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Add Space Where You Need It The Most With L-shaped Sofas

The L-shape is often encountered in most interior designs, whether it’s in the form of a sofa, a desk or a shelf. It allows you to create more space where you need it. L-shaped sofas are known to be very functional and space-efficient. They practically double your seating options without occupying a lot of extra…
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byJason Snyder
A black leather sofa or sectional is even more likely to impress with those characteristics. This one also stands out because of its minimalist design and clean lines.{found on Andrea Ferrari}.
Leather sectionals are known for their elegance and simplicity and, although they may have the same dimensions and proportions as sectional with fabric upholstery, they’ll always look more sober, more lightweight and more slender in general.

Sofa types and how to choose the right one

These sofas have curved armrests and are typically quite comfortable. The rolled arms give them a stylish and fairly traditional look but they can also fit beautifully in modern and contemporary living rooms. There’s multiple variations of this style.

L-shaped sofas

This is a type of synthetic fabric often featured on sofas and other types of upholstered furniture. Polyester upholstery retains its shape really well and is highly stain-resistant which means you won’t have a hard time cleaning your sofa and maintaining its appearance.

Grande sofas

There’s a lot of little details that make the Hafsa sectional stand out. For example, it has curved arms which give it a delicate and elegant aesthetic. It also has tapered legs which maintain a lightweight and stylish appearance. It also has a mid-century-inspired look due to the trim and the tufted back, not to mention that the royal blue color gives it a sophisticated and vibrant look.

Traditional sofas

There’s also the option of a sofa without any armrests of any kind. They have a simple and even minimalist look which makes them popular in modern and contemporary interiors. They’re also versatile and can be used in combination with other modules to create sectionals and custom seating arrangements.

Petite sofas

The Carrie sectional is an icon of elegance. It’s upholstered in genuine leather which makes it not just highly resilient but also very elegant and stylish. It also gives it a timeless and classic aesthetic. The tufted seat also gives it a distinctive look. This sofa is designed to be very durable and features a kiln-dried solid wood frame.


Living room arched floor lamp and l shaped sofa placed in angle

Pull-out sofa beds

Modular l shaped sofa design

Trundle sleeper sofas

Liberty Wide Reversible Sleeper Sofa Chaise


This is actually a sub-type of the sectional sofa. Sectionals are made up of multiple components which are modular and can be configured in different ways to create various seating arrangements. L-shaped and U-shaped sofas are the two most common ones in this category.


There’s multiple types of daybeds but they all share in common a similar aesthetic. They’re basically hybrids between a sofa and a small bed which can be extended if needed. Some have a separate mattress or a trundle and some are simply upholstered and multi-functional without needing any structural adjustments to be made. Consider a daybed if you want the room to have a casual look and feel.

Tight back sofas

These are very similar to traditional sofas with a key difference: they’re not as deep which means they are slightly smaller in size and more versatile. Consider this option if you have a fairly small living room but you still want to maintain a classic look.

Pillow back sofas

White leather l shaped sofa wood wall for a living room with high ceilings

Tuxedo sofas

This is the standard type of sofa that we’re all familiar with. It’s basically a three-seater sofa and it usually fits in most living rooms. It’s easy to pair with a coffee table and it can also be complemented by a couple of armchairs, poufs or even a second sofa.

Curved back sofas

This category refers to sofas that are large and can seat four to five guests, sometimes even more. They typically have deep seats which makes them comfortable, especially for tall people and they’re typically found in large or extra long living rooms which don’t really allow for other configurations to be created.

Track arm sofas

Manhasset Wide Left Hand Facing Sofa Chaise

Rolled arm sofas

The Antibes sectional has a rather sober look but this doesn’t make it less comfy and inviting. It also has a light and elegant look thanks to the sleek wooden structure, those cute thin legs and the lovely proportions. This makes the fact that it’s huge and can sit 7 people come as a surprise.{found on Ferruccio Laviani}.

