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50 Exterior House Colors To Convince You To Paint Yours

It’s understood that a room’s color will impact your mood. However, many don’t realize the same applies to exterior house colors. Here we’ll look at 50 house paint colors that will convince you to paint yours. You don’t have to be in a room and surrounded by a color for it to affect your mood. …
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It’s understood that a room’s color will impact your mood. However, many don’t realize the same applies to exterior house colors. Here we’ll look at 50 house paint colors that will convince you to paint yours.
For some, choosing black as an exterior house color can be controversial. Out of all exterior house colors, this one is the least popular, but it can be an ideal choice when you want architectural details to stand out. You might not want to paint a traditional suburban home completely black, but on a craftsman or modern style home, it can make a dramatic difference.
One of the main reasons why outdoor paint will crack is related to surface prep work neglect lack. Before you paint an outdoor surface, you need to clean it and apply a layer or two of primer over it. Failure to do so will cause the paint to crack and other problems.

Which Is The Best Exterior House Color?

Cottage style can be wide-ranging, but it’s always casual and never stuffy. Often, where your home is located can drive the specific cottage vibe, such as a suburban neighborhood compared to a beachside cottage. Regardless, the appeal of these homes is rooted in the eclectic range of looks and the ability to customize the color and style to your own taste.
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Black is not a color you would choose by yourself, but after seeing how it adds to a home you might change your mind. It can take an old craftsman design with good tones and make it look updated and modern, and with just one coat of paint.
Brown doesn’t have to be beige. Consider brown wood siding color for your home. On a craftsman, your home’s exterior couldn’t look more traditional. Your home will feel have a pastoral aura, even if it’s new. 


Pick a color you like that fits with its surroundings. The color should also improve the curb appeal of your house. You’ll also need to choose a second color for the trim and possibly a third for any other accents on the house. 


A pink cottage with white trim? It sounds like something out of a storybook. Except it exists and it looks like the most summery cottage ever. So while you probably wouldn’t paint your cold weather cottage in this rosy shade, you certainly should think about it for your hot weather house.


With wood trim, brick accents, and gorgeous landscaping, sometimes you need an exterior house color that complements your home instead of making a statement. Sage green is coming to your rescue. It’s soft shade will show off all the other great elements about your home’s exterior without asking for attention.

Light Blue

Darker, earthy shades of brown are best as an exterior house color as lighter hues are drab and boring. Brown hues need a brighter counterpoint to look lively, so choose colors like bold red, blue, or black for the front door or other accents.


Cottages pride themselves in full flowerbeds, ornate landscaping, and white trim. Choosing a gray exterior will help make your flowers and trees and bushes the stars of the show, as they should be.

Blue Gray

You see gaps around doors and window frames. Gaps occur where the house looks like it is separating from the door and window frames. You need to caulk the spaces to prevent water from getting in, but it will be time to repaint too.


How much does it cost to paint a house?


The post 50 Exterior House Colors To Convince You To Paint Yours appeared first on Homedit.


Contemporary house exterior in Pink Pale Color


Nobody said you had to use neutral colors on your home. Adding a yellow color burst can take your home from grown-up residence to a family friendly space. 

Green Grayish Green Hue

Craftsman exterior gray


Before you pick an exterior color for your home, be sure to check with your homeowner’s association (HOA) as there could be restrictions which  paint colors you’re allowed to use for your home’s exterior.

How Do I Choose An Exterior Color Combination?

Craftsman exterior in pale pink
Contemporary house exterior in gray color
Contemporary house exterior in Red Color and grey

  1. Home size.  Just as light and dark paint colors effect on your home’s interior, the same is true for your home’s exterior. A lighter shade will make your home appear bigger, changing in natural appearance throughout the day, according to sunlight and the sun’s position. Darker colors can help a house blend in with its surroundings and can make its structure seem smaller.
  2. Home architectural style. Color combinations should also complement your home’s architectural design. For example, the color palette for a Victorian-style house with intricate gingerbread detailing will not work for modern or traditional suburban homes.

