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9 Gorgeous Fall Flowerpot Ideas Will Have You Ready for The Season in No Time

The post 9 Gorgeous Fall Flowerpot Ideas Will Have You Ready for The Season in No Time appeared first on Homedit.
Are you already feeling the fall vibes this year and can’t wait to decorate? We get it! To help get you into that Fall mood, we’ve created this nifty guide to all the best fall flower ideas. So, you can put outdoors and indoors! There’s just nothing better than a great fall planter. And with…




The spring and summer sun can wipe out moisture from the soil rapidly. So while you’d have to water three to four times a week during these hotter months, you shouldn’t have to water that frequently during the cooler months of the year.
Oxalis Triangularis might have a unique name, but that’s only because this plant is so unique on its own. This is an elegant molding plant that would do wonderfully if you need to give your container some more fullness.
These plants are incredibly easy to grow. They can even live in partial shade which makes them fantastic for porch or covered deck areas.

What to Look for in a Fall Flower or Potted Plant

There are a few main factors you want to look for when choosing fall flowers or potted plants. If you keep these main factors in mind, you will have a Fall flowerpot that is both beautiful and sustainable throughout the entire season.

Plants that Withstand Cooler Temps

Goldenrod is a wonderful flower to incorporate into your fall planters due to its golden color and interesting texture. The fronds of this flower span out to create a feathery look that will upgrade your fall bouquet to the next level.


Coloring and foliage are a must when it comes to choosing plants for your fall planter. You don’t want plants that will look too summery. The whole point is to have great autumn accents within your arrangement.
Known for its deep colors that sometimes resemble a sunset due to the golden yellows, deep oranges, and smoky reds. Helenium is a wonderful flower to use for your fall flowerpot arrangements.
Are you already feeling the fall vibes this year and can’t wait to decorate? We get it! To help get you into that Fall mood, we’ve created this nifty guide to all the best fall flower ideas. So, you can put outdoors and indoors! There’s just nothing better than a great fall planter. And with so many different kinds of plants with autumn colors, it’s no wonder why there are so many amazing options on this list.

Plants that Retain Water

 Gorgeous Fall Flowerpot Ideas

Where to Display Your Fall Flowers

You can also hang these planters from trees throughout your yard or even from a deck railing on the outside or inside of your deck area. Another tip is to also get staked outdoor plant hangers with ornate tops to bring a depth of elegance to your garden area.


Fall hanging flower pots
Whether you want a full Fall feel within your arrangement, or you’d like a modern arrangement with some Fall accents, we definitely have what you are looking for. Keep reading to get inspired for Fall decor!
Moveable planters are convenient because you can create an arrangement and move it where and when you see fit. These planters are usually made from lightweight, durable materials so you can move them without straining your back or needing help.

Front Deck

Coneflower is known for its raised centers which, you guessed it, resemble a cone-like middle. These interesting blooms are much like a daisy and they are available in so many different kinds of bright colors. From a mauve to a pinkish purple, you simply can’t go wrong adding in some coneflower.
Stairs flower pots

On Your Steps

While Rudbeckia might be known as a summer flower, these brilliantly colored blooms will make your fall bouquet look exquisite due to these bold colors. These flowers come with different variations of yellow. Easily transform your yard into a fall flower farm due to their wide-open blooms and ease of care.
Plus, it’s great for your plants because there is plenty of sunlight for your plants. Which is especially great for your indoor plants. This just looks great, and your guests will be sure to see them whether they are inside or outside due to their primo spot.
Of course, you’d have to make sure that the deck railing is wide enough. You wouldn’t want your flowers to go plummeting down off the side. Using a front deck to place flowers is a wonderful idea as you can hang your pots. Place them on the deck edges or have them leading up to the deck on stairs.

Window Ledges

Did you find this article helpful? Which of these fall flowerpot ideas was your favorite? If you have any experience working with any of these wonderful flowers, share your ideas below. We’d love to hear from you! And check out our guide to all the best Fall outdoor décor ideas to get you inspired!
It’s important to find a great place to display your fall flowers so that everyone can see them. Then they can become a main decorative point in your yard or home. You don’t want your flowers to be hidden since you’ve already put in all the hard work and you should want to show your flowers off proudly.

Hanging Plants 

These flowers grow easily in containers, and they go very well with different types of ferns and ornamental grasses. These flowers in combination will create a stunning fall bouquet that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
Pansies are so wonderful because not only are they very easy to care for. But they can come in all kinds of different colors. Deep purple or deep red pansies would make a fantastic addition to your fall flowerpot. And what’s even more fantastic is that pansies do so well in containers.
Highly sought out for their lush purple color and bushy bell shape. Also, are great to keep in the front of your home under a patio or on the sill of an outdoor or indoor window.
This is also a great way to keep delicate plants out of the grasp of animals who would otherwise eat these kinds of plants, such as deer or rabbits.

Moveable Planters

There’s just something very decorative about placing flower arrangements on steps. You can make this a very cute concept by interchanging pot colors and mixing up the fall flowers that you choose for these arrangements.
The post 9 Gorgeous Fall Flowerpot Ideas Will Have You Ready for The Season in No Time appeared first on Homedit.

