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30 Breakfast Nook Bench Ideas That Will Cheer Up Your Mornings

If there is one thing in the world that nearly everyone can agree on, it’s a breakfast nook. We can all agree that they are rather a luxury in a home, primarily because if you have a breakfast nook bench, you likely have a formal dining room as well. We can also agree that breakfast…
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Many nooks have perfectly fitting cushions for the seats but that isn’t required. Go for a completely upholstered bench and your make your nook even more appealing for morning pajama hangs.
Rustic kitchens deserve lots of rustic touches, even in the breakfast nook. Build your bench out of rustic wood for the perfect farmhouse touch. Then it won’t matter if you paint it or not.
Neutral colors play a big part in modern decorating so naturally, you would extend this to your breakfast nook. A two-toned bench is interesting and inviting while staying on par with the rest of your classy home.
small and colorful breakfast nook

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How Big Should a Breakfast Nook Be?

Holiday breakfast nook matching cabinet bench

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Breakfast Nook?

This farmhouse breakfast nook features plenty of old house charm and has built-in shelves for extra storage. It’s a great spot for families with young kids, who’ll find it easy to add and remove high chairs as they are growing up.

How to Decorate a Breakfast Nook

restaurant style nook
DIY bench for kitchen nook
A lot of corner units usually included in many breakfast nook furniture sets have rather bulky designs which aren’t necessarily great if you only have a small area to work in the first place. Of course, if you want something a bit more slender and lightweight-looking then there’s obviously no room for extra storage inside the benches and corner units. In return, however, you get to opt for designs such as this one. This is a complete set, including a bench, a table, and a corner piece all featuring sleek metal frames and slim but comfortable tops and seats. The corner piece even includes a small shelf.

Cozy Breakfast Nook Ideas for Dining, Reading, and Relaxing

large nook for big families

1. Bookmatch Table 86.6″ + Bookmatch Benches by Philippe Malouin

This DIY banquette bench booth is the ideal project for anyone looking to transform their home. It’s great for experienced DIYers who will enjoy tackling this project. Once finished, add any dining table set to fit you and your family’s needs.
It’s a fact that round things bring welcome diversity in rooms full of square shapes. So a round table with a curved bench will make a perfect nook in your kitchen full of square cabinets.

2. Thrifted Breakfast Nook Bench and Table

Some say nooks are an acquired taste. But you can use them for a lot more than just breakfast. They’re a convenient spot to work, do crafts, or for kids to do homework. It’s a space you can get cozy, feel comfortable, and dine in style.
corner bench breakfast nook

3. Built-in Breakfast Nook

For the traditional decorators, you’re probably looking for a breakfast nook that is matchy-matchy for your traditional kitchen. Have a bench and chairs reupholstered in the popping color of your kitchen for the best effect.
modern breakfast nook bench

4. Breakfast Nook Bench for Bay Window

You don’t have to use your nook strictly for breakfast. So, you might know them by the name of kitchen nooks, dining nooks, dinette, or eating place.
Traditional breakfast nook hard bench pillows

5. Sunny Breakfast Nook with Corner Bench

If there is one thing in the world that nearly everyone can agree on, it’s a breakfast nook. We can all agree that they are rather a luxury in a home, primarily because if you have a breakfast nook bench, you likely have a formal dining room as well.
thrifted bench and table for nook

6. Upholstered Breakfast Nook

Farmhouse breakfast nook long windowseat
Breakfast nooks are the perfect way to start the day, whether in a small corner of your kitchen or right in front of the bay windows. Check out these fascinating breakfast nook ideas for comfortability, aesthetics, and functionality.

7. Make the Most of an Empty Kitchen Corner

Does your kitchen have a window seat? Then you are already halfway there. Find a table that fits perfectly in front of the seat and add some chairs on the other side. You’ll create the easiest breakfast nook ever.
Adding a theme and decorations to your breakfast nook is a fantastic way to make the space come alive and feel welcoming. You can create a colorful nook with bright paintings and artwork, patterned cushions, or flowers and plants.

