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70 Ingenious Fall Wreath Designs Ready To Inspire You

You know it’s fall when you start thinking about hanging a wreath on your front door. But don’t go to the wreath store just yet. This year, how about you craft the fall wreath yourself? With so many beautiful, lovely and interesting ideas and variations you can try, it would be a shame to settle…
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Twig and pompom fall wreath
Book Page Fall Wreath
Of course, you can make a wreath from scratch. So instead of starting with a grapevine form, you’ll be starting with a pile of sticks and branches.

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What Is a Fall Wreath?

Grapevine wreaths are incredibly versatile and can be used in a lot of interesting ways and in combination with a large variety of materials. A popular combo includes leaves. Their fall colors are symbolic of the ambiance during this season and allows them to set a beautiful mood.

What Do You Need to Make a Fall Wreath?

Black Tissue Paper Halloween Wreath
Spooky Raven yarn Wreath

Can You Make Fall Wreaths Out of Found Materials?

You can combine as many different colors as you like. Be meticulous when you’re wrapping your yarn around the wreath base so that the look of the yarn is tight and even.

When Should You Put Out a Fall Wreath?

Looking for a cheap way to craft a bold Halloween wreath? Check out Artsy Fartsy Mama for instructions on how to make one using candy corn. All you need is a wreath form, candy corn and acrylic paint.

70 Fall Wreath Ideas to Try This Autumn

1. Homemade Apple Wreath

Faux leaves definitely make the whole process of constructing a wreath simpler but they definitely don’t eliminate the need for creativity and customization. A good starting point can be the project featured on Revamperate. The wreath described here is easy to make and really versatile.
This tobacco basket wreath from Charleston Crafted is a unique wreath that takes a detour from the typical fall wreaths you might see on the front doors in your neighborhood. Tobacco basket wreaths are a great choice for homes with a rustic or country aesthetic, and you can change up the faux flowers used as the centerpiece depending on your personal taste.
Create a wreath with some fake leaves
If you make your fall wreath carefully and choose colors/textures that work well with each other, your wreath will only help make your home look nicer than it already does!

2. Faux Berry Grapevine Wreath

Aren’t the colors on this wreath just wonderful? Crafting something like this is definitely time-consuming but not that difficult. The biggest investment you’ll need to make in this wreath project is time, but luckily what you lose in time you save in money.
The list of materials is definitely unusual but wait till you check out the instructions. You’ll need to set aside plenty of time to finish this paper blossom wreath, but the final results will blow your guests away.
Nuts are a popular addition to many fall wreaths, and this nut wreath from the Farmer’s Almanac makes use of several different nut types to add plenty of texture and visual interest to its design. Get a few mixed bags of hazelnuts, pecans, and almonds, and add some acorn caps for an eclectic look that is sure to get compliments.

3. Pinecones and Burlap Fall Wreath

But let’s have a look at a few more Halloween-ish designs as well, like the one featured on DIYs. To make it, you need a styrofoam wreath form, strips of fabric, push pins, and decorative ornaments like skulls, black feathers, spiders, bats, and other things.
You know it’s fall when you start thinking about hanging a wreath on your front door. But don’t go to the wreath store just yet. This year, how about you craft the fall wreath yourself?
White Halloween Skull Wreath

4. Acorns and Burlap Wreath

Use tiny pine cones to fill in the gaps. Use burlap and orange ribbon to attach the wreath to the door. This is a simple fall wreath design, but the materials are sturdy enough to hold up for several years of decorating if you store it carefully. {found on Keep Calm and Decorate}.
Using real flowers, leaves, and berries is definitely appealing, especially when you can find them all in your garden or back yard. However, if you want the wreath to last, opt for faux branches instead.
This wreath is a perfect gift to give a special teacher or academic in your life. You could also decorate the board with family mottos or fall-inspired chalk illustrations.

5. Grapevine Faux Leaf Wreath

Here’s what you have to do: first, get a foam wreath form and cover it with burlap. Then take apples of various sizes and hot glue them onto the wreath one by one. So simple and so delicious.
Here you can find out how to make a modern and chic wreath by dipping coffee filters in food coloring dye. The whole process is actually simpler than it seems.
Here are a few additional tips for keeping your fall wreaths affordable:

6. Letter Stencil Grapevine Fall Wreath

Fall Monogram Door Wreath
Explore your gloomy side with a spider web wreath. To make it, you need a simple wreath form and some fluffy black yarn. Black yarn that has been shot through with metallic thread (such as silver) also looks flashy in this wreath design.

