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40 Bedroom Paint Colors To Refresh Your Space for Spring!

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Springtime is here, and it’s time to start refreshing your home with new bedroom paint colors. Clean up and add a new coat of paint or two to breathe life back into your personal space. With these 40 bedroom paint colors, you’ll be able to transform your sacred abode with something new and exciting. Take…




You don’t have to wait a long time for your interior wall paint to dry. 
Coral bedroom wall with solid wood furniture
It’s pretty painless, relatively inexpensive, and easy to fix most mistakes.

Table of Contents

Best Bedroom Paint Colors for 2022

Brown is such an earthy, ground color. It’s also comforting and pairs nicely with gray. Gray is highly versatile and pairs nicely on the headboard. This whole room is inviting and comfy, making for a very relaxing space. 
Warmer colors, like red, can raise the energy level in the room. This color is known to stimulate love, passion, power, and anger.

Veri Peri by Pantone

Bedroom paint - Veri Peri by Pantone
Mary Patton Design

October Mist is a livable color that works well in bedrooms. With its understated tones, it’s the perfect backdrop to inspire creativity and imagination for decor in the rest of the room. 

October Mist by Benjamin Moore

Now that you know the psychology of colors, you can make the best choice for painting your bedroom. 
For a fiery and dramatic addition to the bedroom, add pops of cherry red. This can be toned down with slight neutrals like white and creams.

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams

Peach bedroom color with a chandelier
Mint green is another show stopper and fan favorite. It goes well with neutrals but can be super feminine as well. {found on insigniahomesmi}

Breezeway by Behr

Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors
With two colors, you can highlight an architectural feature or anchor a large piece of furniture.

Art and Craft by Dunn-Edwards

Traditional and homey but rich and bold, chocolate brown is one of the best options for cozy bedrooms. It plays well with various shades, but it keep a beautiful foundation.
Springtime is here, and it’s time to start refreshing your home with new bedroom paint colors. Clean up and add a new coat of paint or two to breathe life back into your personal space.

Guacamole by Glidden

Bring your room to life with the final touches on your bedroom walls. 
Olive bedroom paint color

Olive Sprig by PPG

Ocean blues can be the most tranquil and inspirational of all. Cover your room in pacific paint that will ignite your mind and have you resting better at night.
So, for a 10 x 10 room, that’s around three or four gallons of paint. 

Master Bedroom Paint Ideas

Mist gray bedroom
With bit of blue and a bit of purple, lilac is one of the most beautiful tones and one of the most unique. It’s not used frequently, but when it is, it shines! {found on jonacollins}

Black Painted Bedroom 

Black Painted Bedroom 
Marc Rutenberg Homes

This superhero-inspired bedroom is the perfect room for boys. One wall is blue, while the other has a cartoon backdrop, giving the ultimate sensation of being a superhero in the city.

White Bedroom Paint

White bedroom paint

This bedroom paint color takes you back to revisit the classics with its timeless, versatile hue. It’s earthy and sophisticated, making for the perfect backdrop in a bedroom. 

Blue Bedroom Paint

Tranquil and classic blue paint color
Design & Photo by Dot & Ivy

Don’t be afraid to dress your room in a deep, midnight black. It can be quite luxurious and inviting when styled right. {found on cpstyling}

Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors

The average-sized room can take anywhere from 2 days to one week to paint a bedroom.
Sweet and frothy, cover your bedroom in a bit of vanilla for something charming and graceful. Free your space of too much fuss and go with this silky shade.

Calm and Good Bedroom Paint Colors

And you’ll need more if your room is bigger than that.
And finally, you’re done!

Bedroom Paint Two Colors

Apricot bedroom color design
Cherry bedroom wall decor
A blue bedroom is soothing and relaxing. And in this blue master bedroom, there’s lots of blue to go around. The bed separates from the wall with a golden yellow backboard and throw pillows. Overall, this room makes for a lush blue bedroom.
Creamsicle pastel color
If you’re looking for ideas to paint your son or daughter’s bedroom, use these ideas for inspiration.

