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25 Rustic Bathroom Vanities to Consider

Rustic can be such a fun style to use around the house. You can feel free to choose furniture made from unfinished wood. Wall art can include nature prints and antlers. No plaid is off limits. But for some spaces you might feel like you can only do so much. For example, take the bathroom….
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Dealing with a small space can be very frustrating when shopping for a vanity, after all, who decided a bathroom vanity had to be so huge! For those with a small bathroom, this next vanity on Avanti Morocha is perfect for your rustic themed bathroom.
As previously mentioned, country-style décor can often cross over into the rustic realm if it is styled properly. And this barn door themed vanity from Home Bunch is certainly one of those pieces!
rustic bathroom vanities Small Bathroom Table Vanity Rustic vanity floating wood 150x150
Rustic vanity gray painted 150x150
rustic bathroom vanity Splash of Blue Rustic Vanity
rustic bathroom vanities Farmhouse Vanity in Classic Black Look at this sweet rustic vanity in black from One King Design, with plenty of storage and a unique sink set up, mouths are sure to fall to the floor when your guests walk into this bathroom. Additionally, you will never be forced to leave anything sitting on those gorgeous counters with all the drawer space you have available to you.

Awesome Rustic Vanities That Will Complete Your Bathroom

1. Reclaimed Wood Cabin Themed Vanity

Rustic vanity floating wood
rustic bathroom vanities Unique Vanity With Plenty of Drawers

2. Simple Rustic Vanity

A rustic look can take many different forms, and when you are going for the hunting rustic look, you will fall in love with this antler vanity. Featured on Matchness, this vanity is constructed out of a dark reclaimed looking wood, and completed with antlers just above the cabinet.
Although most people are afraid of making their rustic bathrooms too dark, you may be in a position where yours isn’t dark enough. And you shouldn’t be afraid to use black in your rustic bathroom, as black can look rustic too!

3. Minimalist Table Style Vanity

You also don’t need to get caught on only having traditional wood colors in your rustic-themed bathroom! Take a peek at this amazing sky blue and dark brown rustic vanity on Sofia’s Rustic Furniture.
rustic bathroom vanities Industrial Rustic Vanity

4. Credenza Style Vanity

rustic bathroom vanities Neutral Vanity with Carved Designs
When you’re torn between something light or something rustic, it’s time to discover the in between. Buy or build a bathroom vanity out of a light colored wood. Even if it’s chunky like the one above, the brighter tone will keep your bathroom feeling airy and rustic and the same time. That’s a win for both of you.

5. Antique Furniture Refashioned Into A Vanity

When it comes to selecting the perfect rustic themed vanity for your bathroom, you can’t make a bad choice when selecting from this list. All of these rustic bathroom vanities have their own special look that you can incorporate into your perfect bathroom design. And when you are finished, you will love spending time brushing your teeth, or looking in the mirror, above your new amazingly rustic vanity.
The spigot base and towel holder are fashioned out of wood to keep with the theme, but honestly, this vanity could fit into any rustic-themed bathroom you have in mind! The only downside of this piece is the lack of storage, but it’s so cute you’ll find somewhere else to store your towels just so that you can have this piece in your bathroom!

6. Light Colored Wood Rustic Vanity

The marble counter top brings a modern and clean feel to something that might be over powering on its own, while also giving it a bigger surface area to store things by the sink.
Rustic vanity custom built

7. Basic Wooden Table Vanity

Just check out this sweet wood and tin rustic vanity on Etsy. The cool part is, if you fall in love with this exact piece, and don’t have the carpentry knowledge to make your own, they’ll make it to order for you!
Sometimes it isn’t the wood that gives the vanity its rustic look but rather the sink you choose. Feast your eyes on this amazing horse trough vanity from Juutaku Designs. This minimalist vanity features two metal tubs side by side on a metal base making it lightweight and easy to move.

8. Neutral Vanity with Rustic Touches

What happens when you don’t want a wood vanity and you don’t want a furniture vanity and you aren’t into a boring painted vanity either? Are you out of options? Not remotely. Think about installing a concrete vanity! This popular material will give you the texture that your rustic bathroom needs while maintaining a neutral look.
Is there a way to do half and half? You betcha there is. Search through thrift stores for that perfect credenza, not for your living room but for your bathroom vanity. A rustic wood piece that’s half storage half open space. No matter what kind of tile you put it against, it will look spectacular.