7. Grapevine Flower Wreath

At the end, add a black felt bow and some cute ornament of your choice. Using darker-colored leaves at the bottom and lighter-colored leaves at the top gives this wreath a pleasing ombre design that is reminiscent of changing autumn leaves. {found on Everyday Dishes}
For the wreath described on Consumer Crafts, you’ll be using a different kind of stick. To make something similar, you’ll need lots of cinnamon sticks, a grapevine wreath, and a hot glue gun. The process is simple but long.
The lace spider web wreaths we found on The Thriftress could also become the focal point of your front door during this period. To make them, you need a large embroidery hoop and several small ones as well as black spray paint, lace and decorative spiders. A black bird ornament can be the detail that completes the look.

8. Faux Branch Fall Wreath

This black tissue paper Halloween wreath from Rocky Mountain Bliss can be created for just a few dollars. All you need for supplies are black tissues, some hot glue, white glue, cardboard, and a centerpiece decoration such as a skull or raven.
A similar option is to use acorns. An acorn wreath would look rustic and really lovely if you also use some burlap to make a nice bow for it. The design featured on Consumer Crafts is perfect in this sense.
Faux leaves fall wreath

9. Faux Leaf and Burlap Wreath

A thick straw wreath is a good foundation for dried chilies since the chilies can be fragile. Be sure to pile on plenty of chilies so there aren’t any gaps in the design.
You can easily cut the tissue paper into consistent four-by-four-inch squares by folding it before cutting. This Halloween wreath is a better design for indoor Halloween decorations since outdoor elements can damage the black tissue paper pretty easily.

10. Bird-Themed Grapevine Wreath

Geometric patterns and shapes are a recurrent theme in a lot of modern designs and wreaths are no exception. You can make a hexagon-shaped wreath using wooden boards.
Fall wreaths can be as expensive or as cheap to make as you want. In general, the fancier your wreath-making materials are, the more expensive the final product will be to make. To avoid a big bill for your wreath project, stick with simpler materials such as burlap over silk ribbon, and try to incorporate found objects instead of just buying everything at the craft store.

11. Floral Grapevine Wreath

So how would you imagine a modern fall wreath? Probably it wouldn’t have a conventional design. In fact, you could even replace the whole wreath design with something else, like bunting.
If you don’t like the look of the purple faux leaves in this original design at DIYs, you can replace the color purple with orange or some other fall-appropriate shade. Since the rest of the wreath design is in neutral black-and-white, whatever color you choose should match well.

12. Tiny Pumpkin Grapevine Wreath

Something as simple and basic as a paper plate holder can turn out to be the key element in a very cute and funky Halloween wreath design. Having trouble picturing the process? Check out Sadie Season Goods.
A really elegant and chic wreath design can be found on Confessions of a Serial DIYer. The project requires a grapevine wreath reinforced with pieces from another similar wreath for more depth, three decorations, a burlap ribbon, and floral wire. The decorations can be just about anything, in this case including a mini pumpkin and two large flowers.
For some, autumn and Halloween are synonyms. That means the preparations for this holiday have already started and what better way to start than with a wreath? A really cute design is the one we found on Design Improvised.

13. White Grapevine Wreath

Mix fall accessories to create a stylish Wreath
The last step is wrapping the ribbon around the wreath. This sleek black wreath looks great in a more minimalist interior design, and it’s simple enough to make for gifting wreaths. Be sure to keep the “stripes” on the wreath relatively even to create a professional-looking result.
Whenever something is described as modern, “simple” is the first term that comes to mind. Wreaths are no exception.

14. Faux Bay Leaf Wreath

It’s actually more than a single wreath. More like a whole bunch of abstract wreaths infused with the spirit of Halloween. The delicate patterns in this circle-based wreath give it a vintage appeal that is more romantic and feminine than most seasonal wreaths.
Another interesting material you can use when crafting a fall wreath is yarn. Not sure how that would work out? Check out Architecture of a Mom for some inspiration.
Ceiling Medallion Halloween Wreath

15. Metallic Leaf Wreath

The finishing touch is a berry ornament. Be careful to keep your burlap loops even and consistent so that your burlap wreath doesn’t end up looking shoddy.
Warm and sunny fall wreath
But let’s also take a look at a more common way in which you can use paper when crafting a wreath. A good example can be found on eHow. The wreath described there was made using brown paper bags, a styrofoam form, and a glue gun. 

16. Dried Magnolia Leaf Wreath

You may have heard people express distaste for fall wreaths on the grounds that they’re tacky or overly fussy, but a lot of these criticisms come from poorly designed or put-together wreaths. To create a homemade fall wreath that doesn’t look tacky, you need to choose the proper materials, centerpiece decorations, and design for your wreath. Taking a bunch of faux leaves and branches and just gluing them willy-nilly on a wreath will end up looking sloppy and cluttered.
After using hot glue to stick on all your wreath accessories, you can optionally use a varnish or gloss sealer to help keep your nut wreath looking nice every autumn after you store it in the winter.
The burlap strips are threaded through the wire and then spaced out evenly. Feel free to decorate your burlap ruffle wreath in any way you want.