Boys and Girls Bedroom Paint Ideas

This creamsicle-covered bedroom is full of quirkiness and unique tones, looking good enough to eat. It’s never harsh, but it’s always quite personal!

Girls Bedroom Paint Colors

Girls Bedroom Paint Colors
Last Detail Interior Design

If you’re going for a visual impact, paint two colors in your bedroom.

Boys Bedroom Paint Colors

Boys Bedroom Paint Colors
Sisler Johnston Interior Design, Inc.

A softer side of the sun, this yellow shade has a sweet tooth that we’re in love with. Think about using lemon inside your bedroom for those who love a happy tone.

Which Color Combination is Best for a Bedroom?

Whatever colors you choose will be the first thing to catch your eye when you enter the room. So take proper care when setting the tone of the room.

Gray and Black Bedroom Paint Colors

Dark color paint for bedroom
Aqua is one of the more fun and brilliant blues on the color wheel. It’s a happy shade that will still make you feel right at home – no matter the theme you choose to go with. {found on margaretdonaldsoninteriors}

Blue and Yellow Bedroom Paint Colors

Plum bedroom color paint
The master bedroom is an essential room in the house and deserves some color.

Purple and White Bedroom Paint Colors

With these 40 bedroom paint colors, you’ll be able to transform your sacred abode with something new and exciting. Take a look and get inspired!
Not to mention, the color on the walls can change the shape and size of the room. 

Brown and Gray Bedroom Paint Colors

Pistacio bedroom color masculine vibe
That’s considering you work all day, have a family, or go to school regularly. 

Inspiring Bedroom Paint Colors

Large bedroom with two beds - yellow-mustard walls

1. Sage

Neutral colors are known for their traditional comforts.
Paint companies announced their newest and best colors for a stunning home interior for 2022.

2. Mustard

Navy bedroom color
Here’s some inspiration you can use for painting your master bedroom. 

3. Coral

Lilac bedroom color
The color you choose for your walls can impact your energy levels and is an integral part of your daily life. 

4. Seafoam

White bedroom with red duved and ceiling fan
Vanilla bedroom wall color

5. Mist Bedroom Paint

This super cozy master bedroom is inviting and comfortable. You have neutral colors here with accents of green and darker shades of brown. The black lantern stands out among these colors but brings the room together. 
Tangerine bedroom wall paint

6. Aqua

Two paint colors will add elegance and impact contrast to the room’s overall feel. And you don’t have to use colors from the same family. 
Storm bedroom design with symmetry

7. Tangerine

Here’s another lovely, organic green color making its way to the top paints of 2022 by PPG. It’s natural and lush and pairs nicely with white, gold, and black accents. 
If you want something that’s both bold and refreshing, why not give tangerine a good try. This is perfect if you want a pop of color as an accent wall contrasted with a more neutral tone. {found on rumehome}

8. Charcoal

Darker purples will bring about a luxurious and royal vibe to your home. If you want that tinge of luxury, try out plum! {found on beccysmartphotography}
Applying a finish will define the ambiance of the room.

9. Cherry

Mint green bedroom color
A bit more passionate than just plain pink, this rich shade has a bit of sexiness involved. And it’s perfect for accent walls and contrasting shades.

10. Midnight Bedroom Paint

Here’s another light and frothy color that works wonders for spring revamping. Peach tones can invigorate your bedroom.
Linen bedroom decor

11. Linen

If you want to color combo your room, here are the best colors to coordinate in your bedroom. 
Nothing feels calm like light, matte colors, and this room is full of them. There’s light cream and gray color for the walls. The dark wood floors and wide double doors offset the room nicely. 

