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25 Simple Ways To Build A Pallet Planter

There’s never a perfect time to start growing potted plants. You just have to want it and then it all starts to take shape. A pallet planter can make things easier, as pallets are a great source of material to use if you want to build a planter stand or a vertical garden. It just…
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Build a Pallet Planter DIY Urban Garden
You can use either weed fabric, or plastic to line your pallet planter. Cut the material so that it is slightly bigger than the area you want to enclose. Use a staple gun to hold the liner in place, folding and stapling any leftover liner.

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How Do You Make a Planter Out of a Pallet?

A single pallet is quite enough for crafting a cute vertical planter like the one we found on themicrogardener. If you want for this design however you are also going to need a few extra boards for the shelves.
A Simple Pallet Garden

Step 1: Acquire a Pallet

According to the instructions on Theurchincollective, in addition to the pallet, you’ll also need a roll of weed mat, a staple gun, some potting soil, and succulents.
It just happens that we know quite a few projects you can try. They all involve wooden pallets and planters and we’re pretty sure you’ll find them charming.

Step 2: Scrub Your Pallet

Others are meant to reuse the resources that the pallet is made of by taking the pallet apart and reusing the pieces to make something completely different. This video tutorial by Lovely Greens for instance explains how you can turn a pallet into a planter box.

Step 3: Cover the Back with Fabric

A Large Flower Pallet Planter

Step 4: Staple the Corners

colorful vertical garden

Step 5: Fill the Pallet Planter With Soil

Yes, pallet wood can attract bugs such as termites and roaches if these pests can be found in your area. To avoid bugs infesting your pallet planter, consider sealing the wood with a plant friendly sealer.

Are Pallet Planters Safe to Build?

There are multiple ways to build a pallet planter. The ones that are designed to lean against the wall are quite nice but perhaps not as versatile as the freestanding ones. With that in mind, check out this great tutorial on DIY Show Off.
It has only three layers which are actually perfect because it leaves plenty of space for taller herbs like rosemary or thyme to grow. What’s really cute about it though is the use of chalkboard paint. It lets you label your plants in a super simple and convenient way.
Of course, you don’t have to embrace the weathered, unfinished look if you prefer something a bit more polished or perhaps more colorful. You can paint the pallet in any color you want, depending on the look you want to achieve.
If the pallet doesn’t contain any stamp, this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been treated with MB, it just means that the pallet isn’t used for shipping purposes. You should avoid using any unmarked pallets for your plant projects.
Pallet wood is good for planters as long as the pallet hasn’t been treated with a dangerous chemical called MB or methyl bromide. You can check that your pallet is free of MB, by ensuring it is not stamped with the MB label.

How Long Do Pallet Planters Last in a Garden?

Pallets are typically easy to find as there is usually someone who is looking to get rid of one. But don’t just grab any old pallet, double check that the pallet does not have MB on it. This indicates that it has been chemically treated and will not be safe for plants.
You don’t need much to build a pallet planter holder, at least not for the one featured on Floralandfeather. If you have a pallet, some landscaping or weed control fabric, a staple gun, and scissors you’re good to go.
There’s no need to paint or stain the pallet since its rugged look actually looks very charming. If you want you can also use the top as a surface for displaying more plants other decorations. {found on nur-noch}.

1. Keep Pallet Planters off the Dirt

As you select your flowers, be mindful of how large a particular plant will grow as well as how much light it will need. Some flowers will do better in a pallet planter than others.

2. Make Sure Your Pallet Planter Can Breathe

First, you take apartment the pallets after which you can reuse all the boards to make a stylish planter box for your porch or balcony. This one has a nice design, with four angled legs and a clean white finish.

3. Don’t Use a Questionable Pallet

You can basically grow anything you want if the conditions are right and what better way to enjoy the process than with a custom, handmade planter? If you want to grow something big like large plants or even trees, you’ll need a big planter and you can build it out of pallet boards.

4. Seal Your Pallet Planter

A Vertical Planter for Succulents

How to Plant Flowers in a Pallet Planter

This pallet herb garden is nice and small, easy and cheap to make, and can be easily incorporated into an outdoor area. It could serve as a cute green divider or as a decoration.
First, you need to knock out every other top board from a long pallet. Then nail a tarp to the bottom of the pallet and poke holes so the water can drain out. Add the dirt, plant the seeds and wait. You can also cut out some letters to spell “garden” and to make laminated labels for everything you’ve planted.
Build a Pallet Planter Vegetable Garden
Once you’re done with all the painting, it’s time to add the rings that will hold the planters. For this part, you’ll need clamps, bolts, and a drill.

