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25 Inspiring Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

Thanks to its visual focus, Instagram is a natural platform for interior design, designers and design enthusiasts. It has become the go-to social media app to look for inspiration and like minds. If there’s a style you like, there’s an Instagram hashtag for you to explore. Besides being a natural source for ideas, it’s also…
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Elegant interiors of all sorts, peppered with a sprinkling of drool-worthy outdoor spaces and vistas make up the Imperfect Interiors feed. This London-based designer creates rooms that have personality and comfort at their core. “Because who wants to live in a soulless showroom?” is the guiding mantra for her design and Beth Dadswell carries that out to perfection. The designs look so effortless – even though we all know that’s generally never the path to such beautiful rooms. Mustard seating and wood stool from Sarah Sherman Samuel's
Ryan Korban Instagram account
Joanna Gaines Interior designer instagram
Benjamin Vandiver's Living Room Decor American decor from markdsikes interiors 1024x624


Candacemaryinteriors 1024x1024
Unlike most of the other Instagram accounts in this list, The Modern House is not run by designers, but rather real estate agents. The London-based agency sells beautiful homes across the UK, which gives them entree into many types of stylish abodes. There’s a wealth of styles pictured on the site, but we’ll hazard a guess that you’d want to live in many of them, because we certainly do. With stunning interior as well as exterior photos, this site is a must-follow.


Deecampling 819x1024
Orlando Soria is an LA-based interior designer and visual artist. Soria parlayed his experience as the on-camera assistant for Emily Henderson‘s Television home makeover series Secrets From A Stylist. Full of lively interior shots and some of his other adventures, Soria’s feed is on you’ll want to follow also because of the engaging, sometimes sarcastic, commentary that goes with the posts.  You’ll not only get plenty of design inspo, but more than a few chuckles too.


Scandinavian style from myscandinavianhome
Mustard seating and wood stool from Sarah Sherman Samuel's


For lovers of the clean, uncluttered Scandinavian aesthetic, the @mynordicroom is a must-follow Instagram account. The Copenhagen-based feed features all kids of rooms that are relaxed and very inspirational for today’s lifestyles. Family-friendly spaces are largely neutral with a pop of pastels here and there. Form and function blend seamlessly in every single space. Nothing feels contrived and all the rooms are very welcoming, from the overall design to the accent décor.
Self-described as not your basic DIY, @britdotdesign’s account features the serene interiors of her own home that have a “desert deco” vibe, despite the fact that she lives in the Midwest. She calls her home her canvas and for good reason: The beautiful rooms were previously a sorely neglected ranch-style house. The results of the transformation are gorgeous: Casual, refined, unfussy and perfectly coordinated. Even if you’re not a DIY enthusiast, browsing through her creative projects is so inspiring! By the way, she makes her own furniture too.


If your taste tends to run toward the traditional end of the spectrum of American décor, Mark D. Sikes Interiors’ feed has gorgeously inspirational rooms. From distinctive traditional bedroom designs, to living spaces that are slightly more transitional, there’s something for everyone. Sikes is also known for his book More Beautiful: All-American Decoration as well as his penchant for blue and white décor. This account is truly “in service to beauty.”
Nicolocastellinibaldissera and casa tosca 844x1024


Imperfectinteriors 829x1024
Interior stylist Kirsten Grove runs her company Simply Grove which focuses on being a creative outlet for all things aesthetically beautiful. Grove fills her feed with images from client work as well as other stunning spaces that will inspire designers as well everyday homeowners. All of the rooms are understated, casual and never overdone. She calls it design eye candy, and that it is!


Joanna Gaines Interior designer instagram
This is by no means an exhaustive list, and in fact we had some serious trouble narrowing it down to this short list. Especially if you’re new to the design realm, start with these Instagram accounts and they will surely lead you to others that you find useful and interesting. Go ahead, explore!


