. Look at this project from tagandtibby to see how this pattern looks with a pitched roofline.

16. Modern Wood Accent

Planks are a great way to hide permanent stains or damage. They also provide a simple way to enhance a room’s appearance. For those who want an eco-friendly living environment, planks will also help you achieve this goal.
RV Bedroom Wood Wall

17. Cheap Wood Accent

The design is ideal for larger projects. For example, it would make a nice backdrop for dinner parties. The white color helps the area feel lighter and airy. You’ll find this is the best option for large spaces. If you use planks, go with a light color to avoid darkening the room.
Cheap Wood Accent

18. RV Bedroom Wood Wall

bathroom Makeover
How about adding a cozy reading nook? We couldn’t think of a better material for a reading nook. It will become your favorite spot. Gray House Studio shares their completed project, which is finished with a reading bench and place to store your favorite books. By cutting and staining the wood yourself, you can control the look and create a beautiful aesthetic.

19. Bathroom Makeover

Thickness will have an impact and look delightful in any room. Project Nursery shares information on how to apply this to a child’s bedroom. They offer room and office décor ideas that you will find useful. This DIY project takes four days to finish.
Colorful Wood Planking

20. Fence Wood

Wood plank walls are a nice touch, even for transitional spaces and outdoor areas. An entryway would be a good idea. It’s a space you want to look warm and inviting. The hooks are easy to install on planks, and do not require extra services. You can even create a small shelf to display framed photos and other items. These inspiring ideas come from sawdustsisters.
Love Create Celebrate shares this design that would complement an entryway. You’ll appreciate how this DIY project can fit in small spaces. You can use any color, but we love darker shades. The mirror provides a contrast to dark colors, adding light to the entryway.

21. Reading Nook

Fence Wood Wall
DIY Entryway Plank

22. Wood Slants

Whitewood walls look great in bathrooms or utility rooms and can transform a small space to deliver a relaxed and beach look. Statement walls can also change a living area.
DIY Weathered Boards

23. Laundry Room Faux Shiplap

Beautiful Chevron Wall plank
Mixed wood plank wall

24. DIY Wood Planked Accent

The post 25 Cozy Ways To Decorate With Wood Wall Planks appeared first on Homedit.
Wood Wall Planks

25. Plywood Accents

Love & Renovations shows us how to make this DIY accent hat looks stylish behind a large bed in a master bedroom or guest room. You’ll love spending time in your bedroom after completing this addition. You can enhance the room by adding bedside furniture or wooden artwork.
Wood Slat Wall
Any style looks great for accented surfaces, but these patterns aren’t the only choices. You’ll find plenty of cool and inspiring ideas for flooring or your ceiling. This herringbone design is from designertrapped. It may not be as easy to make, but it’s stylish.
You can cover almost anything with wood planks. It’s easier when there aren’t any things in your way and it’s just walls and windows. The same goes for irregular shaped walls, like what you’ll find in attics. Check out these great makeovers on thehouseofsmiths.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do Peel And Stick Wood Wall Planks Work?

Old pallets are great sources for reclaimed wood boards. As you can see in this project from addicted2diy uses as a prime material. The pallets are broken down and the boards are glued one at a time and starting from the top. If the colors on the boards don’t match, that’s a good sign because this gives your planks more character.

What Are Alabaster Planks?

DIY Faux Wood Plank

What Is HDF?

Accent With Shiplap

Are Wood Wall Planks Waterproof?

Thick Wood

What Does MDF Mean?

Add a Plywood Accent Wall to Your Home

Wood Wall Planks Conclusion

When your friends visit they won’t notice the difference between real or faux shiplap thanks to this DIY idea from Artsy Chicks Rule. It’s cheaper than the real thing and looks the same after it’s applied. This would look good in a laundry room or bathroom as it creates a relaxed vibe.
MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. Planks that are MDF-rated are moisture-resistant, not water-resistant or waterproof. The planks are best for wainscoting projects.

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