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30 Outdoor Rocking Chairs To Peruse

Dress up your porch this spring and summer with some new furniture. We’ve searched and found some of the most modern and stylish of designs – and we’re swooning for both the fashion-forward energy and functionality of them all. These additions will certainly help with your patio design and comfort of outdoor spaces. Scroll through…
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Choosing a rocking chair made out of wood can add a note of elegance and style to your outdoor patio, terrace or even to an indoor space. The Bankston rocking chair also has a versatile design on top of that and can easily fit into a variety of different setups and decors. The frame is made of acacia wood, with cushions for the seat and back that are weather-resistant and feature a bright and cheerful yellow color that complements the warmth of the wood.
With so many options to choose from, selecting a specific rocking chair can be quite challenging. Here’s a few elements to consider which can help you make an informed decision:
It may not look that different from a lot of other rocking chairs but the Stough is actually quite special. It has a simple and classic design and a versatile appearance but what makes it stand out is not its aesthetic. It’s the fact it’s not actually made out of wood, contrary to what it may look like. It’s made from a wood replacement material, a proprietary marine-grade lumber which replicates the look of natural wood but requires less maintenance.

Types of rocking chairs

Fermob has a smaller edition of the one we saw above. Still modern and functional as a rocking chair, this too comes in exciting colors like lagoon blue and storm grey, with the addition of poppy red and pink praline. These are great for camping as well, easy to store in trailers and the like.

Traditional rocking chairs

Rocking chairs are great for outdoor areas focused on relaxation, like a poolside deck for example or a sunny terrace. Designs like that of the Nitya rocking chair are directly influenced by the typical requirements and conditions associated with such spaces. As a result, this is a folding chair which can be easily stored and transported. It also has a built-in sunshade canopy.

Glider rocking chairs

Mupater Patio PE Rattan Wicker Rocking Chair Auto Adjustable Patio
Yes, wicker rocking chairs are still a thing. This rattan wicker design that you can catch on Amazon is super comfortable as well and will fit within the lines of a traditional home without fuss. It’s a really sturdy frame as a leg rest built-in, and super safe for rocking at all times. And don’t worry, it’s quick to assemble once you’ve ordered it as well.

Swivel rocking chairs

Swivel rocking chairs provide great support for the back and are meant to offer lots of flexibility, allowing 360-degree body movement. These types of chairs come in several different varieties, all based on the same main concept.

Loveseat glider

Square Meridiani rocking chair

Rocking chairs material type

These modern designs have a bit of rock to them and will fit in nicely with your crisp vision for your outdoor space. Made from wood, this collection from Meridian, dubbed “the square,” has a variety of pieces to choose from depending on the space it’s serving. We especially love the clean palette it holds and how it gives the freedom to add various color and patterns to personalize each.

  • Wood is the most common and the vast majority of these are made of teak wood in particular which is chosen for its strength and ability to naturally withstand termites and other pests.
  • Metal is another common choice. It offers a series of advantages compared to wood. For example, a metal rocking chair can be thinner and more space-efficient while also being stronger and metal can be shaped into a lot more forms compared to wood which is more rigid. This allows for more complex designs to become possible.
  • Wicker and rattan rocking chairs are very popular as well and they often suit decors that are more rustic or retro. They tend to be comfortable and cozy and they’re also more affordable compared to other types.
  • A lot of modern rocking chairs are made of plastic which is very versatile and flexible materials, also highly appreciated for its durability. Plastic chairs are also very affordable and require very little maintenance over time which makes them super convenient. On top of that, plastic is also waterproof and lightweight.

30 Outdoor Rocking Chair Design Ideas

1. Square Collection

Fermob luxembourg rocking chair
These retro-esque rockers have armrests and fun colors. Found at Fermob, these chairs come in fun colors such as lagoon, steel, storm, and anthracite. It can also be used both indoors and outdoors – coming with a matching coffee table if needed.
Gerling Outdoor Rocking Chair with Cushions

2. Retro Yellow

Outdoor Collection Brizio Grey Wash Rocking Adirondack Chair
Similar to the simple chair above, this Amazon find holds a more nautical vibe. The grey washing is right on trend and would look incredible on a covered patio or porch. And it’s crafted from eucalyptus wood while coming from a company that’s been crafting for over 100 years.
Apart from what type of rocking chair you should get, there’s also other elements to take into consideration, such as the materials from which it’s made.