Slope arm sofas

Faux leather sofas and sectionals are also really elegant and they also tend to have a more clean and modern aesthetic. This is the Wilhelmine sofa which comes as a set together with the chaise and matching ottoman. It’s a left-facing L-shaped sectional and the ottoman can either be used as an extra seat or an alternative to a coffee table.

Pillow arm sofas

If you want to give your living room a cozy and inviting look while also maintaining an elegant and fairly classic vibe, consider this beautiful L-shaped sectional and ottoman set from Star Home Living Corp. It comes with this delicious-looking chocolate brown upholstery and has a pillow back. The matching ottoman has a hidden storage compartment underneath its upholstered seat.

Armless sofas

Diem Wide Symmetrical Corner Sectional

Leather sofas

You can easily tell what a pillow arm sofa looks like by the fact that it doesn’t have very well-defined armrests and instead it has a pair of cushions in their place. They’re comfortable and typically have a more casual aesthetic.

Polyester sofas

Most L-shaped sofas have modular designs so they can be adapted and adjusted to your own preferences and needs. The end unit can usually be placed on either side of the central unit so wherever you place the sofa it will always be comfortable.

Acrylic sofas

Togo small green shaped l sofa

Linen sofas

L shaped sofa design

Velvet sofas

The small living room can look chic and stylish too and the Gosnell sectional makes that pretty easy. It only measures 33” H x 94” W x 86” D overall which allows to fit in basically any living room and it also comes with a matching ottoman which can be used as a coffee table or as a seat. It has a pillow back and a clean and modern aesthetic which is beautifully complemented by the array of colors available.

Wool sofas

The shape and design of this sectional sofa don’t put it right into the category of corner-dedicated pieces but rather in a category of its own. Even though it retains the L-shape like most sectionals, it has sort of a transitional look which makes it great for placing flush with a wall but not necessarily in the corner.{found on mantellassi}.

PU sofas

The L-shape is often encountered in most interior designs, whether it’s in the form of a sofa, a desk or a shelf. It allows you to create more space where you need it.

