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25 Wood Coffee Table Designs With DIY Flavor

Wood is a timeless and extremely versatile material, one which we learned to use in so many inspiring and creative ways, especially when it comes to furniture. A wood coffee table, for example, is often the piece that ties the room together and makes a space truly feel like a warm and cozy home. Some…
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DIY Balustrade Coffee Table

DIY Wood Coffee Table Projects to Transform Your Home

1. Farmhouse Herringbone Coffee Table

If you enjoy adding as many plants as possible around your home, you’ll love this herb garden coffee table from A Beautiful Mess. It would be so fun to use this space for creating cocktails, and you can have fresh mint and basil growing here ready to add to your drinks or food. This project is inexpensive to complete and will add a fun new centerpiece to your living room.
Coffee Table From Crates

2. Factory Cart Coffee Table

It’s a Grandville Life recreates this popular coffee table design without spending more than 0 dollars. You’ll save yourself so much money in the long run that it’s well worth the time and effort to create this table from scratch. You’ll build a really sturdy coffee table that’s the perfect centerpiece for any living space. It’s a great project for beginners if you want to try to build something from scratch for the first time. In total, it will take about twelve hours to make, but that includes quite a few hours of sanding or staining. If you are an experienced DIYer, you’ll find it much quicker to create.
Upcycled Window Coffee Table

3. Rhyan Coffee Table

Square Plank Coffee Table
DIY geometric coffee table with hairpin legs

4. Coffee Table with Reclaimed Wood

Picket Fence Coffee Table
Chicken Crate Coffee Table

5. DIY Geometric Wood Art Table

Modern wood coffee table rectangular layout
If you enjoy adding an outdoorsy and rustic look to your home, you’ll love this birch log coffee table. You’ll only need a few basic tools and materials, and yet it will look like you’ve spent a fortune on a designer coffee table. Better Homes & Gardens shares how to create this coffee table, which uses 34 birch logs. Birch is the ideal material for coffee tables, as it is smooth and light in tone. If this is your first time using birch, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to work with and create this table.

6. Create a Modern Coffee Table from a Wood Pallet

The beauty of a simple-looking coffee table is that you can probably build it yourself, especially if you choose a forgiving style that embraces imperfections and focuses on natural finishes. This farmhouse herringbone coffee table from thejunqdrawer is a perfect example.
All of these wood coffee table designs would make a fantastic addition to any home living space, and some of the smaller designs would also look great in a bedroom. Very little time and effort are required for some of the more simple projects, so they are ideal for anyone who is just getting started with DIY. The amount of money you’ll save by not buying a table from an expensive home décor store will be quite substantial. You’ll also be able to reuse and give new life to old items, saving the environment while you enjoy sprucing up your home.

7. Industrial Coffee Table

Hairpin Pallet Coffee table
Coffee table inspired by west elm

8. DIY Round Plywood Coffee Table

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table
The hardest part of building a coffee table from scratch, whatever it’s made of, is coming up with the design. That’s why it’s a lot easier if you try to copy or recreate the design of an existing table, perhaps one that’s simply unreasonably expensive and has a simple-enough look. We know this is possible and that the results can be great. Check out morelikehome to see for yourself.

9. West Elm Inspired DIY Coffee Table

Sawhorse Coffee Table
Rectangular wood coffee table DIY

10. Pallet Table with Hairpin Legs

If you want your wood coffee table to look chic and modern, there’s an easy way to make that happen. All you have to do is give it hairpin legs. Another option could be to integrate a geometric pattern in its design. It’s easier than you think. One project which describes this very set of characteristics can be found on diyhuntress.
You can make a wood coffee table suit any style. For example, you could make an industrial-looking table entirely out of wood and use different types of stain to make the base look like metal. This design is in fact one of the simplest ones yet. You could easily get it done without prior DIY knowledge if you just follow the instructions on littleglassjar.

11. Tree Stump Coffee Table

If you are getting your fence replaced, don’t just put your old pickets into the trash! Instead, repurpose them with this fun picket fence coffee table from Addicted 2 Decorating. You’ll enjoy a large and sturdy coffee table that is easy to assemble. Everyone will love this antique looking factory cart-style design, which will cost you little to put together if you can find some old pickets to get started.
When entertaining guests, you sometimes need multiple tables to ensure everyone has space to put their drinks and plates. These nesting coffee tables from Adventures in Creating look just like something you would buy from Anthropologie but without the high price tag. Your family and friends won’t believe that this was made from scratch, as it looks so professional and just like a store-bought coffee table.

12. DIY Balustrade Coffee Table

This infinity table from Family Handyman will create a dazzling first impression when welcoming guests into your home. When the lights are off, you’ll enjoy a functional and sturdy table for placing your drinks on. However, when you switch the lights on, you’ll enjoy a piece of artwork that will be the center of attention when placed in any room of your home. It’s recommended for intermediate DIYers and will take a day to complete, but it is well worth it for the final result.
DIY farmhouse herringbone coffee table

13. Square Plank Coffee Table

Wood coffee table with drawers
The post 25 Wood Coffee Table Designs With DIY Flavor appeared first on Homedit.

14. Chicken Crate Coffee Table

Lightweight Wire Basket Table
If you enjoy making quirky additions to your home, you are going to love this chicken crate coffee table from Finding Home Farms. You’ll be surprised how great it looks in bright, open living spaces, and it will add plenty of character to your home. You can probably find one of these chicken crates at a yard sale, and it will just need a little cleaning up before you can start your transformation. You’ll then add a piece of scrap wood and the casters, and it will be almost ready. You’ll want to try and use locking casters to ensure your new coffee table doesn’t roll away.

