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30 Decor Ideas For A Cozy Home With Style

It’s difficult to try to come with a definition for the term ‘home” because, well, home is where the heart is. In one home definition attempt, someone associated the term with the idea of a familiar and usual setting, a place where one feels relaxed and comfortable. But how do you achieve that? How do…
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Himalayan Salt Lamps Offer Soft Warmth
Leather furniture is some of the most classy and durable furniture you can source for your home, and it’s a smart way to add a masculine and rustic style to your home. Genuine leather furniture is the most expensive type, but there are also blended leather and synthetic leather options that have a more uniform look than genuine leather. However, these synthetic versions don’t last as long as the real thing. For furniture that you can pass down to the next generation, genuine leather furniture is timeless. (via Articulate)
When you choose lighting for your home decor, you can get a much cozier look by choosing lighting that glows softly rather than acts as a bright spotlight. Himalayan salt lamps are pink lamps made of rock salt that are said to remove allergens from the home and can help purify the air via ionization for homeowners who suffer from seasonal allergies. And who doesn’t want enchanted glowing rocks in their living room? (via Moretti Interior Design)

30 Home Decor Projects To Make Your Space More Cozy and Stylish

1. Get a Comfortable Couch

The interior design strategy for making a space feel homely is different based on the type of room in question. In the dining area, for example, an idea can be to have comfortable, upholstered chairs, a wooden table, an area rug or a carpet on the floor, and warm and pleasant light directed above the table. When you’re working up the interior design for your home, take the time to consider exactly what daily activities occur in each space and how you can make the space facilitate those activities more easily. 
Don't Forget to add some Pillows for style and comfort

2. Add a Reading Nook

Use a Rich Accent Color
Add Throw Blankets for Cuddling

3. Make Your Transitional Areas Comfortable

Neutrals are cozy because they are calm and don’t overwhelm the eye with a bunch of patterns. While some decorators might think of neutrals as bland, the way to keep neutral colors interesting is to introduce them in a variety of different textures and shades. Keep in mind that glass and metal are also both neutral materials when you’re designing a room. All neutral colors can be placed in the same design without any fear of clashing between them. (via Modsy)
A homely decor can be created in any type of space, including utilitarian rooms or transitional areas such as the hallway. The workspace is no different either. To make a desk or a console table and it’s immediate surroundings look inviting and pleasant, keep the decor clean and simple and use accent lighting in the form of table lamps. One of the easiest ways to drop the ball on your home’s design is to decorate the rooms and ignore the spaces that interconnect them. This can lead to a home design that feels unfinished. Check your home for these transitional spaces and see how you can add some layers of decor to make them more refined.

4. Indulge in a Luxurious Bed

Nothing can throw off the look of a bedroom or laundry room design quite like a cheap laundry hamper. There are tons of decorative options available, so don’t skimp when it comes to this home decor accent. You’ll be spending a lot of time looking at and handling your laundry baskets, so be sure to choose baskets with an aesthetically pleasing color and texture. On a practical level, it’s also a good idea to choose laundry baskets that are sturdy and high-quality. That way you don’t end up having to replace them right away when they break down under a heavy load of laundry. 
Modern bedroom featuring a foot bench

5. Keep the Room’s Function in Mind

Try Blackout Curtains to Darken Your Bedroom
Dial Up the Romance with Flirty Florals

6. Install a Welcoming Wallpaper

It’s difficult to try to come with a definition for the term ‘home” because, well, home is where the heart is. In one home definition attempt, someone associated the term with the idea of a familiar and usual setting, a place where one feels relaxed and comfortable.
Decorate for the Holidays

7. Make it Moody with Dark Wall Colors

Bring in Leather Furniture
The bedroom should obviously be the most comfortable room of the house and to achieve such decor and ambiance you can rely on soft and pleasant textures and fabrics, warm wood for the flooring, and colors and patterns that help you relax and feel good. The lighting also plays a very important role here. You spend a third of your life sleeping in bed, so it’s well worth the time, money, and energy to make your sleeping area as cozy and stylish as possible. 

8. Layer Textures for a Soft and Fluffy Vibe

Opt for Lamp Lighting
Buy Some Hurricane Lamps for Old School Glamour

9. Bring in Some Dramatic Drapery

Speaking of accents that make a room more functional, you should definitely look into adding some rugs to your home if you want to make it cozy and stylish at the same time. Not only can a statement rug in any room helps bring the entire design together, but it can also help make the floor in the room softer and muffle the room’s acoustics. Rugs are an especially important accessory for rooms with a hard floor since hard floors like tile, stone, and hardwood get cold in the winter. (via Rug and Home)
Along with throw blankets, you’ll also need to invest in some high-quality throw pillows to make your home design feel seriously comfortable. Like blankets, throw pillows are another great accent option where you have the chance to apply your personal style or add a quirky touch to an otherwise grounded design. Choosing pillows based on texture and comfort is just as important as choosing pillows that look good. (via Home is Here)

