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30 Unique DIY Wall Clocks

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Looking for a cool DIY project to give a try or maybe you’re in need of a wall clock to help keep the time? We’ve got a great batch of funky & functional crafty clock projects that will definitely do the trick. Take a look at the DIY wall clocks we’ve gathered and see if…




1. The Teacup Clock

If you are looking for something fun to brighten up your home office or kitchen, check out this dotty domino clock here. This project uses real dominos to tell the time, which of course, all have a number to match the hour. You’ll place them on a simple shadow box frame. Even beginners will find this project easy to complete, as it takes very few steps to create this clock. You’ll just need to add a clock mechanism in the middle and glue the dominos down to be ready to go.
Dotty Domino Clock
If you enjoy the color block look but want to keep things extremely simple, try out this color block clock which uses two sections. You’ll keep the majority of the clock unpainted, and then will add a statement color for the bottom half. Just pick up a wood clock face from your local craft store, and then paint the other half to fit the room it’s going in. You won’t even add numbers to this project, making it one of the simplest options on our list today. To create an even line between the two sections, ensure you use tape while you are painting to keep things tidy.

2. The Polaroid Picture Clock

Another easy DIY to tackle if you don’t have too much experience. Grab some colorful markers (you can also go monochromatic) and get to work. This piece would be great for the kids room or a fun play room!
DIY Cork Clock

3. The Classic Crafter’s Clock

Matchbox Car Themed Wall Clock
Log clock

4. The Contemporary Clock

The Concrete Minimalist Wall Clock
Isn’t this adorable? All you have to do is find 12 (or 4) small pieces of whatever type/theme framed wall art you’d like and it’s a matter of getting them in position. So easy and so stylish!

5. The Girlish Clock

Modern Concrete Clock
CDs were all the rage in the 90s and still, people feel pretty nostalgic about them. If you have a big collection of CDs, but they are just tucked in your storage, you might want to take on this DIY project and give new purpose to them. Simply use an old wall clock, some CDs, crafts sticks, a hot glue gun, scissors, and a screw driver to create a shiny new wall clock you could proudly hang in your home or a studio. What’s great about this wall clock is that you can make it as big as you want by just layering more and more CDs.

6. The Nature Lover’s Clock

The Rustic Wooden Wall Clock
A Simple Wooden Clock

7. The Colorful Artist’s Clock

The Board Game Inspired Wall Clock
Color Block Clock

8. The Funky Starburst Clock

This is fast and definitely funky. Use some of your favorite or snap some of your own polaroid pictures and use memories as your time pieces! It’s creative, you’ll have a great time and it’ll be a great conversation piece for family and friends.
Globe wall clock

9. The Music Lover’s Clock

You don’t have to play it safe with your next DIY clock project and can instead create something bold and fun like this donut clock. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create this fun design, which you can find the full instructions for here. To create the textured look of the sprinkles, you’ll simply add stripes of paint in different colors. This would look fantastic in a kids’ room, kitchen, or home office and will make anyone who sees it smile. We often overlook using a clock for decoration, but this is a great example of adding both personality and a functional item to a room.
Add this unique board game-inspired wall clock to your game room, and it will definitely be a conversation starter whenever someone is visiting your home. What’s great about this DIY wall clock is that you can choose whatever game pieces you want to represent the numbers. So you could go with chess, dominoes, or dice, and you’ll have a fun wall clock inspired by your favorite board game. This clock is perfect for a teen who loves to play board games or a grown-up who still enjoys game nights.

10. The Traveler’s Clock

Follow this DIY and you’ll have something super funky for your home office! It’s creative and a little cooky, perfect to bring in some personality to any space in the house.
This DIY book clock is perfect for any book lover and would be great to have in your study or library room? Try out this extremely easy DIY and make your very own book wall clock, using all of your favorite literary pieces. You can even change the books out periodically for a fresh look or even go with a particular book cover color scheme to match your room’s decor. Encourage your child’s love of reading and put this wall clock in their room to proudly display the books they’ve read. 