15. Upcycled Window Coffee Table

Nested Coffee Tables
Infinity Table

16. Picket Fence Coffee Table

Tree Stump Coffee Table
Birch Log Coffee Table

17. Coffee Table From Crates

If you’ve already decided that you’re going to build your own wood coffee table, you could take this opportunity to use reclaimed wood boards in your project. This way your new coffee table will have a history and a story to tell. You can find a detailed tutorial showing you how such a table could look like and how to put it all together on instructables.
Whether you live in the countryside or the city, you’ll love the rustic feel of adding a tree stump coffee table into your living space. They are so easy to move around your home and can be tucked away when not in use to create a more spacious feel to your living room. You might even want to create a whole collection of these coffee tables from Twelve on Main, so everyone in your family can have one each to rest their drink on.

18. Herb Garden Coffee Table

Rogue Engineer shares this sturdy coffee table design that will look fantastic in any home. For anyone just getting started with DIY, you’ll find this to be an easy first project, and these clear instructions make it simple and quick to complete. You’ll only have to spend to create this coffee table, which will completely transform any room.
Plywood coffee table SIY

19. Rustic X Coffee Table

Apartment Therapy has you covered if you are looking for a more feminine and dainty coffee table for your apartment or home. You can customize the color scheme to meet your needs, and it would also be an ideal option for a bedroom. These instructions from Better Homes & Gardens show you how quick and easy this project is to complete. The round wooden top can be painted with any color or design for a truly individual coffee table.
You won’t believe how stylish this coffee table from Home Talk is, and all you’ll need to get started are some wooden crates that are still in good condition. You’ll enjoy a rustic and functional coffee table that’s a fun project to do. The crates will determine the size of your base and optional glass top, so pick these according to the space you have available in your home. As far as the paint color, you can choose to use a natural color or something bolder if it fits with your home décor. Add wheels on each corner to make it easy to move around and out of the way when not in use.

20. Sawhorse Coffee Table

For anyone who needs a large centerpiece for their living space, you’ll love this rustic X coffee table from Ana White. These step-by-step instructions guide you through the whole process, from shopping to creating the table yourself. It should only cost you about to purchase all of the materials for this project, yet your table will look as good as one that costs hundreds of dollars in a store.
Wood coffee table on casters

21. Infinity Table

If you’ve got a large space to fill in your home, you’ll enjoy adding this square plank coffee table to your living room. Once completed, you can customize this coffee table with the finish of your choice. It will provide you with enough space for everyone’s cups and glasses and can easily hold a pretty bouquet of flowers to brighten up any room. Check out these step-by-step instructions from Rogue Engineer to get started.
Pallet coffee table on wheels

22. Nesting Coffee Table

Rustic X Coffee Table
Wood coffee tables come in all shapes and styles and some of the design ideas we mentioned can be combined to create something special and matching your own style. For example, you could make a pallet table with hairpin legs. All you’d need is a pallet, four hairpin legs, and some basic tools.

23. Birch Log Coffee Table

Wood is a timeless and extremely versatile material, one which we learned to use in so many inspiring and creative ways, especially when it comes to furniture. A wood coffee table, for example, is often the piece that ties the room together and makes a space truly feel like a warm and cozy home. Some styles do it better than others and a wood coffee table doesn’t need to have an intricate or unusual design in order to be a beautiful centerpiece. The following examples will prove it.
For a unique touch to any home, how about adding this whiskey barrel coffee table to your living space? It would look fantastic in front of a large fireplace and is ideal for serving your drinks and food off when you have family and friends around. You’ll just need to find an old whiskey barrel to get started with this project from Art of Manliness. The best thing about this coffee table is that it doubles up as a storage unit, so you can hide any items which are cluttering up your home.

24. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Plywood is very versatile as well and can be used to make simple and stylish coffee tables like the one featured on themerrythought. The hardest part here would have to be cutting that perfectly circular tabletop. The base is super easy to put together. If you want to you can stain or paint the table so it matches your living room decor.
Herb Garden Coffee Table

25. Lightweight Wire Basket Table

This factory cart coffee table is another great example that shows just how easily you can update the look of your living room with a single piece of furniture with a simple design. As you probably suspected, you can build this sort of wood coffee table yourself from scratch and it would be a fairly easy project. You can find all the details on shanty-2-chic.
This is one of our favorite wood coffee tables. We like its simple, blocky design and the fact that you can make something just as beautiful yourself using pallet wood. It’s a fairly simple craft and the instructions can be found on diycandy. You can customize the measurements if you want to. Just make sure everything is before you start assembling the pieces.
Since we’re talking about a DIY wood coffee table we should also mention the option of turning a pallet into such a furniture piece. The transformation is fairly easy and there are numerous ways in which you can customize your creation. For example, you can paint the table, install casters or decorate its top. As far as the actual structural transformation is concerned, you can find all the details on papernstitchblog.
An old window is transformed into a coffee table with storage, thanks to this project from Marty’s Musings. You’ll enjoy having plenty of storage space to keep bits and bobs that clutter up your room out of the way. It’s a sturdy coffee table, and if you opt to leave the wood raw as suggested, it adds a rustic feel to your room. This project requires minimal materials and skill and will bring new life to an old window that might otherwise be headed for the trash.

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