17. Faux White Pumpkin Wreath

You can use yarn to connect them in order to get the actual wreath form which, by the way, doesn’t have to be round. A square or rectangular wreath such as the one featured on Sisters What would look quite interesting.
You need a grapevine wreath, black spray paint, a hot glue gun, a faux black bird, black ribbon and black and white feathers, and faux flowers and grasses. Even with the dark coloring of this fall wreath, the white faux flower keeps it looking delicate and stylish. 

18. Square Stick Wreath

Framed Chalkboard fall Wreath
This fall ombre rosette wreath at Flamingo Toes is perfect if you’re trying to make a DIY wreath with a touch of sophistication. While the materials in this wreath such as graduated printed fabrics might be a little more expensive than more rustic fall wreaths, it is well worth the money to make this beautiful centerpiece for your door.
The ruffles on this wreath are hard to ignore given how funky they look. The base for the wreath is a wire hanger that was formed into a circle shape.

19. Felt Leaf Wreath

There are so many great ways in which you can use burlap on wreaths that we decided to present you with several different options and to let you pick the one that works best for you. The first option is a project we found on Crafts ‘n Coffee for a square-shaped wreath.
If you want to craft a wreath that’s actually symbolic for the autumn season, try to include materials that send this type of message. The leaves, twigs, and pinecones described so far are all great options but there are also tons of others just waiting for your approval.

20. Sunburst Branch Wreath

Paper can be used for a lot of interesting DIY projects. But for the one we found on Blue Sky Confections you’ll actually be using paper plates. You need around 50 of them as well as a grapevine wreath, some coffee, craft glue, cookie sprinkles, and ribbon.
Tobacco Basket Fall Wreath
Another Wheat Wreath

21. Cinnamon Stick Wreath

chili pepper wreath
Wheat Wreath
Many people associate wreaths with Christmas, but the truth is that there are different DIY and crafted wreaths you can use to adorn your front door or your household walls for any season or holiday. Fall wreaths are a great way to incorporate seasonal arrangements into your home as well as a way to show off your flair for home crafts. The great thing about DIY seasonal wreaths is that they can help you set a mood for your home no matter what time of year it is.

22. Multicolored Wheat Wreath

White painted Grapevine wreath
If you want to craft a wreath that’s best described by the term “cute”, have a look at the idea offered on Homecraftsbyali. The owl is simply adorable and the letter stencils are perfect for sending a message to everyone who knocks on your door.
Felted Wool fall Wreath

23. Garland Wheat Wreath

Buffalo Plaid Farmhouse Wreath
A bunch of fake leaves and berries and attached to it, but not before being spray painted using metallic colors. They look really lovely and the wreath looks similar to a basket full of leaves.

24. Straw and Wheat Wreath

It shows how you can use a grapevine wreath form, small acorn decorations, gold glimmer mist, and burlap to create the perfect decoration for your front door. Using acorns as the primary material for this wreath gives it a uniform look that pairs well with more modern decorating schemes.
To avoid this, here are a few tips for keeping your homemade fall wreath design looking classy:

25. Copper Pipe Wreath

Fall Acorn Wreath DIY
If you have the time, you’d better start cutting a lot of felt leaves in different colors. You can then use them to decorate a wreath form. Alternate the colors and follow a pattern.

26. Birch Wood Wreath

This is one of the cheaper fall wreaths you can put together. Cover a foam wreath foam in burlap or muslin and then cut orange, yellow, and white canvas fabric into small sections which you attach to the wreath with straight pins.
Want something a bit more feminine? Check out the design on Freshly Completed. Start with a wire wreath and three flower arrangements.

27. Multi-colored Yarn Wreath

Alternate the colors, and the finishing touch is a green felt leaf. This wreath is perfect for a comfy-yet-contemporary interior.
Sure, not all Halloween wreaths have to look spooky. The design featured on Our Best Bites is a really lovely option and all you need to make it is a wreath form and black tulle. You can then decorate it with fabric flowers and ornaments in bright colors such as purple or orange.
You can also use full branches to give the wreath a full look. Check out Nouthern Hospitality Blog for more info on how to get this project done.

28. Painted Clothespin Wreath

Add a large ribbon to it as a final touch. This wreath can add a lot of texture to your decor without looking garish since it is decked out in neutral earth tones.
twigs and branches wreath

29. Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Happy Fall Wreath Project
The post 70 Ingenious Fall Wreath Designs Ready To Inspire You appeared first on Homedit.

