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25 DIY Plant Stands to Fill Your Home With Greenery

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Do you ever come across a lovely plant at the store that you simply must have and bring it home to find that you have no place to put it? Join the club. If your surfaces are covered with greenery, maybe it’s time to start collecting plant stands instead of houseplants. However, stands for your…




Wash Tub Herb Garden Wire Spool Plant Stand 150x150
Long Low Level Stand 150x150
Copper Pipe And Marble 150x150
Plant Cubes 150x150 How can you resist a hack when it’s from IKEA? This project takes an IKEA plant stand and vamps it up with acacia wood. It’s such a midcentury modern plant stand that your house simply must have this. (via Sugar and Cloth)

The Perfect DIY Plant Stands For Any Budget

1. Classic Wooden Stool

DIY mini cube plant stand
I couldn’t resist including another desk sized plant stand. This little cube is the perfect piece to add a little greenery and a little art to your desk. Paint it or stain it if you want to go all out. (via Love Decorations)

2. Country Wooden Bench

This spin on the popular Scandinavian style plant stand is a great way to give your greens a bit of glam. The copper pipe automatically makes this project non-carpenter friendly and simple to create in an afternoon. (via Pure Sweet Joy)
Here’s a lovely plant stand that will add to your outdoor patio decor. Not only will it give you a splash of color, but it will also help give you some privacy. Whatever color you paint it, you’ll enjoy filling it with life each spring. (via Hawthorne and Main)

3. Small Copper Pipe Stand

Is there a space in your home where you would love to put some greenery but don’t have the room? DIY this narrow plant stand to give some life to your hallway, your foyer, or wherever else you think there isn’t space. (via A Beautiful Mess)
Wire Spool Plant Stand

4. Scandinavian Flair

Mid century cube plant stand with gold legs
Many plants need to be moved around depending on the seasons and the light. For your larger plants, put some wheels on a slice of wood and you’ll have an instant plant stand that is easily movable from window to window. (via Bigger Than The Three Of Us)

5. Unique Air Plant Stand

Looking for something simple and country-fied? Build a narrow bench that you can place in front of your window. Not only will it hold your plants in rustic style, but it will also act as a side table for the perfect reading nook. (via Shabby Grace)
DIY tiered plant stand

6. Repurposed Lamp Shade

DIY Plant Stands
DIY hairpin plant stand

7. Hairpin Leg Stool

DIY plant stand ladder
Now, this DIY plant stand is truly unique and will have everyone asking how you did it! The process to create it is explained in A Beautiful Mess, but you will basically need a wooden circle, wooden knobs, and some glue. After you’ve assembled the piece, which will only take a few minutes, let the glue dry then you are ready to paint it! This is a piece that is very simple to customize to match your color décor and to repaint when you want to update your living room changes over the years.

8. Tri-Level Plant Display

However, stands for your plants can be pricey. If you’ve ever looked one over, you’ve probably had thoughts like “I can make this myself.” And in fact, you can! Here are 25 DIY plant stands to fill your home with greenery without busting your budget.
When you have a lot of plants to make stands for, the task can feel quite daunting. This low-level stand featured on Enjoy It is a great one to create to get all your plants on one stand. You will just need some furniture legs, a wooden plank, and wood stain or paint of your choice. Be aware of your leg placement as you build, as it is recommended to put them closer to the middle to help hold the weight, but this can also make this stand a bit like a see-saw if one side is loaded with heavier plants than the other.

9. Petite Desk Cube

This plant stand is the perfect addition to the home of those who have small plants they’d like to combine into a cute indoor garden. This project is featured in Liz Marie Blog and will add amazing farmhouse charm to whatever room or corner you place it in. The vintage washtub needed to create this project can usually be found at any tractor supply store or a local antique store if you prefer. It’s suggested to line the tub with some sort of plastic cloth, especially when buying it second hand, so no dirt or water can leak on your floor.
Do you have too many hanging plants and not enough ceiling hooks? Or maybe one of your indoor plants needs to be put outdoors for some more sunlight but you don’t have a porch. You can easily make this hanging plant stand as featured on Décor and The Dog just using materials you have around the house! And although you can attach a chalkboard and write a message as pictured in the example, you could also attach a mirror or nice painting for a year-round indoor decoration.

10. Narrow Hallway Display

DIY air plant stand
Air plants are possibly the easiest house plant to take care of so they will suit the easiest DIY plant stand ever. Plus, you can personalize this one with the color and style you use for painting the wood. Cover it in hearts. Add your initials. Paint it neon pink. Whatever reflects your style. (via Decor Asylum)

11. Copper Pipe Meets Scandinavian

A thrifty project is a repurposed project. Look for lamp shades at the local thrift shop that you can strip to the wire, paint, and use as a plant stand. You can be done literally in a day. (via The Merrythought)
The post 25 DIY Plant Stands to Fill Your Home With Greenery appeared first on Homedit.

