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25 Ways to Decorate Your Apothecary Jars For Spring

If you’ve been decorating your space for long, you probably know the value of those decor pieces that can be changed and redecorated to fit the occasion or the season. Wreaths display golden leaves and then red berries and then pastel flowers. Picture frames rotate through quotes about sun and snow and Christmas and spring….
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Cute Fairy lights apothecary jars Citrus apothecary jars for mantel 150x150
Potted Plant apothecary jar 150x150
Apothecary Jar Terrarium Moss design 150x150
Apothecary jars for Easter Table 150x150 Monograms are a classy decor choice that never goes out of style, and monogrammed apothecary jars also make a great gift for others at weddings or other major spring social gatherings such as high school or college graduations. Monograms can be created for your apothecary jars using a Cricut or other computer-controlled cutting machine. Most of these machines offer a wide variety of fonts so that you can create monograms to match your home’s style no matter what kind of style you have. (via 11 Magnolia Lane)

25 Dramatic Apothecary Jars for Spring

1. Potted Plant Apothecary Jars

If you’ve been decorating your space for long, you probably know the value of those decor pieces that can be changed and redecorated to fit the occasion or the season. Wreaths display golden leaves and then red berries and then pastel flowers. Picture frames rotate through quotes about sun and snow and Christmas and spring. Vases proudly hold branches one day and flowers the next.
Filling apothecary jars with different decorative objects isn’t the only way to use apothecary jars as spring decor. Using a milk glass technique to paint apothecary jars white can give them a crisp, clean look for spring interior designs. Making milk glass is as simple as grabbing some white spray paint, some plastic bags, some apothecary jars, and some masking tape. Using a milk glass technique can make even eclectic apothecary jars look like part of a unified set.
(via Rosyscription)

2. Floating Floral Apothecary Jars

Along with citrus fruits, another good fruit option for filling apothecary jars in the spring is apples. These fruits can last a long time under glass without decaying and they’re affordable too, so they’re easy to replace when they start to wither. Another advantage of using apples in an apothecary jar display is that they come in a wide range of different patterns and colors, so you can do a monochromatic look with one apple variety or you can mix and match with different apple types. (via Kelly Nan)
Feather Apothecary Jars

3. Lemon and Lime Apothecary Jars

Decoration for Easter table
Live Rose Apothecary Jars
Spring is an awesome time for beach vacations, and what better way to display your favorite photos from the beach than in an apothecary jar display? Apothecary jars are an interesting alternative to picture frames and can help leave your walls clear for other decors such as artwork. Place photos in the jar along with some sand from the beach and a few favorite seashells to help complete the look. If you’d rather use photos other than beach photos, this display idea can be modified to fit any number of other themes too. (via Sustain My Craft Habit)
Apple Apothecary Jars
Butterflies are one of the best signs of spring, and they’re the perfect focal point for a decorative spring apothecary jar. Faux butterflies come in colors to match pretty much any interior design and you won’t have to worry about taking care of them like you would live insects. There are some faux butterflies that look so real your houseguests will do a double take. Add some dried branches and faux blossoms to the jar along with your butterfly and glue the butterfly to a branch to make it look more realistic. (via Consumer Crafts)

4. Easter Egg Apothecary Jars

For a softer, more feminine look, feathers are a perfect filler for apothecary jars. Feathers come in many different colors and sizes so that you can find a variety that will fit in just about any apothecary jar. White feathers make a strong neutral base for you to use brighter accent colors elsewhere in the room, or you can add an arrangement of different feather types for a mix-and-match bohemian vibe. (via Shed Interior)
Floating floral apothecary jars

5. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Apothecary Jars

Matchstick Apothecary Jars
You’ve probably seen an apothecary jar terrarium before so this one won’t surprise you. But it’s still a classic jar filler that will bring some living greenery into your home and give you a springtime hobby. Moss is easier to keep in apothecary jars than other types of houseplants because the apothecary jar helps maintain a nice humid atmosphere for them. If you don’t want to take care of real moss, faux moss can also be used in a pinch for an earthy vibe. (via Etsy)

6. Bird’s Nest Apothecary Jars

Teacups usually boast lovely floral patterns in pretty pastel shades. Stack them in your apothecary jars and your space will be fit for the prettiest spring tea party ever. If you have an old-fashioned or Victorian interior design, teacups are the perfect addition to your apothecary jars to help carry the theme. Apothecary jars also serve as a way to protect your teacup collection if you want to display it where they might get accidentally broken by houseguests. (via Bella’s Rose Cottage)
Chocolate bunny apothecary jar