L-shaped Sofa Design Ideas

Gosnell Wide Reversible Modular Corner Sectional with Ottoman
L-shaped sofas have the perfect form for placing a coffee table in the middle. They’re excellent for creating cozy sitting areas and you can add a few armchairs around the table to form a complete grouping.
Although L-shaped sofas are mostly appreciated for their ability to make the most of a corner, they can also be placed in the middle of a room or in other configurations, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. When the L-shaped sofa is used in unconventional ways that’s when it looks the most interesting and exciting.
These are sofas that have rectangular armrests which can be upholstered and quite comfortable on their own. For added comfort you can add throw pillows. Track arm sofas are easy to fit in corners or against flat walls.
More distinctions can be made based on the style of the sofa and its appearance. For example a tight back sofa have a backrest that looks smooth and is tightly upholstered. It looks simple and clean and they also provide a type of firm support.
As you can already tell, these sofas have curved backrests which gives them this soft and delicate appearance and allows them to stand out more. They don’t sit flush against the wall which can sometimes be an inconvenient but they’re excellent for open spaces.
When choosing the ideal spot for your L-shaped sofa, take into consideration elements such as the views, the focal points inthe room, the location of the fireplace, etc. Give those sitting down something to look at.{image from iqglassuk}.
Togo sofas and sectionals are iconic. Nobody in their right mind can resist curling up in it with a blanket and some popcorn, ready to watch a great movie. And since it has such a lovely and casual shape, you can add as many Togo Settee you want and extend your L-shaped sectional.
Wilhelmine Wide Faux Leather Sofa Chaise with Ottoman
In case you’re not familiar with this term, PU is a type of material made from molten resin and it’s similar to leather but it’s made from woven fibers. It’s a good option if you like the look of leather but you want a cheaper alternative. Keep in mind however that PU is not as resilient as real leather.
by Dennis Mayer Photographer
As mentioned before, velvet sofas have super rich and vibrant colors and this is a perfect example. The Sanders L-shaped sectional comes in a selection of hues such as this deep turquoise, navy blue or green which allow it to become a marvelous statement piece. Moreover, it’s a very stylish and comfortable sofa with a pillow back and gently curving armrests.
Acrylic is quite similar to polyester but with a few key differences. First of all, acrylic upholstery doesn’t do well when exposed to excessive heat as it begins to melt so keep that in mind if you want to place your sofa in a sunny area. At the same time, acrylic upholstery is highly resistant and sper easy to clean which makes it great for outdoor sofas.
Linen upholstery is not particularly resistant and wears out a lot faster than other types. However, usually linen covers are removable which allows you to replace them if needed. Still, they’re not a very practical option if you have kids or pets.
by Dick Clark Architecture of Austin Texas
L shaped sofa from clei
Vitra l shaped sofa
If space is not really an issue, an extra-long L-shaped sectional might be just what your living room needs. The Diem sectional can be a wonderful statement piece or focal point for a spacious social area and it’s great if you’re used to having a lot of guests over. Its design is inspired by mid-century modern furniture and maintains a simple aesthetic and, of course, the velvet upholstery helps it stand out and brings out the chic array of colors that you can get it in.
Gray l shaped sofa for living room
This is a type of sofa that features a number of large pillows arranged across the backrest. The backrest alone is not designed to be comfortable and is not typically upholstered. It’s merely meant to provide support for the pillows.
Misuraemme corner sectional upholstered
These types of sofas are very popular and highly appreciated for their simplicity and versatility. To convert one into a bed all you need to do is grab the front rail and roll it forward, then pull the mattress out and lock it in place. They’re really easy to set up and to convert from a sofa into a bed and vice versa plus they look great in either form.
Sanders Wide Velvet Left Hand Facing Sofa and Chaise
Usually this type of sectionals have one side which is considerably longer than the other, the detail that actually made us call them L-shaped sofas in the first place. The Spencer LOFT Bi-sectional, however, has two pretty identical sides. It’s roomy, elegant and excellent for corner nooks or seating areas.{found on iversonsignaturehomes}.
L-shaped sectionals are really great for corner spaces because they make good use of a space which would otherwise be difficult to furnish and to decorate. The Manhasset sofa is a really nice example. It has a stylish design with pillow armrests and slender metal feet and it’s made of two separate pieces which, when put together, look absolutely perfect. It has 100% linen upholstery available in a selection of beautiful colors including this gorgeous shade of blue.
Now we’re venturing into the reals of sleeper sofas which are basically sofas that can be converted into beds. They’re great for multi-functional spaces such as a home office that can also be sued as a guest bedroom or for small living rooms. A pull-out sofa bed is a type of sleeper sofa and they basically have a traditional foam mattress within which you can take out and turn into a comfortable bed for you or for your guests.
