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25 Geek Furniture Designs To Spruce Your Home Office

The term geek describes an odd or non-mainstream person and it has several different connotations, not all being positive. It’s usually employed to describe a computer expert or enthusiast but it may also refer to someone that’s truly invested in a hobby. They may be odd or strange but they need furniture too. Certain designers…
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Blank CD Chair
Another small piece of furniture you probably didn’t think of swapping out for something geeky is the trash can. But that’s probably because you haven’t seen this sweet Tardis trash can by Technabob. There is a pedal near the bottom for easy access when your hands are full, and you will absolutely love how the top lightbulb lights up when the trash bin is opened. And it additionally has that nifty bar to keep your trash bag in place.
This next piece of furniture is for the geeky kid, or kids, in your life. And the best part is, you can find the DIY instructions on Instructables, keeping the costs of acquiring this piece low. The project doesn’t require any extensive carpentry skills, but you will need to be able to assemble pieces of wood. You will also need to possess the skills necessary to paint the bunk bed yourself, using stencils to achieve the Imperial Walker look.

The Best Geek Furniture Designs For Those Who Love Technology

1. Blank CD Chair

IPhone Coffee Table
Another similar piece of furniture is the Pac Man coffee table. Everyone knows this game and, even though we don’t play it anymore, it’s still a great part of our lives. This unique coffee table is a beautiful and elegant representation of this great symbol. It’s something you might like to use in the media room or even the living room.

2. Mathematical Symbol Clock

The floppy disk coffee table from Spot Cool Stuff is the ideal tech furniture gift for the old school computer geek in your life. This table is black with silver accents, leading it to naturally fit into any living room design. It also has a hidden remote-control compartment so it will give utility to the room in more ways than one. If black is not the color of your living room, you could also consider painting this piece another color with spray paint.
tech furniture Rubik Cube Dresser

3. Controller Coffee Table

tech furniture Space Invader Couch
This is an excellent solution for those who can’t decide what type of furniture they want to put where. The Tetris themed furniture board by Behance features pull out drawers, tables, and even seating options, making it the catch all furniture piece perfect for any office or game room. Store all your gaming equipment in these uniquely shaped drawers, pulling out the table whenever you want to play a riveting game of Chess or Battleship. When you are done with any of these features, you can push the table back in leaving you with a minimalistic design suitable for even the smallest spaces.

4. Pac Man Coffee Table

Is finding your clothes in the morning a little too easy? Make it more of a scramble with this Rubik’s Cube dresser. This is another DIY project that will make adding geek furniture to your home a breeze. You can follow the instructions for this project on Man Made DIY and before you know it, you will have a totally rad dresser for you or your kid’s room! Just don’t get too frustrated if you can’t solve more than one side at a time.
For those that like chemistry and find it fun and interesting, here’s a nice piece: the periodic table of elements on a duvet cover. Let the elements create harmony as you relax and make your hobby and passion a part of your everyday life.

5. Oversized iPhone Table

The Qwerty Sofa by Design Milk is perfect for those who tend to spend more time at their computer than anywhere else. Although it may look as if it is made out of actual keyboard keys, the couch itself is plush, and the back can be reclined, using the built-in electrical motor, to make a futon when someone stays the night. Of course it may not be the most comfortable sleeping on a couch designed to imitate keys but it really is a sleek design that will look great in any office setting.
Since the iPhone is so popular and so important for many of us, it was bound for such a piece of furniture to appear sooner or later. The iPhone coffee table exploits this symbol and offers us an oversized, furniture version of the gadget. Organize your apps the way you like it and personalize your furniture.
Periodic table duvet2
tech furniture Tetris Plant Pots
Pimped out john

7. Table Of Elements Duvet

tech furniture Dr. Who Fridge
Geek Furniture Designs

8. Techno Toilet

Displaying your items on a shelf will be much more fun when that shelf is themed like Donkey Kong! The concept was invented by a Los Angeles Designer by the name of Igor Chak and is featured on Dornob. But if these heavy-duty glass shelves are a bit out of your price range, don’t worry, as you can easily implement this idea on some plain black shelves using pink paint. Then you will just need some crafting supplies, and green paint, to make the ladders that go between the shelves. Install them in uneven layers, like in the picture, and enjoy having a place to store all your video games and Donkey Kong memorabilia.
tech furniture Aliens Lamp

9. Frozen Hans Solo Desk

For the gamers we have a special treat. This is the PS3 coffee table. As you can see, its base is formed of two PS3 controllers and the top is made of glass and is transparent in order to allow you to admire the base from every angle. It’s too bad you can’t actually use them.
Pac Man Coffee Table

10. Hard Drive Clock

Star Wars fans are everywhere and they come from all domains and places on the globe. The designer of this desk definitely seems to be a fan. This amazing Star Wars-inspired desk was designed by Tom Spina and it’s doesn’t even need a description. Its design says it all. So if you want to add a personal and fun touch to your office, this would be the way to do it.
Computer experts and enthusiasts will definitely find this piece cool. It’s a table clock designed to resemble a hard drive. Well, it’s actually a real hard drive that has been repurposed. It features the finest quartz clock motor and it’s a great piece to display on the desk or nightstand. It’s also a great idea for a gift.

11. Three Level Imperial Walker Bunk Bed

Looking for a bookshelf to store all your geeky books and video games? This Mario themed bookshelf on  Waylou is a must have for any home looking for geek furniture. This bookcase is made from wood and features the signature question mark box that is easily recognizable from the Super Mario game. Even though it is themed to please a gamer, this project looks refined enough that it can really fit in with almost any décor theme you currently have going on in your home.
The term geek describes an odd or non-mainstream person and it has several different connotations, not all being positive. It’s usually employed to describe a computer expert or enthusiast but it may also refer to someone that’s truly invested in a hobby.