7. Rabbit Figurine Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jar Terrarium Moss
Seashell Apothecary Jars
Apothecary jars for St Patricks Day
If you don’t want to invoke rainbows with your St. Patrick’s Day apothecary jar display, another alternative is to fill apothecary jars with faux gold coins. Gold coins are a great neutral filler for apothecary jars compared to rainbow candies, which can have a more family-friendly or childlike look. Coins are a better choice for a more formal display where you can still add a little leprechaun whimsy for the holiday. (via Legally Crafty)

8. Chocolate Easter Bunny Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars for Easter Table
Mantel Bring color into the house through lemons

9. Teacup Apothecary Jars

It’s such fun to decorate with rabbits in the spring so why not go all out? Splurge a little on your favorite figurines and put them in your apothecary jars with a bit of faux grass and maybe some blooms. Apothecary jars are the perfect way to display holiday vignettes for family gatherings or just to add a touch of spring flair to your decor. Apothecary jars can also be a good way to display fragile keepsakes since the jars act as a guard to protect them. (via May Days)
Citrus apothecary jars for mantel

10. Fairy Light Apothecary Jars

DIY Painted Milk glass Apothecary Jars
Monogrammed Apothecary Jars
St. Patrick's Day Coin Apothecary Jars

11. Moss Apothecary Jars

Speaking of rabbits, porcelain figurines aren’t the only rabbits that can be put out in apothecary jars. Use chocolate hoppers instead to give your jars a bit more of a family-friendly look. Use different sizes of chocolate rabbits for a whimsical touch or use all of the same type for a more uniform look. Chocolate rabbits come in a wide variety of brightly colored metal foil that can act as a beautiful Easter display and serve as a delicious snack for any guests that may stop by. 
You might think that floating florals belong on wedding reception tables. However, they can look just lovely in an apothecary jar on your own dining room table or even on a table in the entry foyer. Use your favorite blooms or even the drying roses from Valentine’s Day. Floating floral apothecary jars can be used with various interior design palettes depending on what colors of flowers you place in your jars. (via Tikkido)
Decorating the sidetable with fairy lights
Looking for an apothecary jar filler that leans towards natural colors and textures? A faux nest is just the thing to make your spring jars seasonally appropriate while staying neutral. You aren’t limited to fake bird nests either. If you find any abandoned nests or opened bird eggs at the end of spring when you’re doing yard work, you can also save real bird nests to serve as the focal point in your apothecary jar for some natural interest. (via Cedarwood Weddings)

12. Faux Flower Apothecary Jars

Mantel decoration with lime and lemos
Apothecary jars for Easter Table design

13. Candy Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jar Terrarium Moss Green
Bring color into the house through lemons

14. Monogrammed Apothecary Jars

Easter being the main holiday in the spring, feel free to fill your jars with pastel eggs. They can be the typical plastic eggs for show or you can use them to store your pretty pastel Easter candy. If you want to dye Easter eggs but don’t want to bother with hunting them in the yard, apothecary jars are a great option for displaying your favorite Easter egg dye jobs where people can enjoy them for more than just a day.
Butterfly Oasis Apothecary Jars

15. Seashell Apothecary Jars

Valentine Apothecary Jars
Potted Plant apothecary jar

16. Apple Apothecary Jars

Warmer weather invokes thoughts of perfectly sweet and tart lemonade in the warm sunshine. Follow those citrusy thoughts by filling your apothecary jars with lemons and limes. The bright colors will certainly infuse your decor with some spring energy. Whole citrus lasts for a long time in an apothecary jar and can help infuse your kitchen with a pleasant scent if you leave the lid open. You could even use other types of citrus fruits too, such as oranges or grapefruit. (via 33 Shades of Green)
The basic pieces stay the same which makes decorating affordable and easy for any wallet. This is why you want to go invest in some apothecary jars if you haven’t already. There are so many ways you can fill them and so many places you can display them, they’re almost as necessary as throw pillows. Take a look at these 25 ways to decorate your apothecary jars for spring, just in case you needed a little more convincing.