Best Flowers for a Fall Aesthetic


  1. Helenium

Colorful flower pots for fall
Coral bells are known for their interesting shape and the myriad of colors that they grow in. These plants have a wide, broad-shaped leaf that comes in anything from peach, red to purple colors. There are so many color options with coral bells. It might even be hard to find the same color twice.
Mums’ flowers are just iconic when it comes to the fall season. They’re commonly used for football games as decorative mums are made with bells and ribbons. But mums by themselves are just the right color for fall. They typically grow in yellows, oranges, and reds, making them a noteworthy star in the flowers of fall category.

  1. Rudbeckia

These flowers are closely related to the Daisy and are easy to maintain without having to fuss over them at all. It’s best to keep these flowers in full direct sunlight during the day. Fill your pot with them so that it has great drainage and plenty of nutrients.
These would do well in a standard to medium-sized flowerpot, or even in a patio container if you make sure to water it properly and provide it with plenty of well-draining soil.

  1. Pansies

So, there you have it – some of the best fall flowerpot ideas you could ever need. You just can’t go wrong using any of these magnificent Fall-themed flowers to help you bring in the new season.
Patio flower pots

  1. Goldenrod

They are one of the most popular flowers in the world due to their hardiness, their magnificent colors, and how easy they are to care for. These flowers grow in pretty much every climate and come in both perennial and annual blooms. Adding some mums into your planters will surely bring in a whole extra level of fall flair.
Whether you are decorating deck steps or steps up to the front of your house, you have so many options to make your entire home look so much cozier with beautiful fall flowers leading guests up to your home. You can even spruce these arrangements up by adding in some small pumpkins closer to thanksgiving.
Go for the deep reds, golds, and some forest greens to make your arrangements really pop. Lighter colors such as bright green, blues, and pinks are better suited for a spring or summer flower pot. So you might want to save those kinds of plants for that specific time of the year.

  1. Stonecrop

For a chic look, add some fall flowerpots to window ledges to give a pop of Fall colors around your entire home. Whether you are placing flowerpots on outside ledges or indoor ledges, you can’t go wrong placing flowers in these kinds of areas.
You are going to want to find plants and flowers that can withstand the cooler temperatures of fall going into winter. Nothing would be worse than finding these gorgeous plants and handcrafting your own fall flowerpot arrangement just to have them wither and die from the colder weather.

  1. Coneflower

These plants are perfect for container or moveable planters as they do well in the sun but love the cooler climates. These plants pair so well with other fall foliage plants. Mostly because they look almost like fall leaves that change in maple trees. They are delicate but dramatic and will do wonders for your fall bouquets.
These flowers will help add some interest and movement to your planter and they do well in full sun with well-draining soil. These can work in combination with many of the plants that have been listed here. Because most of these plants also require full sun and well-draining soil to live to their fullest potential.
If you add some stonecrop into your fall planter, you will see that your planter will automatically look much fuller. And you’ll have varying shades of dark to pale green along with some yellow to orange small flowers that bloom with them.

  1. Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis Triangularis
While you still have some leeway with temperature, as it isn’t winter yet, you want to make sure that your plants are hardy enough to withstand the cooler temperatures. Especially if they are in an area that won’t be getting a lot of sunlight.
From deep reds to golden yellows, you just can’t beat the colors of fall. All of these flowers and plants have been strategically picked in order to give you the best possible fall flowerpot you could ever want. These flowers are perfect to decorate your entire home, both inside and out.
Coral Bells

  1. Coral Bells

These planters will look great on your patio or your deck. Even placed in clusters throughout corners of your home. What’s great about these planters is that you can adjust them exactly to your liking and move them around as you see fit.
You can have them nestled by the front steps or use two different plants and have one on each side of your front door. If you have some rocking chairs on your patio, place a larger arrangement right in the middle for some added décor while you’re relaxing.
Arranging gorgeous flowerpots on a front deck is also a must as you have so much space and room to show your flowers off. A super cute idea is to get a few different flowerpots and put your arrangements on each post of your deck.

  1. Mums

Stonecrop is essentially like a succulent as they are heat resistant and can survive through full sun and even extreme cold spells. These little plants are tough, and they are highly sought after due to their gorgeous range of color and texture.
Placing your fall flowers on a patio is one of the best places you can show off. Having a flowerpot right up in the front of your house is an unmistakable way for all visitors to see your flowers. There are so many options when placing fall flowerpots outside your house.

Final Words

Our personal favorite is stonecrop due to tis ability to fill in just about any type of pot with interesting texture and color, but goldenrod comes in as a close second due to its wonderful texture and golden feathery look.
Hanging planters have been used for years due to their versatility and great look. These can pretty much hang anywhere you’d like. But they are most commonly hung around the porch or patio area outside.
You must find plants and flowers that are great at retaining water. Since fall can be a drier part of the year, choose plants that go without constant rain for periods of time. Like succulents, for example. Also due to the cooler weather, watering the plants becomes a less frequent thing due to the cooler temperature preserving water within the soil.
You can easily add whatever color of pansies you want in your garden containers, hanging planters, or moveable planters and watch them absolutely thrive in all of these settings.

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