8. Simple Breakfast Nook Seating

There’s also one more set that we’d like to show you today and this one features a lovely farmhouse style which is really charming. It has a corner unit, a table, a bench, and a chair which makes it a complete set. It comprises of composite wood veneers and solid pine and birch wood with a distressed finish.
breakfast nook bench for bay window

9. Breakfast Nook Bench with Storage

DIY breakfast nook bench
farmhouse style nook bench

10. Restaurant Booth Corner Breakfast Nook

Traditional breakfast nook bench storage drawers
Small chandelier over the breakfast nook bench

11. Round Breakfast Nook Table with a Curved Bench

black and white breakfast nook
Contemporary breakfast nook upholstered bench

12. Nook with a Beadboard Back

In a smaller kitchen, it’s likely that your breakfast nook protrudes into the natural traffic patterns of the room. If you can’t get by on just a bench, add some stools that can be pushed under the table and out of the way when not in use.
Breakfast nook sofa bench design

13. The Storage Nook

The size of your table usually depends on the size of your kitchen, but benches don’t have to be the complicated built-ins you’ll find in many breakfast nooks. Here are 36 ideas for your breakfast nook bench to help you create your new favorite Sunday morning spot.
Cozy Kitchen Corner Breakfast Nook with Storage

14. Rustic Wood Breakfast Nook

Farmhouse breakfast nook rustic bench
Looking for a way to bring more storage to your kitchen? Turn your attention to your nook. The bench is the perfect place to add some cabinets or drawers to store those things you don’t need very often but don’t want to get rid of.

15. Comfy Breakfast Nook Cushions

simple breakfast nook with bench and table
Benches don’t need to line the wall to create a nook. If you have more adults gathering in your kitchen than little ones, build yours in a restaurant booth fashion for ease of use.

16. Add Natural Light

You want your nook to be big enough to fit your family and maybe some guests. Most nooks are big enough to fit at least four people. A nook with a round table or small corner nooks are usually 5 feet by 5 feet. You can calculate about 27 inches per person sitting at the table to avoid crowding. Larger built-in nooks range around 8 feet by 8 feet and go up from there. 
Building a nook doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you make one from recycled materials and it’s not built-in to your home. If you want to build one into your house’s wall or bay window, you can expect to pay 0 to 0 per square foot. And that can come out to 0 to ,000 for the whole job. The cost mainly depends on the size of the area you’re reconstructing and the quality of the materials. 

17. Colorful Small Breakfast Nook

Farmhouse breakfast nook three sided bench
build in nook bench

18. Family Friendly Breakfast Nook Corner Bench

Modern breakfast nook matching bench chairs
Sometimes a breakfast nook really is as simple as a thrifted bench and a table without a home. Just push them into an empty corner or nook in your kitchen, add a pillow and you’re ready to linger with your coffee.

19. Two-Toned Bench and Modern Breakfast Nook

If you’re wanting to make your kitchen as family-friendly as possible, cover your nook’s bench cushions in a patterned fabric. It will look fun while hiding all the crumbs and splatters from small kids.
How do you make your existing breakfast nook an updated farmhouse wonder? You add shiplap. To the bench, to the wall behind the bench, whatever flat surface allows you to ensconce the space in white linear glory.

20. Shiplap Walls for a White Nook

We can also agree that breakfast nooks are cozy spaces for morning coffee to afternoon homework sessions. All you need to achieve this space in your home is a table, a bench, and a space in your kitchen to put them.
Farmhouse breakfast nook in two tone bench

21. Breakfast Nook with Bench and Chairs for Large Family

The post 30 Breakfast Nook Bench Ideas That Will Cheer Up Your Mornings appeared first on Homedit.
Here’s another combo that we really love. This one is composed of a table and two identical benches. It looks really breezy and it’s less bulky than most other breakfast nook sets simply by giving up on any built-in storage as well as the typical corner unit. Also, the benches are not upholstered and feature simple flat tops. You can add cushions for extra comfort. The tabletop and bench seats are made of particleboard, while the legs are made of heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish. The two benches can fit underneath the table in order to save some space when the table isn’t in use.

22. Classic and Stylish Breakfast Nook Dining Set

If you have a smaller kitchen and want to make the best with the space you have, you’ll surely appreciate having plenty of extra storage with this breakfast nook that doubles up as a great place to store kitchen items or games. It’s a fun spot in your home to host a family game night or invite your friends around for drinks.
You’ll find that built-in cabinets and benches in original homes have a lot of character. Give your breakfast nook bench the same treatment with a beadboard back and a coat of paint that’s slightly different from your wall.

