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Landscape Lights That Change Color




Landscape lights that change color are an excellent way to increase the beauty of your landscaping. You can purchase remote-controlled lights that change color and brightness. Some of these lights can even be controlled from a distance. These lights also enhance the security of your property while enhancing the look of your landscaping. If you are planning to install these lights, make sure to research the different options that are available.


OXYLED landscape lights that change color are a great way to change the look of your landscape. These lights use an infrared sensor to change color and can be controlled by remote control. They are ideal for commercial or hospitality properties and can make special events pop. These lights can also be controlled by a smart controller.

Many lights are smart and come with various features to simplify use and operation. Some of them include voice control and motion sensor technologies. For outdoor use, it is important to check for the ip67 rating. You should also look for a light with a rugged body. The built quality of these lights is excellent.

An OxyLED landscape lighting kit is a great option for enhancing your home’s beauty and safety. It includes everything you need for a professional-grade system. The two-pack includes six strands that use three AA batteries each. The battery-powered lights are easy to install and maintain. You can even leave them up all year long. The LED mini lights give off a warm white glow. These lights are also enclosed in a durable plastic globe.

Some downsides of the OXYLED landscape lights that change color include: a lack of stakes. The wiring isn’t long enough – the manufacturer claims that the cord is 59 inches long, but it’s only 36 inches long. Additionally, some people have reported that the remote control isn’t working with all four lights. Only two of my four lights worked with the remote control. This makes it a bit tricky to control the color of each light using a remote control.

There are other benefits to OXYLED landscape lights that change color. They can be controlled by remote controls or by voice commands. They also come with an app that lets you control them. These lights can be controlled from a smart phone, so they can be switched on even when you’re away from home. You can also schedule them to change color at specific dates, such as a birthday or holiday.

WAC Lighting

If you want to add some color to your landscape, consider installing landscape lights that change color. These lights have multiple color settings and come with a remote control. They also may come with a switch for controlling the color. Some also have a dichroic color filter, which is a special coating that allows certain colors to flow through. This feature allows you to change the color of the lights remotely, which is great for special occasions.

Color-changing landscape lights are not just for homes; they are also great for businesses and tourist attractions. They can enhance architectural features and increase foot traffic. They also make for eye-catching accent lighting during special occasions. The fixtures themselves are built to withstand outdoor use. Some models even work with smart home automation, so they can be controlled by a smartphone.

If you’re looking for the best landscape lights that change color, you can find many types to suit your home decor and budget. For instance, if you want a color-changing light for your garden, you can buy one with a multi-color chip and control it with a wireless remote or WiFi. This type of lighting gives your outdoor space a heavenly look.

If you’re looking for a landscape light with a smart feature, most of them come with many smart features to make their use easier. These features include motion sensors, voice control, and smart technology. Voice control is a great feature, as it lets you execute your commands through speech. You can also find landscape lights with a dusk to dawn feature, which will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

While landscape lights with a variable color feature are great for highlighting the facade of your home, they are also great for spreading holiday cheer to the neighborhood. With a few simple commands, you can set up landscape lighting that changes color on a schedule and can be controlled remotely with your smartphone.


Enbrighten landscape lights are a great way to add ambiance to your landscape. They are versatile enough to use for a number of applications including patios and decks, accent lighting, security lighting, pergolas, eaves, and more. They are also energy-efficient and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Enbrighten’s Landscape Lights feature a remote control to change the color of the lights. These lights offer a variety of color options, including warm white (2200K), soft white (2700K), and daylight (5000K). They also come with a 10-level dimmer and a paired remote for total control.

Before purchasing color changing landscape lights, it’s essential to research them thoroughly. You’ll want to make sure they’re of high quality and are the best fit for your needs. Read customer reviews and research different products before making your decision. You’ll want to buy from a company that stands behind its products.

The Enbrighten LED Color Changing Landscape Lights offer a range of colors for a unique look in your yard. These outdoor lights feature 12 puck lights and cover up to 110 feet. There are also multiple mounting options, so they can be placed above or below your flower beds.

You can find many different brands and models of these lights, so it’s important to research them thoroughly. While you can purchase inexpensively, they’re often inferior to more expensive products. If you’re considering purchasing these lights for your landscape, you may want to consider reviews of other customers.

Enbrighten’s Seasons

Enbrighten’s Seasons landscape light series offers 16 different colors to change to create a unique lighting display in any yard. These lights can be controlled using a wireless remote and can be placed anywhere in your yard. They can be programmed to change colors for various seasons and holidays.

These lights can be controlled using a remote control and have a 10-level dimming setting. They are weatherproof and are IP68 rated, making them ideal for outdoor use. The lights are made from durable, oil-rubbed bronze metal housing and feature lifetime LED bulbs. The landscape lights also include a 22-foot lead wire.


If you’d like to decorate your outdoor living area with vibrant colors that change with the seasons, consider adding a few Enbrighten landscape lights to your yard. These versatile lights are perfect for many applications, including decks, patios, security lighting, eaves, and pergolas. In addition, they can provide landscape ambiance and accent lighting for celebrations.

Enbrighten LED landscape lights change color every season and can be controlled by remote control. They feature a wide range of 16 vibrant colors and natural white light. Each light can be configured to display just one color, or two color combinations. The lights also come with wireless remote controls for easy control.

Enbrighten’s new landscape lights are available in a variety of lengths and color combinations. Each product is compatible with most types of landscape lighting. They feature remote controls for easy operation, 10-level dimming, two-hour and four-hour countdown timers, and UL-certified construction.

When shopping for color changing landscape lights, it is important to do your homework before purchasing. Make sure you choose one that comes with a warranty, returns policy, and customer service. This way, you can ensure that the product you purchase will be of high quality. And as always, read reviews to determine if the product is right for you.

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