10. Pay Attention to Lighting

Hang Fairy Lights for a Fairytale Home
Accent with Natural Materials

11. Take Advantage of Neutrals

No matter which room in your home you’re trying to make cozier, lighting is one of the most important aspects of designing the room’s look. Lighting impacts the colors you use, the ambiance, and the room’s function. Using some floor lamps to light the rooms around your house rather than using overhead lighting can help bathe your home in cozy pools of light. Lamps are also great for mood lighting if you want to use colored bulbs in your home. 
Incorporate Some Houseplants for a Lively Look

12. Accent with Natural Materials

Invest in a Decorative Laundry Hamper
Another thing that can make a home look super cozy is a reading nook or reading corner. To set up something like this you need a comfortable chair and a small table. You can optionally add other things as well, such as bookshelves for example. Most homes have a corner or alcove that is mostly unused, so these are the perfect places to install a spot for reading. Nooks add a lot of function to large households because they offer a place for introverted houseguests and family members to slip away for a quick break. 

13. Try Blackout Curtains to Darken Your Bedroom

Last but not least, the lighting. The type of fixture you choose for a room has to do with that space’s function but also with everything else involved in the decor. For example, for the dining room, you might want a low-hanging chandelier or a set of pendant lamps that give out warm and subtle light without being too bright.
Go with a Monochrome Color Palette

14. Get a Statement Rug

If you have a problem getting cozy in your bedroom, it could be because you have too much natural light coming in through the windows in the morning. While a little light coming in can help you wake up naturally, too much can make your room feel stuffy and bright. Adding thick blackout curtains can make a bright bedroom dimmer. This makes the room more functional as a place to rest while also adding dramatic style. (via Blinds Galore)
Small living room decor with rectangular table

15. Opt for Lamp Lighting

Get a Statement Rug
Decorating the conole table on the entryway

16. Go with a Monochrome Color Palette

If you want to keep your rooms looking classy but you also want to add drama, consider including a rich accent color that is still relatively neutral, like a dark golden tan against lighter beige and off-white neutrals. Rich accent colors are a smart way to draw the viewer’s eye around the room. Including them at the ground level and then all the way up the walls can help make the entire room feel much bigger than it actually is. Pair rich accent colors with light colors and neutrals so that they can have the most visual impact. (via Decoholic)
Houseplants not only make a house feel cozier, but they also help purify the air in your home. Some houseplants require bright light to thrive, while others can be placed in rooms that get less natural light from the adjacent windows. If you want to keep houseplants in rooms of your house that have no natural light, you’ll need to install some full-spectrum lighting to help keep your leafy housemates lush and healthy. Houseplants also come in a huge selection of colors and textures, so they’re great for layering in your design. (via Proline Range Hoods)

17. Add Throw Blankets for Cuddling

For another accent piece that glows softly, hurricane lamps are available in a ton of different designs and they’re the perfect way to help accentuate the room in a retro styled Victorian or craftsman home. Multiple sources of lighting behind glass can create a dazzling array of patterned lighting on the walls, giving your home a kaleidoscopic look while also making it look radiant at the same time. (via Inviting Home)
Wallpapered walls are known to give rooms a warm and comfortable appearance and to create a welcoming vibe and when you combine them with other homely design features the result can be quite wonderful. There is a limitless amount of wallpaper options to choose from, so wallpaper is perfect for adding a personal touch to the walls without having to do a specialty paint job on them. Another advantage of modern wallpaper is that it can easily be taken down and replaced if you ever get tired of it and want a change for the room. 

18. Himalayan Salt Lamps Offer Soft Warmth

Blankets are a great way to add comfort to any room of the house, and they don’t have to be restricted to bedrooms and couches. Adding a throw blanket to a reading nook or a bay window can turn any unused corner in your home into the perfect place for a quick little cat nap. Throw blankets are also a great way to interject your personal style into your home’s design since they’re available in so many different colors and patterns. (via Love Grows Wild)
Dark walls are surprisingly unpopular which is a bit unusual considering how successful they are at making spaces look and feel cozy. A great way to put an emphasis on this design feature is by complementing dark walls (or a single accent wall) with a white ceiling, light-colored flooring, warm wood accents, and strategically positioned accent lighting. Keep in mind that dark colors will create the visual illusion that a room is smaller. Be sure to save a dark color scheme for rooms that are a little larger than necessary to keep the dark colors from making the room look cramped. 

19. Buy Some Hurricane Lamps for Old School Glamour

Install Large Artworks to Inspire Guests
You can go hog wild with accessories and accents in other areas of your home, but one area where you definitely want to try and keep visual clutter to a minimum is in the bedroom. Not only does a minimalist bedroom make it easier to keep tidy, but it also has a more relaxing effect on the mind. Choose furniture with clean lines and keep flat surfaces empty to give your bedroom a Zen vibe. 