Kirsten Grove - copper pendant light
Another city-to-country transplant with an entirely different focus is Paula Sutton and her @hillhousevintage account. The former fashion industry figure and mother of three decamped to the English countryside and now focuses on her beautiful home and her shabby chic twist on traditional English interior décor. Intermingled with some fancy frocks, the images serve up gorgeous design inspiration along with enviable outdoor shots. Sutton has a blog and often talks about how she haunts flea markets and fairs seeking out vintage finds for her home and to paint and restore for sale.


Kate Watson-Smyth Interior design on Instagram ideas
Dreaming of moving to a country farmhouse? Then follow KariAnne Wood who moved her family out of the city and into a vintage farmhouse  — definitely not in a city. The renovations and the related DIY projects she highlights offer up fun and inspiring ideas for projects and updates of your own. From seasonal floral additions to organization and décor for literally every room of the house, Wood’s feed has it for you. If that’s not enough, she writes an engaging blog with even more ideas and tips too.
Thistlewood living area 859x1024
Obviously, this feed is all things Adler. From his stunning interiors to individual products that range from luxurious to cheeky, there’s something fun for everyone. The great thing about Jonathan Adler’s pieces is that they work in so many different types of interiors. Images provide ample inspiration for putting them all together and how to use the different items. Even understated elements have a touch of whimsy that set them apart.
Emily Henderson Interior design Instagram Account


Clean, uncluttered and well-edited, Grant K. Gibson’s feed features spaces that are comfortable as well as stylish, It’s also peppered with travel photos that help set the vibe and serve as inspiration to designers as well as dreamers. The eclectic photos have a calming quality, and despite being dramatic, the images are very soothing. We also have to mention Wesley, Gibson’s adorable Westie who accompanies him in tasks as well as adventures.
Colorful and lush, Italian interior designer Nicolo Castellini Baldissera’s feed is full of gorgeous images from his home in Tangiers as well as the homes of friends and clients. The exotic and maximalist images convey a relaxed feeling and are never stuffy. Baldissera comes from a line of renowned architects so great design is essentially in his DNA, and it shows in the shots of his expertly crafted spaces – and gardens. Those who love what they see can shop for furniture made by Italian and Moroccan craftsmen at @casa.tosca, where he is creative director.


jonathanadler instagram account
Self-described arbiter of taste Ryan Korban specializes in retail design that focuses on luxury, but he has also created stunning spaces for a who’s-who in fashion, film and music. Korban’s interiors adeptly intermingle luxury styles, touches of old-world romance with an edge of urban cool. The feed has both commercial and residential interiors to feed your need for dreamy designs. If that’s not enough, Korban has a new book out that is sure to have lots more gorgeous images.


Even better, most design accounts include plenty of posts that give you a taste of the personality of the design profession or even project a certain type of lifestyle. While it’s easy to find accounts to follow, we’ve picked 25 must-follow Instagrammers if you want to stay abreast of the latest in interior design.
Orlando Soria Interior Design


Benjamin Vandiver’s Instagram feed has hundreds of images featuring spaces that may seem a bit restrained on the surface but are eminently luxurious. From butter colored French sofas to over-the-top veined marble bathrooms, there’s a wide range of inspiration. Throw in an eclectic array of travel images and this is another account that is not to be missed.
Stylish, modern and never overdone, the spaces highlighted in the Candace Mary Interiors account look totally livable. The designer is based in Chicago and Detroit and also runs a staging service. She creates rooms that are largely neutral but not too safe and highlight loads of texture. There are plenty of distinctive elements to give the space personality and flair!


One of the hottest accounts from the UK, Green and Mustard is the product of two passionate design enthusiasts, Sally and Anna. The mother-and-daughter-in-law duo serves up all kinds of interiors, from bright with lots of prints, to moodier, monochrome spaces that are equally enticing. Their marketing and visual merchandising experience helps make their posts visually attractive and engaging.
Green and Mustard Instagram account - interior design


The post 25 Inspiring Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow appeared first on Homedit.
Grant K. Gibson Interior Design Instagram


