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25 Wood Tile Showers For Your Bathroom

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Designing nowadays is such a joy simply due to the sheer variety we have to choose from. Think of the bathroom for example. It seemed we were stuck with only a few options that were all neutral and rather boring, to begin with. But now, you have unlimited choices to make your bathroom into the…




 Wood Tile Showers For Your Bathroom
Porcelain Wood Tiles for Your Shower

Wood Tile Showers to Create a Rustic Home Spa

1. Pale Wood Tones

Beach House Bathroom
Bringing some life to an all-white bathroom can be difficult. Rather than trying to insert bright colors, opt for a tiled shower in a very light wood. The glossy texture will help it blend into the rest of your white bathroom but you can’t go wrong with neutral.

2. Rich Brown Shades for a Rustic Mountain Cabin

Visual Hunt shares this DIY wood look ceramic tile inspiration. You don’t have to hire someone to transform your bathroom, and these tiles would be simple to install by yourself. The best thing about these tiles is that they look exactly like wood but are made from ceramic. For anyone who is concerned about how damaged wood tiles could get in a shower, you will love using these ceramic tiles, which will last for years to come.
Wood Look Ceramic Shower Tiles

3. Light Wood Tiled Shower for an All White Bathroom

Whitewashed wood shower tile 1
Contemporary bathroom wood tile floor

4. Neutral Wood Tiles

Speaking of wood and modern, you don’t have to have a rustic bathroom to have a wood tile shower. When you’re decorating in the neutral areas of brown, gray, and white, most all of your wood tile will fall in that category, making it a definite option for your contemporary bathroom.
We absolutely love this outdoor shower, which would be a fun addition to any backyard. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your home, this would be the perfect place to shower off after a swim. Decor Pad offers us this fun idea, and we love the incorporation of the nearby tree into the design. Add as much or as little wood to your shower as you like, or you could add elements of stone into the area as well.

5. A Statement Wall for Your Shower

A wood tile shower creates a warm and cozy look in any bathroom and is versatile enough to be used in bathrooms of any size. Regardless of the color scheme of your bathroom, you’ll find wood tiles that work with your current color scheme and shower fixture. Remember, wood comes in a whole selection of shades, so you can opt for light and bright wood or go for something darker to create a rustic look. There are also some great faux wood options available today, which will last for years to come, thanks to their ceramic material. However you choose to incorporate wood into your next bathroom makeover, you’ll be surprised by how it can completely transform any bathroom space with just this simple touch.
Dark wood tile shower pattern

6. Mix and Match Wood Tiles

Wood Tiles in Various Shades
If you’re thinking an entire shower tiled with wood-looking tile might be a little too dark, take a tip from other room decors. Give your shower its own statement wall. Especially if all your tile is white and plain, a wood tile statement wall will give your bathroom the pop it needs, without overwhelming the space.

7. Neutral Tones for a Modern Bathroom

The post 25 Wood Tile Showers For Your Bathroom appeared first on Homedit.
In case you hadn’t realized, your wood tile doesn’t have to be on the walls of your shower. When the rest of your home has beautiful wood flooring, think how cool it would look to have a matching wood tile on the floor of your shower, no matter what your style is. You’ll definitely be winning the bathroom decor game. {found on norsmanarchitects}.

8. Gray Wood Tiles for Your Shower

Contemporary bathroom light wood
Houzz shows us how to make this rustic designer shower that would look great in even a small bathroom space. We love the addition of the metallic shower head and fixtures, which work in contrast with the pale wooden tiles. You’ll enjoy a combination of a cozy shower feel with modern shower fittings to create an area that you’ll enjoy washing in every day. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a luxury hotel shower each time you enter your new bathroom.

9. Beautiful Wood Flooring for Your Bathroom

Designing nowadays is such a joy simply due to the sheer variety we have to choose from. Think of the bathroom for example. It seemed we were stuck with only a few options that were all neutral and rather boring, to begin with. But now, you have unlimited choices to make your bathroom into the paradise that blends in your home.
Pale Wood Shower Tiles

10. Black Wood Tile Shower

Sand and Sisal shows us how to create this beach house bathroom, which provides inspiration for anyone considering wooden floor in their bathroom. As this bathroom doesn’t have a shower, the wood tiles are used on the floor and complement the color and style of the standalone bathtub. To create this look, they used Windsor white wood plank porcelain tiles, which would look great in any bathroom.
Teracee offers us this wood tile idea, which uses large wooden tiles throughout the shower. These tiles come in varying shades, which add texture to the walls and create a more interesting design. The metal fixtures and the white flooring work well with this design, and you won’t have to worry about wood tiles getting damaged on the shower’s floor.

11. An At-Home Spa Experience

Reclaimed Wood Tile
If you aren’t ready to go for dark wood tiles in your bathroom yet, you’ll love these pale wood tiles from Racetho. They add a subtle warmth to your bathroom without having to darken a small bathroom with dark wood tiles. We also love how laying these tiles vertically looks so different from usual horizontal bathroom tiles. This design would work in a bathroom of any size, and you could also add these tiles throughout the whole room.

12. Marble and Wood Bathroom

Modern bathroom wood stone
Are you super in love with neutral wood tile? Embrace it! Mix your wood tile pieces with marble tile pieces in matching shades. Also, when you’ve tiled out your shower, go ahead and cover the rest of the bathroom too. You’ll create the most peaceful serene room in the whole house.