30. Pumpkin and Hydrangea Wreath

Those that prefer simplicity should find the burlap wreath featured on Create Craft Love most charming. To make your own version, wrap burlap around a styrofoam wreath form.
The materials needed are a plain grapevine wreath, five fall-inspired decorations, burlap, hemp cord, and a hot glue gun. Check out the instructions and adapt the design to your preferences.

31. Square Burlap Wreath

You only need a few little twigs to create a great-looking wreath. This is exemplified on North Story where you can find out how to make a twig wreath decorated with felt leaves. Use felt in fall-inspired colors such as brown, yellow, orange, or dark green.
You’ll also need some burlap and a hot glue gun. Cut the burlap into strips and glue it around the wire form. Twist and pouf as you go.
For instructions on how to create the spider web, check out Kaminnski’s Creations. You can also make some cute little spider decorations from scratch if you want.

32. Twisted Burlap Wreath

You have to glue each cinnamon stick to the wreath in a random pattern until you cover the whole surface. The result will be a fall wreath that not only looks beautiful but also smells great.
Another interesting design for a modern wreath can be found on At the Picket Fence. It’s pretty much just a framed chalkboard decorated with a bow and some dried leaves or branches. The lovely thing about this idea is that you can personalize this so-called wreath with a lot of cute messages.
Wooden Hexagon Fall Wreath Design
Similarly, you can use black felt, orange felt, Halloween-themed ribbon, and dress pins to make a lovely-looking wreath. Start with a styrofoam form. Cover it in black felt and then cut a few strips of orange felt and pin them in place.

33. Looped Burlap Wreath

An interesting combination of materials and design techniques can be found on A Beautiful Mess. The wreath featured here can be crafted using a bunch of twigs and a series of pom-poms.
You’ll need craft paint or watercolor paint to give the leaves the beautiful colors you see here. You’ll be attaching the leaves one by one to a wreath form making sure not to leave any open spaces.
We’ll also add embroidery hoops to the list of materials that can be used when crafting unique wreaths because, as Tater Tots and Jello shows us, they’re a really great choice. To make this wreath you need a 10” embroidery hoop, linen or fabric, embroidery thread, felt, and a burlap garland.

35. Burlap and Lace Fall Wreath

Candy corn fall wreath
Fabric flowers are glued on at the very end. The combination of burlap and lace is an interesting one since burlap is associated with rough country decor and lace is associated with vintage or retro looks. Together they provide an interesting clash of textures, but the neutral colors of both materials help mesh them together well.
Felt ornaments and decorations are quite popular. There are lots of great DIY projects you can try that require felt. On Nest of Posies we found a really cute wreath design that uses colorful felt leaves to stand out.

36. Funky Burlap Ruffle Wreath

Happy Fall Wreath Letters
This wreath is a fun one to make with kids since they enjoy playing with the faux cobwebs. You can also skip the lettering and choose a different centerpiece instead if you choose, such as a skull or a raven.
For some reason, black crows are quite symbolic of Halloween. They’re actually pretty cute and really intelligent once you come to know them better. On DIYs you can find out how to make a Halloween wreath that uses this symbol.
Berries are another good resource you can use when crafting a fall wreath. Creole in DC offers a lovely example of how such a wreath would look like. You can start with a simple grapevine wreath and then glue large berries onto it.

37. Smooth Simple Burlap Fall Wreath

Recycle clothes pins wreath
With so many beautiful, lovely and interesting ideas and variations you can try, it would be a shame to settle for something generic? And in case you’re lacking ideas, we’ve prepared a few you should definitely take a look at.
The jack-o-lantern you’ll find there is super easy to make and you’ll find it most delightful. With just a handful of basic crafting supplies, this is one of the quickest Halloween wreaths you can make.
Spooky is also the best word to describe the wreath featured on Just A Girl Blog. Check out the instructions and find out how to make that spider web which adds a gloomy touch to the whole design.

