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5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Landscape




If you haven’t yet installed outdoor lighting in your landscape, you may want to start by adding some soft lighting. There are several options, including LED lanterns, which give off a soft glow without the need for pillar candles. They run on batteries and can be set on a six-hour timer, so they will automatically turn on at dusk. Another option is to add statement path lighting in your walkways and living areas.

Water features

Water features are beautiful, and adding lighting to them is a great way to create a focal point. Using different types of lighting to illuminate different parts of the water feature will optimize its overall look. The lighting can also add visual interest and movement, and highlight nearby features. The trick is to make sure that you choose the right type of lighting for the water feature you have.

Water features are great for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any property. They’re versatile and can be installed indoors or outdoors. They can be as small as a desk-top water fountain, or as large as a full-size indoor waterfall. Many water features are electronically controlled, with simple timer actuators or sophisticated computerized controls that can synchronize music with animation of the water. They add curb appeal and value to a home, as well as provide other benefits, such as improving the air quality and humidity of the home.

Water feature lighting can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a water feature, while reducing noise pollution. Water features also offer a unique look in the evening, which can be a soothing addition to your landscaping. You can add underwater lighting to a water feature after it has been installed, extending the enjoyment of your water feature well into the night.


Pathways for outdoor lighting can enhance the overall appearance of your yard. Whether you’re decorating a front entryway, adding a walkway to the back door, or creating an inviting outdoor living space, pathway lighting can make your space more beautiful. You can choose from a variety of options, from traditional lanterns to modern LED lights. Choose a style that complements the rest of your home’s decor. You may also want to consider solar lights, which require less maintenance than traditional lanterns. However, solar lights and low-voltage lights may require more cleaning and bulb replacement.

When selecting your outdoor lighting fixtures, remember that safety is the top priority. You want to avoid putting lights too close to each other and creating a blinding zone. Also, make sure that you’ve measured your pathway. This way, you’ll know where to place your lights. If you’re installing outdoor lighting fixtures, consider alternating their placement for a more natural look.

Lighting your pathways is a great way to make a landscape safer. A path that is dark can hide hidden dangers, resulting in a greater risk for accidents or even crime. Pathway lighting can also help you create a more attractive landscape.

Tree trunks

Tree trunks make great focal points for outdoor lighting. To enhance their beauty, try lighting them with a variety of effects. Try a small spotlight on the trunk of a tree to create a moonlight effect against the tree’s root system and foliage. Multiple lights on one trunk of a tree can create a full moonlight effect.

String lights are another great option for outdoor lighting. Using bright coloured lights, you can create a canopy of lights around the tree trunks. Be sure to weave the lights between the branches so they look like stars. Wrapping the lights around the tree trunks is simple, but be careful not to wrap them too tightly as it could harm the tree.

Accent lights are another great way to highlight the tree’s trunk and branches. Using two or three 15deg accent lights positioned about a foot away from the trunk can highlight the trunk and branches. Another great option is to install a small accent light that has adjustable lumens.

Wall sconces

If you’re planning to install lighting in your outdoor areas, wall sconces may be a great option. These fixtures provide narrow beams of light that focus on a single focal point. They can be mounted flush or semi-flush. You’ll want to decide which is the most suitable type for your particular needs before purchasing them.

LED outdoor sconces provide bright illumination, but if you’re looking for a softer light for the patio or deck, you can choose a traditional cylinder light. You can also combine wall sconces with ceiling lights to create an overall look that is both beautiful and safe.

While traditional lantern sconces have been used for centuries, they’re still a popular choice in the design world today. Their original form used to hold wax candles or torches, but these days you can find electric and gas-powered versions. They also come in a variety of shapes and finishes.


Stakes for outdoor lighting can be a great way to illuminate your yard or garden. They are easy to use and can be either solar powered or hardwired. When buying stakes, make sure to consider how many you need and what material you want them to be made of. They come in packages of two to twelve and should be evenly spaced. Once you have your stakes, you can assemble them and attach your lights.

Solar-powered LED stakes are another way to illuminate your outdoor space. You can buy stakes that can illuminate your driveway or pathway for eight hours on a single charge. These stakes are easily installed and last for many years. They measure nearly three feet tall and are easily stuck into the ground.

String lights

String lights make a wonderful addition to the outdoor lighting of a backyard. These lights can be wrapped around the trunk of a mature tree. The lights can also be tied to branches to draw attention to their shapes and forms. Choose string lights that are easy to connect to each other. They should be shatterproof, waterproof, and safe for outdoor use.

String lights come in many styles, from bobbing Chinese lanterns to Edison bulbs. They are perfect for summer, as they evoke the soul of summer. The man with the string lights knows how to entertain. And he also enjoys the starry night sky. Summertime is a welcome change from winter, as the days are longer and nights warmer. Regardless of the style of outdoor lighting, string lights are sure to bring a romantic touch to your outdoor space.

If you want to conceal your lights, consider using fishing line or zip ties. Some of the lights are even concealed by zip ties. You can choose ones that match the string lights, or buy zip ties that match. Just be sure to use a heavy-duty design. Unlike other outdoor lighting ideas, string lights are much easier to move. If you’d like to hang them up on a post, you can attach several hooks to the posts of the structure.

Tiki torches

While tiki torches have traditionally been seen around swimming pools, you can use them in other locations as well. They add a tropical feel to any garden or landscape, and can even be infused with oils to keep pests away. You can also place them near seating areas and food areas in the garden, and alternate them along walkways or pathways.

Tiki torches can also be used as accent lighting. This type of lighting is designed to draw attention to a particular object or area, such as a flower or tree. However, you should keep in mind that they should not be placed close to low-hanging trees or bushes. You should leave enough space around them so that they can be easily seen.

Solar-powered tiki torches are another great option. They don’t require any wiring and can last for five to six hours on a full canister. These torches can be sunk into the ground to avoid spills, and are also rechargeable. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking to or .ca,, etc.