12. Lavender

After thoughtful consideration and trend analysis, Pantone brought forward their color of the year with this flower-inspired color. Created for 2022, this color brings forth an energetic and exciting consistency. 
Cooler colors, like green, have a calming effect and are known for rest, relaxation and stress relief.

13. Pacific

Evergreen Fog is full of depth and development, making any wall or room stand out. It’s versatile, making it easy to use in any room. And it’s in line with the other trending, natural colors of the year. 
Feminine inspired bedroom with a brass chandelier

14. Pistachio

And in order, they range from a flat sheen to a super shiny sheen.
Charocal bedroom wall paint color

15. Sunshine Yellow Bedroom Paint

October Mist by Benjamin Moore
Marshmallow bedroom decor

16. Ballet

brown bed
Breezeway by Behr

17. Star

This darker neutral is one of the most versatile of the bunch. Pair it with other easy foundation tones or any shade of pastel! [found on spaceharmony}
This is another neutral shade that can revive a room and keep it in a more traditional arena of styles. We love it, and we love how easy it is to personalize.

18. Taupe

A misty, gray bedroom could be the most serene of this all. Just take a look at this breath of fresh air to revamp your vision.
Make sure to give yourself plenty of time for this project. Planning, prepping, painting, and cleaning up all require designated time to do a great job painting your bedroom. 

19. Storm

calming paint color
This lively room sparks creativity and energy. This bedroom pops with a black accent wall paired with white and yellow highlights. It’s comfortable and not too overwhelming.

20. Leafy Green Bedroom Paint

Blue and yellow bedroom colors
Here’s another tropical tone that can jazz up a bedroom, refresh it and make it a much happier place to thrive. Rest your head easy in apricot-covered space.

21. Brick

Aqua bedroom design with a mirrored frame
A light and creamy space can be quite beautiful and welcoming, and a linen-dressed bedroom can fit right into that category. Adorn the walls in this light shade and personalize it!

22. Vanilla

Seafoam also has a very earthy balance that will refresh, revive and brighten a space. You can make it as edgy or as girlishly charming as you’d like as well. {found on crystalwaye}
Traditional bedroom desogn

23. Creamsicle

This touchable white is a little fluffier than a crisp white but just as bright. Why not dive in and cover those walls of yours in marshmallow?
Bedroom Paint Two Colors

24. Magenta

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, think about adorning your room in a golden shade. With a bit of sparkle, you can create a super glam experience for yourself.
Taupe bedroom color

25. Olive Bedroom Paint

Taupe is a funny color. Is it in the gray family? Is it in the brown? Nevertheless, it’s a unique neutral that can be a lot of fun when decorating. {found on cardeabuildingco}
Bedroom color paint Sage

26. Gold

Another personal favorite bedroom paint colors, blush is one of the most fun to dress bedrooms in when thinking about romance and relaxation. Just look at this space!
You can plan to use one gallon of paint for about 400 square feet. Now keep in mind you’ll apply more than one coat of paint. 

27. Chocolate

For a muted, earthy feel, try out a shade of sage in the bedroom. It’s relaxing enough to be comfortable and can have a bit of a masculine feel as well. {found on terratelms}
For something rich and bold but with a feminine touch, you’ll want to pay attention to cranberry. It’s got the passion that red has but with a pink undertone.

28. Rose

Chocolate bedroom paint color with a masculine vibe
Glidden chose this bright and fresh green color for its color of the year. Green is popular in American homes, and Guacamole makes for a darling interior color. 

29. Peach

Feminine and free, coral is a gorgeous shade to utilize throughout springtime or when your bedroom needs a facelift. It blends well with a lot of other shades too! [found on abramsbooks}
Green is one of the most reviving colors to use in the house, and with this pistachio, you can go light and charming or a bit deeper and masculine. Take your pick!

