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30 Fireplace Design Ideas And How To Build Amazing Spaces Around Them

When we think of fireplaces we typically tend to picture something very traditional, possibly with a wooden surround and a big mantel. However, very few actually look like that. Fireplace designs are very diverse and there’s a lot to take in if we’re to go into details. There are many variations and possible combinations when…
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White Room with a wooden table and heated fireplace
The classic French architecture and design that are so easy to distinguish can also be noticed inside this beautiful home remodeled by studio Le Berre Vevaud. They definitely went for a modern aesthetic but still managed to squeeze in a few details and elements that keep that classic vibe alive. This fireplace for example is one of them. 
Room with fireplace and pink roses

Fireplace Design Ideas And The Space Around Them

Art deco fireplace by Marta de la Rica 

Living Room with stone wall and fireplace
Living Room with black armchair and marble fireplace

White Living Room with stone fireplace and staircase

A luxurious approach by Robert Passal

Architect Michael Hsu recently worked on a really cool project in Texas. They have a beautiful and impressive weekend retreat to show for, a contemporary house with big glass walls and windows, spacious interior areas but also plenty of cozy details like this lovely seating area. It’s tucked in a corner, with comfortable chairs, an area rug with a distressed look and a big fireplace. The double height ceiling really puts this into perspective but even so this nook remains really nice and cozy. 
A little bit of green here and there can really change a space. You can that here in the form of this eye-catching fireplace, the lovely accent pillows, the sculptural chair in the corner or the pouf by the wall. However, it’s not just the interior itself that matters, as studio Sisällä Interior Design beautifully shows us. It’s also the relationship of the space to the beautiful outdoors in this case filled with greenery that makes this such a fresh and wonderful home in the first place. 

A classical design by Nicemakers

No matter you look inside this magnificent home there’s always something that catches the eye. Interior designer  María Lladó has a rather theatrical approach to interior decor which you witness here in the form of a playful but also very refined mix of colors, textures and materials. The fireplace is the centerpiece but everything around it is exquisite as well in a unique way. 
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A Victorian redesign by Michelle Gage

Office Room with fireplace and bookshelf
Fireplace in the center of the Living Room with large windows

A dramatic entryway by Studio Sven

The post 30 Fireplace Design Ideas And How To Build Amazing Spaces Around Them appeared first on Homedit.
Flowered room with fireplace decorated in white and blue

A contemporary design by Michael Hsu 

Living Room with red and white floor and fireplace by Elizabeth Roberts Architects
Colorful room with blue armchairs and fireplace

Scandinavian inspiration by Commune Design

Fireplaces are most commonly part of living rooms but that’s not always the case. In this magnificent residence redesigned by Lauren Svenstrup of Studio Sven the fireplace is part of a fairly grand and impressive entryway. It’s the first thing guests see when entering the house and it definitely makes an impression. Due to the quirky design, it’s actually easy to overlook the fact that this is actually a fireplace TV stand sort of combo. 
It’s easy to fall in love with Victorian houses. They somehow look and feel very grand but at the same time they’re very welcoming. They’re also full of details and charm and character. Interior designer Michelle Gage was tasked with renovating such a place and came up with a really great way to give it a fresh and updated look while keeping a lot of its original flair. Elements such as this fireplace help to keep the Victorian style alive. 

Intricate simplicity by Coutume studio

Living Room with fireplace and a view to the pool
This is the interior of a home located in San Francisco so the obvious Scandinavian-inspired details might come as a surprise. Studio Commune Design did a wonderful job at blending the different styles and creating something unique. Notice the fireplace which has been seamlessly incorporated into this living room, the copper accents that draw attention to it and the lovely balance between all the different finishes, colors and textures used in this living room. 

Inside a 14th century castle

Dark colors don’t always look gloomy. In this case the black wall helps to bring out the details in the fireplace design, serving as a backdrop for it and helping it to stand out more. The mirror sitting on the mantel is a really cool detail, strategically chosen for its ability to reflect light and make the space feel brighter and more open. This is a design by Anna Standish.
It’s a little bit shabby, very chic and so charming. This design by Jill Egan Interiors brings together a variety of different materials and textures and plays with contrasting elements in the best way possible. At the end of the day, the design as a whole is simple but it has a lot of character and it’s key pieces like this cool-looking fireplace that make that possible. 