40. Candy Corn Fall Wreath

Crafting a good-looking wheat wreath can actually be very simple and very enjoyable. If you wrap the stems of the wheat in the same direction that the wreath twists in you’ll get a design that looks pretty much like the one we found on Houseful of Handmade. Once you’re done with that part, feel free to add decorations such as garlands, bows, and other things.
You can often find these faux leaves on sale during the fall season in the arts and crafts section of your local hobby shop, too. Check out the wreath featured on Design Improvised for more details.
Dollar store fall wreath diy

41. Simple Banner Fall Wreath

Simple Banner fall Wreath
You can do a lot of things with items you already have in your home. For example, you can use coffee filters to decorate a fall wreath. The idea came to us from Sarah Hearts.
Using twigs and branches for wreath
Spiderweb Yarn Eek Wreath

42. Framed Chalkboard Fall Wreath

A fall wreath is a crafted decoration (usually homemade but sometimes bought from another crafter or store) that is used to help transition your regular home decorations into a seasonal theme. Fall wreaths are usually created as a crafting project and they’re popular to make with children, who especially enjoy their own child-sized grapevine wreaths along with the wreath for the front door.
Grow Creative Blog offers one of the simplest and most ingenious wreath designs. The idea proposed here is to use a wire wreath form and a bunch of colored clothespins to create an eye-catching wreath. You just have to clip the clothespins on without needing any glue.
Using twigs and branches is quite common when crafting wreaths but how often do you see a wreath made of large pieces of birch wood? The idea may be a bit unusual, but the end result is not at all bad. In fact, the wreath we found on Love Create Celebrate is really beautiful and would look wonderful on any front door.

43. Wooden Hexagon Fall Wreath Design

Spooky Cobweb Halloween Wreath
Include faux flower colors that are complementary to the other colors used to decorate your home exterior and you’ll end up with a classy fall wreath you could leave up all year long if you chose.
Felt and Twigs Wreath
Using faux apples helps keep the wreath from breaking down when the fresh apples start to soften. Faux apples come in several colors too, so if you’d rather do a multi-colored, green, or yellow wreath, you can. {found on The Wood Grain Cottage}.

44. Colorful Felt and Yarn Leaf Fall Wreath

Start gluing them all onto a grapevine wreath until you cover the whole surface. You can then make a large burlap bow for the top. {found on Place of My Taste}.
Here are a few of the different materials you can use to design a fall wreath:
Use anything you can find in your house this time of the year. For example, apples. That would sure look delicious.
Funky Burlap Ruffle Wreath

45. Felted Wool Fall Wreath

Paint the wreath form and then start to glue the candy corn onto the wreath, piece by piece. This wreath can also be reproduced with other kinds of Halloween candy than candy corn if you want some different colors other than orange, yellow, and white. You can also get different types of candy corn that incorporate other colors if you’re trying to match a pre-existing color scheme in your home.
Most people put out their fall wreaths in September and October. Halloween wreaths are typically put out a few weeks before Halloween when the rest of the Halloween decorations come out. It’s a good idea to take down your Halloween wreath and replace it with a traditional fall wreath after the holiday passes.
Another great wheat wreath is described on Daisy Marbelle. The supplies needed for this one include a straw wreath, three bundles of dried wheat, and burlap ribbon. As you can see, the whole process requires a super small budget and leaves plenty of room for customization.

46. Felted Leaf Fall Wreath Design

It just takes looking at potential crafting materials in a slightly different way. You can get a ceiling medallion for around ten dollars, so this wreath is a great way to end up with a professional product without investing a bunch of money in the project.
Brown Paper Bag Leaf Wreath with Blossoms
There’s no need to cover the entire wreath in leaves if you want to make a statement. In fact, if you use fewer leaves there’s a better chance that they’ll stand out in an elegant and stylish way. And since you’ll be using a grapevine wreath, you can add a few bird decorations as well to make it look like a cute nest. {found on Lady Face Blog}.

47. Coffee Dyed Paper Blossom Fall Wreath

Colorful Felt and Yarn Leaf Fall Wreath
Before you make a fall wreath, be sure to check your crafting recipe and see exactly what supplies are needed. Gathering up what you need before you get started can make the entire process more fun and less of a hassle.
Making the fabric rosettes on this wreath is easy. All you have to do is cut the graduated fabric swatches into strips and twist them into a flower-shaped spiral. A fall pennant tops off this refined autumn look.

48. Paper Starburst Fall Wreath

Festive Fall Nut Wreath
Another super simple project can be found on Design Improvised. All you need for this one is a foam wreath form, adhesive borders, masking tape, and a hot glue gun. For the most part, you just have to peel and stick.
Yarn wreath diy for Fall

49. Brown Paper Bag Leaf Wreath with Blossoms

Fall Ombre Rosette Wreath
Loose loops or gaps in the yarn cover on the wreath will make it look homemade in a sloppy way, and that’s not the look you want. Throwing in a few unnatural colors such as the hunter orange and soft teal in this wreath can give it a touch of whimsy.  
If you want to put out seasonal fall decor but you don’t want to put a ton of time and effort into it, this simple fall wreath is the way to go. 