How to Line a Pallet Planter

You can have a garden even if you’re surrounded by concrete. You just have to be creative. You could, for example, build a mobile planter.
The plants cover up most of this pallet so its simplicity actually suits them well. This type of planter is one of the easiest ones to build.
A Single Pallet Vertical Planter

How to Build a Pallet Planter For Your Home

1. Vertical Planters Made From a Wooden Pallet

You can use pallet wood for this project if you like the look of reclaimed wood and you can have it stained to give it a fresh look. The idea is to make multiple wooden boxes that you can plant stuff in, creating several layers, as many as you think you’re going to need.
Combine a Pallet Planter with Hanging Planters
Build a Pallet Planter DIY Vertical Herb Garden

2. A Colorful Vertical Garden

A Simple Pallet Herb Garden
Follow the instructions on Lovelygreens to find out how to build such a container.
You probably noticed as you were putting the fabric on the sides and back of your pallet that you had a little extra hanging off at the corners. Pull the fabric tight in these areas, then fold over the excess material and staple it in place.

Either way, it should be fairly easy to create a tiered structure that can hold small plants. In case you need some extra inspiration, you can check out the original post on Dreamalittlebigger.

3. Create a Shelving Unit for Your Potted Plants

Similarly, this tutorial created by The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni shows how wooden pallets can be taken apart and the pieces can be used to build raised plant beds for the garden. The reclaimed wood is a nice and cheap resource for projects like this and allows you to organize your beautiful garden and start growing veggies, herbs, and various other things without breaking the bank.
If you have the space for it outside or on the patio, an herb garden can be a great project. The vertical ones like the one featured on gingersnapcrafts are great because they’re space-efficient and can be built from scratch without a lot of resources.
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4. Build a Pallet Planter Potting Bench

If a pallet bed has been treated with MB, it is bad for your health, as this chemical (methyl bromide) has been shown to damage human lungs. As long as you ensure your pallet wood isn’t treated with any chemicals and only heat (marked HT) it is safe for your plants and your health.
When it’s nice and sunny you can move it out in the open and when it’s ugly or cold you can keep it on the patio or even inside. Check out DIY Show Off if you want to find out more about it.
You can take this from another pallet to maintain the same style. The paint really helps to change the look of the pallet and is great if you want the planter to match your garden fence or something else.

5. A Pallet Plant Stand

If your planter is likely to blow away without adding rocks to the bottom, then definitely add them for the extra weight. Rocks at the bottom of a planter do nothing for the plant however, and may increase the chances of the roots of the plant rotting. So for those that don’t need the extra weight, it’s best to skip the rocks in the bottom of your pallet planter.
The post 25 Simple Ways To Build A Pallet Planter appeared first on Homedit.
It’s usually easier to understand how something needs to be built or how it works by watching someone else do it. Video tutorials are helpful at explaining everything in a simple and concise manner.

6. A Small Planter Holder

With that in mind, if you want to see how a basic pallet planter is built and how you can customize it to suit your style, check out Silverline Tools on youtube to get a better idea of the whole process.
Clean off any dirt or grim you may see, and be sure to sand down any rough edges.
When considering pallet planter projects for your garden, remember there are pallets available of all shapes and sizes. Even if you have a smaller space, you’ll be able to find small pallets to fit your needs.

You obviously also have the option to add some color to your vertical garden. If you plan on using a pallet for this project you can paint in different colors, one for each board of the pallet so at the end it looks like the one on Hellocreativefamily.

7. DIY Pallet Herb Planter

Planting flowers in a pallet planter isn’t too difficult, just follow the instructions above to create your base planter, then head to the store to pick out your flowers.
There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your wooden pallet. They are as follows:
A Pallet Plant Stand

8. Build a Pallet Planter Vegetable Garden

Secondly, while it is typically easy to acquire a pallet for free, you need to double check that the pallet isn’t stamped as belonging to a company. Taking a pallet that belongs to a company is considered stealing, and while it isn’t unsafe for your health, it will definitely put a damper on your gardening being accosted by the police.
It could just be a shallow box on wheels which you can place wherever you want. Use boards from a pallet to make the frame and then fill it with soil. Don’t forget the landscaping fabric on the bottom. {found on Lovely Greens}.
How Long Do Pallet Planters Last in a Garden?

