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30 Beautiful Blue Rooms – Ideas To Decorate With Blue

For the last few years, blue has basically become a neutral color. Along with the beiges, blacks, and grays, you can find some blue in almost every style of decorating. Maybe you didn’t even notice it when you started. A blue throw pillow, a blue print on the wall. Then you rolled out a blue…
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Kids bedrooms might be the easiest space to achieve that mid-century look. They already have the brightly colored toys! Go vintage with their furniture and give them a fun teal blue that will pull it all together. Those buckets of legos will look extra bright against something dark and calming.

Blue Rooms to Suit Every Style of Home

Classic Style

1. A Dusty Navy Living Room

Mid-century styling is definitely brighter and shinier than classic styling. Reds, greens, yellows, and oranges are common in its decorating, along with metal accents. When decor is a little brighter on the eyes in your mid-century living room, a dark blue wall can bring some calm to the space. The rest of your color won’t mind.
Rather than sticking to a particular color scheme that you identify as “modern”, try keeping to designs that provide sleek lines and let the colors fall where they may. Blue walls will be a lovely backdrop against any other shades you bring in, whether white and black or yellow and green.

2. Neutral Blue Walls with Wood Floors

Modern blue dining room
A Formal Blue Dining Room

3. Blue Walls for Your Bathroom

A Blue Bedroom Fit for a Teenager
Farmhouse blue kids bedroom

4. A Cozy Blue Bedroom

Classic decor with blue deep walls
Midcentury blue bathroom plants

5. A Blue Children’s Bedroom

For the last few years, blue has basically become a neutral color. Along with the beiges, blacks, and grays, you can find some blue in almost every style of decorating. Maybe you didn’t even notice it when you started. A blue throw pillow, a blue print on the wall. Then you rolled out a blue rug. Next thing you know, you’re rolling shades of blue on the walls. But it’s not a bad thing, even if you’re going off the plan to add some blue in your home. This cool shade is associated with feelings of calm and order which is a good vibe for the space you live in. So grab your paint brushes and check out these 30 beautiful blue rooms to copy in your home, whether it’s a farmhouse or modern paradise.
If you can’t decide between blue or pink for your baby’s nursery, then why not use both? This nursery makeover from Home Decor is a fun way to let your child pick their favorite color growing up. Use pastel shades for both colors, which will add a calming feeling to the room. We love how relaxing this room is to spend time in, and you and your baby will love how bright and uplifting this space feels.

Mid-century Style

6. A Calming Dark Blue Wall

J&J Design Group shows us how to create this stunning fireplace, which adds a splash of blue to your home. The blue and white triangular pattern is a fun addition to what is usually a more traditional part of the living room. To add a little more blue to the room, consider adding a vase or a few decorations in different shades of blue around the space.
The kids’ bedroom in a farmhouse is probably the most fun room to design. You get to revive all kinds of vintage furniture and toys to display in their space. Give these treasures some blue walls to show off their best selves. You might just want to move in yourself rather than your kids.

7. Bright Blue Walls and a Funky Chandelier

Modern blue living room two tone
Midcentury bedroom bright blue

8. Mid-Century Modern Blue Bathroom

When kids want to help decorate in a modern home, it can be difficult to keep things looking the way you like. Rather than denying them the opportunity, tell them that if it’s blue, they can have it. You’ll get varying shades due to their preference but the end result will be fun and cozy.
The post 30 Beautiful Blue Rooms – Ideas To Decorate With Blue appeared first on Homedit.

