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30 Best Knobs and Pulls for White Kitchen Cabinets

When have you ever seen a set of white cabinets be tacky and outdated? I would hazard, never. That’s because white is always in style. Whether you have a sleek modern kitchen or a country bread-smelling space, white cabinets are always a safe choice. But if you think they might be too bland for your…
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If you love animals, you’ll find these sleeping fox knobs from Anthropologie to be a perfect addition to your kitchen cabinets. They come in a set of two, so you can enjoy a matching set of drawers. You won’t need any additional hardware to attach these knobs, and they are made from long-lasting brass. Each knob is 2 inches in diameter, so it’s a good size to grab and support a heavy cabinet. The bolts can be trimmed to the necessary size, so they’ll suit any size of cabinet.
Handcrafted Jute Rope Knobs
They make an agate version of basically everything nowadays. And I approve. The bright colors and gilded edge will give your cabinets a designer look without the big bucks. (via Etsy)

How to Choose the Best Knobs and Pulls For Your Cabinets

Wayfair offers these sturdy European knurled solid steel bar pulls, which come in a set of ten for every cabinet in your home. For heavy kitchen cabinets, these will be the perfect option, as they’ll be able to support the weight of the drawer or cabinet. They come in black, gold, or silver, so you’ll be able to select one that matches your home design. Each one will be installed vertically on your cabinet, and your whole family will find them easy to grab. Screws are included, so they are super easy to install by yourself at home.
We also recommend choosing a design that is consistent with the look and shape of your room. If you have a lot of square edges in your kitchen, stick with similar lines for your pulls and knobs.
These gorgeous pulls are a little bit rustic, a little bit glamorous. On white cabinets, they are the perfect option for a chic cabin kitchen or even an outdoorsy bachelorette pad. (via Anthropologie)
These knobs are a vision of art deco glory. Enough so that you might want to start collecting all the wonderful styles of the 1930s. (via Anthropologie)
Brass cabinet pull
Whether you live by the ocean or just want to add a beachy theme to your home, you’ll love these fun starfish-shaped knobs from Etsy. There are multiple different colors to choose from, so you’ll find the perfect option to suit your kitchen décor. They would also look fantastic in a guest bathroom, where you can match the towels and other accessories to the same color. Choose the distressed finish for a rustic look or non-distressed for a more sleek and stylish finish. They are handmade from cast iron, so you can be sure they’ll last for years to come.

30 Unique Knobs and Pulls to Transform the Cabinets in Your Home

1. Plain Simple Black Knobs

Mother of Pearl Knobs
Rejuvenation shares these fun copper pyramid cabinet knobs, which would look great in an angular and modern kitchen. If you have a room with a lot of sharp lines, go for square or rectangular knobs to keep a similar look throughout the space. This product is a reproduction of very popular knob at the turn of the century and is inspired by the arts and crafts style. The copper finish adds a little shine to each piece, so they’ll sparkle in the sunlight each time you walk past. Mounting hardware is included, making it nice and easy to install these onto your cabinets. We also think these knobs would look great in a modern bedroom or bathroom.

2. Rustic Wooden Pulls

Maybe your decor goal for your home is a vintage paradise. Opt for these pretty vintage handles that will bring both color and nostalgia into your kitchen. (via Anthropologie)
Cabinet Parts shares these lovely natural knobs, which have a pretty engraved design. It adds a subtle and sophisticated touch to any cupboard or drawer, and they are just over one inch in size each. If you do have a larger kitchen cabinet, consider choosing the larger size, which will make more of an impact on the door. With six different shades and colors to choose from, there really is something to meet anyone’s needs. The quality and design of the knobs are always praised by customers, and you’ll appreciate the low price of this product. You’ll find the rounded shape of these knobs to be easy to grip and pull, so they are perfect for heavy cabinets.

3. Hexagon Brushed Brass Knobs

Sleeping Fox Knobs
Before heading into our guide of the best knobs and pulls for your cabinets, we want to share some of our top tips for selecting the best knobs and pulls for your home. With so many pretty and unique options to choose from below, the choices can seem unlimited.

4. Vintage Handles to Add a Splash of Color

Etsy shares these really fun vegetable and fruit knobs, which are bound to brighten up any home. While they are a little more pricey if you are purchasing a whole host of them, just adding a few of these to your kitchen will make you smile. They are all handmade and ceramic, and you can choose from almost any classic fruit or vegetable design. They would work well in modern and classic kitchens or would be a fun addition to your kid’s bedroom or playroom.
Geo wooden knob

5. Cherrywood Knobs

Copper modern pull
When have you ever seen a set of white cabinets be tacky and outdated? I would hazard, never. That’s because white is always in style. Whether you have a sleek modern kitchen or a country bread-smelling space, white cabinets are always a safe choice.