30. Lilac Bedroom Paint

gray and black bedroom
Seafoam bedroom walls

31. Apricot

Painting your bedroom is a rewarding way to upgrade your space. 
Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams

32. Sand

If you want to wash your bedroom in a charming and romantic essence, try doing so with a gorgeous shade of lavender. Accent it with neutral or blush for an extra pop of personality. {found on jonacollins}
But the best type of paint to use in your bedroom is acrylic latex interior wall paint. 

33. Navy

If you’re inspired by the outdoors, why not decorate with a brilliant shade of green. As crisp as a green leaf, you’ll highlight your bedroom in an entirely new way. {found on cantoni}
Olive Sprig by PPG

34. Plum

Cranberry bedroom design
Guacamole by Glidden

35. Robin’s Egg Bedroom Paint

The price you’ll pay to paint your bedroom depends on how big it is.  The bigger the room, the more expensive it gets. 
Green leaf inspired bedroom color

36. Marshmallow

If you haven’t seen what you’re looking for in your bedroom, there’s more to come with these inspiring bedroom painting ideas!
But the time you invest in choosing your bedroom paint colors will reward you with a welcoming and stress-relieving environment. 

37. Lemon

Sand bedroom color
Here we have a neutral-colored bedroom with cream, gray, and brown shades. The wood furniture nicely compliments the room and pairs with neutral colors.

38. Cranberry

Purple and white bedroom
Behr named Breezeway as their color of the year. The light sea green tone brings uplifting and relaxing feels into this space. 

39. Blush

Pacific bedroom view
How to Paint a Bedroom

40. Minty Bedroom Paint

Personally, Robin’s egg blue will always put a smile on my face. So why not dress a room in a blue that does that no matter your mood?
Bedrooms tend to be very forgiving spaces so that you can use any sheen for the walls, from matte to satin or eggshell. 

How to Paint a Bedroom

Deciding which color to paint your room is important because it can directly affect your mood. 
Selecting colors for your bedroom shouldn’t be hard once you know how the colors impact your mood. 
Magenta bedroom paint color

Here’s how to paint your bedroom step-by-step:

  1. Plan your project. Consider things like how many colors you plan to use, the theme of the room, and whether or not you’ll paint the ceiling. 
  2. Next, choose your bedroom paint colors. Once you have your idea, find the right shades and hues you want to test on your walls.
  3. Gather your tools and materials. This includes paintbrushes, painter’s tape, extension poles, trays, rags, and putty knives. 
  4. Decide how much paint you’ll need. A general rule of thumb is one gallon per 400 square feet.

Prep the Room

  1. Then it’s time to prep the room and the walls. To avoid ruining furniture and carpet, it’s a good idea to cover them with plastic or paper for protection. At this point, you’ll also want to tape off anything you wont be painting, like the edges of the floor, ceiling, and windows. 
  2. Once the room is ready, you’ll want to stir your paint. As paint sits, the ingredients separate. So, mixing is a crucial step before you start painting. 

Paint the Walls

  1. Now that you’re set, you’ll need the final plan for painting the bedroom. If you’re painting the ceiling, start there. It’s best to paint from the top down. Tackle one wall at a time using the brush to get corners and edges. Once the wall is dry to the touch, it’s ready for a second coat.
  2. When you’ve finished painting the room, ventilate the room so it dries evenly. And a warm room will dry quicker than a cold one. 
  3. If you’re happy with the color and are completely done painting, it’s time to clean up the bedroom. Remove all the painters tape, clean the brushes, and make any necessary final touches to the walls.

Blue and yellow make an excellent color combination for a bedroom. Yellow accents and blue walls go nicely together. And both nicely contrast with white, making this room feel creative and modern.
This hazy shade of white can be quite refreshing. It’s a duller shade of white for those that don’t want anything too bright in their space. {found on twelvestonesdesigns}

What Type of Paint to Use in Your Bedroom

There are five main paint finishes, or sheen, to choose from – matte, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss. 
Levender bedroom color
For a traditional look that feels a bit more organic and natural, try a deep shade of olive in the bedroom. It works great on all walls or as a headboard accent.