9. Pair Bright Blue with White

The bedroom in a farmhouse is possibly the easiest place to infuse with patterns. Curtains, bedding, accent furniture, there are so many choices to create a relaxing personal space. When you paint your bedroom walls blue, you give yourself some parameters for patterns that will help you keep things pulled together.
Classic blue kids bedroom

10. Fun Teal Blue for Your Child’s Bedroom

A Blue Patterned Fireplace
Midcentury blue dining room pendant

Modern Style

11. A Modern Navy Blue Sofa and Walls

Modern dark blue bathroom
Blue in a modern living room? Whatever happened to the black, white, and brown color scheme? Ever since the growth of the customized furniture business, it’s so simple to find the perfect modern sofa in that navy blue you love. To make that navy blue sofa blend into your modern home, it makes sense that you would paint the walls the same shade for the sake of simplicity.

12. Sleek Lines with Blue Walls

Yes, it’s even possible to design a classic blue bedroom for your children! Blue wallpaper is the key to blue walls that feel friendly and welcoming. Choose something that has a soft pattern to it that will give you color without busyness.
When you have wood floors, it’s easy to let the rest of your decor play off that neutral color and deck your windows in cream along with everything else. However, when you paint your walls blue, you make these classic features like wood floors and large windows really stand out. Not to mention the inevitable sparkly chandelier that your dining room proudly displays.

13. A Modern Blue Bathroom with a Marble Shower

While you may think of blue as a more traditional color, it can be used to create a boho and more modern appearance in any home. Project Nursery shares this fun makeover, which adds splashes of blue throughout the room. We particularly love the blue and white rug, which is something that can easily be added to any room in your home if you aren’t ready to commit to a full blue room makeover.
While we’ve been mainly focusing on adding blue within your home, the entryway to your home is another fantastic place to add this color to your house. You can create a striking first impression with a bold blue door, or go for a classic navy door that will look similar in color to black. If you are looking to stand out on your street, this is a fun way to add some character to your home as shown by Completely Coastal. This would work well with a beach cottage or a unique character home and will create a great first impression for anyone who enters your home.

14. A Relaxing Modern Blue Bedroom

A Blue and White Calming Kitchen Space
Blue is a color that never goes out of style, so it’s a safe option for kids of any age. You’ll find that this color will suit your child through their teenage years, and the darker color adds a sophisticated touch that they’ll appreciate as they grow older.

15. Use Varying Shades of Blue to Create a Fun and Cozy Room

While it makes sense to tone things down in your bedroom, mid-century decor doesn’t require it. Bright blue walls can look wonderful against your white duvet. Don’t forget to get your samples first. It’s important that your bedroom blue is bright enough to be happy but dark enough to be relaxing.
Classic turquouise room with crystal chandelier

Farmhouse Style

16. Light Powder Blue Walls

Farmhouse lovers well know that this style is made up of a lot of cream and brown with vintage touches mixed in. Vintage decor means you’ll end up with varying shades of blue but if you paint that farmhouse living room in a light powder blue shade, you’ll bring all the variations together.
Modern blue kids room

17. A Navy Statement Wall

Classic bathroom with blue walls and deep dark vanity
If you are looking to dine like royalty this year, take inspiration from this formal blue dining room from Teaselwood Design. Dining rooms often go unused in homes today, but when you transform your room to look like this, you’ll be more inclined to invite friends and family members over for dinner parties again.

18. A Blue Bathroom Beadboard

Ca’ Pietra shares this lovely white and blue kitchen, which adds a splash of color to what can otherwise be a very sterile space. We love the bright blue kitchen island, which acts as a warming centerpiece to your home. Adding blue to your kitchen is so easy, and you don’t need to completely renovate the room to change the look and feel of the space. You could even just add blue accessories to your countertops for more color and fun.
A Blue and Pink Nursery

19. Add Patterns to Your Bedroom

Farmhouse bathrooms are often covered in white beadboard. You can make yours interesting and unique by painting your beadboard blue! Suddenly your wood floors will seem warmer, your white towels fluffier and the whole room classier.
Farmhouse blue beadboard bathroom

20. Use Blue to Share Your Child’s Personality

While most of these ideas so far focus on the living room or bedroom, there’s no reason you can’t add calming blue into your kitchen. Home Bunch shows us how to achieve this stunning dark blue kitchen island, which adds a classy touch to any large kitchen. You’ll love cooking and eating in this space, and the wooden countertop helps to balance out the darker shade of blue paint.
Modern bathrooms are all about texture meshed with simplicity. Rather than buying the colorful tile, paint your modern bathroom walls blue to help that lovely marble shower really stand out. It makes your decisions easier.