A stone cottage fireplace by Doherty Design Studio

A love for art and beauty inspired Studio CD to fill this house with lots of color and to find unique and clever ways of combining elements that don’t necessarily match. There’s not just one fireplace but several. One of them is this gorgeous bedroom and has a very distressed design. Nevertheless, it looks and feels like it belongs perfectly in here. 
Interior designers Joyce Urbanus and Dax Roll from studio Nicemakers are known for their ability to create perfectly balanced interiors that are both highly practical and functional but also gorgeous to look at. For this particular residence they went with a classical style infused with modern details, a refined but also very welcoming combination of styles perfectly centered around the decorative fireplace. 

A modern fireplace with a twist by Bask Interiors

Without using any crazy colors, unusual materials or too many details, interior design studio Cass + Nico managed to make this place exciting. The neutral color palette helps to highlight the simple forms and gives this space a classic and elegant look. Still, it looks and feels casual and that makes it extra inviting. 
Living Room with brick walls and brass fireplace mantel

A timeless design by Rose Uniacke

Living Room with Fireplace covered in white and gray marble
This beautiful sunroom is part of a lovely orchard house designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architects. It has colorful tiles on the floor, big windows and glass panel doors and a small corner fireplace. It’s both very bright and airy and very cozy and welcoming at the same time. There’s a lot of energy in this space but at the same time this is such a serene and relaxing area. 

French vibes by Le Berre Vevaud

It’s often the case with renovations that they delete whatever existed before them, the old style and everything that came with it. That’s isn’t necessarily the case when a whole new look is chosen for a space but nevertheless, something transcends the transformation. For this Victorian house in Sydney, the renovation done by interior designer Jill Dinkel meant a simple and monochrome look. Still, this beautiful fireplace and other features like it add sophistication and elegance to the design. 
Trematon Castle in Cornwall, England is a place that takes back in time. This 14th century structure has such a rich and detailed interior with lots and lots of different patterns and textures. It’s definitely very busy compared to what we’re used to today. Some elements however and not that strange, like this fireplace for example. It has a classical look and it’s actually surprisingly simple compared to everything that surrounds it. 

A blend of art and function by  María Lladó

Room with wooden floor and suspended black fireplace
Living Room with yellow chairs and fireplace

Monochrome beauty by Jill Dinkel

Fireplace with cream marble and candles placed inside
Living Room with fireplace by Melbourne based Sisalla Interior Design

A timeless marble fireplace by Space Exploration

There are so many different fireplace ideas and designs that are simply perfect but in very different ways. This one is very simple, with just a flat brick surround painted all white. It is however perfect for this airy room filled with greenery and other elements inspired by nature itself. The interior is designed by studio The Loft and somehow manages to hide a massive fireplace in plain sight. 
When tasked with the renovation of a 1920’s Californian Bungalow in Melbourne, Michelle Hart of Bask Interiors decided to turn this into a dream home and went on to uncover the original charm of this place. That however was done in a modern style, one that’s defined by simplicity, chic and subtle details and eye-catching focal points such as this stylish fireplace. It has a tiled surround gray nuances that fade into one another and clean white lines that reinvigorate the design. 

A fresh and vibrant decor by Sisällä Interior Design

White painted room with a black fireplace and mirror
Karine Pelloquin and Frédéric Aguiard of studio Coutume are the ones responsible for this magnificent-looking interior of a 19th century villa. They wanted to embrace simplicity and minimalism when redesigning this place but they also wanted to preserve the original style whenever possible. As a result, this is a blend between some very simple and also some really intricate elements and details which somehow work together wonderfully. This little area is just one example. It has a sleek fireplace hanging from the ceiling, an obviously contemporary element, but it also looks very bohemian and retro in other aspects. 

Simple design enhanced by art –  by Studio CD

There are certain materials, such as marble for example, which can complement just about any style. They’re timeless and can easily adapt to different aesthetics without losing their beauty. That’s how this fireplace manages to stand out even though it’s actually quite simple and monochrome. This is part of a harmonious interior design done by studio Space Exploration.
Big open-plan interiors are beautiful for their airy and spaciousness looks. Space dividers play an important role in organizing such large spaces into individual areas that look and feel cozy and intimate yet remain a part of the open floor plan. In this interior by studio Framework this double-sided fireplace doubles as a space divider. 