The key to a perfect L-shaped sectional sofa is comfort and it often goes hand in hand with those comfy cushions and pillows. If those are soft and comfortable then everything else will follow.{found on archiproducts}.
Corner l shaped sofa design durlet
Exposed bricks wall for living room l shaped sofa
In case you want your sectional sofa to also be usable as a bed in certain circumstances, consider something like this. The Liberty sleeper sofa and chaise combo is not only very stylish but also highly versatile and functional. The chaise can be placed on either side allowing you to configure the sectional based on the layout of your room as well as your needs. The sofa can be easily extended and turned into a bed and the chaise has a secret of its own: a hidden storage compartment underneath the seat.
We can also distinguish between several different types of sofas based on the materials involved in its design. There’s a variety of different upholstery materials to choose from, like leather for example. Leather sofas have a classic look and feel and they often fit well in traditional homes. If you want a sofa with a timeless look, consider this option.
Wide Sofa Chaise with Ottoman
L-shaped Sofas
Carrie Wide Genuine Leather Sofa Chaise
Hafsa Wide Reversible Sleeper Sofa Chaise
Velvet has a distinctive look and can make a sofa look rather sophisticated. It’s also a good fit if you’re going for a more traditional or retro type of design. Velvet upholstery stands out and typically the colors are very vivid in its case. Consider a velvet sofa if you want to make a statement.
Reef is a convertible sofa with a very lovely design. The flat steel legs and the rounded corners give it a friendly look. The most interesting detail, however, is the back cushions. They can completely unfold towards the top, giving the user the option of adjusting the comfort level.{found on durlet}.
Wool is highly appreciated for its durability and the fact that it’s comfortable and cozy. Woolen sofas can look really great and they’re nice to the touch as well. However, there’s one major disadvantage: the fact that you need to avoid moisture around them. If the fabric absorbs moisture you’ll need to have the sofa dry-cleaned because otherwise it will warp and get ruined.
Leather l shaped sofa design
Jasmina Wide Reversible Sofa
Sofas can be of numerous different types and the distinctions between them are made based on a series of key characteristics. For example, they can be categorized based on size, style or the type of upholstery they have. Here’s the most common ones:
A little of versatility and flexibility in design is always good, especially when dealing with a small space. The Jasmina sofa offers a few great advantages in this sense. It’s a combo set which includes a sofa and an ottoman. These can be used independently but can also be combined to create an L-shaped sectional.
L shaped living room gray sofa
High ceilings living room l shaped grey sofa
Futons are not designed to be used regularly as beds. Instead they’re more of an in case of emergency type of option. They’re quite stylish and versatile and they fit well in modern and contemporary living rooms. Usually the backrest folds down flat allowing the sofa to be transformed into a temporary bed.
Some L-shaped sofas can look very casual without having than oversized and in your face comfy look. The Suita Sofa, for example, has a very lightweight look and it combines Italian elegance with Swiss simplicity in a perfectly harmonious design.{found on Antonio Citterio}.
Don’t feel obligated to place your sectional in the corner just because it has an L-shape. You can choose to be a little unconventional and defy standards. In fact, L-shaped sofas are great for defining spaces when they’re placed in the middle of a room or in a different area than a corner.{found on hegeinfrance}.
L-shaped sofas are known to be very functional and space-efficient. They practically double your seating options without occupying a lot of extra space compared to a regular sofa.
House l shaped sofa white floor
They’re not as common as other types of sofas but they have a distinctive look of their own. These sofas have armrests that sit at the same height as the backrest towards the back but then gradually get shorter as they approach the front of the sofa. They’re curved and this gives the sofa a stylish and delicate appearance.
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Decoglam casa gioiello sectional leather sofa
Here’s another sectional that refuses to follow standards. When the majority of L-shaped sofas and sectionals tend to look bulky and oversized, this one has a sleek and slender look. The tufted seat and back cushions are quite flat yet incredibly comfy.
And speaking of fireplaces, a wonderful idea is to use the L-shaped sofa to create a cozy seating arrangement in front of the fireplace. Add an armchair or a small couch, a coffee table in the middle and that’s all.
We’ve already mentioned this and we’ll say it again: L-shaped sofas are the most interesting and exciting when they’re used in unconventional ways. Take this one for example. It’s not placed in the corner and not even aligned with any of the walls. Instead, it sits diagonally, in the center of the room and this gives it character.{found on lauraboisvert}.
You can easily identify a tuxedo sofa by the fact that its armrests are at the same height as the backrest. This gives it a very clean and classic appearance.
Loveseats are ideal for small spaces because they’re the smallest type of sofa. They can seat two people quite comfortably and they’re basically a smaller version of a standard sofa. Loveseats are also quite versatile and can be combined with other modules to create longer seating arrangements or L-shaped sectionals.

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