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5 Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing an Entryway Rug

Call it a foyer, an entryway, an entrance hall, but whatever you call it, it’s the space between the great outdoors and your well-thought-out home that’s not always easy to style. This can be particularly true for rugs because you must consider not only the natural elements but also the style of your home…and tastefully…
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The Shiflett rug features a beautiful floral design with clean lines and a muted yet vibrant color palette. It’s a stylish option if you’re looking at add an accent piece to your entryway, one that’s both eye-catching and useful at the same time. It has a medium 0.5’’ pile height which makes it soft and comfortable underfoot without also being very heavy or difficult to clean using regular means.
Slipping rug carpet
Fitzpatrick Oriental Red Golden Black Area Rug
A floral rug and matching armchair stripes
Gutierez Gray Blue Orange Rug

Entryway decor design ideas

The rug is only one element that you can add to an entryway to make it more inviting. There’s of course several other details to consider when designing a space like this. For example, one of the first things to do when planning the design is to pick a color palette. This will help you create a unifying look and will help you focus on specific color tones when choosing your decorations, furniture and everything else.

Don’t focus on looks only.

If you have a double front door then you have to select a rug that lies in front of both doors. A smaller rug will simply look tiny and less welcoming, not to mention it’s not practical at all.
This can anything like a painting, some wall art, a piece of furniture or interesting light fixtures. Adding a feature like that to this space gives those who enter your home something to focus on, something to remember their visit by.

Another important element is storage.

It features a really interesting and eye-catching front door that makes a strong first impression, a brightly-colored rug that creates a cheerful and positive ambiance, a comfy accent chair that gives it a cozy look and beautiful decorations like the painting on the wall. It was a project done by Peruri Design Company.

Don’t overdecorate the entryway.

This is a good idea is several different ways. Mirrors are very useful for making small spaces seem larger and more spacious. Also, a mirror would be useful here since this is where you prepare to leave the house and also the first area you see when you get back.

Add a mirror to your entryway.

Yellow rug with a textured pattern

Include seating in your design

Rope rug by Pauline Deltour

Give your entryway a focal point.

The Elson rug is a wonderful accent piece that seamlessly blends traditional and modern details. Its eclectic design makes it very versatile and able to look at home in a variety of different decors. Ultimately, it has a traditional design with a trendy and updated look thanks to the light and faded colors. The Oriental motif is still noticeable beneath the ivory and blue color tones.

Things to keep in mind when you look for entryway rug

A multitude of strategies and ideas can be put together when designing an entryway, even a small one. Take this space as an example.
The layout of the entryway is very important because it determines how it can be sectioned off and decorated. This space designed by Jan Gleysteen Architects for example is long and narrow with openings that connect it to other areas of the house. It’s been furnished with multiple coat racks and benches all on one side and with accent pieces on the other, leaving the center nice and open.
The inspiration for Monolith 01 rug was a 1400-year-old stone monument in Sweden. Its design is simple but bold and strong. The colors are neutral and versatile.
The post 5 Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing an Entryway Rug appeared first on Homedit.
Talmo Power Loom Blue

Extra tips!

Too much furniture and too many decorations can make this area look cluttered and not inviting which is the opposite of what we’re usually trying to achieve with our interior design. Keep this space simple and stylish, especially if it’s small.
Colorful rug
4. Patterned rugs can be very forgiving. Not only does the well-chosen pattern add visual interest to a space (which is often the most important determining factor but at very least a bonus), but it also hides dirt and grime temporarily until you have a chance to clean the rug. For most entryways I find that, all else being equal, multiple colors and an interesting pattern extend the aesthetic life of a rug much longer than if the rug were of a simple, solid design.
Airy entryway with a black and white chevron rug
An entryway with tiled floor often feels cold and uninviting. So use a large rug to warm up the space and to make it feel more welcoming. The texture of the rug will contrast with the floor and, depending on the pattern and color you’ve chosen for the tiles, you can also find a rug that complements it.
Shiflett Power Loom Gray Rug
Traditional kilim carpet
A large rug in an open-space entryway
Entryway rugs come in all shapes, sizes and styles. The Katie rug featured here offers you a variety of options, including runners and round or square versions. It has a traditional design with fuchsia and gold color tones ad it’s designed to be durable and to stand up the foot traffic, dust, occasional spills and so on. Also, it’s easy to clean.
Adding some color to the entryway in the form of an area rug can also look magnificent. The Elborough rug has an excellent design that is simple, clean and modern and which puts emphasis on color more than the geometric pattern visible over the entire surface. Yellow is a lovely color that goes really well with this particular design.
The layout of your entryway is also an important element to take into consideration when designing this space. With that in mind, when placing your furniture and choosing the location of your accent pieces and accessories try to keep the main pathway from the door to the adjacent areas of the house unobstructed. Also make sure to leave enough clearance around the door so it doesn’t bump into items when you open it.
Lorenzo Geometric Gray Black White Area Rug

Connection – art translated into a rug

Entryway Rug
The design of the Arteaga rug is traditional with a modern twist, a combination which we’ve seen before but in a different form. The pattern is reminiscent of traditional floral motifs but with a more playful and clean look. The color are also beautiful, especially the light gray inner border which balances out the dark blue at the center of the rug.