3. Modern Accent

Caleb Outdoor Acacia Wood Rocking Chair with Water Resistant Cushion
Amazon gives us another beautiful rocking chair that blends traditional love and modern subtlety. It too comes with a water-resistant cushion and leaves space to add your own flair in the throw pillow department. Made with acacia wood and with just the right amount of updated design, it’s a wonderful way to begin the transformation of your outdoor space.

4. Rocking Rattan

Traditional rocking chairs feature an arc-shaped base panel and typically have a high backrest as well as armrests for added comfort. They’re a good option if you’re looking to relax on your patio or outside because they’re simple and versatile.
Ataman Rockin’ Chair is a design made by AM Studio and there’s some modern armrest that finishes off the design with just the right amount of futuristic innovation. The mixed material design – rope and metal – creates a fun industrial-strength about it as well.

5. Wooden Mid-Century

Bankston Outdoor Rocking Chair with Cushions
If you’re looking for an outdoor rocking chair that’s simple and has a classic aesthetic but also with a modern twist, this one might just be it. The Soejima rocking chair has a wide and comfortable seat and straight armrests that are built into a simple and slender frame. It’s made of water-resistant PE rattan which allows it to be lightweight and easy to move or to transport. The cushions are waterproof as well and don’t need to be removed if the chair if left outside in an exposed area.

6. Solaura Set

Dress up your porch this spring and summer with some new furniture. We’ve searched and found some of the most modern and stylish of designs – and we’re swooning for both the fashion-forward energy and functionality of them all. These additions will certainly help with your patio design and comfort of outdoor spaces. Scroll through our favorite rocking chairs below.

7. Acapulco

Rocking chair from Gervasoni
We found a more casual design as well. This checkered piece is a perfect contemporary counterpart to any outdoor selection. The black and white makes it an easy piece to mix and match with as well. Gervasoni will provide you with an even bigger selection and detail.

8. Simple Classic

Nitya Folding Rocking Chair

9. Misty Grey

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

10. Armchair Rockers

Manutti duo rocking chair
Manutti features a lot of interesting designs as well. This one is definitely within the more modern realm, with its smaller seat back. But if you take notice it’s still a rocking chair! If you’re interested in a regular chair though, the design comes with the simple frame and perfect for breakfast bars.

11. Monceau

Jardin chrome steel frame rocking chair
JARDIN rocking deck chair designed by Klaus Nolting it’s uber contemporary and we love the chicness and minimal appeal. Its high back makes it a more comfortable choice in the modern category and there’s other pieces in the collection to finish off an entire spread of outdoor scenes.
Here’s another wonderful pair of rocking chairs that you can snag on Amazon. These outdoor wood pieces hold a beautiful blend of modern furniture design and traditional functionality. They come with cushions and leave room for your own throw pillows (pops of color or texture are welcome here!). And don’t worry, the cushions are water-resistant.

12. Acacia

Baum is a rocking chair with a beautiful design and soft shape. It has a wicker seat which welcomes and embraces the user like a cocoon set on top of a sturdy and also very slender base made of powder-coated metal with gliders that create a gentle back and forth rocking motion. It’s a really great chair for a space like a garden or a bohemian patio with string lights hanging from a pergola.

13. Mupater

Rattan is a wonderful material for those that want to add some bohemian flair to their home. It’s got a raw texture that speaks to nature-loving souls and ethereal spirits. You can get this rattan rocking chair over at Horm. Beware, the price point is a bit higher but worth the quality of the craftsmanship.

14. Kozyard Pieces

rocking arm patio chair

15. 2-Person Bench

Speaking of rocking benches, if you like the idea of a double seat that you can share with a loved on but you put a strong emphasis on comfort, consider the Kimberly bench which has soft and comfortable cushions not just for the seat but also for the backrest. It uses a modern gliding mechanism which offers a quiet and smooth rocking experience and it has an elegant aesthetic.

16. Dondolo

It’s so easy to envision the Kilmer glider bench in a beautiful garden, surrounded by lots of greenery, flowers and trees. It’s absolutely perfect for such a space. It has this elegant and sophisticated design with curving arms and a beautiful backrest. The frame is made of heavy cast aluminum with a powder-coated finish which makes it timeless. The seat cushions are weather-resistant and make this bench quite comfortable.
Soejima Rocking Chair with Cushions

17. Oversized Cushioned

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more retro, check out the Joss rocking chair. It has a rather distinctive design, with soft and elegant curves and a classic overall shape. It has a multi-layered padded frame which allows water to drain quickly, making this rocking chair a really great fit for poolside decks and patios but also any exposed outdoor area.
Glider rocking chairs push the backrest farther and glide the seat more being better for deep relaxation of the muscles, spine and neck. They’re often paired with a footstool.