23. Lightweight Breakfast Nook Furniture Set

You can also put together your own set using different individual pieces. It’s common for breakfast nooks to feature benches rather than dining chairs. This right here is a really nice bench with a classical and stylish design. It’s made out of wood and has a dark brown finish. And faux leather with button tufting covers the seat cushion. The overall dimensions of this bench are 49.5’’W x 15.75’’D x 19.25’’H. It’s a great piece for a breakfast nook but at the same time, it’s a versatile piece that you can also add to the entryway, hallway, and other areas of the house.
Signature Design by Ashley Haddigan Upholstered Dining Room Bench

24. Simple Flat Top Breakfast Nook Table with Bench

Less Boltzero Corner Nook Dining Table
You can buy a breakfast nook pretty much anywhere. They’re available at retail stores like Home Depot and Wal Mart. Or, you can order them to your do with a quick online order through Amazon or Wayfair.

25. Charming Corner Unit

Boho Style Breakfast Nook
Breakfast Nook Bench
If you aren’t using your nook, there are a few ideas to give it purpose again. You can set up a home office and use it as a desk. If you add some shelves, you can use the nook strictly for storage. You could turn it into a relaxing area dedicated to reading. If you have pets, you can always customize the nook into a lounge space just for them. Either way, there’s numerous ways to utilize your nook creatively.

26. DIY Breakfast Nook Bench

You don’t absolutely have to have an empty corner to have a nook. If your kitchen is big enough, you can build it out into the empty space and use your kitchen’s square footage better.
Are you lacking in woodworking skills but love the built-in bench look? Install low cabinetry instead. It might require ordering a custom size but it will give you extra seating and extra storage at the same time.

27. Boho-Style

Yes, even your large family can gather at your breakfast nook for Saturday morning pancakes. Find the longest table ever and squish the little ones onto the bench for making some quality family memories.
This extra storage in your kitchen or dining area and can easily be matched to a new dining table. Of course, you can customize this bench to fit your home’s decor by painting the wood a different color and adding colorful cushions to brighten up the space.

28. Cozy Kitchen Corner Breakfast Nook with Storage

family friendly nook
Bookmatch Table 86.6" + Bookmatch Benches by Philippe Malouin

29. Farmhouse Style Nook

Bright kitchens are a real favorite for anyone who spends time in theirs. Connect your windows with a long corner bench to catch all that morning sun in your breakfast nook.
If you are short of space in your home, you’ll love this boho-style breakfast nook. As you can see, this set can completely transform a dark corner of your kitchen into a place you will love spending your time. It’s great for enjoying your breakfast and can add additional space for working or reading in peace and quiet.

30. Banquette Bench Booth

All of these breakfast nook bench ideas will completely transform your home and give you a new spot to enjoy dining, reading, or working. They are great for expanding families and make the most of small unused corners to provide additional seating.
A common theme for nooks is the classic black and white color scheme. Or you can style your nook after a place like California, Scandinavia, or Moscow. The best way to decide how to decorate your breakfast nook is to make it an extension of your personality or something you love. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are breakfast nooks outdated?

If you truly like the built-in breakfast nook look, go ahead and get out your woodworking skills this weekend. Two simple boxes with cushions on top will fill the corner like they were there all along.

What to do with unused breakfast nook?

Carriage House Breakfast Nook with Side Bench and Single Chair

Where to buy a breakfast nook?

The design of the Bookmatch table by Philippe Malouin is simple and modern. It’s meant to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. It looks solid and sturdy but it’s also polished and refined. It comes with two matching benches.

What is another name for breakfast nook?

The corner piece is three separate units which configure on either side depending on the layout of the room and your design preferences. The longer and shorter benches are reversible which makes it easy to reorganize the entire set if or when needed. Also, the tabletop and the seats have a dark finish which contrasts with the distressed white surfaces and adds an elegant finishing touch to the entire set.

Transform Your Kitchen with a Breakfast Nook Bench

Windows in kitchens afford so much opportunity. If your window isn’t lined by cabinets or a sink, push your favorite cushy bench up to it with a table, and you’ll instantly have a breakfast nook to rival all other nooks.
natural light. Fill in those windows with a breakfast nook and you’ll immediately be glad you went through all that work.

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