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35 Blue Living Rooms Made For Relaxing

Nowadays most everyone has some knowledge about how colors on the color wheel effect your mood. Warm colors like red and orange energize and dramatize any space you put them in, from the bathroom to the kitchen. But on the other hand, cool colors like blue and green calm and relax your space. While it…
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Contemporary living room light blue sectional Traditional living room blue tufted ottoman
Modern living room velvet blue sofa
Traditional living room bright blue sectional
Transitional living room multiple blue shades

Modern living room velvet blue sofa

Blue Living Room Ideas to Create a Calming and Relaxing Space

1. Redecorate with a Coat of Blue Paint

Coastal living room blue denim accents
Victorian living room dramatic navy blue

2. An Open Plan Blue Space

This reading nook provides fantastic inspiration for a living room or corner of your home you are looking to transform. There’s nothing better than adding a calming color to an area intended for relaxation. You’ll love reading your paper or book here first thing in the morning, setting yourself up for a calm day ahead.
A Brighter Pale Blue Shade

3. A Dusty Blue Living Room

If your home boasts an open concept, it’s important to think out your blues or else your whole house will end up with blue walls. By painting particular spaces blue, you can separate areas of your home with color or combine them, whichever feeling you’re going for.
So you don’t want to spend the money on a sofa that’s a color. That’s okay. How about accent chairs? With so many options, a little research will lead you to the right shade of blue at the right price for your budget, giving you enough blue to stand out without taking over the living room.

4. A Mid-Century Home

Yes, even living rooms that lean towards modern styling can benefit from blue walls. If your walls are a color, it’s easier to get away with minimal decor because the walls fulfill your eyes’ search for interest. Stick to the statement prints and large mirrors because you won’t need much else in your modern living room.
Bohemian living room navy blue accents

5. Teal Blue Walls

The post 35 Blue Living Rooms Made For Relaxing appeared first on Homedit.
Do you collect something that can be hung on a wall? Hang it up and give it some flair by painting the wall navy blue. Whether you do the entire living room or just the one wall, your collection will stand out and shine like it never could before.

6. Pastel Blue Walls

Royal blue walls add a unique touch to this room which would look great in any living room or even a bedroom for that matter. The pillows and chair covers add even more blue to this room and are easy touches that completely brighten and transform any space. We also love the blue flowers, which tie in perfectly with the room’s color scheme.
Walls aren’t required to be light and bright if that’s not your style. If you have large windows, paint your living room navy blue. Yes, you read that right, a navy blue wall will completely transform your space. The deep rich shade will make your space feel cozy and close instead of cavernous which is what you want when your home has high ceilings.

7. A Blue Coastal Living Room

Yes, even a sectional can be a color and pull it off. When you find the perfect sofa in your favorite blue shade, buying it is the only option available to you. Something that big in your living room will be the cornerstone of creating a space you love to look at and hang out in.
Rustic living room blue accent chairs

8. A Minimal Modern Living Room

Chic living room navy wall details
If your home is relatively neutral, a blue sectional sofa can be a great way to refresh your living room. In a light color, it won’t clash against your creams and beiges but it will give you that pop of personality and a color to work into the rest of your home.

9. A Calm and Relaxing Living Room

Transitional living room dusty blue walls
A Rich Navy Reading Nook

10. Navy Blue Living Room Walls

If you can’t decide between a very pale shade of blue and a mid-blue shade, you’ll love the brighter pale blue on this living room wall. It adds a subtle splash of color, which visitors to your home will always notice, without being too difficult to match with furniture and accessories in your home.
Scandinavian living room blue fireplace

11. A Navy Sofa for Your Blue Living Room

condo living room interior design Best of Condo tour Refined design meets eclectic charm
blue living room decorating ideas Best of Add some brown vintage leather into your living room with the

12. A Blue and White Living Room

Scandinavian living room strategic blue walls
It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s instant. Get yourself some blue artwork to hang in your neutral living room. Whether it’s a print you bought or your child’s own handiwork, it’s a simple way to add some blue to your living room on a budget.