11. The Rustic Wooden Wall Clock

An embroidery hoop and a piece of linen create the base of this DIY wall clock. Instead of having to add numbers to this design, you’ll use a fun collection of buttons to tell the time. You won’t believe how simple these instructions are to follow, and yet your new wall clock will completely brighten up any space. We recommend always using matching sets of buttons so that it’s easier to tell the time. You’ll just sew each button onto the clock, which will ensure it stays in place for years to come.
A wall clock can make a great statement piece. There are so many fun and creative ways to add a new wall clock to your home, many of which can bring life to that empty wall space you’ve been wanting to fill. Recycling your old and unused items can not only help you reduce waste but also add a new decorative element into your home. All of these DIY wall clock project options on this list are easy to make and will make a lovely addition to your home decor. As with any project, you can customize your new wall clock to fit your needs and really make it your own.

12. The Cake Wall Clock

Embroidery Hoop Wall Clock
Colorful Clock for Kids

13. The Board Game Inspired Wall Clock

Looking for a cool DIY project to give a try or maybe you’re in need of a wall clock to help keep the time? We’ve got a great batch of funky & functional crafty clock projects that will definitely do the trick. Take a look at the DIY wall clocks we’ve gathered and see if one is right for you!
Classic clock

14. The Concrete Minimalist Wall Clock

Want something feminine with a touch of vintage appeal? Try using a matching set of teacups or thrifted a bunch of mixed and matched sets to create something this adorable!
Diy colorful wall clock for a kids room

15. The Kitchen Tool Clock

Wall clocks are not just for indoors. They can be for outdoors too! If you have a large patio or like to spend a lot of time in your backyard, you will surely enjoy having a nice wall clock out there as well. Check out this unique yet stylish DIY garden wall clock that would make the perfect gift for someone with a green thumb. With step-by-step instructions that are super easy to follow, you’ll use some small gardening tools, along with some real or faux plants, to create a wall clock that will fit perfectly in any garden-themed décor.
If you have an old clock in your home that you are sick of the sight of, you don’t have to throw it away. Instead, give it a complete makeover by pouring concrete into its base. This will turn even the dullest clock into a modern masterpiece that you’ll love hanging in your entryway, kitchen, or home office. We love the two-toned look of this clock, which can be created in any color combination you like.

16. The Book Wall Clock

With a little fabric and just four cute buttons, you can create an adorable little clock for any nook in your home. Just follow a simple DIY and you’ll have something sweet in no time.
This super sleek and chic clock will be a new, timeless piece of your home decor. Follow this easy DIY to create one for yourself!

17. Matchbox Car-Themed Wall Clock

DIY Modern Color Block Clock
Take half a globe and VOILA! you’ve got a clock. This would be great for an office or even a kid’s play room! And it’s super easy for anyone to create.

18. DIY Wall Clock With CDs

Diy clock1
DIY Wall Clock With CDs

19. Resin Wall Clock DIY

Adding a clock to your kid’s bedroom can be a handy tool to ensure they learn good time management and make it to school on time each morning. We love this colorful clock for kids that uses little pieces of felt to ensure your kids are sticking to their schedule. This can be fully personalized to your child’s routine, and you can add bedtime, dinner time, and any other activities they are up to. The little stickers are all fully removable, so you’ll find you can adjust their schedule at the weekend or when they are out of school. As your child grows, you can also continue to add to the collection. They’ll love changing out the stickers and getting rewarded with a later bedtime on the clock.
Another great hit with the kids is this matchbox car theme-inspired wall clock. Now you can make something creative out of all of those countless mini cars you have all of your boy’s room. Just use this template that is simple and easy to follow, and you can get started with an exciting new project that your little one is sure to love. This wall clock would be perfect for your boy’s nursery room or a kid’s room who’s crazy about cars.