50. Abstract Halloween Wreath

After that, glue Spanish moss on top of the lace seam and put the black bird on top. The spooky sign is the final touch. This fall wreath is a little tedious to put together, but it results in a wreath nice enough that people will wonder whether you bought it in a store. 
Another interesting wreath design, this time using actual paper, can be found on Houseologie. It’s a starburst wreath that’s pretty easy to make. You should also use a piece of plywood for the back. The key element is the way you decorate the wreath after you’re finished crafting it.
Then it’s up to you to add the decorations you like. This wreath requires some basic woodworking skills to put together, but the end result looks great in a farmhouse, craftsman style, or country home. {found on Cherished Bliss}.

51. Repurposed Paper Plate Holder Pumpkin Wreath

Another beautiful autumn project that uses fake leaves can be found on Lemon Thistle. This time, the wreath features here use a brass hoop as a base.
Lace spider halloween wreath
This fall wreath would look perfect in a bohemian interior, but it makes a major impact against any light-colored home design. You could also incorporate Halloween-themed wrapping paper instead for a spooky variation.

52. Masking Tape DIY BOO Halloween Wreath

You’ll be making a circular wreath form out of cardboard. The contrast between the rough-looking twigs and the delicate pom-poms is what gives this wreath its unique character.
You can pretty much find pine cones everywhere you look during autumn. So it wouldn’t be such a big problem to gather a few so you can use them when crafting the wreath you’ve been dreaming about. Start with a styrofoam wreath. Spray paint it and then start hot gluing the pine cones one by one.
Black tulle wreath for halloween

53. White Halloween Skull Wreath

Felted Leaf fall Wreath design
These embroidery hoops are a creative way to show off your own needlework skills too if you make your own. Black and orange spiders look properly spooky on this wreath, but you could scare guests with more realistic-looking versions, too.
An interesting one is wheat. You can find a lovely tutorial on how to make a wheat wreath on Sustain My Craft Habit.

54. Spiderweb Yarn Eek Wreath

Burlap is a very versatile material for fall wreaths because it’s relatively affordable compared to other crafting materials and it can be glued or fastened easily to the base of your wreath. Burlap helps give your fall decor a cozy and rustic vibe. 
Burlap wreath diy
37. Smooth Simple Burlap Wreath for Fall

55. Spooky Raven Yarn Wreath

Fall Hydrangea Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial
If you’re looking for fall wreath designs for the inside of your house, look no further than this book page wreath at A Delightsome Life. All you need to put these together are some book pages from a book that needs recycling, a few embroidery hoops, and a hot glue gun.
Fall Embroidery Hoop Door Hanging

56. Spooky Cobweb Halloween Wreath

The materials used to create homemade fall wreaths depend on what style of fall wreath you’re trying to make. Some fall wreaths incorporate fancy materials such as lace or ribbons, while others focus on rustic materials such as burlap or corn husks.
fall acorn wreath design
The design of the wreath featured on The Magic Onions is very cozy and that’s because of the materials that were used. To make something similar you’ll need felt raving, a foam wreath, green felt, and a sewing needle. Arrange the raving in long strips and wrap each one around the foam form.

57. Black Crow Wreath

If you want to add a little spice to your fall decor, this dried chili pepper wreath at Jonathan Fong Style is a great way to do it. Red dried chili peppers are an unusual material for this sunburst-style wreath design, and they’re a nice change from the typical materials used in fall wreaths such as faux berries or acorns.
Paper Starburst fall Wreath
fall wreath designs

58. Lace Spiderweb Wreath

Another way in which you can add a spooky touch to your Halloween wreath is with some moss, a black bird and a spooky sign. What we’re describing now is the project on I Heart Nap Time.  The process goes like this: first you wrap yarn around the foam wreath, then you wrap some black lace as well and you add a few fabric flowers.
Maybe fall flowers are not as colorful and delicate-looking as the spring or summer ones but they can definitely add a fresh touch to a wreath. The hydrangea wreath we found on Time with Thea is very lovely and has a simple design that you can adapt and customize using plenty of other types of fresh flowers and plants.
Colorful Grapevines and Leaves

59. Black Tulle Halloween Wreath

Real Candy Corn and Ribbon Wreath
End with a burlap ribbon and then add the flowers. Choose darker colors of faux flowers at the bottom of your accent and lighter colors for the top for an ombre design. You can also include some faux berries, cattails, and faux leaves along with faux flowers for a more eclectic look.
Decorate a grapevine wreath with miniature pumpkins

60. Orange Ribbon Halloween Wreath

repurposed Paper Plate Holder Pumpkin Wreath
Brown Bag Wreath
Wrap it as tightly as you can and secure the ends with glue. Then add a few fake flowers and leaves to make a decorative bouquet.