13. Navy Blue Wallpaper

If you thought eclectic living rooms just had to be white, think again. When your space has plenty of light, teal blue walls can be just the ticket for a calm and unique living room. And don’t worry. All your plants and patterns will still stand out plenty.
It seems important to mention that blue walls can complement almost any style of living room. A dusty blue shade is perfect for that traditional living room. Whether you’re trying to make your home feel like an English country cottage or just a cozy abode, blue walls will help you get there.

14. A Large Piece of Statement Art

Remember that blue paint you bought for a project and never used it all up? Pull out that paint can and get to painting some accent furniture in your living room. It might be a credenza or it might be a coffee table, but a fresh coat of paint never hurt anybody.
Transitional living room satin blue curtains

15. A Photo Ledge

Thankfully, blue is basically a neutral nowadays so, while being a cool color, you can’t go wrong with a blue color scheme. Especially in your living room. A blue living room is sure to instantly relax you and welcome you home. Take a look at these 35 blue living room ideas, made for relaxing and you’ll see that blue is the best way to go.
Sometimes the most memorable pieces are the most unusual. You’ll probably never forget the image above of a blue fireplace mantle. Don’t be hesitant to be bold with blue. If you have a particular piece that would benefit from a little more attention, go blue and give it the attention it deserves.

16. Display a Collection on a Navy Blue Wall

All these velvets and satins, what about those who have a family and wear their living rooms hard? You need something more durable to withstand the kids and pets and daily wear. Denim and chambray are both blue that will fill your need for calm while sustaining any and all abuse it might receive.
French country living room blue ticking chairs

17. A Gallery Wall in a Similar Shade

Contemporary living room blue chandelier
White Arches with a Blue Wall

18. Blue Living Room Accents

Contemporary living room blue art
Even a blue living room with multiple shades can feel calm and rejuvenating. With shades like teal, navy, and baby blue, there are almost too many to pick just one so letting yourself fall for anything blue will make your living room look styled and collected at the same time.

19. A Blue Living Room Incorporating Multiple Shades of Blue

Are you worried about your living room looking too dark with navy walls? Put those fears to rest and start shopping for statement art. Statement art is large and expressive. Whether it’s a photograph or a painting or even an object, it will fill a wall with various colors and make the room seem a little less dark.
Midcentury living room pattern art

20. A Dual Tone Living Room

A Blue Family Room
Sometimes when your ceilings are high and your light isn’t great, a dark living room can end up feeling more cave-like than cozy. One solution to that is to paint your walls up to the normal ceiling height and then paint the rest white. It will help bounce the light you do have and attract the eyes down where they should be.

21. A Blue Velvet Sofa

Royal Blue Walls
Contemporary living room painted furniture

22. A Corner Sofa in Your Favorite Shade of Blue

Traditional living room dining nook
In a coastal living room, blue is the obvious paint choice for walls but you might not realize how essential it is. Since you want your space to mimic the feel that the ocean gives you, blue is instantly calm against your creamy whites and natural accents, making you feel cool and relaxed like the ocean does.

23. A Blue Sectional Sofa

As you can see with our list of blue living room ideas, blue is the perfect color to add new life to your living room. You’ll find it to be a relaxing color that can add some excitement to even the plainest room. With so many different shades to choose from, you’ll find a shade to suit your home’s style and design this year.
The same principle goes for decor. Blue walls don’t mean you need to find other colors for your living room accents. By decorating with the same shade of blue or very similar, you’ll achieve a wonderfully classic look for your space. Plus shopping will be easy because you can rule out anything that isn’t your living room’s shade of blue.

24. Blue Accent Chairs

Scandinavian living room teal walls
The blue upholstered chairs in this living room add a pop of color to what is otherwise a more neutral space. Chairs and other items of furniture can add a splash of color if you aren’t quite ready to paint your whole living room blue. It’s the ideal way to test out the color scheme in your home before opting to paint the whole room blue.