More Blue Room Ideas for Any Style of Home

21. A Greek Island-Inspired Bedroom

Classic decor might be one of the most common places to find blue walls. Since older homes often display so many imperfections, color and pattern can distract from those and draw attention to the charming details. A dusty navy might seem dark for a classic living room, but with plenty of light, you’ll end up with a space that looks like it belongs in the English countryside.
Farmhouse bedroom patterned linens

22. A Blue Kitchen Island

When you’re aiming for mid-century decor, you often find some interesting furniture and accents. The best thing you can do is paint your walls blue and not worry so much about the other colors. Even a brighter blue against a funky chandelier can be the combination that makes your dining room perfect.
How can you really achieve mid-century modern in the bathroom without making it look like your Grandma’s carpeted horror? With blue paint. Blue walls will set off your wooden accents and feel fresh while staying true to the style. Plus, after you’ve added your plants, you’ll have a bonafide spa in your house.

23. Nautical Blue Bathroom

Modern blue bedroom floral
Speaking of simplicity, modern bedrooms are best known for this trait. With minimal furnishings and decor, it’s really a space you can let your hair down and release the stress of it all. So painting your bedroom walls blue will give you a head start on the relaxation process as soon as you walk into the room.

24. A Blue and White Calming Kitchen Space

Blue is a color that can be added to any room in your home, whether you are looking to completely redecorate your walls or just add a splash of color. If it’s your first time adding blue to your room, you can test it out with a few pieces of artwork or a rug. Then if you like the color, the sky’s the limit, and you can completely transform any room in your home into a calming blue oasis.
A Greek Island Inspired Bedroom

25. A Blue Front Door

When you think of the color blue, the ocean is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Take inspiration from this blue bathroom from Houzz, which combines white and blue décor to create a fun family or guest bathroom. We love the darker blue vanity, which adds a classy and modern look to any bathroom, and then the accessories with the whales make a cute addition to any shower.
Nautical Blue Bathroom

26. A Blue and Pink Nursery

Farmhouse blue dining room with chandelier
A Blue Front Door

27. A Blue Patterned Fireplace

The color blue is often associated with certain places and times, and Greece is no exception to this. Elle Decor shares this Greek villa, which uses blue in the bedroom to add texture and color to a guest room. We love the throws at the end of the bed, which are an easy way to incorporate blue into any room. Of course, a blue bedroom looks even better when you have the ocean right outside your door to match your décor!
Classic blue bedroom with sleigh bed

28. A Boho Nursery Makeover

A Boho Nursery Makeover
Finding blue in a classic bedroom is probably not a surprise. But it’s essential if you want the other elements of your bedroom to stand out. Classic styled furniture is usually some shade of brown which is often topped with beige bedding. Blue walls add some cozy to the space while still maintaining that pulled-together feeling.

29. A Formal Blue Dining Room

Maybe the cream is really getting you down and you’re looking to make a statement in your home. Take a chance and go bold with your blue. A navy statement wall in your dining room will really make your farmhouse table pop as well as any wall art you have hanging. Just what your space needs to freshen up.
A Blue Kitchen Island

30. A Blue Bedroom Fit for a Teenager

Farmhouse blue shade living room rustic
Mid century blue living room
Yes, even a classic bathroom can benefit from blue walls. Many classic bathrooms have bulky vanities, large trim, and lots of tiles so really there isn’t much wall space to be had. By painting it blue, you’ve added interest and depth to the space in a way that is not only cost-effective but also simple. Then those white fluffy towels won’t feel so bland and boring.
Midcentury blue kids room

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