17. Feather Apothecary Jars

There’s nothing like a little touch of green to bring spring to any space. Next time you’re gazing at those potted succulents or mini ferns, bring one home to put in your apothecary jar. There are many types of indoor houseplants that only need a little bit of indirect light from a nearby window to thrive. If you don’t have any windows near where you want to put your plant apothecary jar, you can also add a small full-spectrum plant lamp nearby to keep your plants looking healthy inside. (via Maison de Cinq)
Apothecary Jars for Easter

18. Matchstick Apothecary Jars

A different kind of filler for apothecary jars that is a little more practical is matchsticks. You might not think of matchsticks as being particularly decorative. However, matchsticks are great for starting a fire in the cold early parts of spring. Keeping them in an apothecary jar beats sticking them in a junk drawer where you’ll have to dig around and look for them every time you want to use one. Apothecary jars are also a great way to display a matchbook collection if you have one. (via Lily and Val)
Let’s not forget about St. Patrick’s Day though! If you’re celebrating an Irish heritage, use gumballs or jellybeans to create rainbows in your apothecary jars. These make great decorations at home or if you want to set up an impromptu St. Patrick’s Day display at the office. A bulk order of rainbow-colored malted balls is the best choice for getting a good range of hues to work with. Not only will they be so colorful, but your kids will also help you dispose of the candy after the holiday is over. (via Uncommon Designs)

19. Butterfly Oasis Apothecary Jars

Beach Photo Display Jar
The post 25 Ways to Decorate Your Apothecary Jars For Spring appeared first on Homedit.

20. Live Rose Apothecary Jars

Decorating for Easter table decor
Candy is one of the best things to use as a filler for apothecary jars no matter what time of year you’re trying to decorate. The type of candy you use can have a big impact on your decor scheme too. Shiny rainbow jelly beans are a good choice around Easter, while chocolates in metallic foil can give your apothecary jars a more neutral, sophisticated look. Mix and match different candies for an eclectic vibe. (via This Old Chair)

21. Beach Photo Display Jar

Of course, you don’t need to spend money to fill your apothecary jars at all. Use the faux flowers you have in spring colors and steal pastel pom poms from your kids’ craft box to make a pretty jar on the cheap. The advantage of using faux flowers in an apothecary jar is that they’ll never wilt and need to be replaced. Keeping faux flowers in apothecary jars also helps keep them from getting dusty. (via The Real Thing with the Coake Family)
Seashells are a great display choice for apothecary jars that are arranged in a beach house, but you don’t have to live on the seashore to enjoy the look of seashells in your spring decor. Apothecary jars are a great way to store your seashell collection between trips to the beach. Use several different types of shells together and your seashell apothecary jar will add tons of texture and visual interest to any table. (via Ann’s Entitled Life)

22. Valentine Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jar Terrarium Moss design
DIY Painted Apothecary Jars

23. St. Patrick’s Day Coin Apothecary Jars

Candy Apothecary Jars
Milkglass isn’t the only way you can decorate your apothecary jars for spring by painting them. Multisurface paint is the perfect choice for painting apothecary jars because it will stick to the glass where many other paint types won’t. The apothecary jar in this project from Little Miss Celebration is painted in flamingo pink and bright white – perfect color accents for a fresh and vibrant spring display. (via Little Miss Celebration)

24. DIY Painted Milk Glass Apothecary Jars

Teacups and apothecary jars a perfect Easter decor
Apothecary jars are the perfect accessory for seasonal decor. These containers can be easily swapped out from month to month so that you can decorate for holidays or just switch up your interior design easily without putting in a lot of materials or effort. These jars are perfect for displaying smaller decorations that might end up looking cluttered or getting lost if they were left loose on a tabletop. Apothecary jars are also a great way for you to display any memorabilia or collections that might look messy in another arrangement. No matter what you decide to use to fill your spring apothecary jars, you’re sure to end up with a decorative display that will be the envy of all your guests!

25. DIY Painted Apothecary Jars

There is something to be said for simplicity in decorating. Fill your jars with fairy lights to keep the magical sparkle in your decor but not in a Christmasy kind of way. Fairy lights are a great way to add a little more ambient lighting to a room without holding a whole extra lamp into the room. You aren’t restricted to white lights either. Rainbow-colored fairy lights are a way to add mood lighting to your room without needing smart lights too. (via Kelley Nan)
Dried and faux flowers are great for a floating floral arrangement in an apothecary jar, but there are other ways to display flowers in apothecary jars too. Apothecary jars make great flower vases for live roses too. Live flower arrangements in apothecary jars aren’t limited to rose bouquets either. You can place any kind of live flower in an apothecary jar and use it as a spring flower vase as long as you leave them some water to keep them from drying out. Adding a few aspirins to the water can help preserve the flowers for longer, too. (via Kelly Nan)
Pastel eggs apothecary jar
Valentine’s Day is a great spring holiday to decorate apothecary jars for since there are always plenty of small and inexpensive decorating materials available during this time of year. Whether you use paper valentines, doilies, or just candy hearts, there are tons of affordable Valentine’s Day accessories that can be used to decorate an apothecary jar. Cupcake liners, sparkly ribbons, and other decorations from the dollar store can help round out your Valentine’s Day vibe without breaking your budget. (via Tatertots and Jello)

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