Geometric Art Deco 2 rug

Add functionality to your entryway and try to focus on the user experience when interacting with this space. Think of the ways in which you could use this space and include elements like a shoe storage unit, a coat rack, some shelves or a console table and accessories like trays where you can keep things like your wallet, keys, sunglasses and so on.
Katie Traditional Flatweave Fuchsia

Monolith 01 handmade rug

Entryway traditional rug
Yes, someone’s wet footprints will find their way across the rug as she runs inside to grab her forgotten purse. Below is a brief guide in choosing the entryway rug that is right for you:

Nord ombre rug

Nord ombre rug
The Nord rug has a very simple design with a subtle ombre pattern that goes from off-white to light gray. It’s a wool rug perfect for modern and contemporary interiors.

Porto rug made from leather off-cuts

Warm and earthy entryway rug colors
Jute and sisal rugs are durable and this makes them good for entryways. They’re also easy to clean with a vacuum.

Rope rug by Pauline Deltour

The size of the rug depends on your entryway. For a long and narrow one use a runner rug and always leave some space around the rug to frame it.
Use a rubber pad underneath the rug to prevent it from slipping. This way it will stay fixed and you don’t have to worry about a thing. First measure the length and width of the rug and then lay the rubber or vinyl nonstick pad on a flat, clear surface. Measure and cut it, locate the position you want for your entryway rug and lay the pad on the floor. Then put the rug on top.

Dune rug by Hem

Monolith 01 handmade rug
Round entryway carpet

Katie Traditional Flatweave Fuchsia/Gold Area Rug

Vintage entryway modern rug
2. Open and close your door several times and note the space between the bottom of the door and your entryway floor. Although you might love the feel of thick shag between your toes, the constant rub of a door’s opening and closing will significantly decrease the life of the rug. (Plus, thick-pile rugs are harder to keep clean at a doorway; thinner piles tend to be hardier.) Always leave a sufficient vertical air gap between your rug and the door.
Connection is one of three works of art by Casten Beck Nielsen that were turned into rugs. The rugs are hand-knotted using wool fibers and this one is black with white accents.

Talmo Abstract Blue/Yellow/Ivory Area Rug

This entryway is quite large and wide. The front door is nicely framed by symmetrical panels with glass that let in natural light and the space has been efficiently furnished with custom units on both sides. This adds lots of storage to this area without making it feel cluttered or small. It’s a design done by the Wright Building Company.
The Talmo rug is a wonderful accessory for an entryway in need of more color. It helps to turn the floor into a focal point without being too bold about it. The abstract design is well-suited for modern interiors and has an artistic vibe reminiscent of watercolor paintings. Furthermore, this rug is both water- and fade-resistant as well as easy to clean and to maintain.
Connection – art translated into a rug
Art Deco 2 is a rug inspired by the Swedish Grace era which came after art deco. It features clean lines and a mixture of geometric shapes, colors and abstract patterns.

Shiflett Floral Area Rug

On the other hand, if you want to go all traditional, designs like that of the Fitzpatrick rug can be of great help. This is an Oriental rug which uses red as a main color in combination with other warm undertones and a few darker accents as well for contrast. It’s fade-resistant and able to withstand high traffic which makes it a good addition to entryways, hallways and various other spaces.
Adding a bench to an entryway can be a really great idea, both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view. The bench gives this stylish entryway designed by Solitude Homes an inviting look while also maintaining an airy and open aesthetic.

Elson Oriental Ivory/Blue Area Rug

Blue modern carpet for entryway
5. Of course, all of this isn’t to say you should throw your entire sense of style out the window because your entryway rug needs to have all of these components. As one of the first things seen upon entering your house, the entryway rug is arguably one of the most important decorating decisions you can make. You want to make sure it correctly introduces your Does it introduce your design aesthetic, your personality, and your home? Does it give the visitor an idea of what s/he will find inside? Be true to your sense of style in selecting an entryway rug, as this will play a big role in your home’s first impression.
Dune rug by Hem

Barroso Geometric Area Rug

Centered entryway rug for symmetry
In the case of the entryway that can translate into things like coat racks, closets, shoe racks, shelves and various other additional elements like a mail sorter for example in case this is something you feel the need for. Adapt the storage to your needs and lifestyle.
Elborough Yellow Rug
Place a mat directly in front of the door so you and your guests can first take their shoes off or clean them and then walk on your beautiful entryway rug. This way the rug stays clean for a long time and you can choose one with an interesting print or a light color.