9. Rustic Farmhouse Vanity

Besides just mixing well with country home themed furniture, the rustic style often also overlaps with the industrial style. This next piece available on Etsy is a beautiful combination of the two. Made mostly of wood, but with strong metal accents, this vanity is truly unique.
Not only is it a double sink vanity, but it has an adorable reclaimed paint job look with cupboards styled to look like barn doors. This piece is great for someone who wants a rustic-themed bathroom but doesn’t want to take it too far to the point of looking like a log cabin.

10. Easy Concrete Vanity

Do you have tons of stuff you need to store in the bathroom? That’s understandable when you live with a big family and have a bathroom that is shared by multiple members of the family. This rustic bathroom vanity on Home Bunch is ideal for those wanting to keep the rustic look while having sufficient storage.
When you have the carpentry skills on hand, you definitely want to use them in your rustic home. If you can get your hands on some rustic wood, build yourself a rustic bathroom vanity to fit your space exactly. Being custom will finish off the whole space. Plus all your friends will want you to build one for them too.

11. Reclaimed Wood With Tin Combo

The post 25 Rustic Bathroom Vanities to Consider appeared first on Homedit.
For example, take the bathroom. Once you’ve chosen your plaid shower curtain and wood lined mirror, what else can you do to give it the rustic vibes without making it an outhouse? If your budget is in your favor, you might consider replacing your bathroom vanity.
Rustic can be such a fun style to use around the house. You can feel free to choose furniture made from unfinished wood. Wall art can include nature prints and antlers. No plaid is off limits. But for some spaces you might feel like you can only do so much.

12. Splash of Blue Rustic Vanity

Rustic bathroom vanities come in several different styles so once you find one that you like, you will end up taking your bathroom to a whole new rustic level with it. Take a look at these 25 rustic bathroom vanities and consider which one will work best in your rustic bathroom.
Rustic vanity gray painted
Table vanities are incredibly in style right now, and why wouldn’t they be? They pair minimalism with easy access storage! This refurbished rustic white table vanity on Country Living does an excellent job of combining a country and rustic style to create a piece that will breathe life into a rustic bathroom.

13. Rustic White Table Vanity

While your repurposing furniture, don’t turn your head at items you wouldn’t normally consider! For example, on Casa Claudia, two old rustic style dressers were transformed into a vanity.
The drawers pull out without the use of metal handles, keeping them more cohesive with one another. The interesting center cabinet style opens outward to cover the drawers, and can be left that way if you prefer the open shelf look. With a truly formidable piece like this in your rustic themed bathroom, there is no way you can go wrong!
The only downside about this vanity is that there is no drawer, so the antlers aren’t handles, just decorations. But when shopping for furniture for your rustic cabin, you have to consider this vanity!

14. Rustic Style Dresser Turned Vanity

Nothing says rustic quite like a piece that looks like it could be an actual antique. And this piece by Canton Antiques will fit seamlessly in any lighter-themed rustic bathroom.
Not everyone is trying to avoid the log cabin look, and if that’s you, then this tree stump vanity by Littlebranch Farms will be exactly what you are looking for.
rustic bathroom vanities Rustic Style Dresser Turned Vanity

15. Unique Vanity With Plenty of Drawers

Rustic vanity barn door
Rustic vanity thrifted table
And the pump style tap is the icing on top of the cake, drawing this antique piece together while providing an air of modern convenience.

16. Small Bathroom Table Vanity

Rustic vanity reclaimed wood
rustic bathroom vanities Pale Green And Wood Double Vanity
rustic bathroom vanity Splash of Blue Rustic Vanity

17. Tri-Level Maximum Storage Vanity

The best part about this piece is that it will brighten up any rustic bathroom that you are afraid is getting too dark. The handles and cross cut outs are also a unique touch that brings this piece to a whole new level and will help it fit into any design aesthetic you may have in mind.
Some people don’t want a big boxy vanity at all. So how do you get a rustic vanity when there isn’t really a vanity to choose from in the first place? You use a worn edged rustic piece of wood and make one yourself. With pipes for legs, you achieve a completely open vanity that still whispers all kinds of wonderful rustic things.
These days, rustic and farmhouse styles are almost interchangeable. If your rustic bathroom is looking a little too cabin worthy for your taste, just lean a little more farmhouse style with your bathroom vanity to complete the look softly. Building a simple vanity like this with a barn door effect on the sides will keep that rustic vibe without the heavy wood look.