6. Colorful Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Leather stitch handle
Duel rustic knob

7. Sparkly Black Gems

Gilded agate knobs

8. A Leather Handle

Granite Stone Knobs
This set of six handcrafted jute rope knobs will look fantastic in a wooden or rustic kitchen. If you have wood cabinets, this would add a modern and fun finish to any kitchen. These knobs from Etsy are all handmade and offer such a unique design. The colors are all intertwined to create a modern aesthetic, and they are neutral colors that will fit with almost any kitchen décor. The great thing about rope is that it’s much softer than metal handles, and you’ll find they are a good option for kids and teens to use.

9. Brushed Brass Pulls

Brushed brass has been taking our Pinterest feeds by storm. It’s the new go to for any metal fixtures. Add these hexagonal brushed brass knobs to your cabinets and it will look like you got all new cabinets installed. (via CB2)
Glided geometric knobs

10. Art Deco Style Knobs

For a sophisticated touch to any classic kitchen design, check out these mother of pearl knobs from Anthropologie. They would go well on almost any type of cabinet but would particularly stand out on a darker color door. They come in a set of two, but of course, you could get enough to outfit your whole kitchen. The main part of the knob is made from brass, so it’s a sturdy fixture that won’t be worn down after years of use. No additional hardware is required, so they are an easy choice for anyone installing knobs for the first time by themselves.
Starfish Shaped Knobs

11. Beautiful Copper Cabinet Handle

Vintage blue handle
Knobs don’t necessarily have to be round to do their job effectively. These knurled knobs from Schoolhouse offer a nice grip and feel when they are in your hand. They have a cross-hatched texture which offers the secure pulling experience you would expect from any knob on a cabinet. You’ll love that this product is made from recycled brass, and they are handmade in the USA. The black color will look fantastic on white cabinets but would also blend in well with a darker black cabinet.

12. Eclectic Colorful Knobs

Pyramid Cabinet Knob
The post 30 Best Knobs and Pulls for White Kitchen Cabinets appeared first on Homedit.

13. Bright and Colorful Knobs

Vegetable and Fruit Knobs
Sometimes you just want new fixtures in your kitchen to blend in with your current design. We love these cabinet knobs from Restoration Hardware, as they come in a crystal clear finish. For anyone with a minimalist kitchen, these would be the perfect addition to your home. You can also choose the color of the connecting area, which will help you to achieve your desired finished look. They are simple yet sophisticated and would go well with an industrial-looking kitchen.

14. Simple and Sleek Black Pulls

I could write an ode to copper. But instead, I’ll just share this beautiful copper cabinet handle that will bring some serious bling into your kitchen. (via CB2)
Best Knobs and Pulls

15. Starfish Shaped Knobs

Black is so chic in any room of the house. Putting these sparkly black gems on your cabinets will make you want to replace all the knobs in the rest of the house too. (via Knob Lovers)
A Loop Handle

16. Sleeping Fox Knobs

Homeowners often think that pulls for cabinets are much chunkier than knobs, but this lightweight, long mini circus pull will look sleek and stylish on your cabinets. The rounded design paired with the mirror surface creates an Art Deco-inspired look, and Superfront offers four different colors to choose from. The length of the pull makes them an ideal choice for heavier cabinets and could even be added to your fridge or freezer, so your whole room is coordinated. Choose from copper, aluminum, untreated brass, or matte black to suit your kitchen’s current décor.
Superfront offers the perfect combination of a pull and a knob for anyone who can’t decide between the two. You’ll enjoy the look of a knob with these loop handles, which offer the functionality of a pull. It’s made from untreated leather, and then you can choose the rivet from brass, copper, or matte black. They’ll make a stylish and modern addition to any kitchen or bedroom this year.

17. Handcrafted Jute Rope Knobs 

It’s another brushed brass option because how can you not? These pulls are so simple in design that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to add them. (via Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co.)
For the lover of knick knacks and flowers and color, here’s a set of knobs that will show off your love for the eclectic. Whether you choose one design or two… or four, your white cabinets will become the favorite part of your kitchen. (via Anthropologie)

18. Solid Steel Pulls

Solid Steel Pulls
They’re sleek and simple and black. Your modern kitchen will ask for nothing more when you’ve put these on your cabinets. (via Anthropologie)

19. Rubbed Bronze Knobs

Rubbed Bronze Knobs
Below you’ll see that knobs and pulls come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Choose ones that suit the size of your cabinet, as a small cabinet door or drawer may look a little ridiculous with a huge knob attached.