61. Real Candy Corn and Ribbon Wreath

Cool Fall DIY Apple Wreath
Even though the good old warm and sunny days are pretty much over, this doesn’t mean that all the fresh and cheerful colors have to disappear from our lives as well. Fall flowers make sure this doesn’t happen. Their beautiful yellow and red shades makes them ideal for this type of project.
Black Crow Wreath

62. Ceiling Medallion Halloween Wreath

You can find many different kinds of seasonal washi tape and other types of adhesive borders to add personality and different shades of orange to your wreath design. Make sure that you wrap the wreath as flush as possible to avoid any air bubbles or wrinkles in the tape. However, if you do end up with minor flaws, the patterns in the tape should help to cover them up.
Masking Tape DIY BOO Halloween Wreath
The black-and-white design makes it a smart foil against a brightly colored front door, and it also acts as a neutral focal point with other bright accent colors too. We found this idea on Homemade Ginger.

63. Black Tissue Paper Halloween Wreath

Start with a grapevine wreath and a bunch of flowers of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Glue on the largest ones first and then continue with the others. You can only cover the bottom part of the wreath such as described on Suburban Reno or the entire wreath.
Copper Tubes Wreath DIY
Halloween Paper Wreath DIY

64. Chili Pepper Wreath

To make it you need a styrofoam wreath form and burlap in two colors. You’ll also be using paper, ribbon, and buttons.
If, for some reason, you have a ceiling medallion lying around, take a look on Madigan Made for instructions on how you can turn it into an interesting-looking wreath. You can pretty much do this project in 5 minutes. This wreath is an excellent example of how you can take found objects and use them in art projects.
If the leaves are the main focus of the wreath design you have in mind, then you’ll probably find the project on Carolyn’s Homework quite interesting and helpful. It describes a wreath made with faux bay leaves and brown paper bags.

65. Tobacco Basket Fall Wreath

Burlap and Lace the perfect combination for wreath
This Halloween candy wreath at Living a Vida Holoka is a little bit different than your typical Halloween wreath, but it’s also one of the easiest to make. Chances are if you’re getting ready for Halloween, you’ve already got several bags of colorful pre-wrapped candy lying around for trick-or-treaters.
The design featured on Love of Family and Home is somewhat similar to the previous one but, at the same time, quite different. In this case, the burlap strips loop around the wire wreath form. Each section has three loops. You can use different colors of burlap for variety.

66. Festive Fall Nut Wreath

You can trace any style of leaf, but oak and maple leaves look appropriate for fall. If you want to add a little flair to your book leaves, try staining them with tea to make them look antique.
Fall wreaths come in a wide variety of different themes and designs, which is great because no matter how your house is decorated there’s sure to be a fall wreath style that will look great in it. These are some of the typical themes you’ll see fall wreaths built around:
Abstract Halloween Wreath

67. Book Page Fall Wreath

Fall wreaths are a great way to incorporate found materials if you collect branches, fallen leaves, acorns, and other found objects in your yard or on hikes. Spraying found objects like faux leaves and acorns with a clear varnish can help keep them looking fresh for months on your homemade wreaths if you’re worried about them breaking down over time. 
Magnolia leaves are perfect for fall wreaths. They can be arranged in a lot of interesting ways and patterns.
The combination of tiny pumpkins, flowers, and burlap seems to work pretty well. Another beautiful example is shown on Oh Everything Handmade.

68. Fall Ombre Rosette Wreath

Magnolia Fall Wreath
Pinecone and acorn wreaths
Buffalo plaid is a popular pattern to use in rustic or farmhouse decor, and fall seasonal decorations are no exception to the rule. This farmhouse wreath from Lovely Etc. adds some black-and-white style to your decor, but you can include different colors of faux flowers as the centerpiece decoration at the bottom of the wreath if you want to include an accent color from other areas of your home.

69. Halloween Candy Wreath

You need to cut them to size and to plan the angles perfectly. Put them together and secure them with screws at an angle.
All you need to do is purchase an extra bag or two of candies with packaging in colors that you think will look good in your wreath.
Grapevine wreath with few bird decorations

70. Buffalo Plaid Farmhouse Wreath

By using the DIY wreath recipes in the list above, you’ll avoid having to choose your own fall wreath accessories. Most of these DIY wreaths have a supply list that will tell you everything you need to buy to pull off the perfect wreath. However, if you want to do a variation on one of the wreaths above or you just want to design your own, you’ll need some ideas for good general fall wreath accessories.
Grapevine wreath decorated with a small pumpkin
Cut out leaf shapes and gently press each one in half. Also, cut out paper rosettes. Use them to decorate the wreath. This paper leaf wreath could also be done in shades of cream or white to match lighter-colored interiors, or you could choose black paper for a gothic look.