A nature-infused design by The Loft

Modern room with fireplace covered in gray tiles
When we think of fireplaces we typically tend to picture something very traditional, possibly with a wooden surround and a big mantel. However, very few actually look like that. Fireplace designs are very diverse and there’s a lot to take in if we’re to go into details.

A casual and classic design by Cass + Nico

Gray room with painting and a brown fireplace
White Living Room with fireplace By The Terrace Designer Jill Dinkel

A stylish black backdrop by Anna Standish

Fireplace between two rooms and interior staircase
With no desire to overcomplicate things, studio Elizabeth Krueger Design came up with a wonderful interior for this off-the-grid weekend retreat. It’s all about the simple materials like the wooden beams on the ceiling or the stone fireplace. Everything looks and feels very natural and organic and that’s exactly as intended. 

A small fireplace framed by big windows

Fireplace Design Ideas
Room with fireplace deigned by Maria Llado

A traditional design by Robert Carslaw

Living Room with a black fireplace with white stripes and a flowery wall
When it comes to eclectic designs, finding the right balance is often very difficult and yet Robert Passal makes it look so easy here. This is part of a luxurious and magnificent-looking living room with a beautiful marble fireplace, stylish furniture and a really nice palette of colors and textures based mainly on soft pastels and timeless neutrals. 

A breezy summer setup by Kelly Nutt Design

It’s not everyday you get to see a bathroom that has its own fireplace. This design by Alexis Banks Humiston of ABH Interiors is definitely unique in more than one way. First of all, the scale is quite impressive. This master bathroom is actually big enough to have a sitting area in front of a fireplace. This strangely feels like a room within a room.
A small fireplace can be just as amazing as a massive one given the right setting. This one fits perfectly in between the two large windows, framed by the lovely views and nicely grounded by the multipurpose shelf underneath it. It really is perfect for this room and the proportions are just right. 

A master bathroom fireplace by ABH Interiors

Living Room with white painted fireplace designed by Marta de la Rica
There are many variations and possible combinations when it comes to the way in which a fireplace is integrated into a room. For instance, a two-sided fireplace is one which often doubles as a space divider and can be viewed and enjoyed from two different sides/ spaces. Together we’re going to have a look at a few fireplace designs and try to identify the details that make each one stand out. 

A dividing fireplace by studio Framework

This little space and just a small part of a beautiful Notting Hill Villa in the UK. The interior is designed by Rose Uniacke and features white as the primary color that everything is based on. In theory that would make everything look quite boring but like this cozy fireplace nook shows it’s definitely not the case. There’s a timeless and elegant beauty that defines the interior, one infused with typical English charm and sophistication. 
Traditional doesn’t mean outdated. Interior designer Robert Carslaw fully embraces this style and the result is beautiful and welcoming home interiors such as this one. This is the type of fireplace that many of us are most familiar with. It’s simple and perfectly centered on the wall which invites symmetry into the room. 

An eclectic fireplace by Jill Egan Interiors

Living Room with tree inside and white fireplace
Terrace with bench and a white fireplace

A return to simplicity by Elizabeth Krueger Design

This right here is the beautiful interior of an apartment from Salamanca, Spain which was designed by Marta de la Rica. It has a very prominent art deco feel to it, with lot of bold patterns and sculptural details. This fireplace area alone is quite elaborate even though it’s not very big. We love the fact that the fireplace itself is simple but has these abstract accents to it that give it a lot of character. The juxtaposition of textures is brilliant. 
Of course, fireplaces are not just the interiors of houses. Outdoor fireplaces are just as versatile and magnificent. They even suit summer home like the one completed by studio Kelly Nutt Design. It’s such a breezy and welcoming setup with a bohemian feel to it, reminiscent of old European retreats. 

A modern design with farmhouse vibes by Elizabeth Roberts Architects

Living Room with fireplace and two benches placed next to it
Living Room with fireplace and chandelier reflecting in the mirror
When looked at from the outside, this place has a rather rough and rustic aesthetic. Doherty Design Studio chose to use stone as the primary material and not just strictly for the exterior walls but also for some of the interior spaces. A good example is this impressive stone fireplace which seems to take over the entire wall. 

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