20. Knurled Knob

Your first decision will be whether you would prefer knobs or pulls for your drawers or cupboards. We often suggest using knobs for cabinet doors and then pulls for drawers. Pulls are generally more comfortable to open than knobs, as you can use your whole hand to grab them. This is especially useful for a heavy drawer, such as the ones in your kitchen. Mix and match between the two styles if you like, especially when adding new designs throughout your home.
On Etsy, you’ll find these Lake Michigan granite stone knobs, which will help to bring a little nature into your home. This set of six knobs is enough to kit out a whole selection of kitchen cabinets, and they’ll look great on wood cabinets in particular. As they are a naturally found material, each one will have its own unique design and markings, bringing some originality into the room. The fun thing about these knobs is you can place them horizontally or vertically to suit your needs. You’ll also find they have a lovely texture to grab even the heaviest of doors by.

21. Granite Stone Knobs

Some homes make it all about the art. That’s when you go for something colorful and maybe a little off for your white kitchen cabinet knobs. Like these beauties. (via Anthropologie)
Garden color knobs

22. Mother of Pearl Knobs

Modern Square Knob 1
Yes, even bachelors need something to open their cabinet doors with. How about a leather handle that exudes toughness and gentlemanly flair? (via Anthropologie)

23. Pyramid Cabinet Knob

You might think that putting wood on wood is redundant. But putting these lovely cherrywood knobs on your white cabinets will give your kitchen a touch of mid-century modern. (via Etsy)
Finally, choose a color and design that suits your home decor. You’ll see options made from a huge selection of materials listed below. If you have a very plain cabinet, you may want to add some color to the space. Just make sure it doesn’t clash with other accessories in your home, or it may look very strange. You’ll also want to make sure the knobs and pulls are comfortable to use. While your top choice may look pretty, it won’t be very useful if it hurts every time you pull it open.

24. Long Mini Circus Pull

Modern Wood Knobs
Traditional Cup Pull

25. Crystal Knob

A kitchen cabinet will look great with the modern upgrade it will receive from this square knob from Restoration Hardware. Choose from seven different colors, ranging from nickel to chrome to bronze, all of which will work with different shades of cabinet and kitchen. The square edges give a modern finish to these knobs, and yet they are still easy to pull due to the indentation hidden on the other side.
By adding a simple knob or pull to any cabinet this year, you can completely transform the look and feel of a room. With such a wide selection to choose from, you’ll find something which will enhance your current home décor. They are super quick and easy to install by yourself in your home, so even the most inexperienced DIYer will enjoy making this subtle enhancement to your kitchen this year.

26. Vegetable and Fruit Knobs

Black modern handles
Knurled Knob

27. Modern Square Knob

Gilded color knobs
But if you think they might be too bland for your space, consider all your options for cabinet knobs and pulls that will match with white. The options are almost limitless! You can choose a knob or pull that matches the style you’re shooting for in your home and it will seem like you bought new cabinets instead of just replacing the knobs. Here are 30 knobs and pulls that will show off your white cabinets to their best advantage.

28. Traditional Cup Pull

If your kitchen cabinets are made of wood, why not finish them off with these lovely modern wood knobs from Etsy. You’ll receive four with your purchase, and there’s a massive selection of designs to choose from. They are made from solid wood, and then each one is painted by hand with acrylic paint and varnish. These offer such a unique and personal touch to any kitchen or would look great in your bedroom.
Crystal Knob

29. A Loop Handle

For a room with more rounded edges, look for round knobs. Traditional homes will likely prefer to use round and large knobs, whereas a contemporary or minimalistic home may prefer a subtle, square design.
Brass hex knob

30. Modern Wood Knobs

When you think of a pull for your kitchen cabinet, you may only consider a certain style or shape. Cup pulls are a traditional form of pull, but they are often overlooked by homeowners today. The great thing about this type of pull is that they offer a very firm grip for pulling even the heaviest cupboards of drawers. My Knobs shares this traditional cup pull design which comes in eight different finishes to suit your home’s style and design.
Long Mini Circus Pull


Black modern knobs
Black and white is a classic combination since the beginning of time. So decking your cabinets in plain simple black knobs is a great way to update them without going crazy. (via Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co.)

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