Fall Wreath FAQ

Are Fall Wreaths Tacky?

At first, you’ll basically just have to wrap yarn around a foam wreath form until you cover it entirely. Then you can add whatever ornaments and decorations you want.
This monochromatic look is also a smart autumn look for homes that have a modern or contemporary aesthetic.

  • Less is more. For more simple wreaths, be sure not to add too many extra pieces. Otherwise, it may end up looking thrown together rather than a deliberate design. Wreaths are like outfits – one of the best ways to look like you aren’t trying too hard is to pick out your accessories, then put a few back.
  • Keep things consistent. If you’re putting together a fall wreath that has the same material all the way around, whether it’s nuts or burlap, you will want to keep everything looking balanced from one end of the wreath to the other. In some designs, it’s okay for the wreath to look a little bottom heavy with a focal point decoration, but otherwise, if you’re hot gluing things onto your wreath, you’ll want to keep things looking even all the way around to avoid an amateur arts-and-crafts look.
  • Check out the colors in the rest of your house. If your house is decorated in cool blues and greens, you won’t want to choose colors in your wreath that clash. Instead, choose complementary colors from the opposite side of the color wheel or pick matching colors for a more monochromatic vibe. When in doubt, decorating your wreath in neutral colors will match any interior or exterior design your home already has.
  • Stick to a color scheme. A handy guide is to use three discrete colors plus a shade of one of the colors you’re already using. This will help keep your wreath looking unified. If you’re using patterned materials, try to stick to one pattern and then incorporate colors within it as your solids.

The tulle is a good look for more feminine or romantic interior design schemes. Using feathers and silk roses as accent materials helps keep the entire project looking soft and touchable.

How Do You Choose Accessories for a Fall Wreath?

Decorate a grapevine wreath with miniature pumpkins and you’ll get a decoration that adds autumn charm to your home in no time. Moreover, the project is really simple. For it, you need mini faux pumpkins, moss, twine, wine, and burlap ribbons. {found on Upcycled Treasures}
Burlap and lace come together beautifully in the wreath design described on My Blessed Life. It all starts with a straw wreath and burlap strips that are tightly wrapped around it. After that, lace is added in a similar manner in order to partially cover the wreath.

  • Faux branches/leaves/berries
  • Nuts
  • Ribbons
  • Wheat stalks
  • Dried citrus slices
  • Faux flowers

Halloween Candy Wreath

What Themes Are Traditional for a Fall Wreath?

Orange Ribbon Halloween Wreath

  • Halloween: Halloween wreaths are a great way to decorate for the spookiest month of the year, and they’re also a good indicator to the neighborhood that you’re a house to stop at for trick-or-treating. Halloween decor on the outside of your home helps trick-or-treaters know if you celebrate the holiday or not.
  • Fall flowers: Floral arrangements aren’t as popular in the fall as they are in the spring and summer. However, faux flowers that are symbolic of fall, such as sunflowers and mums, are a great way to incorporate florals into your home decor all year without having to worry about cold fall nights killing them off.
  • Harvest: Many fall wreaths revolve around a harvest or woodland theme, and these wreaths are usually heavy on forest found objects such as branches, faux leaves, nuts, and faux berry twigs. Faux mini pumpkins are also a popular accessory. Harvest-themed fall wreaths are probably one of the most popular types due to this type of wreath dating all the way back to ancient Greece.
  • Farmhouse: Farmhouse fall wreaths tend to incorporate materials found on farms such as burlap, straw, dried Indian corn, and wheat stalks. These wreaths look awesome with rustic decor and can help spruce up an otherwise simple country exterior.

Are Fall Wreaths Expensive to Make?

Burlap fall wreath on front door
Feminine burlap wreath

  • Watch for sales. Buying your crafting supplies on sale can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of the season. Just don’t go overboard buying stuff you “think” you’ll need, because otherwise you’ll end up spending a bunch of money on supplies you won’t actually use.
  • Buy in bulk. Certain fall crafting supplies like faux leaves and burlap ribbon are smart to buy in bulk. These items don’t go bad and come in handy for a wide range of different fall crafting products, so buying them in bulk should save you money in the long run.
  • Reuse your wreaths. The cost of making fall wreaths will really build up if you decide you want to make new wreaths every year, so make a point to take care of your old wreaths by storing them in protective containers in the off-season and making sure they don’t get damaged by mice or moths. This is especially the case if you end up building an expensive wreath.

Using the standard materials is definitely very convenient, regardless of what you plan on crafting. But if you want the final product to really stand out, you need to look for alternatives. An inspiring idea can be found on Love Create Celebrate where you can find out how to make a fall wreath out of copper pipes.
How to made a Cinnamon Wreath

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