12. Rubik’s Cube Dresser

How you ever thought that a toilet could actually be more than that. Well, the designer of this model did, and here’s the result. It’s a toilet that features a TV, TiVo, DVD, Xbox, laptop, refrigerator, megaphone, and iPod dock. It has more than you could ask from any other toilet and it’s also quite stylish.
tech furniture Three Level Imperial Walker Bunk Bed

13. Qwerty Sofa

tech furniture Floppy Disk Coffee Table
tech furniture Tardis Trash Can

14. Donkey Kong Shelves

Geek Clock
Social pillows

15. Tetris Plant Pots

Telling time can become a challenge when you have a clock like this one. Of course, for mathematic enthusiasts, it’s as easy as it’s ever been. Instead of displaying numbers, this clock features formulas and symbols, some of which are quite simple to decipher while others are a little more complicated.
tech furniture Tetris Furniture Board

16. Pac Man Chair

tech furniture Mario Themed Bookcase
tech furniture Donkey Kong Shelves

17. Mario Themed Bookcase

Office desk
Gaming geeks will absolutely love this Pac Man chair. Yellow on the outside with a wide-open mouth to create the image of the famous game character, the inside is filled with plush material that is comfortable for sitting. The chair is round, and low to the ground, perfect for gaming or doing work on a laptop computer. This piece would fit well in a Pac Man themed room like this one displayed in Home Tone.

18. Pac Man Bookcase

For example, the Blank CD Chair definitely has a unique design. It’s a chair made from lots and lots of CDs and it’s actually quite comfortable. But it’s one of those elements that you would rather keep for display since it’s so unusual and so interesting. It would fit perfectly in a modern or contemporary home, especially if there are also other unique pieces included in the décor.

19. Dr. Who Fridge

These Tie Fighter Chairs on Creative Bloq will both take your breath away and take your living room to another level. They are classy, sleek, and most of all, geeky on a whole new level! Imagine you are flying around the galaxy while relaxing on the plush seat of one of these comfy chairs, or flip on a Star Wars movie and feel like you are part of the action. These chairs come in both black and white making them a simple fit into any décor style.
Pac Man Chair

20. Floppy Disk Coffee Table

Did you see a furniture piece on this list that you liked? The truth is, you don’t have to be a geek to like geek or tech furniture. Some of these pieces are amazingly useful and classy despite their geek nature. So get creative, and don’t be afraid to cater your next décor change to center around the Tetris Furniture Board or the adorable Qwerty Sofa, because you never know what amazing room you might create!
Awesome coffee table designs 11

21. Aliens Themed Lamp

They may be odd or strange but they need furniture too. Certain designers have dedicated their time and talent to create unique pieces that respond to all sorts of unique needs and preferences. These geek furniture designs are actually very interesting.
These days we tend to spend a lot of time on social networks. It’s still a form of socialization as we interact with our friends but it’s also very different from everything we’ve experienced so far. Nevertheless, it’s progress. So celebrate it with these lovely and fun pillows inspired by some of the most popular social networks.

22. Tardis Trash Can

Il 570xN 7240385
tech furniture Pac Man Bookcase

23. Tetris Furniture Board

tech furniture Tie Fighter Chair
Of course, if you’re already going for the Pac Man theme, you can’t very well mess that up with a Mario bookcase. This Pac Man bookcase on Ginepro can be attached directly to the wall and used to hold all of your most important things. It is a bit smaller than some of the other bookcases on this list but it is a great feature when trying to save space in a smaller apartment. Since this bookcase must be attached to the wall, it will let you save floor space for other amazing pieces of geek furniture.

24. Tie Fighter Chair

This is a geek furniture piece designed by Igor Chak and featured on Dornob, that will fit right into the home of any gamer. This couch is not only themed like an alien from the famous game Space Invaders but it is also made of leather for easy care and cleaning. Which is a good thing, because the armrest of this couch has a built-in fridge! This means you can play your favorite game in style without needing to take breaks to go to the fridge for beverages.
Now that you’ve got a geek couch, clock, and coffee table, it’s time to move on to some of the smaller pieces of furniture around your house. Check out these Aliens themed lamps by Waylou. These lamps are made out of lacquer and are wicked cool. They come in a couple of different colors and styles and can add flavor to any room. They are also beautifully detailed down to the smallest touches, which is sure to have everyone asking where you got them.

25. Space Invader Couch

For those that loved, or still do love, the classic game of Tetris, these planting pots featured on Epheriell Designs will make the perfect addition to your home. And the cool thing is, you can plant your plants in the individual pots, then rearrange them as they grow and change. This makes these pots both fun for your geek side, as well as for your gardening side! The insides of these pots are painted bright colors, making these a neat decoration even if you decide not to use them for plants.
Have you ever wanted to redesign your kitchen in a geek theme but you aren’t sure how? Use this special fridge skin and stickers by Glass Sculpture to transform your fridge into the Dr. Who call box. They even offer special edition stickers for the Christmas season. The fridge skin can easily be removed and washed when sticky situations arise, and it is made to order so you can rest assured that the skin will fit your fridge like a glove.
tech furniture Qwerty Sofa
The post 25 Geek Furniture Designs To Spruce Your Home Office appeared first on Homedit.

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