Which Exterior House Colors Have Positive Energy?

It’s almost blue, but not quite, but with sea green and white trim. you’ll achieve the calming attributes and have the opportunity to add eye-catching colors. And if it’s not beige, then it’s a win for everybody.
White is the best friend to a cottage. The color speaks of blooming flowers, drinking lemonade, and country living. Plus, white makes landscaping easier since anything and everything will match the exterior.
Pastel blue is a pretty exterior house color. While it might look too sappy sweet for a home with siding, a brick ranch is the perfect canvas for this shade. The brick texture will give it enough interest to help your exterior feel light and homey.

  1. North Facing. The element associated with this direction is water, and the colors  to use are black, dark blue. This combination is said to influence wealth, success, and career trajectory.,
  2. Northeast Facing. This direction is connected with Earth and the relevant colors are Black, blue, and green. These colors are believed to connect with education and personal power.
  3. East Facing. Homes that face the east are ties with wood and should use colors like green, turquoise, and aqua. This combination of direction and colors is tied to family harmony.
  4. Southeast facing. Also associated with wood, these homes are best when painted green or blue, but also purple or red. These colors are tied to growth and wealth. A green house would be an obvious choice.
  5. South facing. Homes facing south are associated with fire and are best with colors like red, yellow, or orange. These warm hues are associated with fame and recognition. A yellow house would be ideal or you could choose a lighter shade.
  6. Southwest facing. This orientation is also connected with the earth, but the best colors are red, pink, and white. Marriage and relationships are the life aspects involved in this direction.
  7. West facing. Associated with metal, homes facing in this direction should have white, silver, copper, or brass at the front. Fertility and creativity are connected to this direction.
  8. Northwest facing. Also connected with metal, homes facing northwest should incorporate white, gray, blue, or black. The characteristic associated with this direction is empowerment.

What Are The New Trends In Exterior House Colors?

Not quite ready to give up your beige yet? Go with greige instead. This particular shade of gray feels very warm and cozy yet it won’t stand out too much against your neighbors dusky brown homes. Just the kind of subtle statement you’re looking for. A red burgundy front door serves as an accent color that complements the porch setting.
The position of a home will influence its colors. We’ll look at different factors and paint colors and their significance in nature. According to Feng Shui Pundits, you should consider the following scenarios:


Traditional Ranch house exterior brown


Don’t lose sight of your personal style preferences in the process!

Warm White or Cream

As we’ve covered popular colors, there are a few emerging contenders that deserve attention. These trending exterior house colors are wonderful to incorporate if you’re planning to paint your house in the near future.

Vibrant Green

Here are the most popular color options among homes in the US:


Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with white. White is fresh and freeing. White is classy and neutral. Painting the exterior white gives you a completely blank canvas to start with. White will let your mind wander into the land of shutters and trim and landscaping because that’s just where the road goes. When you pick a color with a lighter shade, you can accent your home with a lighter shade front door or a dark one.

Navy Blue

Among paint colors, red is a traditional color: think red barns and brick homes. One thing is certain, red is energetic. However, it also signifies warmth and comfort. These are both qualities that are desirable in a home. If you want to paint your home red, then don’t hesitate. There are many shades of red, ranging from a rusty brown undertone to hues that lean toward orange.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House?