18. Checkered

Ton dondolo rocking chair

19. Garda Rope

We found this oversized cushioned design over at Ton as well. It has been dubbed the “Wave” and features a redesign of its predecessor. And it was made for the 150th anniversary of furniture bending in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. It’s a really special piece that you can decide on in a great variety of natural tones.
Joss Rocking Chair

20. Jardin

Another type to consider is the loveseat glider which is ideal for couples. They accommodate two persons and function the same as a regular rocking chair but for two.


2 Person Acacia Wood Outdoor Porch Rocking Chair with Armrest
Not all rocking pieces are actually chairs, sometimes you can get lucky and snag a 2-seater bench that does the same job. These are great for families or to stand on their own on the porch. Check out this find out over at Amazon as well. You can even buy assembly to make the addition run even more smoothly.
ATAMAN Rocking chair


The design of the Pelletier rocking chair is an updated version of the classic wicker chair, with a simplified and less striking aesthetic. It has a strong and sturdy metal frame covered in hand-woven resin wicker and it’s a great fit for open outdoor areas. It’s durable and can withstand rain and typical weather plus it’s very comfortable and relaxing thanks to the plush cushions.
The post 30 Outdoor Rocking Chairs To Peruse appeared first on Homedit.


Tonhas some great pieces as well. And that includes this rocking armchair. The “Dondolo” features a manually bent frame with an old-age spirit. The foundation color is dark wedge while its surface material comes in a neutral “cane” tone that makes it a traditional piece to easily fit into any home.
Pelletier Rocking Chair with Cushions


We know Amazon has a lot of great furniture to choose from and at amazing price points. This retro yellow design, also known as the “Poolside Roberta,” is such a fun addition to any outdoor area. It also comes in turquoise and white if you’re looking for a spunky shape but with a more toned down color to match your personality.
Kilmer Glider Bench with Cushions


Featuring a simple and classic design, the Gerling outdoor rocking chair has an understated beauty and an elegant aesthetic. It’s not just stylish but also very comfortable, featuring soft cushions on the seat and the back. The frame is made of acacia wood and the cushions are water-resistant, making this rocking chair great for both open and sheltered outdoor patios, gardens and so other outdoor areas.
Raphia rocking chair for indoor and outdoor


Stough Rocking Chair
Kozyard Moana Outdoor 3-Piece Rocking Wicker Bistro Set
Amazon brings us this 3-piece rocking wicker bistro set as well. It comes with two chairs and a table to fit your entertaining needs. The cushions are outdoor-friendly and they come with red pillows as well.


Roberta Outdoor Rocking Chair, Yellow
Solaura Outdoor Rocking Chairs Bistro Set 3-Piece Black Steel Furniture
We found some black steel rocking chairs for our industrial visions. These hold an edgier finish than what we’re used to in traditional backyard furniture and can also be purchased at Amazon. This is also a 3-piece set that will serve your needs well without the headache of finding matching designs.


Although there can be certain furniture pieces which don’t necessarily fit into a specific category, usually you can identify between a few main types of rocking chairs based on their design and the way in which they function.
Acapulco Rocking Chair
A favorite of the bunch comes by way of Wayfair. This gives off definite Earthbound vibes but also a warm, welcoming feeling as well – which is the best of all worlds when it comes to outdoor furniture. Don’t worry, it rocks too. The design is based on Mayan hammock work and comes in a variety of amazing colors – including rainbow!


Outdoor Acacia Wood Rocking Chair with Cushion
Baum Rocking Chair with Cushions


Trueshopping Adirondack Bowland Rocking Chair Armchair
If you’re more of a traditionalist, Amazon has you covered as well. What’s great about this classic, simple wooden rocking chair is that you can leave it bare or add your own color to it. This is a natural wood Adirondack chair that’s well within a modest budget – and can also stand on its own as well as in pairs.
Kimberly Glider Rocking Bench with Cushions
Fermob Rocking chair Monceau

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