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30 Phenomenal Indoor Herb Gardens

Whether you live in a big city or someplace that gets cold 9 months out of the year, indoor herb gardens provide so many benefits. They purify the air in your home. They give you fresh herbs all year round. They are convenient to care for. They add a little green life to your kitchen….
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It’s a major DIY project or an expensive custom piece, but wouldn’t it be worth it to have your herbs instantly at your fingertips? You would look like a professional chef while you cook. (via Houzz) Mason jar herb garden 150x150
Hanging planter herbs 150x150
Bookshelf herbs 150x150
Hanging pot herbs 150x150 Whether you live in a big city or someplace that gets cold 9 months out of the year, indoor herb gardens provide so many benefits. They purify the air in your home. They give you fresh herbs all year round. They are convenient to care for. They add a little green life to your kitchen.

Indoor Herb Garden Projects for Small Spaces

1. One Pot

Wall Storage System
washtub herb garden

2. Hanging Planters

Utensil Holder Herb Garden
Here is possibly the simplest herb garden ever. Find yourself a big pot and an empty corner and put your green thumb to work. You can even let the kids get creative with your herb labels. (via Young Wife’s Guide)

3. Bookshelf Garden

Unsophisticook offers us this herb garden that will take you just ten minutes to put together yet can hold a whole selection of plants and herbs. This project uses a versatile container that can be stored inside or outside, depending on the season. The utensil caddy in this photo is an inexpensive container from Walmart, but you could use an old one you have in your home. The great thing about this type of storage device is that it will already have sections and dividers for adding different plants and herbs.
We love this simple herb garden which uses a baking pan to hold your plants. For anyone who is particularly short on space, this is one of the best options on our list today for you, and it can be added to the wall anywhere in your home. Grillo Designs shows us how to make this herb planter which takes just ten minutes to make. It’s the perfect combination of a functional herb garden and a decorative piece of modern art to add to your walls.

4. Vertical Box Planter

This custom-made potted hanging herb garden from Fresh Mommy Blog hangs directly down from your ceiling. It takes only a couple of hours to put together yet makes a huge difference to any home in need of some greenery. You could add any potted herbs to the terracotta pots, which you can adjust as needed throughout the year. This is a great project to get your kids involved in, and it encourages them to learn more about gardening even if you live in an apartment without a garden currently.
Shoe Holder Herb Garden

5. Pegboard Herb Garden

gutter herb garden
Apartment Therapy shares these amazing mini planters, which are made from old Twinings tea caddies. Look around vintage stores or garage sales to find something similar, or use basic old tins if you prefer. You’ll want to start the process by drilling holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. These would look fantastic with any herb or plant, but for your kitchen, we recommend parsley, basil, chamomile, or coriander, which you can use for cooking. Even if you only have a tiny space on your windowsill, these will add some plant life to your home.

6. Windowsill Garden

In other words, you can’t go wrong putting an herb garden indoors. Even if you live in a tiny apartment, there are so many ways to grow those greens that space can’t be an excuse not to. Take a look at these 30 indoor herb gardens to find which style works best for your space.
Tea Tin Indoor Herb Garden

7. Rolling Herbs

Baking Pan Herb Planter
Wall Wood Planter

8. Vertical Hanging Planter

bookshelf herbs
Maybe you think that the usual terracotta pots aren’t good enough for you. Go find a set of teacups at your local thrift store and give your herbs a pretty place to grow. (via BHG)

9. Teacup Herb Garden

carted herbs
Yes, I am aware that those are succulents in those mason jars. But this is such a neat project, you could easily put it together for your herb garden. (via Free Series)

10. Sunken Counter Garden

Did you know that gutters were also multi-purpose products? It’s something you can find at any hardware store so you can have these herbs up and growing easily in a Saturday afternoon! (via 1001 Gardens)
All of these indoor herb gardens would be fantastic for adding to your kitchen and provide you with an easy solution for growing plants and herbs if you don’t have a garden. They are all very cheap and easy to create and will add some much-needed plant life and greenery to your home.

11. IKEA Storage Garden

If you happen to only have a small empty corner in your kitchen, this vertical planter is just for you. It won’t take up much room and you can put the herbs that kitty eats on top. (via Decorating Your Small Space)
Ten June has created this fun indoor bucket wall garden, which creates a modern addition to any large wall. Buckets are so easy and cheap to find, and you can use any shape or size of bucket to fit your wall space. It’s perfect for a room that gets a lot of light, so you’ll have the best chance of your house plants blooming and surviving. If you add a whole collection of these buckets to the wall, you’ll be able to grow every herb you could possibly need to add to your food, drinks, or tea.

12. Gutter Garden

tea cup herbs
Intimate Weddings shows us how to create this beautiful DIY teacup herb garden that would look fantastic in any home kitchen or cottage. It’s also a fun idea for a wedding dinner and would liven up any table setting. Try to find dainty and pretty teacups for the best effect, which look great sitting on top of their matching saucers. They’ll take you just minutes to make, as all you’ll need is your teacup, potting soil, and the plants or herbs of your choice. These would also make an inventive Mother’s Day or birthday gift for anyone who loves gardening but is short of space in their current home.