13. Wood Tiled Floor

Wood Plank Bathroom Wall
What if you’re decorating your home with some cooler tones? Will brown wood tile be too warm for the bathroom? Maybe. To be safe, choose a wood tile for your shower that leans on the gray side. You’ll still get that lovely wooden texture look without your shower seeming out of place.

14. Vertical Wood Tile Pattern

Contemporary wood tile shower wall
When you live in a rustic mountain house or cabin, it’s almost required to lean into honeyed wood tones and rich brown shades. If the rest of your house is boasting some lovely natural wood colors, tile your shower to match with something a little darker. Even if it doesn’t match exactly, the rustic look will still be a winner.

15. Wood Tiles for Your Shower Shelf

Outdoor Wood Tile Shower
What happens when you love wood tile but you can’t afford the bathroom reno or it won’t quite fit with your modern decor? You add just a few wood tiles to your shower shelf. Even a simple change like this can give your whole shower a new look, adding an element you love so much without overwhelming your bathroom. {found on ha2d}.

16. Wood Plank Bathroom Wall

Normandy Remodeling shares this porcelain wood tile shower. Oftentimes, these tiles are just used on the floor, but as you can see, they look great in this shower too. They are a modern and trendy option and will look good in any size bathroom. This bathroom mixes porcelain wood tiles with natural pebble stone tiles to recreate the look and feel of a spa at home.
Thus far, we’ve really focused on the lighter colored wood tile and brown wood tile. However, you can find a wood tile that’s basically black. When you’re wanting to mix rustic and chic in the best way possible, installing a black wood tile in your shower is probably the best way to achieve your goal.

17. Beach House Bathroom

Many farmhouse elements revolve around white and pale wood tones. So when you go looking to tile your rustic bathroom shower, it’s a great idea to lean towards the lighter shades that will blend with the rest of your home. Find a tile that looks like a very light wood or even something that looks as though it has been white-washed.
While some might say that mixing your wood shades is a no-no in decor, they haven’t seen this shower. With all those different shades in the same small space, you can totally get away with your two favorite wood tiles when you can’t decide which you like better. In the end, it will come out modern rather than mismatched.

18. Porcelain Wood Tiles for Your Shower

Modern shower wood shelf
Wood and stone are a popular combination for rustic bathrooms but sometimes that can leave your space feeling dark and dreary. When you’re trying to create a spa experience in your bathroom, dark and dreary are the last things you want. However, you can still use wood and stone tiles in your shower as an accent and still achieve a sleek rustic look.

19. Outdoor Wood Tile Shower

Wood planks are an easy way to recreate the wood tile look, as seen in this master bathroom makeover from Blesser House. The weathered wood helps to add a rustic touch to the bathroom, and we love how this look needs only one wall. While it’s only one small part of the bathroom, it completely transforms the whole look and feel of the room.
Particularly the rustic bathroom. Farmhouse and rustic design is super popular and that is reflected in the variation of elements we might take for granted. Like tile. No longer must you choose beige marble or white subway tile. You can finally have that wood tile shower you always wanted. Take a look at these 25 wood tile showers for your rustic bathroom to help you create a beautiful rustic spa in your own home.

20. Rustic Designer Bathroom

Almost everything we’ve seen so far of wood tile in the shower has been laid horizontally. But that doesn’t mean you can’t lay your wood pattern vertically. What might have been rather boring and cliche will turn interesting and modern, just because your pattern goes an unexpected way.
Don’t let your wood tile shop in the shower. When you have a tiled floor, it makes sense that you would carry some of those honeyed brown shades from the wall all the way under your feet. It will make your bathroom’s shower look like a nook, tucked away where no one will bother you.

21. Wood Look Tile Shower

If stone isn’t really your thing but a full wood tiled shower isn’t what you want either, consider using a different option altogether. Just because your wood tile has a pattern doesn’t mean you can’t pick another patterned tile to go with it. Try contrasting marble against that wood. You just might be surprised how chic and contemporary it looks.
Rustic bathroom with wood tiles like

22. Wood Tiles in Various Shades

Contemporary bathroom with wood accents
Farmhouse shower wood tile accent

23. Pale Wood Shower Tiles

Rustic Designer Bathroom
Adding wood tiles to your shower is still considered an unexpected twist on classic bathroom designs. As you’ll see in this bathroom from Daltile, it can still create a modern and stylish bathroom. It’s the perfect combination of contemporary and rustic and looks great in your bathroom and your shower. These wood look tiles minimize the issues that can be experienced when you use wood in the bathroom, so you won’t have to worry about them deteriorating after a few years.

24. Wood Look Ceramic Shower Tiles

Farmhouse bathroom gray wood tile
Modern bathroom wall floor wood

25. Reclaimed Wood Tile

Contemporary bathroom wood marble
Complete bathroom with wood marble tile
This master bathroom is completely transformed thanks to the use of reclaimed wood tile. It adds a rustic and cozy touch to this shower and then adds a black shower fixture for the final touch. This bathroom from Hometalk is inspired by a vintage outhouse look and transforms what was a standard bathroom into something completely out of the ordinary. The wood goes well with the river rock flooring, which adds more texture and color to the room. The dark finish and the old-fashioned handles of the shower look great against the wood and make this a bathroom you’ll love showering in each morning or evening.
Bright bathroom light wood shower tile

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