9. Build a Pallet Planter DIY Urban Garden

While this may seem counterproductive for a pallet planter, storing your pallet planter on cement or against a wall is much better for it than being on the ground.
A pallet herb garden can be super simple and still look lovely. This one is made from a single pallet with no need for extra boards.
There’s never a perfect time to start growing potted plants. You just have to want it and then it all starts to take shape. A pallet planter can make things easier, as pallets are a great source of material to use if you want to build a planter stand or a vertical garden.

10. A Simple Pallet Garden

Like any other planter you plan to use, you need to line a pallet planter before placing the soil and plants inside. This will keep the soil in your planter, as well as the weeds out.
Build a Mobile Pallet Planter
A Small Planter Holder

11. A Vertical Planter for Succulents

Create a Shelving Unit for Your Potted Plants
Before we show you some of the coolest pallet planter creations on the market, you may be wondering how you go about making a pallet out of a planter. Don’t fret, as it is actually quite easy. Just follow these steps below.
Acquire a plant safe wood sealer and use it to seal your pallet planter. This sealer will help keep bugs and moisture out of your pallet planter. These sealers don’t last long, however, so you will need to either plan to reapply the sealer or realize that you are only temporarily extending the life of your planter.

12. A Colorful Pallet Planter to Match Your Garden

Sadly, wooden pallets are frequently subject to rot, especially when in a moist climate. When making a wood pallet planter, you should expect it to have a lifespan of about 3-5 years before it will begin to rot and you will need to replace it.
There are also other ways to use pallets if you want to create a shelving unit or a stand for your potted plants. The plants are the focus so you don’t want to steal the attention from them with too many colors or eye-catching forms.
In case you’re missing a potting bench, we can show you how to build one out of two small pallets. Cut one of the pallets in half to make the sides of the bench and then use the other one to make the top and the shelf. You can figure out the proportions based on how big you want this potting bench to be or you can just follow the instructions on Apieceofrainbow.

13. Create a Strawberry Pallet Planter

Let’s start with something simple: a vertical planter holder which you can easily put together using a wooden pallet. You can either use an entire pallet as it is or you can cut one to the desired size in which case you won’t need extra boards for the box shelves.
A job well done requires a lot of attention to detail, even something as simple as turning a pallet into a planter. If you want to know all the details that such a project implies, have a look at the step-by-step description offered on Urbanwayoflife.
A Hanging Wall Pallet Planter

14. A Hanging Wall Pallet Planter

Turn a Pallet Into a Planter Box build a pallet planter
There’s a perfect tutorial for that on Diy.2ndfunniestthing. You can adapt the design to suit your own particular needs.
A pallet planter, especially a big one like this, can hold a lot of plants. Check out how many colorful and beautiful flowers you can fit in this one. It has multiple layers and you can put multiple plants on each one and it even has a wheel so you can easily move it around if you want to change its location.

15. Build a Mobile Pallet Planter

The instructions are simple so it should only take you a few minutes to plan the whole thing and then to execute the project.
If you want to have your own vegetable garden but you don’t really know where to start and how to organize things, you should check out Arrowdynamicblog. Here you can find out how to make a pallet garden in seven easy steps.
Pallets are an inexpensive and versatile option for any DIYer this year who will enjoy adding these fun projects to their space. We’re always looking to add more greenery into our homes, and you’ll find any of these projects make it easy to add herbs and flowers into your space.

16. Build a Pallet Planter DIY Vertical Herb Garden

Build a Pallet Planter Potting Bench
It shows you everything you need to do to make sure your plants will beautiful and healthy in their new home.
If there’s something we learned so far it’s that you can turn pallets into pretty much anything and planter boxes and stands are among the simplest transformations. If you want a small planter holder you’ll probably have to do some cutting. You can cut out a single section of the pallet and it would look similar to what you can see on Pillarboxblue.

17. Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden

Yes, pallet wood typically begins to rot within 3-5 years of the creation of the pallet. Your pallet may rot faster when you live in a moist and rainy climate.
Raised Plant Beds for a Garden build a pallet planter
Flip the planter back over, and place it where you want it to be permanently. Then, fill it with soil and the plants of your choice. Just like that, you’re done and now have a beautiful planter for your yard or garden!