13. Upside Down Planters

The IKEA Vurm is designed as a wine bottle holder, but it doubles up as a fantastic herb garden display. It’s the type of holder you might buy for your home and then stop using after a few months, so why not repurpose it to create a compact and stylish herb garden, as suggested by Curbly. To hold your plants, you’ll add pint glasses into the holder. The holder is mounted horizontally to your wall, and then you can plant the herbs of your choice. You could even use chalkboard paint to mark the herbs so you don’t get them confused when cooking.
Get the most out of whatever natural light you’ve got in your home and place a curtain rod across a window for the perfect place to hang those leafy greens. (via Shelterness)

14. Mason Jar Planters

Hanging Bottle Herb Garden
mason jar herb garden

15. Washtub Garden

The post 30 Phenomenal Indoor Herb Gardens appeared first on Homedit.
Vertical Hanging Planter

16. Custom Potted Hanging Herb Garden

Hanging Indoor Garden scaled
one pot garden

17. Baking Pan Herb Planter

sunken counter herbs
If you have some spare glass bottles in your home, you can create a beautiful herb garden without spending a dollar. 11 Eureka created this beautiful herb garden, which would look great inside or outside your home. This is a good project for anyone who is very limited with space, as you could just add one or two bottles if you don’t have much room in your kitchen or home. It’s best to add easy grow herbs to these bottles, as sensitive herbs may struggle with the slim opening of the bottles.

18. A Slanted Mason Jar Herb Garden

IKEA hanging herbs
You could buy or DIY this country modern herb planter that will become your favorite art piece in your kitchen. Plus it gives you more counter space so it’s definitely a win-win. (via Houzz)

19. Lotion Bottle Plant Holders

The beauty of pegboard is it’s unlimited versatility. While the image above shows herbs in mugs, you could hang small pots or galvanized pails and your shears would always be nearby. (via Behance)
With IKEA’s Fintorp system, customizing your own wall garden suddenly became simple and affordable. Now all you have to do is find the wall space. (via Design Hunter LA)

20. Wall Storage System

A Slanted Mason Jar Herb Garden
windowsill herb garden

21. DIY Teacup Herb Garden

If you really don’t have floor space, there is always ceiling space. Hang your herbs up high off your counters in these DIY macrame planters. (via Foxy Folksy)
Lotion Bottle Plant Holders

22. Tea Tin Indoor Herb Garden

When you finish a bottle of body lotion, you probably just put it straight out to be recycled. Bring new life to your lotion bottles by creating these fun small plant holders, which will brighten up any home or countertop. This project uses Aveeno bottles, as they are pretty sturdy containers, but you can use whatever you have hanging around your home. They are the perfect option for anyone who loves having mint for mojitos or herbs to sprinkle on their dinner. Instead of painting the pots, use adhesive vinyl as suggested by Lovely Indeed to make this DIY project even quicker and easier.
Custom Potted Hanging Herb Garden

23. Utensil Holder Herb Garden

Indoor Bucket Wall Garden
For anyone who is short of wall space, a hanging herb garden is the best way to add multiple plants to your home. Susie Frazier shows us how to make this simple project that uses salvaged wood, threaded rods and bolts, and then mason jars to hold your plants. You’ll add lots of greenery to your kitchen or home, even if you only have a tiny space. Make sure you find jars that are wider at the top of the jar than in the middle, so you won’t have any issues securing them into the hanging.

24. Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

Just for the country in us all, planting your herbs in a vintage washtub will give you a twist on a classic. And it’s easy like the one pot garden above. (via Liz Marie)
Perhaps the best light in your home isn’t in your kitchen. Put your potted herbs on a bar cart and suddenly indoor gardening is easier than it’s ever been before. (via SF Girl By Bay)

25. Bottle Top Herb Garden

For anyone who has a large space available to create an indoor herb garden, consider this wall storage system from Fave Thing. This idea creates an extensive indoor garden that will allow you to plant a whole variety of herbs to use in your kitchen when cooking. It also makes a fantastic decoration for your home and is a cheap and practical way to redecorate a dull and empty wall. Of course, as with any home décor project, you can customize this idea to fit the size and space you have available. Add as few or as many planters as you like, and paint them any color to match your kitchen.
Shoe holders can be used in so many ways around your home for organization, but we love this DIY herb garden from Instructables. A shoe holder offers the perfect space in each compartment for a plant pot, and it will also stop any mess from gathering on the floor around your garden. This is perfect for adding to the inside of your home, but you can easily move it outside if needed at certain times of the year.

26. Indoor Bucket Wall Garden

Most plastic bottles just end up in the trash usually, so why not give them a second lease of life by creating a herb garden with the top of the bottle. Home Dzine shares this easy project which uses old 2-liter plastic bottles. You’ll want to add them to a scrap of wood, and this project can sit inside or outside your home. After you’ve created your bottle-top herb garden, you can then mount it to your wall in your kitchen, so you have easy access to herbs when you are cooking.
Most of us know that bookshelves are good for more than just books. One of our favorite uses for them is houseplant and herb storage. Find yourself a nice little bookcase for your potted herbs to grow and thrive. (via Sous Style)

27. Hanging Bottle Herb Garden

hanging pot herbs
vertical herb box

28. Wine Bottle Holder Herb Garden

For those with high ceilings, hanging your herbs can be a huge hassle. However, with these planters that hang the leaves upside down, your herbs are easily accessible and brought to a new life. (via Apartment Therapy)
Wine Bottle Holder Herb Garden

29. Shoe Holder Herb Garden

DIY Teacup Herb Garden
We love the way these mason jars are displayed to create a unique wall hanging and herb garden in your home. Camille Styles shares this simple DIY project which uses an old wooden board as the basis to hang your mason jars from. It won’t cost much to make this display, but it will add a rustic yet modern touch to your kitchen. Add herbs of your choice to the garden, which you can label using chalkboard paint and chalk. It’s a fun way to teach kids about different herbs, and you can then show them how you will use them in various dishes.

30. Wall Wood Planter

Bottle Top Herb Garden
pegboard herb garden
Shanty 2 Chic shows us how to make this wall wood planter which makes the perfect indoor herb garden. It will cost very little to make and provides you with a sturdy garden space for your kitchen or breakfast nook. Of course, you can paint or distress the wood to fit your home décor.
hanging planter herbs

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