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30 Cheap Christmas Decorations You Can DIY

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Christmas time is such a joyful time of year. But with all the gift-giving, it can leave our bank accounts a little lacking which means cutting back on other luxuries. Namely, decorating. Maybe you had your eye on a particular new holiday decor addition and you’re feeling a little disappointed that it’s just not in…




Some of the best DIYs are the ones you can make while doing something else too. While you’re watching your favorite Christmas special, put together this simple lovely wreath for your front door. Just a few sheets of metallic paper and a craft ring and you’re all set.
Christmas time is such a joyful time of year. But with all the gift-giving, it can leave our bank accounts a little lacking which means cutting back on other luxuries.
They only require two ingredients and a few hours to bake which means you can easily make batches and batches for yourself and all your family.

Cheap Decoration Ideas For Christmas

Also, remember to take out the metal buttons so you can reuse them and place them at the center of your stars. Check out the full tutorial for this on pillarboxblue.
Dried citrus garland for Christmas

Make awesome things out of twigs

Dried citrus garland for Christmas
Yarn is also amazing for making adorable custom ornaments. There’s so many possibilities and so many different designs that you can make and you can find a few of them on lostmom. They make use of a bunch of different yarn types in different colors and they’re really cute. These would make wonderful gifts for someone you care about but of course you can also keep them for yourself.

Bringing the cheer with Christmas-themed accent pillows

Paper crafts are a lot of fun and a lot of them are easy enough for kids to do them as well. A cute idea for a Christmas project can be to make paper angels that can be then hanged in the tree or displayed around the house. You can find detailed instructions on diys explaining how it’s done. You’ll need paper, markers, pine cleaners, scissors, a glue stick and some yarn.
Wood Slice Craft For Christmas

Evergreen wall ornament with copper accents

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Ornament
DIY Faux Woven Ornaments

A knitted Christmas phrase for an empty wall

DIY Twig Christmas Tree
If you can’t get your knitting act together, no worries. Just wrap that yarn around a cone to make a fun colorful Christmas tree. It’s so easy, you can make yourself a little forest of trees in any colors you choose.

Minimalistic cone trees in any color

Silver metallic Christmas Wreath
Animal Baubles

Another festive use for Scrabble letters

You can usually find wooden discs at craft stores or you can order them online and they’re great for all sorts of DIY projects including these cute ornaments that you can make for Christmas. You only need some paint in a few different colors and paintbrushes to draw cute designs on the wooden slices.
Something’s just missing when a home doesn’t smell like holiday spice. Get some oranges and cinnamon sticks next time you’re at the grocery and spend a day making these beautiful scented garlands. Every room in your home needs one.

A beautiful Christmas project made from scrap wood

Getting a bunch of twigs shouldn’t be hard this time of the year. Gather a few and bring them home. You can then turn them into all sorts of cute and cheap Christmas decorations like stars and mini trees. You can also combine them with other things to make original ornaments.
Rudolph christmas stocking pattern scratchandstitch 360x540@2x

Updated cork board with a cheerful look

Everyone is all into the letter board game right now. If an actual letter board is out of your price range, make one yourself using an old Scrabble game. Simply glue the letter holders to a Christmas shape and then use the tiles to make your words as you see fit.
Window Christmas Stars Garland
Everyone puts up lights of some kind during the holidays. Take your indoor strands to the next level by adding some glowing stars to your string. Most likely, the only thing you’d need to buy for this project is the metallic stars to put inside.

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