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A Mansion Kitchen: A Gathering Place with Style

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A mansion kitchen is what the name implies, a kitchen in a mansion. A kitchen is the heart of a home, and luxury mansions are no exception.   The rich and famous need a place to cook and gather like the rest of us, so let’s take a peek inside some of their mansion kitchens. What…




This mansion kitchen may be minimalist in style, but it doesn’t economize on luxury detailing. Notice the sleek warm wood island and cabinets.
Mansion kitchens have aspects of the layouts described above, but they have more available square footage to add larger islands, professional ranges, and more cabinet storage.  This home from JRP Design and Remodel has a modern rustic style and features a large kitchen layout. It utilizes an L-shaped layout with an extra-large island in the space in the center of the room. The island features five sling-back leather counter stools for comfortable seating and an extra sink for quick prep. 
The U-Shaped Kitchen

What is Mansion Style?

It doesn’t matter if your style is contemporary, traditional, or eclectic, you can have a luxury kitchen. Therefore, in order to create a luxury kitchen, you need to focus on the quality of the finishes, the colors, and the functionality of the space.

Mansion House Plans

You may not be able to incorporate all the ideas featured here, but you can decide on your top one or two ideas and plan a beautiful kitchen in your own home.
Most experts agree that luxury kitchens have amazing appliances like dishwasher and warming drawers and professional ranges.
If you like this style, consider refacing your cabinet doors with dark wood fronts. Incorporate some color with a striped fabric for your chairs or curtains. In addition, you can also invest in some willow chairs to add seating to your kitchen.

Mansion Luxury Kitchen

The Peninsula Kitchen
In addition, one more way to add more luxury with no cost is to clear off your counter spaces because this adds to the overall open feel of the room.

Modern Mansion Kitchen

These kitchen layouts maximize kitchen islands by adding seating, appliances, storage. Consider this kitchen from Gallin Beeler Design Studio which uses the kitchen island for seating and a prep area. 
From Alvarez Homes comes this lovely kitchen with country French styling. This kitchen has a large floor plan and an island with seating. This is a great idea to incorporate into your home as the kitchen is where everyone wants to gather. The style creates the ideal place for guests to chat with the hosts before the party or for a quick and casual meal. Notice the extra-large vent hood which is bolstered by shelves on either side which is a seamless way to add extra storage. 
The L-shaped layout kitchen features two cabinet banks, appliances, and a walk-in pantry with glass door. The design features a big kitchen island and a separate dining table that complements the L shape. Consider this L-shaped kitchen from Toll Brothers which utilizes its total space.

Minimalist Mansion Kitchen

Minimalist Mansion Kitchen
Image by James Merrell

The paint colors of deep blue and white contrast with the warm wood and marble countertops. There are soft touches of gold in the cabinets knobs and the chandeliers to add some contrast. One perfect way to get this look in your own home is by using contrasting colors for your kitchen island and cabinets. You can also add classic drum-style chandeliers above your seating or island area.
Rustic Mansion Kitchen

What Are The Six Most Common Types Of Mansion Kitchens?

This mansion kitchen is Britany Spears’ former home. It has a warm cottage kitchen feel with thick marble countertops and backsplash, lower inset paneled doors, upper glass cabinet doors, a rustic French country chandelier, and stainless steel range. 

1. The One Wall Kitchen

The marble countertops and backsplash with the warm veining complement the cabinet colors. The brass detailing throughout and warm color tones keep this kitchen from veering into the austere. 
Farmhouse Mansion Kitchen

2. The Galley Kitchen

The rich and famous need a place to cook and gather like the rest of us, so let’s take a peek inside some of their mansion kitchens.
Large Kitchen Layout

3. The L-Shaped Kitchen

In addition, it features two large kitchen islands within an L-shaped floor plan. One island provides a prep area with storage and one for seating. One great way to bring contemporary styling into your space is a new geometric light fixture. If you like a modern rustic element, consider adding some wood tones to your kitchen. Lastly, you can also consider white and black accessories to heighten the contrast.
Historic Mansion Kitchen

4. The U-Shaped Kitchen

This lovely kitchen from Ruffy Homes has classic farmhouse features including shaker-style and glass-fronted cabinets and a gabled roof. In addition, the interior colors use the shade of soft white which contrasts well with the warm wood floor. Notice all the greenery in the kitchen. Likewise, you can bring plants into your kitchen space to add to a more natural style kitchen. Also, adding baskets and white accessories helps to bring this style to life.
The Island Kitchen

5. The Island Kitchen

A mansion kitchen is what the name implies, a kitchen in a mansion. A kitchen is the heart of a home, and luxury mansions are no exception.  
The post A Mansion Kitchen: A Gathering Place with Style appeared first on Homedit.

6. The Peninsula Kitchen

The Galley Kitchen
For example, homes that are more than 8,000 square feet are considered mansions.

Large Kitchen Layout

Deep blue and white contrast kitchen island
Mansions have typical rooms that you would expect like kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. However, they also have unique rooms like conservatories, wine cellars, billiard rooms, and even pool rooms.

Beautiful Mansion Kitchen Ideas

Mansion House Kitchen Plans

Country Mansion Kitchen

Regardless of how out-of-reach these kitchens may be, they offer design ideas that we can use on a smaller scale.
This kitchen, from Patricial Brennen Architects, shows a one-wall kitchen layout. This is a kitchen where the appliances are one the same wall. This layout is good for when you want to save space or create a minimalist look.