Lorenzo Geometric Gray Area Rug

Arteaga Navy Grayy Area Rug
Porto rug made from leather off-cuts

Fitzpatrick Oriental Red/Multi Area Rug

Geometric Art Deco 2 rug
Another nice way of maintaining a simple yet interesting décor for the entryway is with a rug that combines an eye-catching design with simple and neutral colors. The Lorenzo rug is a lovely example in this sense. It features an eye-catching geometric pattern and the color palette is centered around black, white and gray. It’s great if you enjoy a minimalist and modern style.

Modern Elborough rug with geometric pattern

Entryways are high-traffic areas and need durable rugs. The best materials for this are sisal, jute, wool, seagrass, hemp and polypropylene. Also look for flat or hand knotted rugs.
Barroso Geometric Blue Gray White Area Rug

A large rug in an open-space entryway

Geometric designs and modern decors often go hand in hand. A great example when it comes to rug is the Barroso area rug which has a bold and eye-catching design. Its surface is divided into a series of squares and rectangles of different proportions and different colors, namely white, blue and light and dark gray with black outlines.
This entryway has plenty of height which is nicely emphasized by the hanging pendant lamp. The area is also made super cozy by the two armchairs placed on either side of the console table and by the lovely decorations like the painting, table lamp and vase. This is a design by Scott Sanders.

A floral rug and matching armchair stripes

Because, in case you’re wondering, yes, there will be mud on someone’s shoe when they come through your door. Yes, a child may dribble some ice cream from his cone on his way outside.
1. Make sure the size of the rug is in proportion to the size of the entryway. A small 2’x3′ rug in a giant entryway will look minuscule and, let’s be honest, wimpy. Conversely, a larger 5’x7′ rug in an entryway that is barely that big itself will probably look too big for its britches. Although foyers come in every shape and size, be conscientious that the scale of your rug will be complementary to the scale of the space.

Long and narrow entryway with a runner

Elson Power Loom Ivory
Porto is a leather rug made from leftover material from the production of leather bags. The off-cuts are used to create unique woven rugs that feel soft underfoot and that make a statement.

Centered entryway rug for symmetry

Stairs carpet runner
If it’s abstract designs and patterns that you prefer, perhaps you’ll enjoy the look of the Gutierez rug which is another great option for entryways, hallways but also living rooms, bedrooms and so on thanks to the wire variety of shapes and sizes available. Gray, blue and orange and some of the accent colors included in its design, along with variations of these nuances and others similar to them.

Warm and earthy entryway rug colors

Long and narrow entryway with a runner
Front hallway mat

Airy entryway with a black and white chevron rug

Call it a foyer, an entryway, an entrance hall, but whatever you call it, it’s the space between the great outdoors and your well-thought-out home that’s not always easy to style. This can be particularly true for rugs because you must consider not only the natural elements but also the style of your home…and tastefully merge the two.
Lighting is super important for an entryway, just it is for any other area of the house. There’s several strategies to choose from. For this space studio Haute Design chose to add warm and subtle lighting in the form of elegant table lamps and a lovely pendant. They make this space look and feel warm, cozy and welcoming.

Yellow rug with a textured pattern

Hallway dining room rug
There’s plenty of insight that you can take away from all of the ideas presented so far. Keep in mind that not all the ideas work for everyone. Try to balance out these strategies and your design. Take this open-space entryway designed by studio Nutter Custom Construction as an example. It has a big centered rug, a sculptural console table and a cool-looking mirror among other things.
A bench or a small stool would be useful for you and also your guests. It would allow you to sit down when you put your shoes on, it’s great for accessibility and it also makes the space look more comfortable and welcoming.


What size to choose for an entryway rug?

The shape of the rug is also important. Choose a rectangular one if you have a long and narrow entry or if the space is wide and shallow. This way you can better define the entryway. Round rugs are very elegant can be used for arched front doors or double-stair entryways.

Our jute rugs good for entryways?

Dark floor white walls entryway
3. Consider the ease of cleaning your dream rug. As an obvious example, an all-white cotton rug might be beautiful to look at for a day or two, it won’t be easy to keep lustrous and bright for much longer than that. Plan on snow, mud, dirt, and/or water (depending on where you live) to come into contact with your entryway rug; even if your home has a no-shoes policy, it is likely that people will take a step or two inside in order to take their shoes off. Indoor/outdoor rugs (typically made of synthetic materials) are a great option.

What type of rug to choose for the entryway?

The Rope Rug series designed by Pauline Deltour focuses on the texture. The patterns and textures are inspired by traditional Japanese tatami mats and are made from cotton rope.
Dune is made from New Zealand wool and has a simple design. The colors are neutral and muted and they’re complemented by a rich and pleasant texture.

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