18. A Single Pallet Vertical Planter

In fact, you hardly have to make any modifications to the pallet. It can just stay as it is and you can add some extra boards or some landscaping fabric. This idea and several others are enumerated on Ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.
Proper airflow isn’t just good for your plants, but it’s good for your pallet too. Check your garden frequently to ensure your pallet isn’t becoming buried under other dirt and debris like wet leaves. This will accelerate the rate of the rot in your pallet planter.
When building a pallet planter, there are quite a few methods you can use. You could just put the plants in the gaps and lean the pallet against a wall which is a suitable idea if you plant succulents or flowering plants but for strawberries, for example, you could use something larger and sturdier.

19. A Large Flower Pallet Planter

You have several options for actually adding the plants to a pallet garden. As you’ve seen, you can make boxes that you can plant things in but there’s also the option of hanging planters as a way to add more depth to the pallet garden and to make the most of it.
Before creating your pallet planter, check that the pallet isn’t already rotting before you place it in your garden. You can do this by taking a hammer to the pallet. If it breaks after a single hit, it is beginning to rot.
First and foremost, ensure that you check to see your pallet does not have the marking MB, as this means the pallet was treated with a chemical called methyl bromide that is dangerous to the human lungs. Now if you see HT, this means heat treated, and this pallet is safe for use.

20. Combine a Pallet Planter with Hanging Planters

You will additionally want to make sure you have a way for excess water to escape from the lining of your planter. You can cut a couple of small holes to make this work.
Next time you are at the hardware store, grab some garden or weed barrier fabric and staple it to the back and sides of the pallet. Ensure you completely cover the back so that the soil will stay in your planter.
Build A Pallet Planter

21. A Video Tutorial for a Basic Pallet Planter

A Colorful Pallet Planter to Match Your Garden
For those making a vertical pallet planter, don’t be afraid to grab a few milk jugs or pails to hang on the side to add more space and dimension to your pallet planter.
As you can see, pallets can be used to build a pallet planter of any shape or size. Regardless of whether you have a huge garden that you are looking to create a vegetable garden for or a small balcony to add a planter to, there’s something for you on this list today.

22. Turn a Pallet Into a Planter Box

Vertical Planters Made From a Wooden Pallet
A Video Tutorial for a Basic Pallet Planter
HT markings on the other hand are okay, as they indicate the pallet has been heat treated. Heat treated pallets won’t hurt your plants.

23. Raised Plant Beds for a Garden

If you like the unit featured here, you can check out Apieceofrainbow for all the necessary details so you can build your own. As you can see, the shelves are tilted so the plants can spill out and look lush and beautiful.
Of course, if you’re not a big fan of these vertical pallet planters and you prefer a bit cleaner and modern-looking, you can still use reclaimed pallets to create something like that.

24. A Simple Pallet Herb Garden

How Do You Make a Planter Out of a Pallet?
Generally, pallets are considered safe to build with, but there are a few things you want to keep in mind as you search for a pallet to create your dream planter.
Once this part is done, you can take care of the rest such as putting in the potting soil but not before stapling some landscape fabric to the back of the pallet. {found on creativehomemaking}.

25. Modern and Stylish Box for your Porch or Balcony

A Single Pallet Vertical Planter
You could try a combination of these techniques or even come up with other clever options as well. Check out theinspiredroom for more instructions and ideas.
Create a Strawberry Pallet Planter

Build a Pallet Planter FAQ

Is Pallet Wood Good For Planters?

We love the colorful look of these plant pots, which are made from old tins. You can paint them in bold colors as demonstrated here, or go for something a little subtler to fit your home décor. This whole pallet planter project is ideal for anyone who is looking for more environmentally friendly ways to decorate their garden and home this year.

Should I Put Rocks in the Bottom of My Planter?

DIY Pallet Herb Planter

Does Pallet Wood Rot?

Modern and Stylish Box for your Porch or Balcony

Does Pallet Wood Attract Bugs?

Before you begin to plant your flowers, lay out how you want your planter to look with the flowers still in their container. This way you can consider the sunlight needs of each plant as you make your arrangement.

Are Pallet Beds Planters For Your Health?

As you’ve already seen, there’s more than one way to turn a pallet into a planter. Some methods require less work and modifications to the pallet itself and they take advantage of its structure.


Isn’t this pallet plant stand cute? It’s perfect for succulents and there are so many ways in which you can display it. You can either use pieces from an actual pallet to build something similar or you can use any leftover wood you can find.
A weathered timber pallet would be perfect if you want to make a vertical planter for succulents. They’ll contrast nicely with the wood and the whole ensemble will look natural and well put together.
Are Pallet Planters Safe to Build?

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