Rustic Mansion Kitchen

Mansion Luxury Kitchen
The contemporary styling of this big mansion kitchen, designed by Craig Veenker, contrasts warm rustic wood beams and paneling with bright gold light fixtures.
Country Mansion Kitchen

Mansion Kitchen of LeBron James

The One Wall Kitchen
An old stone mansion from1924 and renovated by Woodland Drive Kitchen Renovations features a thoroughly modern kitchen. As you can see, the kitchen has a U-shaped layout with two big kitchen islands with seating.
There is no hard and fast rule about what house is considered a mansion. In general, square footage is a factor.

Traditional Mansion Kitchen

Traditional Mansion Kitchen
MILLER + MILLER Architectural Photography

 Mansion Kitchen

Hollywood Glam Mansion Kitchen

Hollywood Glam Mansion Kitchen
Joey Leicht Design Inc.

Mansion-style kitchens are as varied as the homes themselves. First, these kitchens are distinct from regular home kitchens because they are large, with luxe styling, and finishes. Second, they also have some of the most innovative and unique designs with impressive appliances. Mansion kitchens range from traditional and contemporary with everything in between.
One important trend to expect in 2022 for mansion house plans is kitchen design. Since COVID-19, more people are spending time at home and on personal cooking.

Contemporary Mansion Kitchen

Additionally, mansions range in size, but most have at least five to six bedrooms. Even though mansions are large, people would rather have fewer larger bedrooms than many small ones.
Contemporary Mansion Kitchen
This mansion kitchen from Fratantoni Design has modern styling elements that contrast with traditional design.

Farmhouse Mansion Kitchen

There are many ways to make your kitchen space more luxurious. Therefore, consider adding an elegant backsplash with subway tiles.  In addition to adding to the beauty of your kitchen, it will also increase the functionality of your kitchen.
This kitchen layout features fitted cabinets and appliances that help form a U shape. If you have a large kitchen footprint, this is the most effective layout to utilize all your space. This kitchen from Custom Stone Interiors uses all the space along the walls for storage and places the dining area in the middle.

Historic Mansion Kitchen

This kitchen is part of a mansion sold by television writer Shonda Rimes. The interior design of this mansion has the style of an Italian villa. This design style is featured in the kitchen using the beautifully patterned tiles on the floor, the light color tones, and the fabric fronted cabinets on the top.
Moreover, in places where square footage is limited and expensive, smaller homes that use luxe building techniques are considered mansions.
A galley kitchen layout is also known as a corridor layout because it features cabinets on either side, resembling a ship’s galley. This layout is practical as it keeps everything within easy reach. The galley kitchen layout from ME Design Group reflects the ease and convenience this design offers.
The following mansion kitchens are functional and create surrounding beauty with luxury styling. In addition, there is a focus on bringing more color into these spaces.

Shonda Rhimes Hancock Park Mansion Kitchen

Shonda Rhimes Hancock Park Mansion Kitchen
This kitchen from Sargent Schutt Photography features a rustic-style mansion kitchen. Notice the Shaker wood cabinets, the rustic beams on the ceiling, and the rustic chairs on the kitchen island. There is ambient lighting throughout the kitchen which contributes to the serene atmosphere of the kitchen. The designer does this by adding double lamps, recessed lighting in the beamed ceiling, and under-cabinet lighting. 
The paneled ceiling is a light blue, resembling porches on historic houses painted to mimic the sky. If you like the classic Mediterranean style, try incorporating patterned tile into your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is considered a mansion?

One great way to add some glam to your kitchen is to add brushed brass or gold fixtures.  
This mansion kitchen belongs to LeBron James who bought the home in 2018. The luxe detailing includes veined marble countertops and backsplash, herringbone-patterned oak floors, a large French range and sink in the island, plus gold fixtures and detailing. 
Mansion Kitchen of LeBron James

How many rooms are in a mansion?

This mansion kitchen is traditional but not stuffy. The professional range, copper-toned detailing of the lighting, and the variegated tile backsplash add to the luxury detailing. Coupled together, the open shelving and two-tone cabinet color keep this kitchen from looking dated. The cabinet fronts are khaki and the island and back wall of the shelving is olive green. Incorporating two complementary colors into your kitchen is a good way to add interest to the space.
Mansion kitchens follow general layout guidelines like other kitchen. Here are the most common kitchen layout: 

What is considered a luxury kitchen?

They use expensive natural surfaces such as marble, wood, and soapstone combined with sophisticated paint colors. Additionally, task and mood lighting for all areas is very important in creating a luxurious space.

What does a luxury kitchen need?

First, find a chandelier to hang over your dining table or island. Second, add some relaxed Roman shades in a gauzy material that allows soft filtered lighting into the room. In addition, paint your kitchen in a soothing tone to contrast with the dramatic light fixture.
The L-Shaped Kitchen

How can I make my kitchen luxurious?

Next, luxe kitchens utilize lighting with under-the-counter lighting as well as unique chandelier fixtures, so you can add new lighting to your space.
This peninsula kitchen design is similar to kitchens with an island, but instead, the peninsula is attached to a wall. Notice the peninsula in this kitchen from Leicht Westchester Greenwich.  
This fancy mansion kitchen features crystal chandeliers and shining chrome accessories. Although this design might seem like a stretch for many of us, if you like the glam style, don’t be afraid to add some of it to your kitchen.

Mansion Kitchens Conclusions

Mansion kitchens are as varied as the homes where they exist. These luxury kitchens are out of reach for most of us. However, don’t be put off by this. Instead, allow the pictures of these kitchens to inspire you to be creative in your own spaces.
The large kitchen island features a butcher block countertop and spiral legged stools paired with the delicate open shelving and black drum chandeliers, and open kitchen shelving.
Modern Mansion Kitchen

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