20. A Garden DIY Wall Clock

If you’ve been enjoying the popular copper trend, you’ll enjoy this DIY cork clock, which you can create for yourself here. It combines a simple background design with metallic colors, which will look fantastic in any home. Metallics look great against a gray or monochrome wall, and you can make this clock in just a couple of hours one weekend. You’ll use a metallic spray in gold and copper for this project, but of course, adjust these colors to fit your home décor. Once again, always use painter’s tape for the best results and smooth edges on your design. Cork is one of the most inexpensive materials for this type of project, so it’s ideal for anyone redecorating on a budget.
Resin Wall Clock DIY

21. Dotty Domino Clock

Want a vintage appeal without all the frills? Try out this DIY Record Clock and it just might do the trick! It’ll be great for the study or living room!
This is quite self-explanatory. So, you need something with a rustic appeal … try out this piece of wood wall clock!

22. DIY Rustic Wall Clock

Create an oversized rustic clock at home instead of spending a fortune on one in a store this year. You’ll start by staining and painting the clock, as shown here in the instructions. We love this sky blue paint that’s been applied here, but you can use any color that will fit the room you are placing it in. Due to the large size of this clock, we recommend hanging it in your entryway or somewhere with plenty of space. The peel-off numbers are so easy to use, so you won’t have to worry about the design looking straight once finished.
The Book Wall Clock scaled

23. A Simple Wooden Clock

Unique DIY Wall Clocks
The minimalistic aesthetic is quite popular nowadays, and if your house is set up in such a manner, then this clock can be that statement piece you need. While this DIY project may look like a big heavy block of concrete, it’s actually thinly painted over wood, so you can basically hang it anywhere. You could even change up the look to fit your own style and change it from a circular to a rectangular shape, with the help of this tutorial. Just leave the concrete to its natural finish and add some shiny hardware for an industrial-chic decor.

24. Color Block Clock

Donut Statement Clock
If you’re looking for a statement piece for your art studio or a child’s bedroom, thisDIY wall clock idea is easy to make, but it can also be a fun project to do with your kid as well. You can spend some quality bonding time while creating something fun for their room. 

25. Modern Concrete Clock

The Funky Cake Wall Clock
The Silverware Kitchen Clock

26. DIY Modern Color Block Clock

Funny pictures
If you are a person who loves nature and rustic decor, this is the perfect wall clock for you. You can follow this DIY to make your very own Pottery Barn-inspired wooden rustic wall clock. The natural wood color perfectly complements the iron metal hands and numbers. You can adorn any accent wall in your home with an industrial charm!

27. Colorful Clock for Kids

DIY Rustic Wall Clock
Do you enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes? If cooking is your passion, then try making this kitchen wall clock using some old silverware. You could easily switch up the silverware for a set of your favorite spatulas, ladles, or even cutlery and make a clock with them. Painting the cooking utensils with bright colors would also make this DIY project even more fun and make the wall clock pop.

28. DIY Cork Clock

We absolutely love this color block clock, which your friends and family members won’t believe you’ve made by yourself. This clock uses sections of different colors to create a modern and funky design. It’s ideal for minimalistic homes, as it doesn’t even use numbers, but you’ll easily be able to tell the time thanks to the sections of the clock. You can add lines, dots, or any other pattern you like to add more personality and style to this piece.
Resin art pieces not only look great, but they will also add that touch of elegance to your home décor. With so many tutorials available on the internet, resin art is actually not hard to master. If you trust your crafting abilities, try outa modern wall clock that will add a statement to any room in your house.

29. Donut Statement Clock

Standing clock
Diy wall clock

30. Embroidery Hoop Wall Clock

A Garden DIY Wall Clock
Sometimes you don’t want a huge statement clock, and instead, a simple wooden clock will do. Whether you need something to put in your kitchen or your study, you’ll love this modern clock which will cost you very little to put together. The great thing about this project is that it can be fully customized to fit the space you are adding it to.
The post 30 Unique DIY Wall Clocks appeared first on Homedit.
Frame clock

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