The geographic location of your home plays a role in your choice of an exterior paint color but certain shades are just more popular. The most chosen paint colors include white, off-white, yellow, light blue, gray, blue gray, taupe, putty, wheat, brown green and red. If you’ve run out of ideas or can’t think of a color, try sage green and see what happens.
The geographic location of your home plays a role in your choice of an exterior paint color but certain shades are just more popular. The most chosen paint colors include white, off-white, yellow, light blue, gray, blue gray, taupe, putty, wheat, brown green and red. If you’ve run out of ideas or can’t think of a color, try sage green and see what happens.
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It is not uncommon to find a craftsman styled house on a farm. However, you don’t need a farm if you want red house color schemes. The eye catching color will still make your exterior feel traditional and down home-y.
Pay close attention to paint colors and you’ll feel like a yellow house offers warmth for a family. They can stand out without being too different, and they bring about feelings of cheeriness and optimism. That said, the most common shades of yellow for the exterior of a house, you’ll find more buttery tones as opposed to a strong primary yellow. 
In line with moodier exterior house colors, gray greens are adored because the shade is calming. The color complements foliage without competing with the natural environment. Sage green is gray and green combination that fits in with natural surroundings.
Looking to get away from beige without actually getting away? Go darker. Brown looks good on basically everything so your exterior will feel modern and classic at the same time. Not many colors can say that for themselves.
Best Exterior House Color
White Paint Cottage Exterior
A few things to consider when selecting a color include:
House Colors
The caulk has cracked in places. Caulk can dry become brittle, crack, and then fall out. Even if you have used calk that is paintable, you’ll have to paint it after any repairs are made.
Craftsman exterior house in red brick color
Craftsman exterior in yellow
The exterior color of your home will be influenced by its geographic location. Today, non-traditional shades have emerged and are becoming popular.
Shade of Yellow on This Cottage House
This style of home has been called an “architectural stepchild” because it continues to be disrespected, but it’s popular and offers opportunities to upgrade curb appeal. With more people trying to age in place, the ranch home is a  livable, longer-term option so using paint to update what is sometimes considered a “cookie-cutter” look is easy and effective. Painting dated elements like red brick and updating elements like shutters and other accents are very effective. With regard to the range of colors that is appropriate, it is wide and varied.
Is your contemporary home surrounded with classic-styled homes? Or maybe your large windows overlook the beach. Why not use a Sherwin Williams dark blue exterior color to help your place blend with the locals.
Cottage House With Red Accents on outdoor
Proper painting, assuming good weather, will take two or three days on average and seven to ten days for a large house with plenty of detail. Rain – especially heavy storms – will definitely add to the time required to complete the house.
Do you live in a little house in the woods? Take a hint from the colors around your place and apply a deep green exterior house paint color with the white trim you’ve always wanted. It will help you create a retreat from the world from the outside in.

Cottage house style color

Perfect for craftsman style homes, sage and olive hues are a good paint colors for your home’s exterior. This nature-focused color not only feels, earthy, but it also creates a feeling of tranquility and health. Whether you choose a light shade or a dark one, avoid a grassy green or other shade that blends seamlessly with the yard and trees, which can make your house disappear into the landscape.

Brick red ranch color facade

Ranch exterior hunter green
Contemporary house exterior in orange with Gray
Streaking is caused by how you apply paint to a surface. It’s also caused by what you mix your paint with before you begin painting. To help eliminate streaking, add a conditioner to your paint. When you do this it increases the paint’s leveling power.
Similar to painting any home exterior, painting a brick house is a big job and requires extra prep work. You can take the DIY path one sections of your house is brick. Bricks have a reputation for being difficult to paint because they are porous and absorb paint colors.