That quintessential California feeling emanates from every image in Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Instagram feed. The LA-based designer and art director dreams up spaces that are effortless and chic, while still being oh-so-comfortable. Mixed with a smattering of family pics and blissful outdoor shots, her account is full of the inspiration and vibe that designers and those who appreciate a relaxed, yet refined aesthetic are looking for.
Bright Jungalow Justina Blakeney Instagram


City to country transplant decor 819x1024
For a look into the rarefied world of designer Kelly Wearstler, this feed is it. Although she does residential work too, Wearstler was a driving force fueling the concept of the designer hotel in the early 2000’s. She created experiential residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments along with a wide range of products. Wearstler’s feed is dramatic and vibrant, chock full of design images and travel pics that will make you say “ooh” and “ahhhh.”


Take a boho vibe, mix in a little Scandinavian aesthetic and maybe even a little touch of rustic farmhouse and you’ll love Dee Campling’s Instagram feed. The well-known UK-design influencer creates inspiring rooms: They are totally accessible and nothing like what you might expect for an “English” interior, as her own home demonstrates. Plenty of plants, comfortable furnishings and always a touch of the unexpected yield plenty of inspiration. Campling was also highlighted for designing the Best of Houzz UK 2021.


Nordic decor spot 819x1024


Home style expert and New York Times Bestselling author of STYLED, Emily Henderson, presented a feed that’s colorful and happy. The LA resident is also currently the spokesperson for Target Home, so you know her spaces are totally livable. Great posts with real cases, advice and lessons learned, her posts are engaging as well as visually awesome.
With the continued popularity of Scandinavian design, @myscandinavianhome is a must-follow account.  Founder and creative director Nikki Brantmark features all sorts of gorgeous Scandinavian-style homes that often have a vintage feel. Brantmark, a Londoner who now lives in Sweden, is also the author of books on Scandinavian design and lagom. Her feed is full of relaxed, highly livable spaces that have all have a little something that’s had to define but easy to love.


themodernhouse stylish instagram account
After a couple of decades as a journalist covering property, interiors and design, Kate Watson-Smyth turned the renovation of her home into a writing and blogging project that has taken on a life of its own. This Instagram account is chock full of images not just of her own place but the interiors of other homes that are vibrant, homey and livable. Add a smidge of travel and other pics and it’s an account that inspires in many ways.


Britdotdesign 820x1024
designer Kelly Wearstler rich colors


Ryan Korban Instagram account
Benjamin Vandiver's Living Room Decor


Joanna Gaines may describe herself as “Wife. Mama. Designer. Shop owner. Homebody.” but for most Americans, she needs no introduction. The former HGTC start and mastermind behind the growing Magnolia empire, Gaines has a feed that is just as much lifestyle as design. Her posts play to the desire to cocoon with the family and focus on the simple things. The design posts are attractive, stylish and definitely family friendly. If you’re in any way a fan of all things Gaines, this is a must-follow account.
Thanks to its visual focus, Instagram is a natural platform for interior design, designers and design enthusiasts. It has become the go-to social media app to look for inspiration and like minds. If there’s a style you like, there’s an Instagram hashtag for you to explore. Besides being a natural source for ideas, it’s also a natural on-line venue to connect with people whose work you admire when it’s time for a renovation or decor update.
Queen of the Jungalow Justina Blakeney is the creative force that seriously contributed to the rise of the Jungalow design phenomenon. Playing off the resurgence of eclectic Bohemian style, Blakeney’s empire includes a design studio, blog and brand that “celebrated color, pattern and plants.”  Not surprisingly, it’s one of the more colorful design feeds and has plenty of greenery featured in both indoor and outdoor photos. Even if this is not your style of home, it’s an account you’ll want to follow for the lively feel and striking images.
Camilla Guinness is a British designer known for her eclectic spaces that mix elements of drama and glamour with traditional English style. Whether from her UK residence or her restored Tuscan farmhouse, the images she presents are unique and full of inspiration for stylish but very achievable living spaces. The New York Times noted that Guiness is a darling among “an inner circle of bohemian Brits” and it’s easy to see why in her laid back feed that eschews minimalist perfection and focuses on a relaxed and totally livable style.

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