Bedroom Paint Colors FAQ

What Color Should I Paint My Room?

The post 40 Bedroom Paint Colors To Refresh Your Space for Spring! appeared first on Homedit.
Rose bedroom color
Create a happy space inside your home by dressing your bedroom in a sunny shade of yellow. It’ll brighten and recharge your life with one swipe of the paintbrush.
For something funky and trendy, go with a mustard tone. Use it as an accent wall or create a bright spot by dressing the bedroom completely and toning it down with natural accents. {found on novispace}

Warm Paint Colors

White brick painted wall

  • Orange evokes excitement, enthusiasm and promotes activity. 
  • Yellow is the color of happiness and sunshine,
  • Pink is the color of love, kindness, and boosting creativity.

Cool Paint Colors

A deeper and richer shade of red may be what you’re looking for. If you need a little passion and drama in the bedroom, go with a rustic brick red.

  • Blue is the color of calm, soothing, and is believed to lower your blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Purple is the color of sophistication. For darker shades, it’s rich sophistication. And lighter shades are good for relaxing.

Neutral Paint Colors

Turquoise bedroom design

  • Brown adds warmth and elegance to the space.
  • Grey is versatile, timeless, and modern.
  • White is calming and opens up the room.
  • Black is an edgy color and represents luxury, depth, and grounding.

Different rooms in your house will have various micro-climates. And thus, will require using different types of paint for the interior of each room. 

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bedroom?

But on average, it takes about four days to gather supplies, prep the room, paint 2 to 3 coats, and clean up. 

  • For a standard 10 x 10 bedroom, you’re looking at anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars for all your paint and supplies.
  • For a medium 12 x 15 room, you can expect to pay between 500 and 1,000 dollars.
  • And for larger 16 x 16 rooms, you’re looking at 1,000 plus dollars to paint your bedroom. 

How Long Does It Take to Paint A Bedroom?

This deep blue is just another way to make a unique splash in the bedroom but is also relatively modern and trendy. It’s got a masculine edge but one that matches well with pastels.
Yellow sun bedroom color
Delicate and sweet, a ballet pink bedroom has the girlishness we love without all of the fuss. It’s romantic and soft, perfect for resting in the evening. {found on castrodesignstudio}

How Long For Paint to Fully Dry?

Purple is the color of sophistication, and white is the color of calm. And when combined, you get the ultimate feelings of classy and relaxing in this room. 

  • Oil-based paints will take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours to dry.
  • And latex paints will dry in one or two hours. 

How Much Paint Do You Need For a Bedroom?

Navy blue is one of the most classic tones, but it’s also one of the most functional. If you want something more decadent, go with blue to keep that inspired feeling about it.
A lot goes into choosing the right bedroom paint colors, from the color of your bedding and decorations in the room.
Blush bedroom wall paint
White and gold bedroom color

What Paint Finish to Use For a Bedroom?

bedroom paint colors
The gray and black colors add depth and sophistication to this bedroom. They make a perfect color combination for the bedroom because you can contrast both colors with white. And this creates a very artistic and luxurious feel in the room.
From deciding what color to paint the trim and which sheen to use for a finish, you’ll spend quite a bit of time deciding how to proceed. 
Inspired by nature, these colors bring the natural amenities of the outside world right into your bedroom.  
Art and Craft by Dunn-Edwards

Final Words for Your Bedroom Paint Colors

To figure out how much paint you need for your bedroom, first, measure the room and determine the square area.
Try dipping your bedroom into a rosy pink for those who get inspired by vintage flavors. This tone can create an effortless, elegant spirit in a space.
Matte and eggshell sheen are commonly used in bedrooms.
A pink retro-themed bedroom makes for an ideal girl environment. Your eyes are first drawn to the pink stripes on the wall. And then, the furniture is a lovely green contrast to the white elements in the room. Overall, a very entertaining and creative space.

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