20. Don’t Forget to Add Some Pillows for Style and Comfort

Stay Minimalist in the Bedroom
Large mirrors on the wall can create bigger spaces

21. Dial Up the Romance with Flirty Florals

The post 30 Decor Ideas For A Cozy Home With Style appeared first on Homedit.
Simple dining table with hanging pendant lamps

22. Hang Fairy Lights for a Fairytale Home

An easy way to keep your home looking stylish is to change up its look once in a while. A great way to do that is to rotate your home accents out with the seasons. Decorating your home for the holidays in the winter can add tons of charm and warmth to your home while also giving it a refreshed cheerful look for a time of year when you’re most likely to entertain houseguests. Everybody appreciates the whimsy and magic that seasonal holiday decorations can bring to your decor. (via It’s a Crock Country Store)
Decor Ideas For A Cozy Home

23. Install Large Artworks to Inspire Guests

But how do you achieve that? How do you turn a house into a cozy home with style? We tried to answer this question, and we came up with 30 decor ideas that we think could inspire you.
When you’re designing your home, it’s all about the details. It’s possible to make just about every style of interior design cozy in its own way. The secret to pulling off a cozy home with style usually lies in choosing good accents to make the room both functional and luxe at the same time. Your home is the main place where you can let your personality shine through with every decision you make in its decor. Consider each room’s style carefully against your own preferences, and you’re sure to end up with a living space you’ll never want to leave.

24. Incorporate Some Houseplants for a Lively Look

Creating a linear interior design
An important part of making a space look and feel like a home is having a comfortable couch or sofa. Before you pick one, consider the type of ambiance that you wish to create as well as the way in which you’ll be using the room. For example, if you entertain a lot, you might want a sectional sofa. If you’re going for a super cozy look a small sofa with comfy cushions would be perfect. Make sure to get furniture that fits the size of the room to keep pathways clear and the room’s design functional. It’s always a good idea to test out your furniture on the sales floor if you can since sitting on it can tell you for sure whether it’s cozy or not. 

25. Decorate for the Holidays

Use Books for Visual Interest
Dark living room decorated with furniture

26. Bring in Leather Furniture

Fairy lights have been a popular form of interior lighting for the past several decades, and the technology they’re based on keeps getting better and better. While options for these lights used to be rather limited, you can now get fairy lights in all kinds of different shapes and colors to fit any design. Fairy lights can be used to outline doorways and are a great way to add an intimate touch to private quarters like bedrooms. (via Primrose and Plum)
Like we mentioned before, materials, finishes, textures, and colors are all very important when it comes to creating a certain type of ambiance and decor in a room. That’s why a soft and fluffy throw blanket can make the living room look extra welcoming or why area rugs are so important. Adding layers to a room’s design with throws or even some fluffy floor poufs can make the room look more put-together and can soften minimalist room designs that can be visually stark otherwise. Add chunky, natural textures for a rustic vibe or smooth, synthetic ones to accentuate a more modern room. 

27. Use Books for Visual Interest

Even if you don’t have a home library, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate books around your home to help add visual interest to your home design. Stacks of books are great to serve as pedestals for small table sculptures and other knick-knacks. They can also be arranged in order by color to give your bookshelves an appealing rainbow appearance. You can be sure that anyone entering your home will be scanning your shelves to see what you’re interested in reading, so choose wisely. (via Architectural Digest)
Using a bunch of different colors can look good in a bohemian home design, but it can also make a room feel cluttered and overwhelming. On the contrary, a monochrome color palette allows the eye to rest and creates a dramatic look at the same time. If you’re especially fond of a particular color, building a monochromatic room around it is the perfect tribute to your special shade. Doing a monochromatic design in a darker room can help make a room look more intimate while choosing lighter colors can make small rooms look bigger. (via Fohlio)

28. Stay Minimalist in the Bedroom

Floral patterns and accents are another variation of natural accents in the home, but florals like bouquet centerpieces give the room a delicate, feminine vibe that can contrast nicely with heavier furniture pieces and a formal interior design. For more casual designs, florals can add bohemian funk through decoupage or bright colors. Use a combination of floral designs and live greenery to give the room a layered look. (via The Design Twins)
Modern geometric lighting above the dining table

29. Invest in a Decorative Laundry Hamper

Natural materials are a good way to add comfort and style to your home design for many reasons. Stone and wood are great neutral natural materials, which means they can be layered with any other accent color as a base. Natural materials can work great as accents in vintage or craftsman-style homes to achieve that earthy vibe. On top of being beautiful, natural materials are not only good for the environment, but they are also very durable, so anything made with them will be built to last. (via Colorado Style)
Take Advantage of Neutrals

30. Use a Rich Accent Color

You might be tempted to add a bunch of artwork to your home to help accentuate it, but the key to keeping artwork both cozy and stylish is to go big. Large artwork makes a more dramatic statement and helps add visual interest without making the room’s design feel claustrophobic and cluttered. Be sure to include artwork that repeats some of the accent or main colors that are used elsewhere in the room, or choose a color for the artwork that doesn’t appear anywhere else to make it stand out as the main focal point. 
Another thing that has the ability to totally change the look and ambiance in a room is the curtain or set of curtains. For the bedroom, you want something dark which doesn’t let the light through but for the living room, something lighter is in order, something that doesn’t block the view entirely but offers privacy up to a certain degree. Heavy fabrics can make a room look more formal and grounded, while sheer fabrics can add grace and movement, especially if they’re installed over HVAC vents for a rippling effect. 
Drop a cloth on the sofa to create a warm atmosphere
Modern bathroom decor with floating vanity

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