12. Plant Wall

Okay, so this only sort of counts as a plant stand because you can use it for so many things. But just imagine filling this with ferns and vines in your living room. Or place it on your patio and display your herb garden on the tiers. It will be the star piece of your space. (via Making It In The Mountains)
DIY wood slice stand

13. Recycled Dresser Drawer

Potted Plant Wall
These plant cube stands featured on Mom in Music City can be a great addition to your home if you are looking for a DIY way to make your plants different heights! They’re modern, minimalistic, and can fit into almost any aesthetic. They’re painted white in the example, but you can certainly paint them a different color depending on the plant and room they are designed for. You can additionally paint the pots your plants are in to really make this plant stands pop.

14. Make Your Plants Mobile

This plant stand is probably what you think of when you think of plant stands at all. The low stool-like design is perfect for hoisting your larger leaves just a little higher. (via A Beautiful Mess)
With all of these amazing DIY plant stand ideas, you can guarantee you will now have the perfect place for any plant you decide to bring home from the store! And no matter what gorgeous stands you decide to craft, they are sure to make an amazing addition to your home! Just be prepared for all of your guests to question where you found your amazing plant stand!

15. Plant Ladder

Your desk deserves some greenery too, whether you work in a cubicle or a home office. Put together this little copper pipe stand that is perfect for holding a few succulents. (via Pure Sweet Joy)
Long Low Level Stand 1

16. Hanging Plant Stand

Plant Cubes
DIY plant stand bench

17. Plant Cubes

Modern brass legs stand plant
This plant stand outlined in 2 Bees in a Pod, is definitely on the larger side. It will not help you save space and you will probably need a large area to display it properly—maybe even outdoors. But with a nice coat of paint, a recycled wire spool can serve as an awesome multi-level plant stand for numerous larger potted plants. You can even add wheels, as they did in the example, so you can transfer this plant stand from place to place with ease.

18. Copper Pipe And Marble

Do you ever come across a lovely plant at the store that you simply must have and bring it home to find that you have no place to put it? Join the club. If your surfaces are covered with greenery, maybe it’s time to start collecting plant stands instead of houseplants.
Corner Plant Stand

19. Wire Spool Plant Stand

Hanging Plant Stand
If you have an unoccupied corner, you aren’t sure what to do with, this corner plant stand will make an excellent addition to your home. In this example by Bob Vila, the stand was made with two levels to showcase two different plants, but you could always build it with three shelves or more depending on the size and number of plants you have. The color of the stand can also be painted to match the room you are placing it in.

20. Wooden Ball Stool

I’ve always enjoyed the look of hairpin legs. By using them on a slice of wood, you can create a plant stand design that’s modern and rustic all at the same time. (via My Life From Home)
Still, have copper pipe lying around from the previous two copper pipe plant stands? Well, use them with a slab of marble to make this elegant plant stand as featured in A Bubbly Life. The cool thing about this particular stand is that it is sturdy enough to hold items besides just your plants. Make this piece tall enough and you can have yourself a beautiful multi-purpose side table that can also be used to hold your plants from time to time.

21. Potted Plant Wall

DIY hanging gutter stand
Before you throw out that old dresser, save a drawer! Attach it to a tray table and you’ll have a tray-like plant stand that you can stuff full of greenery. (via Happy Together)

22. Corner Plant Stand

Copper Pipe And Marble
DIY mini pipe plant stand

23. Multi-Level Window Potted Plant Holder

This idea by Angela Marie Made is quite similar to the aforementioned plant wall, but instead of using plant boxes to display your flowers, you can display pots instead. This can be made as either an indoor plant stand or an outdoor plant stand, but if you are making it for your home, you will need to take the height into account. In the pictured example, the potted plant wall comes to a final height of 66.5” which is over 5ft tall. You can make the wall taller or short depending on your preferences, and what will fit best in the space you are designing it for.
DIY pipe plant stand

24. Long Low-Level Stand

If you’re into Scandinavian decorating, you’ve probably seen plant stands like this one floating around your Pinterest boards. Now you can make one yourself for half the price of buying it. That’s a win for you and for your plants. (via A Beautiful Mess)
DIY drawer plant stand

25. Wash Tub Herb Garden

Alright, so this one isn’t much of a stand, but it is a great DIY craft to hold your plants in the sunlight! This stand is showcased on Living The Gray Life, and can be built to hold six different potted plants. The process to create this plant stand is quick and straightforward, so you can definitely make them for each of your windows. Just be cautious as to the type of sunlight the window gets before you place certain plants in this holder, as some plants can get sunburned in direct light.
Multi Level Window Potted Plant Holder


DIY thrifted plant stand
Ball Stool

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