18. Horse Trough Vanity

Rustic vanity variegated wood 1
Built on a tree stump and outfitted with a copper sink and dual tap faucet, this vanity will be the focal point of your rustic bathroom design, especially once you attach the decorative chains to your wall. Although this piece is gorgeous, it won’t be light, so be sure you are ready to ask for a hand with the install!
Rustic vanity modern hardware

19. Farmhouse Vanity in Classic Black

It also has ample drawers and cupboards enabling you to keep the top clear of clutter and show off the copper bowl sink. But this doesn’t mean you can’t easily decorate the counter top of this vanity to show off some of your rustic bathroom knick-knacks.
rustic bathroom vanities Horse Trough Vanity
When the rest of your bathroom is rustic tile and antler clad sconces, a wood vanity with all the pattern and color might feel a little too heavy for the space. Don’t be afraid to paint your vanity a neutral color. While it might not look rustic by itself, it will take on a life of its own when it’s sitting against all the rustic accents in your bathroom already.

20. Barn Door Themed Vanity

With a pale green color mixed with a medium color wood, it won’t overpower your bathroom like a darker vanity will. And there’s plenty of storage, allowing you yo tuck your things away in a variety of drawers and cabinets, keeping your vanity clutter free.
Rustic Bathroom Vanities
It features three separate parts, each one offering maximum storage for towels, cleaner, and all your other bathroom products. The stone deep sinks are an especially nice touch and bring additional functionality to the bathroom as they can be used to clean hand wash only clothes or even dirty pets!

21. Pale Green And Wood Double Vanity

This next vanity featured on The Lettered Cottage is a bit of an enigma, as it was clearly created from refashioned furniture. But as to what piece of furniture it was before becoming a vanity remains unclear. Either way, it’s variety of drawer sizes and cut back counter top multi-level look nails the rustic style perfectly.
rustic bathroom vanities Rustic White Table Vanity
rustic bathroom vanities Tree Stump Vanity

22. Industrial Rustic Vanity

When people think rustic, they often get stuck on the thought that they can only have wood for their bathroom vanity. But this isn’t true at all, as wood combined with a refinished tin can give a beautifully rustic look that will have your neighbors asking.
rustic bathroom vanity Reclaimed Wood With Tin Combo
Rustic vanity textured wood

23. Tree Stump Vanity

When you hear the words “rustic” and “bathroom“, you might have something like this view come to mind and you wouldn’t be wrong. If you really want that cabin feel in your bathroom, choose a wood vanity with variegated wood tones. You could build this yourself using reclaimed wood and it just might become a feature of your home.
Speaking of furniture turned vanities, rustic bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with antiques. A hand me down side table might make the perfect rustic vanity for your little powder room. That odd kitchen island might look better with a sink on top. Of course, you’ll have to have a custom top cut for it but in the end, your bathroom will thank you.
Of course, when you’re pursuing a relaxing spa like bathroom, you might not want such a heavy wood piece clogging up your visual space. A simpler rustic vanity could be wood in the same shade which is immediately less busy. Plus, you can opt for modern hardware that will be a good in-between in your rustic spa bathroom.

24. Neutral Vanity with Carved Designs

rustic bathroom vanities Farmhouse Vanity in Classic Black
And the best part is, these drawers will give you plenty of storage, something that is especially important if you are styling a smaller bathroom. Or, you can refashion both dressers into sinks creating a nice double sink look for the master bedroom in your home.
rustic bathroom vanities Barn Door Themed Vanity

25. Rustic Antler Vanity

Rustic vanity in concrete with stacked stone for backsplash wall
rustic bathroom vanities Antler Vanity
Basic can sometimes be best, and that’s what they are going for on Custom Made with this particular vanity! The piece is all one color, so it won’t be hard to fit it into a bathroom that may already be outfitted in a specific rustic style.


Unlike most minimalist vanities, this one will have a cupboard and a handy shelf to store towels. And you can make it yourself, so you can adjust the size to your exact specifications and stain the wood as dark as you want!
rustic bathroom vanities Tri-Level Maximum Storage Vanity

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