25. Blue Curtains in a Heavy Fabric

When you’re wanting to decorate with blue, the obvious thing to do is paint. Blue walls are so refreshing and calm. Since painting is usually a project you only need to buy supplies for, it’s quite a thrifty option since you can do the work yourself on a free Saturday.
Traditional living room bright blue sectional

26. Paint Your Coffee Table or Credenza Blue

Some people worry that decorating with multiple blues will feel too busy. If that’s your concern, go for the dual-tone look. A light blue and a dark blue together provide depth and interest without too much variation. A light blue on your walls with dark blue accents will help you keep your living room classic and airy.
Transitional living room navy wallpaper

27. Blue Artwork

Pastels are basically a staple for French decor along with patterns and wood-accented furniture. Rather than covering your walls with a toile or rose-laden wallpaper, consider painting them pastel blue instead. Suddenly all the blues in the room will feel tied together and more styled than you ever thought it could be.
Maybe you don’t have the funds for that piece of statement art you’d prefer. No worries, there are other ways to break up the blue. A photo ledge, hand-built or bought, can line up your favorite photos and prints on the wall, achieving the same objective in a thrifty way. It also makes it easy to change up with you’re ready for a switch.

28. Blue Fireplace Mantle

Eclectic living room navy blue monotone
Traditional living room blue tufted ottoman

29. Denim and Chambray Accents

What about a mid-century home that’s filled with energetic oranges and mustard yellows? Yes, blue walls can be good for that too. In a lighter shade, it gives you a good base to add your invigorating shades to while always maintaining the option to take them out and quiet down your living room.
Modern living room beach style

30. White Arches with a Blue Wall

A deep blue doesn’t seem so deep and dark when it has a texture to it. That’s right, you’ve just been given permission to search for wallpaper. Navy blue wallpaper with a linear texture or a very small pattern will be just right for giving your living room walls a little lift.
Transitional living room multiple blue shades

31. Royal Blue Walls

Blue Upholstered Furniture
There is nothing that says you can’t go with blue and stick with blue. Even if your living room’s walls are blue, feel free to put together a gallery wall that showcases a similar shade. Light blue, dark blue, and everything in between will feel calm and collected in your blue living room.

32. Blue Upholstered Furniture

modern living room - best interior paint colors
What if you just spent money refreshing your living room furniture and none of it is blue? Time to turn to your living room’s accents to cover it. Adding blue accents like curtains in a heavy fabric is the perfect way to make that blue statement in a jiffy without spending money or time on a project.

33. A Brighter Pale Blue Shade

Let’s talk about blue sofas. When such a large piece of furniture is a color, that color becomes part of your base color palette. It just can’t help itself. While most people will probably tell you to choose a neutral color sofa, we’re here to say go for the blue sofa. Especially if it’s velvet like the one above. It will give your living room so much more personality.
Transitional living room deep teal monotone

34. A Rich Navy Reading Nook

The blue family room in this Long Island home pairs blue and white textiles to create a soft and relaxing style. With curvy furniture items, you’ll find this a comfy room to chill out in, and it’s a bright room for relaxing and spending time together as a family.
While it might seem obvious to fill a darkly painted room with light-colored furniture, you might try doing exactly the opposite. A navy sofa in a navy blue living room will actually be smoother and calmer visually because your colors will blend. Don’t knock it until you try it.

35. A Blue Family Room

Traditional living room with blue walls
The contrast of these white arches against the bright blue walls shows how well two contrasting colors can pair together. Blue and white make the perfect combination, and you can pair white walls or accents with any shade of blue paint. Even if you don’t have such a large room, you can use this idea for inspiration in your home.
Nowadays most everyone has some knowledge about how colors on the color wheel effect your mood. Warm colors like red and orange energize and dramatize any space you put them in, from the bathroom to the kitchen. But on the other hand, cool colors like blue and green calm and relax your space. While it can be nice to have a room that’s bright and cheerful to motivate creativity and productivity, you probably don’t want your whole house to be fraught with reds and yellows.
So blue masters all these different styles but what if your living room doesn’t really have a set style? Do you still paint your walls blue? The answer, absolutely. It achieves the ultimate goal of creating a calm and relaxing place for you to hang out and as you explore your style, it will morph and change with you.

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