Are you looking to bring touches of rusticity into your contemporary home? Start with a rusty red shade for your exterior house color from Sherwin Williams. You don’t want a  barn red, but rather an orang-y red like you’d find on old tractors and vintage wheels.
With the traditional vibes that ranch houses have, you want to stay on the jewel tone side of things. With paint colors like orange, you have the opportunity to accent your home with a dark-colored front door. Nobody wants a house that looks like a pumpkin, so opting for a warmer exterior paint tone will help your ranch look homier instead of something found in a garden.
Other than selecting a color for your home’s exterior, it should feature hues that complement its surroundings. The color should also improve your home’s curb appeal, especially if you’d like to sell it before repainting it. Take your time as this is a big decision. Choose a color you’ll be comfortable with for an extended period.
Contemporary house exterior in Blue
Which house colors have positive energy?
Cleaning a surface that you plan to paint is the most important step for any paint project. Failure to do so will lead to surface contamination which is caused by grease and other unwanted substances. 
Other factors affecting the price of a paint job are:
Some people think beige is boring but it was selected as one of the top colors for 2021. At the same time, gray has crept from a trendy interior to popular exterior house color. A hybrid option is greige, which is a mix of the two colors. It’s a trending neutral and depending on the light, can look like one or the other. It has more pizzazz than basic beige and can blend with the white trim.
Pastel green and white trim a cottage favorite. Paired with wood accents and the greenery of your landscape, you will feel like you live in a traditional British cottage.
This hue is a classic, and is experiencing renewed interest out of all exterior house colors this year. It is particularly complementary to wood and to creamy accents. If plain navy is a little too basic for you, moving toward the gray range, which gives navy a moodier feel, is a similar option.
Cottage small blue house
Craftsman exterior brown facade
Cleaning the surfaces is a mandatory step in the process. Power washing the exterior walls is to get rid of dirt, mildew, pollen, and loose paint, and contaminants are key to achieving a smooth, even, long-lasting paint job. A full day has to be allotted for power washing. Even though it doesn’t take a day, it has to dry thoroughly before you can begin painting. Wood siding might take a little longer than a day to dry completely.
How much does it cost to paint a house?
Sage green is a combination of blue and yellow.
If you love brick it’s doubtful you’re thinking about repainting your ranch house. Consider giving it a light brush over to soften the orange-y red shade into a welcoming country tone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are The Best House Exterior Colors?

Deep Green Shade Cottage Exterior

How Do I Choose An Exterior Color Combination?

Contemporary house exterior in black color

Which Exterior House Colors Have Positive Energy?

Cottage exterior with pink accents

What Are The New Trends In Exterior Home Colors?

Gray is such a lovely exterior house color, especially when painted over wood or brick so you get the texture to stand out. Since most ranch homes have one or the other, gray makes the perfect exterior solution.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House?

A step lighter than black, luxurious shades of dusty charcoal are fabulous for updating the look of an average house. As an exterior house color, it’s more adventurous than usual but not as bold a solid black. Charcoal also gives you a wide range of options for accent colors for your front door.

How Long Does It Take To Paint A House?

The time is enough to keep homeowners from taking a DIY route: If it takes a professional crew of three about a week — 120 man hours  — to paint an average house, the DIY job will take much longer.

How Often Should I Paint the Exterior of My House?

You know there is a white exterior for every home style. But when a color can do so much for your exterior, bringing you a fresh look on an old house, you can’t say no. White will make your large midcentury modern windows pop.

How To Make Sage Green?

Craftsman exterior in black color

Is Latex Paint Bad For Brick?

While you might think millennial pink is just a trendy hue among all paint colors, it’s proved to be  timeless among exterior house colors. The best example is the Victorian style, where the soft hue is a gentle but effective way to highlight the intricate gingerbread trim all around the house. Ideal for setting off the lines of a craftsman home, it’s also found on beachside bungalows and in brick form on other homes.

What Causes Exterior House Paint To Crack?

Modern Contemporary house exterior in Green with Gray

What Causes Exterior Paint To Drag?

Some will mix and match taupe and putty as house colors, but now, putty is associated with greige. Putty can have gray undertones, or a real gray tone mix that includes other shades. The paint colors in this category are neutral and work especially well with stone.

How To Eliminate Streaking When Painting?

This is a big “if” in the process. If the home has peeling paint and needs any stripping or priming, the process will take at least a day longer. If the additional prep work is substantial, it could mean several more days.

House Colors Conclusion

Midcentury Modern in Blue Color For Exterior
While gray may be waning in popularity as an interior paint color, it’s still a winner for home exteriors. It pairs so well with other colors, a wide range of choices are available should you want to accent it with other colors.
With all f its shades, green exterior paint is a powerful color. So why not choose a space where your green exterior paint can create a relaxing space? Imagine having a glass of wine on the patio, watching the sun set over your green house and you’ll need no more persuasion. Notice how the sage green tone matches the surrounding environment.
According to Feng Shui practitioners, colors represent feelings and moods. Choose a lighter shade or consult color charts and energy patterns that interest you. The main thing to remember is you don’t have to paint your home’s exterior with a suggested color. The trim, accent, or color in landscaping is enough.

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